Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What's happening?
Why is my jeans dropping more than it should stay on the hips?
I admit I'm getting fatter
Belly is developing
Shouldnt it stay there???
I had to hold my jeans from falling as I walk
Made me sooooooo ugly

Abang told me that that bitch is afraid of me
No wonder today so quiet
Never ask me things

Went to shop last minute for some clothings
Not bad
Bought 3 tops & 1 skirt
I cheated money sia
Coz I saw this top that I really like but dont wanna pay so much

"Auntie, how much is this?"
"$22..but I give you $20"
"Got NETS not?"

"Er.sorry dont have"
"But I not enough cash leh"
"Aiyah..$18 lah"
"I only got $17.50"
"Ok la ok la"

I got $22

But I ended up penniless again upon home
The remaining on my dinner

Abel jio-ed me go MOS tomorrow night
Abit gian to go
But....cannot lah
Got work next day
& anyway
Tomorrow's ladies night
Got free candies & candy floss given to every girl!!!
Knn gian ben those candies
I dont eat candies!
So tomorrow is a healthy night
I shall go swimming

I just painted my nails hot red
Hope it brings me luck tomorrow
I am very pissed off
That bitch is starting to irritate me & i'm dumping my sai-gang for her to do
& She better does it clean
If not, she's getting hell


I was late for my clinic work
Actually i purposely late, coz wanna eat dinner at home
Then I realised I forgot to bring my house keys
& then almost closing
2 patients popped in
Delayed me going home
Then reached bus-stop
No bus
Cant take cab coz I dont even have a cent
Wanted to run home
But I finally saw the bus

But still suay la

I think I'm swearing too much after I quit my Marlboro
Last stick was burnt yesterday in front of Er ge
What a nice replacement
At least it doesnt tar the lungs anymore

Opps I just did it again

Monday, February 27, 2006

I was reading the newspaper
I think I should start buying 4D
My last 4 digits of my mobile number came out again!
& my instructor confirm come ask me if I got buy or not

Bo la bo la!

Went out with Er ge to Autobacs & then West Coast Mac
& Er ge gave me this
A limited edition MUGEN keychain

I immediately replaced my Disney keychain into this
Er ge helped me to 'kiap' with his whatever-you-call-that-thing

Went to work at evening

How I love to work with Sally
Damn talk cock
& Sally resigned on the spot
Sibei best
Then she told me she also dont like this particular colleague
& kept complaining & scolding her 'Cheebye'
I laughed & laughed until tears come out

I never know Sally so hiong
Buay tahan

Just now went home saw a very familar yellow Mitsubishi Evo
Made me wonder...
Reminded me of him...
Abit of confusion plus abit of disappointment

New week starts
& I shall swim until I drown on Tuesday
I really need to get away with 'something' I dont even know myself

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Stupid Dad was talking damn bloody loud early in the morning
& I shouted 'KAOBEI LAH' while I was still sleeping
& then he came into my room
& slapped me on my head


Bro's PS2 is back
& my first game played was
Need for Speed - Underground 2
& I 'zhnged' my car

An Orange Honda Civic with Rohan bodykit
BRIDE windshield decal, MOMO back window decal
Strut bar & cool air filter installed
Topaz headlight
17" forgot-the-name rim


Performance not bad
Got in 2nd several times
But it also depends on the 'driver'
Which are good attempts I assume

My Honda Civic very chio
I like!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
I shall 'zhng' the Mitsubishi LanceEvolution next time
how come no Subaru in the car selection menu?

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I had a very hectic day

I rushed to Amara for my pre-employment checkup
So qiao
Bumped into Daphne
Chatted while we waited for our turns
After that
Rushed back for my driving lessons
I tried to flag for cabs
But none stopped for me
& I waited till my bus came

Then I bumped onto my brother on the bus

When I reached
It was a new instructor taking over
Taught me turning for an hour
& I was handed over back to my original sibei-talk-cock instructor

1st time he said when he saw me
"Got buy 4D?"
When I was about to move off
Another car stopped beside me
Leaving me a narrow gap to pass through
I sipped my way through

Didnt stall while going downslope
Double wooohooo~~

Off I went to Jurong, then Boon Lay, then donno-where lah
Today tried several new skills
Overtaking, changing lanes
& I'd finally learnt how to check blind spots!!!

The instructor guided me to this new place
Which I have no idea where
& I reached this 'Pasir Leba Camp'
I said
"Going there ah? Got horlan bo?"
"Just go..."

Ok loh
The army guys were laughing at me
They must be thinking
Where got people learn driving here one!!???
I also felt paiseh
They were urshering the oncoming cars to turn
& instructor said "turn right! turn right!"
But I didnt see any exit
I followed the ursher's signal
Then when I exit
I scolded my instructor
"Do you know you're very geyyan?"
He kept quiet
Then laughed & laughed & laughed
Made me the clown of the day in front of the masculine homo sapiens

Then as I was driving
He asked me
"Do you know this person (on the radio)?"
"Donno" while concentrating on the road
"He was an old singer... died 30years ago..You haven born yet"
Isnt he asking the obvious?
I wasnt born yet how the hell do I know?!?!?!?!?!

I was following behind a bus while he was sleeping
& I couldnt change to lower gear in the nick of time
& I braked
The jerk woke him up
"You no need like that wake me up. I am not sleeping one. I know where you're going one"

Yah right
I should have crashed the bus shouldnt I?
I no needa pay for anything

Today's lesson was funny & ok
I only stalled once
That was when I stopped behind a stopped bus & forgot to change to gear 1 before I moved off

I sometimes find myself also very funny
Everything also ga-ga lai
& i'm proud of myself!
For being able to do turns & check blind spots without mounting kerb!

Went shopping with Roy after the lesson
Shopped for 2 hours
Only bought a skirt
So sad
Had dinner at Billy Bombers
& I kept talking & talking

Since when did I become so talkative
But I could see Roy was always laughing at what I said
I so funny meh?



