Thursday, August 31, 2006


I've been really piled up with loads of work
Working almost 14hrs for 3 days
Can someone just kill me?
Really very very tired

& I finally got some relaxation yesterday

Clinic was reallllllllllllly quiet yesterday
Only around 12 patients for 5 hours
Probably coz of the storm that no one wants to come out
& so I played pinball on the computer for 5 hrs
& I got paid for playing pinball (indirectly)
Until 10 plus
Dean called

"Eh, wanna go JB with me not?"


& I went at 12am after work


With DarDar & his younger brother too

Passing through the custom was smooth
& because it was Merdeka Day
The road was so full of riders carrying the Malaysia flag
Zooming pass our car
Showing us stunts like we've never seen on TV before
& we were jammed along this narrow road for nearly 15mins

Dean said
"Hello, this is not custom loh! Why jam?"


Had supper at the food lot opposite New York Hotel
Ok lah
& had a good chat

It's been real long that we met up with Dean
Think got 4 months liao
Ever since our fishing trip at Changi Ferry Terminal

I reached home at around 2am
Now so tired
But got lotsa work to complete
coz tomorrow is 1 September!!!
& I'll be half-day tomorrow!


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thank God it was Friday
So tiring
But then
Every weekend I also dont get to rest
Just coz I wish to do something that I havent been doing for long

Went to MediaCorp yesterday to support Kee in "It's Showtime"
Their play was very nice
& realistic
All those fake instruments coordinate vey well with the roles
& the sound effect
& Guess what?
They won the highest point
& got into the Grand Final for $2 million dollars!

*claps claps claps claps claps*

It was till 10 then we ate our dinner
So hungry
Had meal at Boon Tong Kee at Balestier
& Kilkenny at Liquid Kitchen at Upper Thomson
Reached DarDar's house at 1am
Concussed immediately

& I have to wake up at 720am for work

I think I watch too much 'It's Showtime' already
Till my creativity juices seem to overflow

DarDar pointed out a new cab to me yesterday
Under the company name - Silver Arrow
& I said
"Yin Jian?"
Then a long silence as we looked at each other
& burst into laughters

Silver Arrow in Chinese is called 'Yin Jian'
& Yin Jian means slutty

Oh geez
A slutty cab in Singapore!


& while I was sleeping last night
Stupid DarDar was playing Mr Brown's podcast
The 'My Hum My Hum My Hum'
'Hum' until I woke up sia

Later going shopppppppping
Still hesitating wanna get my addidas shades or not
Nice hor?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Early in the morning met 2 bitches

The bus was so crowded
& both of them chatting very loudly
Die die also don wanna move it
& somemore the air con broke down
It's like suana inside
Totally spoil the morning mood
& all of us standing at the door kept looking at them
& they still buay pai seh leh!
Talk talk talk talk
& still stand there when there's a 5m^2 space around them

In a crowded bus
Given 1m^2 space is a privilege already

How fucking inconsiderate!
As I was getting off the bus
They also dont wanna move aside
& I TSK at them
& guess what?
Those chee byes TSK at me!

You're in wrong
Being so inconsiderate
Standing near the door, chatting
& didnt realise the mistake
& TSK BACK AT ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

If I have the time
I sure scold them

I was so fuming with anger

When can these people learn about consideration?
When can the Government even stop encouraging how to improve Singapore's growth
& start encouraging how to improve Singapore's image?!
Where's the classic lion icon, Singa, nowadays?
Does it mean that with the 40million smiles we won against Thailand who only gives thousand smiles
You can take down Singa's posters that was once pasted all over Singapore?

& I thought SMRT & SBS had implemented new regulations about overcrowding & low bus frequency?
How come I'm still being squeezed at the entrance?!


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

People at the clinic is pissing me off
Where there's no problem, why insist got problem?
& when I'd volunteered the dates I can work
Why switch me to dates I cant work?
By giving me reasons saying not enough people?

If I can work on Monday, I'm replacing one manpower
Why refuse this manpower when it's available?
& claim not enough manpower?!?!?!?!!?!!!!?