My upclose & personal session with Mr His-skin-is-so-translucent-Gecko

I miss driving
& I'm already dreaming of my personal automobile

I think I prefer manual cars tO auto cars
More challenging
Can stall one
& The challenge is
Not to stall the whole day


Must learn well!
For Honda Civic 2006, I shall work hard!
For Subaru WRX, I shall work harder!!
Yesterday was a HELLUVA Friday!
I so wanna smash the computer & slap everyone in the face
Ok lah
Just exagerrating
But still
I wanna smash the computer

What are wrong with these people?

I was updating a particular person's employment system
When I accidentally clicked 'delete'
& gone were the 30+ entries
I froze for a second

I went 'SHIT!'
I stared at the screen hoping I DID NOT do that
But I did
& then I went 'DAMN!'


I'm not sure if i'm lucky or not
But I had printscreens for the records
& so I typed all in
The number doesnt tally with the initial number!!
& I went 'SHIT!' again

Just then
This particular person emailed Nicholas
& Nicholas came over to my table
"______ is complaining why so much was deducted from her salary. She wants us to verify..."

Double fuck!

This person can be considered someone of high priority
& please tell me how can I be NOT afraid?
I told Nicholas about what happened
& both of us suffered minor heart attacks for a minute

I then gotta dug out her documents
& verified
But the amount doesnt tally with the deducted amount
& I was like.....
....................................................... (speechless)

Then Henna popped behind me with a file
"Can you tell one of the temp staffs to do this for me?"
I wondered
Why cant she pass it to one of them herself?
She has the highest position among us!
Just because she put the 3 temp staffs under me
Doesnt make me their boss
I looked for Abang, too busy
I looked for QiYing, also too busy
& thus, I ordered Michelle
But she gave me the biggest frown on her forehead ever
& said she was very stressed with her current assignment given

Fuck lah
You temp staff you stress simi lan?
I not stressed meh?
I just deleted 30+ entries of this high-priority person & keyed-in numbers dont tally, OK?!?!?!?!?!

I wonder if she's computer idiot
Asked me this ask me that
& when I'm talking to the seniors
She kept calling me
Until I replied
"What lah?" in a very angry tone
Cant she see I'm busy & it's rude to interrupt?
She's also the one who asked me how my biscuit taste like
Biscuit taste like biscuit lah!

Lunch time Abang went mosque
Had lunch alone
Not that bad
Coz I kepting thinking of the deleted entries that I didnt care about my surroundings
& surprisingly
I brought my sticks along

I could forsee my day being sucky!

Back at office
Was told that some processes of the documents were wrong
Had to redo
I ji tao seh
I told Abang
"You take care of it. I'm washing my hands off these shits"
Abang replied
"Relax relax. I'll do it. Dont worry"

I'm glad Abang is really here to help

Every similanjiao sai gang also gimme do

I find it quite challenging

I'm so contradicting

Off work
Lionel called me
Miss him man
Jio-ed me go Malaysia
As I was talking to him
He asked
"Why you sounded like you're running?"
"I am! I'm rushing to knock off to rush to start work!"

Stupid clinic
When I reached the clinic
It sickens me further
I dont like to work with this colleague
When there're important things to do, throw to me
Less important things, she does it
Got this colleague requested to change shift-time over the phone
Asked me leave a note to tell the senior staff
& that senior staff left me a note to tell me to tell her
I dont full-time at the clinic
Want me to do for her
Calling someone takes very long time MEH?!

I think everywhere is the same
But why am I the unlucky one to recieve all the sai gang?
I hate it when she SMS me asking me do this & that when she can do it herself

Take me for granted
Complain me all you can
I do have my dignity!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I somehow managed to slack
Played PSP while boss went for meeting
I always try to steal slack time for 30mins after lunch break

Abang has been helping me very well
Is helping me to clear the documents needed to process
Abang said he hate the sight of my table piled up with documents
& he wants to help me clear as much as possible
& the sickening thing now is
There's a deadline for processing

So tired
Eyes cant even open wide

Went to buy Samsung E360
But Dad forgot it was signed under coporate plan
& those outlets cant help to upgrade
Somemore today is the last day of the promotion
& in the end?
I didnt get the phone

Fated cannot change phone

So went home loh
& Dad always sibei gun cheong
Go tap his EZlink card while seated
But the machine didnt 'beep'
& I didnt see I go tap on it
& it said 'exit ok'
Then I got off
& asked
"Just now your card got beep?"
"It said Exit OK'
"Huh.. that one not mine meh? Shit, that means my card never beep loh. Idiot, eat my $1.50"
"Nevermind lah.."

Yah right
If I were to pay $1.50 for 3 busstops
I rather walk home

I almost fell asleep while having dinner

I am this tired

I found some similiarity between my office & my room
Office - piles of documents
Room - piles of clothings
Too lazy to open cupboard & put them in
So I stacked & stacked like Himalaya Mountains


Just volunteered to dive on this coral reclamation
Hope I can gain more diving experiences
& release stress
Really in need of relaxation

An unhappy weekend predicted
Someone please jio me out
Yes yes yes
Je suis desolee
I'm so busy that I cant meet any of you guys
So far 3 people are trying to ask me out for meetups/meals/whatever
But I'm really sorry
I think booking must start 1-2 weeks in advance
Unless you stay 30mins away from me

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Today as busy as usual
Face computer more than I face my Mum
& the next time I meet my friends
I'll look so fugly
Coz of excessive radiation

After the dumbass left
Another bitch appeared
Kept asking me got what things for her to do
& I told her there's nothing
Coz I'm in charge of the computer system update
& she cant access to the coperate internet until she gets her password
She looked at me & exclaimed
"Dont have?!"

Dont have means dont have
What you want me to do?
Let her jiak jua also dont want
Then when I was sooooooooooooo damn bored
I went to munch on a biscuit
She popped over & asked
"What are you eating? Where do you get that? Nice or not?"
Biscuit only mah
Must ask so much meh?
I didnt feel like replying her
I dont see the point to anyway
Unless she has never seen anything known as the biscuit

I nearly screamed at her when she kept interrupting my conversation with Nicholas on something important

Lunch time
Went to Boon Keng eat
Longest ever

Very tired
Still gotta work later

I wonder if this Saturday got gathering not...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My 1st night driving
Donno how to describe
Stalled 2 times at mini slope
Stalled another 2 times while giving way to cars on major road
Stalled another another 2 times while moving off at traffic light
Kana horned 3 times


Idiot people no give chance
They never learn driving before meh?

But for stalling 6 times
Big boss instructor said not bad for beginners
That's a very goooooooooooooooood compliment
That's the maximum I'd stalled during my every lesson

Then hor...
At Jurong
When I was signaling right to overtake
I accidentally pushed to high beam
Then instructor told me to turn back headlight
But I donno how
& I switched off the light
Then he quickly helped me on
But he couldnt reach
& horned 3 times
Heng no car on the road

From Bukit Batok drove to Jurong then to Boon Lay & to LIM CHU KANG (AGAIN!YIPEE!)
Sped at the runway twice at 70km/hr
To & fro
Roy said I can go 90km/hr
Next lesson I try
My steering improved, i think
At least he never pulled my steering wheel to align while I drove

At this cross-junction
I was going straight
& this motorcyclist turned in front of me when I was at 45km/hr
Actually abit dangerous
But I slowed down
Instructor said
"Why dont wanna horn him?"
Say earlier mah
So far I haven horn anyone yet

At Lim Chu Kang
Damn dark
Asked if I needa on high beam
He said I not at Malaysia
Ok loh
Then he said
"If you at Malaysia, confirm dark until you don dare drive"
I already abit scared at Lim Chu Kang at night loh
So many workers walking on the road
So many dogs lying on the road

Then at this T-junction
I was supposed to turn left
I accidentally swiped the wiper switch
"Eh, Miss, now not raining leh..."

I tahan-ed not to laugh & concentrated on the road

Felt 70% heng that he didnt fall asleep this time
Although he kept telling me
"Drive straight road can make you very sleepy...you now sleepy liao hor?"

Returned Bukit Batok
Drove the test-road
So many humps
Then got this guy anyhow crossed road
I slowed down
Instructor told me to accelerate
& I exclaimed
Dont anyhow tekkan me leh

I e-braked at an amber light
Kana tio meh
"Why you never cross? Yellow light can cross. You stopped also never check mirrors"
I kept quiet for a second
& replied
I admit I was in wrong
Sorry to the driver behind me

Lesson ended
Er ge was waiting for me at the kiosk
Went supper at Alif
Those waiters machiam never see us
Waited for 30mins for a cup of teh-peng & milo-peng
Then also don wanna collect money
& we just left
Free drinks!
I should have order some food too...

Saturday 4th lesson
I prayed I dont stall anymore
& I also pray my instructor DONT sleep anymore
Arbo I complain to Big Boss Instructor

But I heard he's teaching me to go downslope
Which I forsee stalling is inevitable

Jay named me 'Hell Driver'
Please avoid me
Stress symptoms are back
Panic attack during sleep
Diahorrea in the morning

Welcome aboard Abang!
Abang worked with me today
Shared the table
Although very cramp
Still OK la
Think the team likes him too
& that's very good!
Henna sacked the irritating guy just yesterday
To allow Abang to join
I laughed until buay tahan
Poor guy

First time eating Muslim food in Little India
Hot sia
Next week hopefully got time to meet Ying & Handsome for dinner

Going for driving practical later
Wonder how night driving feels like
I hope my instructor DONT fall asleep
Totally shagged out
Now I see why people working in office never live any longer
I couldnt believe that I actually worked for 8 hours non-stop
Kill me

Abang's joining me for work tomorrow
Headhunted for Henna
Way cool!
First attempt, first success
& from tomorrow onwards
No more lonely lunch
No more lonely bus rides to & fro work
No more quiet moments at table

I think I'm getting fat
I must go swimming this Thursday

I realised I'm under-paid
Jaddine's manager really know how to cheat people
& I just complaint
I made sure she dies horribly

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Stupid instructor always talks 4D to me
What's your problem?
Last week never buy my number means never buy
You tell me my number very heng, get top prize also no use mah!!
He still gave me this 4D chit printed for Wednesday as keepsake

Then today told me he went to buy the last 4 digits of my handphone number
& it came out as consolation prize on Saturday
But jumbled up
Never bought permutation
Said he knew me very heng
4D numbers all from me

But I think I know him very suay
Talks so much cock & keeps sleeping during my driving practicals

Attempt on the road
From Bukit Batok to Toh Guan, then CCK, then Kranji, then Lim Chu Kang
Boon Lay, Jurong, Toh Tuck & back Bukit Batok
He ate my 15mins sia
Coz he waited at the wrong venue

Moving off was smooth
Until I reached a T-junction
Donno why I go let go of the clutch
So I on engine again
The car behind horned
I stalled again


Scared me for what?!?!?!?!?!

At Kranji reservoir
A lot of people were playing & fishing
He mumbled
"sheesh sheesh swash swash"
I thought he told me needa change gear or whatever
Then he repeated
"Alot of people fishing.. got fish meh?"
How you want me to reply sia?
Then he pointed to the right
"That side is Johor"
I kept quiet for a second
& said


At Lim Chu Kang
The road was good, to me
No car
No fear of crashing any
But the road very winding
When I saw the long long long long long sibei long airplane road
I was very delighted
I recalled Joe
Joe always races there
& then I changed to 4th gear
Stepped to 75km/hr
Speed limit is 70km/hr
But instructor never said anything
So I assumed ok loh

The feeling is really shiok
I must learn hard to drive well to achieve my aim

On second thought
I still prefer Honda Civic Esi
$11K nia!

I accidentally shifted to 5th gear when I was supposed to be on 3rd gear
He saw it
& told me to shift down

I passed by 2 red lights
It was turning amber
& instructor said
"gan gan cai" (step daringly)
Ok loh

Got demerit points one right?
That asshole wanna frame me
He fell asleep when I was at Jurong
Got so tired bo?
Only sit in car whole day do nothing
Must like that meh?

So while he slept
I changed gear, changed lane, overtook without his guidance
I ate 'bao zi dan' (leopard's gall bladder??) sia
Until I reached this junction

"Oi, go where?"
"Turn left"
"Go PIE ah?"
"No lahh.."

I checked blind spot & turned

The whole lesson ended
I asked him about the mistakes I made & what improvements are needed
He said I never checked mirrors, never checked blind spot
I got hor!
You sleeping nia
Kua buay tio!
Said my gear changing still not good
This I admit 50%
Turning donno how to estimate
This I also admit 85%
Other than that
Averagely fine

2nd lesson on road hitting 75km/hr is something really new
So fun!
I wanna go Lim Chu Kang again!





I shall get this car 3 years later
this also not bad...
Jay scolded me for asking him out when he's so damn bloody tired
& then he praised himself for being such a good friend to accompany me

Should I say 'Thank you' or not?


To say
This is the first time we actually go out together alone
After 7 years of knowing each other
& surprisingly
We crapped like nobody's business
Suan me like donno what
Said I fat

Other than that
We talked about what was happening lately
Catching up & stuffs
& again
He said i'm a weirdo
Living in my own world
Blah blah too tired to repeat

Ok fine
I know

Then he said I have a very interesting life
Oh really?
Full of Ups & Downs that I cant even balance myself

Scolded me on the burning Marlboro


I wanted to walk around
I prefer streets at night
Little people so I can almost own the whole road
But he complaint he's too tired
Wanna go home
But still early leh
Well...in the end
Ok loh

I dont wanna think anymore of what should be done & what shouldnt be
I just hope that things arent actually that bad as it is to be
No matter how hard I try to save a situation
It never works
Yes, the disappointment
& then came the confusion
Was I wrong in the handling process?
Or was I wrong in the 1st place?
I dont know
& now I dont wanna know
Just gimme an answer which I wish to recieve
Good or bad
At least an answer

Jay gave me one piece of advice
Get a life


Saturday, February 18, 2006

I slept for 16hours...
8pm to 12pm the next day
Although Wilson Gor Gor msged me at 10pm, 1am & 3am
Woke up but fell asleep again

What a sunny noon
Wanted to go swimming but I cant find ANYONE!
Wenn, Tzu & Zhiwei sleeping
Roy's working
Lionel never pick up call
Ivan's out
Blah blah

A short conversation with Jay that brighten me for mere 4minutes
"Eh, where you?"
"Playing soccer with my colleagues, why?"
"Did Jason call you?"
"Play basketball huh? When?"
"Siao ah you? So sunny"
"Now sunny good mah... Wanna go swim one."

"You so sporty one meh?"
"Arbo then...How?
You want go not?"
"You wear one piece or two piece?"
"Cannot meh? Dont have one piece mah"
"I cannot la.. I go I confirm not swimming. Nose bleed"
"Somemore confirm I either submerge or float"
"Cannot concentrate"
"Next time jio me again, I follow see you swim"
"....... then later go out shopping with me hor"
"I see how lah. Donno when finish"

"Ok loh. Call me then"

& now
Wanna rain liao
What the.....
Tonight not going MoS also
Brothers not free
But it's good too
Every week chiong is unhealthy

Found out something
Taipei also got MoS!!
& I thought they said Singapore is the 2nd country in Asia owning UK's largest music club?

What a boring day

Went out to buy handphone with Mom
Only to realise that her number was registered under Dad's name
& the promotion is ending this coming Friday


& I told Mum to convince me the phone is fugly
So I can change my mind about getting it
But I think she only succeed 65%

I wanna go out
I wanna shop!

Stupid Jay faster reply me!

Friday, February 17, 2006

My first driving lesson encounter heavy downpour

When I reached the car
The instructor told me to adjust mirror, adjust seat, blah blah & go
I looked at him & said
"I donno how"
He looked at me
"You totally new ah? Never drive before?"
"Ok ok, we go carpark learn"

Reached carpark
Asked for my PDL
& said
"Your issue number Wednesday 4D top prize leh"
"zhun bo?"
"Really. You got buy not?"
"If you buy, got $2000 plus, learn for free liao...Should have teach you earlier"


If he can predict top prize 4D number
He no needa be instructor liao loh

I Was then taught how to steer
& I couldnt get my hand position right
Kept using one-hand turn
"You cannot turn like that!"
"You must like this like this then like this"

& I like this like this then like this loh
For 5mins

Then taught me how to move off & change gear
Stalled donno how many times
Until the instructor pek chek
People donno how mah

After few tries
Tried circuit
"Very good. Now go straight...Step accelerator"
*steps harder*
"Step more"
"Change gear"
"Turn left"
*signals left & turns*
"Go straight & stop"
"Step which 1st?"
"Brake then clutch"


People still new ask me speed?!

"Ok, now you practise a few more times"
*move off, turn, turn, turn & turn*

All so quiet
He was sleeping


I donno wanna laugh or cry
People learning car you sleeping!!

"Oi, how?"
"Turn left"
"Next lesson can go on road already"
"HUH?! Sure bo? I scare leh"
"For a new learner, not bad liao"
"Hur...*mai por leh*"

"Sorry. I fell asleep. Raining. Very nice. Somemore very tired"
"I thought I very boring.."
"No lah.. new student is like that"

Instructor really knows how to be humble sia

I really very scared leh
Brake donno how to brake
Always forget to hold onto the clutch before changing neutral gear
Dont dare accelerate

Er ge said I useless

After the lesson
My left leg very tired
I then thought of Joe
How can he manage to do that on his racing clutch?!

If you see me on the road
I'll panic
Unless you want me to crash your car
Really good
I'm now at home
Took half day off
& I'm still very busy
Am busy eating my Burger King Redang Burger

If eating fast food can make my work process faster

Tom C actually wanna meet to return my Scubazoo DVD
But sadly & seriously
Je n'ai pas les heures!
N'ai pas un minuit aussi!

Finally opened my PADI letter

I dont like this design
I dont like Benggal cardina
I want that great white shark design!
*sob sob*
Thinking of doing Nitrox
But anyway
I'm also a member of Project Aware =)

I think PADI had gotten my certified date wrongly
It should be in October
Donno why they put November
Gotta check with KC & Jeffery & Martin later

I have thousands of papercuts on my hands
Just because of this particular person whose documents were missing
The person-in-charge didnt pass down anything before she resigned
What a bitch
& the HOD is screaming at the whole team
I got scolded too
Heck la
Must blame the previous batch

Everyone's hallucinating
I heard someone calling my name
& asked
"Eh Eloise, you called me just now ah?"
"No ah.."
"Ok nevermind"

5 mins later
Nicholas came over
"Cyn, you called me?"
"No leh...Aiyo, busy until siao. Everyone's hallucinating"

& I so wanna hallucinate about a getaway trip to anywhere with sun, sea & sand
Pulau Tioman for dives will be PARFAIT!!

Getting a new handphone tomorrow
That is if I'm willing to wake up & head to buy with Mom
E360 at $88

Let Cynderella transform to Princess Aurora for the weekend
I'm so damn busy today
That I was so irritated by the new staff
& I wanna hit him on his head using the bloody thick file

What was given for us to do
Just do it according to your own instinct logically
Dont needa follow word by word
Asking this & that
& then telling me about it
When I'm already done


I'm so busy that I didnt have time to reply those who msg me on MSN
I'm so busy that I didnt have time to go toilet
I'm so busy that I didnt have time to drink
I'm so busy that I didnt have time to excrete
I'm so busy that I forgot to get important documents for Henna
I'm so busy that I didnt have time to watch TV nor read the papers back home
I'm so busy that I didnt have time to open my letters
I'm so busy that I didnt have time to see my PADI Advanced License which reached me this evening
I'm so busy that I didnt have time to browse the brochure that NAFA sent me on the Photography course
I'm so busy that I haven bathe Momo for long time & it stinks of pee
I'm so busy that I gobbled my dinner within 10mins
I'm so busy that I can die of exhaustion, appendicitis & gastro-enteritis

Like what I'd told Roy that night
What I'm doing now is worse than having gangbangs for 2D2N

Colleague from other department saw my Marlboro in my fingers during lunch time
But... do I care?

Damn clinic almost no patient
Waste my time
I actually fell asleep
When it's closing
I suddenly feel like running home

I know what that is
Anything that can cause me feeling impulsives are just things that are not going right
& I seek to forget by working myself out

I donno why
But I've been thinking
& still thinking
Are friends so difficult to be?

Probably coz I'm too mixable with guys
That particularly some typical guys donno what I am actually
& felt weird or sorts or whatever
Which I have no mood to elaborate
Although I feel like writing a damn long essay
But time permits
& I need sleep

Just as expected
Disappointed on other issue though
But I'm used to disappointments
& I have better plans ahead

Half day off tomorrow
Driving practical

Make my day, inclusive of weekend, wonderful

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I think I have a stupid funny dream last night
I was laughing in my sleep


Must be too smittened over Roy's sweet bouquet of flowers,the beautiful bracelet & his sweet SMSes

Met Jason on the bus
Told me that the guys are having basketball games now & then
I asked
"Why never jio?"
"Miss, you stay at Teck Whye leh, so far"
"NO LOH!! I shifted to Bt Panjang"
"Opp JX's house lah! Across the road"
"Isit? My house & JX's house only 5 mins apart"
"You spare another 5 more mins you'll reach my house"


Workload in office today is slack
Just needa attend system training later
External source of work, however, seems hectic
Schedule for clinic needa re-arrange for next month
Driving lessons after work
Recruiting people for temporary jobs for Jaddine
Recruiting people for hair show modelling for Kris

Since when did I become a head-hunter?

Who wants a temp job, come to me
Who is taller than 1.75m, good looking, has long fringe & thick volume of hair, come to me
Gmail me if interested

Got me thinking
I’ll be working Mon to Fri & Sun
Which leaves me only Sat to relax
& I forsee I’ll be chiong-ing every Sat


I needa go shopping for items!
Anyone wanna go with me?
I can say that today is probably the best Valentine's day I ever have
& I must say it is a happy Valentine's day not celebrating with my darling
Which in fact I have no darling
But still
It is the best Valentine's day ever

Woke up early for my Advanced theory test
Decruz wished my 'All the best' early in the morning
Then go study the book last minute
Asked my friends all the questions last minute
& I nearly screwed things up
Coz I went to prepare at 11am
Then went to play with Momo till 1110am
Then left house at 1110am
Then reached busstop at 1115am
Stupid miss the bus
Then waited until 1125am
Cannot wait liao
Took cab down
Wasted my $4.50
Then when I reached the room
The instructor already giving out the computer slip

My mum actually gave me an amulet to wish me Good Luck
& I also prayed before I left house
Superstition set in
& in the end?
I should have pray earlier on liao
I was sooooooooooooooooooo happy coz I failed twice previously
& now I can touch the car
Gotten my PDL
& starting on the engine next week
So excited

Went to work
So damn busy
I'd finally joined Henna
Starting actual work next month

Had a last minute dinner date with Roy
He was so sweet
Came over to fetch me
& bought me a small bouquet of flowers & a gift
My first bouquet of flowers
He was actually hiding near the lift door when I got down to the void deck
Double surprises
How sweet

Headed to The Balcony
& he was telling me that it was supposedly owed by his friend
But shitty stuffs happened
Had a large mug of Heineken
Took me 2hours to complete
But at the same time I was also talking non-stop
Talked about modelling, cars, idiots, MOS, etc
But most of the time was on cars

I saw Joe's car again

At around 1130plus
Headed home
I unwrapped my bouquet of flowers
& wanted to put into a vase
But no vase
So I put in my Mum's cup
Tomorrow sure dio kan
& I opened the gift that Roy gave me
It is beautiful!!!!!!!
>_< >_< >_< >_< >_< >_<

I then felt so bad that I didnt get him anything

Wasnt it the best day when everything seems so good?
I passed my Advanced Theory test finally after series of demoralisation
& I have a dinner date with a normal friend who got me beautiful items on Valentine's day


So happy

I'd like to thank the following people

Thank you Mymy for getting me the amulet
Thank you Er ge for supporting me all the while & encouraging me on learning driving
Thank you Wilson gor gor for the encouragement too
Thank you Lucky, Huibo & Joseph for helping me on driving questions last minutely
Thank you Joe for getting me the practise book
Thank you Decruz for your 'All the Best' wish
Thank you Roy for being my Valentine's day's date & got me the flowers & bracelet
Thank you thank you

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dad said I'm crazy as he passed me the letter
Mum thought what happened
Bro looked at me stunned
I was 'WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!'-ing for the whole 5 minutes as I opened the envelope

But it's just my Open Water...
Where's my Advanced??

Clinic very happening today
Until the very last 30mins
A patient came
Couldnt walk
Her left leg was rotten
Down to the bones
She begged Dr Chow to treat her
But Dr Chow refused
Coz it was too severe
She cried
Dr Chow scolded her for being selfish
I just watched

I've never seen anything more horrid than her leg seriously
Heng Dr Chow refused treatment
Arbo I have to help out
Touching the wound
Dont think I can eat for 4D3N
But seriously
It's yikey!
Down to bones ok!

Half day tomorrow
But still busy
Gotta send documents to office email account
Idiot seems to start blocking my gmail liao

Monday, February 13, 2006

I am so sleepy
I slept at 2am plus
& woke up at 7am plus
Vision blurry
Eyes not even opening
Thinking of tonight's clinic shift disgusts me

Kinda busy today
Everyone's calling for me
I believe today is the most rowdy day of all the days
I think I'm joining Henna
Henna said everyone likes me
& believes I'm capable

Went to lunch alone today
As usual
Luckily I brought my Menthol Lights along
A quick rush of nicotine to my blood
Had Mee Siam
The weirdest I'd ever tasted
As if bee hoon in laksa soup
*rolls eyes*
Nose was running while eating
& I believe it dripped like free fall all so suddenly
Shucks, no tissue
& I happened to taste it
& it tasted like Nasonex
My nasal medicine reversed its flow
Too much air-conditioned indoor activities make my nose cranky

Sun's shining bright
My left shoulder got scorched, I believe
But my right shoulder feels nothing
What's funnier is
Everytime after lunch
There's always a big patch of almost black cloud ONLY above my office building

Had to run errand again
& I left for home early after that
Although I felt very bad about it
Who cares
Wait till I join Henna permanently


I'm hungry
I fucking hate guys who fucking avoid

Dont talk to me ever
Coz I'm such a fucking bitch that I live in my very own world
So different from yours
That I appear & behave like some fucking aliens from Europa

If you cant stand me
Step aside
Dont bother to try entering my world & wanting to leave so quickly
Dont waste time
Only enter when you're fucking interested

No one seems to enjoy the stay so far
No one succeeded

Thinking too much of how to succeed wont help
Thinking too much of how unsuccessful it will be wont help neither
Thinking just wont help

Knock when you wanna enter
& I shall peep through my door-hole to see which fucking bastard is ready to take the challenge

I am complicated
Enter at your own risk

Fuck you

Sunday, February 12, 2006


My Mum didnt want me to go Pulau Ubin to fish with Michelle & gang
& so I went out to Ministry of Sound (again) with Wenn, Ailing, Sheryl, Daphy, Ulric, Jeff & donno-the-names people

On my way on the bus
Got this Uncle said very loud in Cantonese
*Translated* "Nowadays the number of prostitutes are increasing"
I looked at the Uncle
The Auntie next to that lanjiao kia said
"Now be prostitutes earn alot of money. $5000 per month. Who dont want?"
I looked at the Auntie
Dont think you speak Cantonese I donno
My Cantonese more zai than you
I was so pissed off that I wanted to go over & exclaimed to the OLD couple in Cantonese
*translated* "Oi, you talking about me isit? Say what fucking dick? Wear nice also got your fucking problem? Be prostitue also earn more money than you. The fugly bitch sitting beside you very beautiful meh? Mouth so stinky"

Then when the bus arrived Orchard
A large group of 'mutts' boarded the bus
& surrounded the old couple
Both of them kept very quiet
Oi, cheebye, why never say people already?
They donno Cantonese mah....scared ah?

Traffic jam for 20mins
Alighted at Dhoby Guat & transfered MRT to Clarke Quay
Reached MoS at around 1045pm

Queue was quick
$20 entry with 2 drinks
Headed to SMOOVE first

The DJ sucked
I dont understand why he was playing slow music
& I practically donno how to rock my body with the music
& I stood aside
A group of Ah bengs was standing behind me
Saw me light up a stick
& the whole gang lit up
Then one Ah beng managed to get up to the dancing platform
& an AngMoh jumped up with his girl
But donno why the Ah beng so selfish
Not happy with the AngMoh
& they fought in the midst of the crowd!!!!!
The AngMoh backed out
& the group of Ah Beng continued to dance like they own the whole dance platform
The bouncers were too slow to stop them
Came into the room & looked around with a blur look
We left soon after coz music totally sucks

Went to the Retro room
Jeff had reserved a table
& we headed to join them

Retro isnt my type of music
So I was there sitting & drinking my Vodka Orange
See them play 5-10-15, whatever that game is called
& took many photos
We were having so much fun
& we then started to put ice into one another's clothes
That was abit lame
& idiot Wenn DID throw one in mine
& we managed to put several ice cubes into Ulric's pants

Sheryl, Ulric & I went down for the House music
Music was great
We enjoyed ourselves very much
Until an AngMoh started to speak to either Sheryl or me
Donno which of us & I dont care
Then a guy came up to the mini dancing platform
& stood behind me
Put his fucking ugly face next to me
& smiled
I was very disgusted
& I ignored him
He shifted aside & watched us
Get a life, man
If you wanna speak to us
Dont want?
Dont occupy our dancing space

Stupid Ulric was complaining very tired
& wanna return to the Retro room
& that was where the climax was
Hed Kandi was mixing Prodigy's firestarter!!!!!
But coz the idiot asshole disgusted me so much
I agreed to leave too

My Prodigy

It was really fun
Loved the night
& we left at 230am for supper

At the table
We were reviewing the pictures
& Ulric asked
"Eh, how come blue screen?"
I looked
Ailing, Sheryl & Wenn stared at him angrily
"I donno. Cant read Japanese"
"Then you should ask mah!"
Sheryl:"You fucking lawyer-to-be! Donno wont ask, go delete all pictures"
"Sorry sorry"

Wenn:"Hands off my shoulder"
"Sorry, I'm really sorry. Ok we take again now"
No one responded
"Oi, dont like that leh... Oh shit, no one is talking to me"
"I'm really sorry. Are you girls leaving already? I'm going off first"
Wenn:"Fuck off"
Ulric scurried away

I never fail to blog without photos
The photos are so nice!
Somemore it's Wenn's farewell chiong night
Good memories captured
& because of Ulric's itchy hands & stupid useless lawyer brains

We girls went home cursing Ulric non-stop
& our mood dampens at that instance
Ailing was saying 'heart pain'
Sheryl was whining coz her photos with Jeff were gone
Wenn was complaining that a replacement of a series of photos will never appear the same as last night
I didnt say anything but just felt so empty to blog without photos

I shall NEVER pass my camera to ANYONE untill I have the photos uploaded from NOW ON

I will strangle you the next time I see you
Dont lemme bump into you in Brisbane or in Singapore when you're back

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I broke my record

Smoke-free week disrupted 2 days before it hits a week
Hell do I care?!
I snatched Wilson gor gor's 2 NEXT light
& he said he's not going to bring me out anymore

Every brother said that

I had deep consideration last night
Sorta affecting my sleep
Haven use my apo-zopiclone
Donno melt already or not

I've been thinking about myself
I just DONT KNOW WHY others can tell what they see about me
& yet I couldnt myself

"Eh gor, my friend said I am one who needs lotsa attention. Really bo?"
"Yes... you're those who need 100% attention from a guy & this, many guys cant provide"
"Hurr...no wonder no guys want me...How come you know me this well?"
"I can read you like a book"
"Then what's my title?"
"The city of lost souls"

*sipped on our teh peng quietly*

We then spoke about other topics
Which made me think

I donno why
But everytime when I'm out with my brothers
They always make me think
Think until headache

But I'm glad
They help me sort my life properly in a sense
Although I see it's not working out fine still
They provide me with experiences they had
& widen my 'knowledge' about surroundings, happenings & life

Sounds like some kind of a missionary


I saw a kitten nearly kana squashed by a Honda civic
It was just 3cm in front of the right front tyre
& it didnt know what to do!
That's gonna be so unsightly if that idiot driver is gonna run over it
Right in front of me
Luckily that kitten ran & hid under my chair
Patted its head
So cute
Nothing's on today I supposed
Michelle jio-ed me go overnight fishing
Donno wanna go or not
Wanna sleep yet also wanna fish

WildFilms' March's trip schedule doesnt look good to me
Haven been joining for a month already
Miss those trips
But damn work on Sundays
Not enough people go employ more la!
Always ask me cover, help out
Take me for granted
I'm the youngest among the team
Got more social activities than anyone else
Cannot spare a thought for me
Lemme play lah!!!

KL trip may be cancelled
But I hope my diving trips stay put
Hopefully going one in April & another in May
& I hope to see whale sharks & manta rays this time!
Although the season doesnt seem right for their appearance
& I can use my Mares PureVision mask

I have a very strong urge to do a tattoo on my pelvic & ankle

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I went to withdraw money this morning
I got a big shock
How come got more than $1K in my bank account?!
Finally my balance is increasing

I donno whatta say about work today
Same old thing
Run up & down
Walk to one tower to another
Climb up & down
When the clock reads 5pm
I just love it
Coz that 30mins always pass very fast

Met Clifford after work
He'd gotten me my Mares Pure Vision!
Clifford is going overseas to work
As a dive instructor
That sound so cool!
He also recommended me some dive gears to invest
Which I think I'll only do so slowly
It's a pleasure to meet him
Good luck, pal

Then went to Bugis Village to find Jarenis & Lye
Lye just opened a shop too
Called 'Oranje'
Pop down to see see when free ok?
Just say that you're my friend
Probably he'll give discount
On top of that
I bought a baby dress from him
Haven try it yet
But I believe it looks good on me since it already looks good itself

Lye & I were planning about dive trips
Alrighty ONZ!
Probably Tioman
& I think Lye & Kevin P are gonna take their AOWD
If only Clifford is still around in SG
Probably go leisure diving with him

I always day-dream about all the fun
So impractical
Who ask me being such an outdoor person?
But recently have been staying indoor

That's why I always walk around in office & around the building
Shun bian jiak jua

Ashley is leaving for Melbourne this coming Saturday
Am gonna miss her
Sob sob
Kevin W already left for Brisbane on Monday
Met up at NorAlif on Sunday night for supper though
Saw lotsa peeps whom I haven met for years
& I went off to puff

It's Friday tomorrow
Coz I'm meeting Wilson gor gor
Haven met him for weeks! or months!
Donno lah

What's for Saturday man?
Someone jio me out leh
Dardar confirm not free
Come, anyone wanna go MoS?
Today sibei hectic
Run up & down departments to get forms signed
Run to & fro counter to check important faxes
Tomorrow (today rather) still have to head down to MOM to collect confidential documents
Well at least I can slack while returning office
& drag myself to work slowly

I'm considering whether wanna take up this job permanently or not
Since I'm getting no response from anywhere
& Henna seems very interested in me
Additional headache

Stephanie SMSed me about this job opening
Asked me to write in
That's very kind of her
Only got to know her during this group interview last month
& surprisingly she's also from HongKong
& she lives near me
That's fate, I tell you

So yes
I missed Ian's gathering with the other perfect10 gang yesterday
& I slept the whole night
Dardar didnt call me
That's very thoughtful, I believe
& I have a very peaceful night
Thank you

I'm really looking forward to weekend
Coz then I'll be looking forward to Tuesday, which I'd taken 1/2 day off
& then looking forward to Friday, which I'd also taken 1/2 day off
& head off to Kuala Lumpur

I dont see what's the fuss without a date on Valentine's Day
No partner to spend with will die meh?
I also no date on Valentine's Day so far
Which I donno if Dardar is free to ask me out or not
But got date/free or not also nvm
Every year also alone
One more year is fine
Make my Kuala Lumpur trip a post-Valentine's date then

Concussion time

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Office banned access to almost ALL internet pages
Except gmail
Which at least I'm very glad
So when I'm damn bored
I can refresh my mailbox over & over again to see if there's any new mail

& I believe I'm gonna get sacked soon
Since my network access is being monitored

Horrible headache
Pulsating type
I refused to swallow my Anarex
Coz it's been a week I popped those
Too much paracethemol can cause liver failure

I heard someone screaming at me saying
"Then you smoke how?"

I didnt touch cigs for 2 days liao horrrrrr
Smoke-free week
Although the Marlboro Menthol Light placed at the display looks very tempting

I hope this week pass quickly
Coz I cant wait for weekend to come
I need rest
Serious lack of sleep
Working 14hours everyday isnt something that I'm damn proud of...

Good night
Too busy to blog

Sunday, February 05, 2006

When the sun falls
The night kitten comes out to play....


I love my Momo so much that I went to Club Momo
Doesnt make sense
Was there with Ashley
My handsome Zhiwei
& Zhiwei's friend, Roy
When I had my photo with Roy
I was already high on Tequila shot
That's why I looked so pink
But before that
I had gin, vodka orange, vodka citron & many sticks of nicotine already!

Met Charles there too
Had a pool game together
He won despite having 5 white balls into pocket
*rolls eyes*
I then realised how sucky my skills had deteriorated

Roy & Zhiwei kept persuading me to drink tequila shot
But I refused
Then came that tequila promotor
Came & hugged the guys & me
& persuaded us to bring her sales up
"Come Darling, buy from me..."
Hug my handsome...
& I teased
"Dont want la. You hugged my handsome. I jealous. Dont want!"
Then Roy & Zhiwei came hug me
Ok loh
& in the end
We drank
I treated them 4 shots

Ashley & Jason left at 230am
While me, Roy left at 430am
Zhiwei stayed behind to wait for friend though
Roy then fetched me home =)

Stupid dardar initially said wanna fetch me home but he fell asleep & asked me go home myself

Club Momo isnt that good as I expected
No wonder Jas sounded reluctant to go in the 1st place
The music was 'unrockable'
& it's filled with 'muds' & 'minnas'
Donno why Thomas likes to visit so much

Reached home concussed
Next time shall try DBL O

Saturday, February 04, 2006

What a boring Saturday
Woke up at 1130am coz stupid brother was chatting with his friend via handsfree
Then couldnt return to sleep
Woke up surf net watch MTV eat Takopachi
& then rolled on the bed
Until I realise how time-wasting I am
I look at Momo's cage
Smelly sawdust stained with pee
But I procrastinated
I fed Momo some hotdog, which I was also eating
& told him
"Mo, tomorrow then I bathe you hor"
Momo nibbled quietly to acknowledge my words

How nice it is to have a quiet pet

Then I returned to my room
Charge my digital camera, handphone, Snow Leopard
Blast Perfect10 on my cranky radio
Played with handphone for a while
Looked at myself in the mirror
Picked up an ancient book from my shelf
& flipped open

An auotgraph book
Written by my primary school & secondary school friends

I still remember most of them
But that wonders if I'm being remembered
I was so happy when I saw this particular guy's profile & pic
My first crush at age 12
Mohd Zaki Masjury

Then I flipped
& read this by this particularly good friend
"Hope we can still be friends forever"
I thought
Yah... written words are so easy
But actions are so hard to fulfil
I looked at the situation
I shook my head

I used to stop trusting people since something serious happened when I was in sec 2
& I kept my words until last year
7 years of isolation from outside social world
Had made me one who see things clearly at times
& now I realise it's time to open up
Out for more social gatherings
So back to the related topic several posts ago
I find it really amazing how new friends judge me as an isolated person living in my own world Which I cant deny more

Last night during work
Was chatting with Mala
"Do you believe that good things return to you when you're good?"
"Good so what... be so good only to be taken granted for"
"No lah..You are nice, caring. Surely will got good things happen to you"
"Nice so what? Also no boyfriend"
"Surely have one. You are different from other girls. You got strong personality, that's why people see you thought you very fierce..but they donno you're actually very nice after knowing you..."

Sounds very familar
Joe also said I'm different from other girls
That's why he couldnt decide what to get for me for my birthday persent
Until i requested the Sipadan VCD & book from ScubaZoo
I guess no other girls will ever request that for birthday
Why got free diamond dont want want a stupid book?!

Now I see why I rarely get birthday pressie
Coz no one bothers to think what unique item to get for me
My birthday wish for 2006
Dive at Sipadan for 1 week
You have 10 months to prepare

That's gonna cost SG$1500

Just doing some word-spreading
Do help me vote for my friend, Genecia
She's in the FHM Girl Next Door Top 100
Contestant 41
Vote hor, vote hor!

Oh oh
'Living treasures' on ChannelNewsAsia every Saturday at 830pm
Speaks about marine wildlife in Singapore
Looks great
Do catch it!

Suddenly I feel so busy
That I miss my tai-tai life very much

I'm going Kuala Lumpur next next week!
Long time never go overseas liao leh~
KLCC Aquaria!
Dr Wong gave me $200 for ang pow!

Time to buy myself a new handphone =))

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I feel fortunate
It's time to throw away my Marlboro Light
What can be better than Ang Pow when I have free Christian Dior items!?
Gimme 10 ang pows also cant buy that foundation I got for free!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Looks like Chinese New Year isnt retaining its traditions anymore
Almost everyone I know isnt celebrating Chinese New Year
The doctors kept asking me how I celebrate Chinese New Year
& my reply
"Doc, I DONT celebrate.."
"Huh, Why? All your relatives in Hong Kong isit?"
"Then how you celebrate?"

& sometimes I thought doctors are real smart

Bumped outta the house around noon hours before work started
Met Decruz & Nurra
Oh geez
How I miss that girl
She was just in time to feed my nicotine pang
But that was not my purpose of meeting her anyway

Saw something today
Sorta woke me up
I then realise how hypocritic a person can be
One side telling you all the good things
The other side doing all the not-so-good things
& I'm stupid enough to still show care & concern about the situation
Believing in almost everything

I miss my big brothers
I miss my Er Ge
I miss the times he taught me about everything
Inclusive of moral and virtues
I miss my Da Ge
I miss his supportive ideas and solutions when I'm in confusion
I miss them coz I miss being pampered as a little girl
Miss our prata time

Oh well
Just gulped 1 glass of iced cold F&N carbonic orange

Should I die of asthmatic attack
Maybe this is why