I so wanna bitch slap them to make them awake

SO brainless


Totally pissed me off for days

& as if I'm so fucking free
That I wanna work like that
I haven seen my parents for months!
God damn it
Just because every time I'm home
They're asleep

So what you have family so you cant work at night?
I got no family meh?!

Chao chee bye



My parents went traveling leh!
To Korea & back Hong Kong
Good life hor?
Abandon me & brother at home
It's always when we're surviving on each other
My brother does not quarel with me
But still
I bully him

DarDar is kind enough to provide me with dinner almost every night
Coz I have no energy to cook after work

DarDar said he's buying a car for me for my birthday!
Vrrrrooommm vrooommm

I'm so busy at work nowadays
Ever since that colleague left
Everyone is so drained
I'm so tired every night
But just couldnt sleep until it strikes 12
Cinderella in evolution

I'm going to MediaCorp this Friday
Auditing to be the next most popular actress
No lah
Go support Kee in the Chan 8 'It's Showtime' Quarter-finals

Just managed to slack while the team had gone for meeting
Now I should get back to work

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I couldnt remember what I did yesterday
Probably too freaked out by the horror Thai movie last night

went to DarDar's cousin's baby's 1-month celebration
Had buffet lunch with his relatives
& then we went to town

On my way
I fell asleep
I'd already slept till 12pm
& I fell asleep again on the bus!
Also donno why I so tired

Went to shop
But actually didnt shop much
Only headed to Lucky Plaza for my dive items, as usual
& then to Takashimaya
I bought the Venezia Ice-cream
Not that bad

DarDar then brought me to Ding Tai Fung for dinner
The xiao long baos are so nice!
But I still think those in HK one are better
I, however, couldnt compare much coz I'm not a Xiao Long Bao eater!
I shall bring DarDar to HK & eat for himself

Then we went to The Cathay to watch 'Ghost game'
Scary siaaaa
But the ending was pretty much predictable
& donno why
yesterday alot of ah guas leh
Had seen this guy who has funny long hairstyle
& dressed in tight black clothing
My God!
He has better figure than me!!!!!!
I am jealous

Donno is it the chair at Tha Cathay kinda sucks
Sat until leg numb
Lucky I never drive
If not donno how to step on the clutch

Mummy & Dad are going traveling tomorrow
No dinner for 2 weeks
Gonna be parasitic to DarDar for meals

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I have no idea why I cry every night before I sleep

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I just got back from the National Wushu Championship
My mum took part in one of the events this year

Alot of people participated
Got young kids, got old people

My Mum very noisy leh
Kept saying she very nervous very nervous
Ask me how how how
I -_- at her
" dont stretch your hamstring anymore lah, later cramp then you know..."
Mum looked at me
"Yah hor.."
Then she complaint again

I was holding the video camera that DarDar lent me
To capture her footage during the competition
Another hand holding camera
But I cannot use 2 machines together
So I forgo the camera
Mum said she brought tripod
But I said nevermind coz her turn is coming next
Oh well...

The entire event was so exciting & interesting
That I used up the whole tape
& DarDar didnt gimme extra tape!
I even used up one batt too

I have a very interesting clip wanting to upload into Youtube
But YouTube under maintenence
Until then, people


Mum played ok
I also think the rest also so-so
But I donno how to see Taiji
So everyone also like that loh
At least I know which step is the opening & which is the closing
Mum got 8.48 as her final point
Supposedly she is to get 4th
Which she also got it 2 years ago
But the stupid judge is sooooooooooo unfair
Just because his student is taking part & he was the judge
He gave her 0.03 points higher than my Mum
& my Mum got 5th instead!!!!!!!


& this time
I can confirm she did worse than my Mum
But she won my Mum

I tell you hor
3 years ago I wanted to take up Wushu
But I very lazy & shy
So I never even picked up a single step
Now I see sooooooooooooooo many kids performing on stage
Showing the Chinese power
I feel so impressed

To make me feel less regretful
I promise to make my son learn Wushu
So as to fulfil my wish
& I'll make Swee Kee his personal instructor

DarDar only laughed along

Ok lah
Late liao
Will upload the clip sometime late


Sunday, August 13, 2006

I had fever for 2D2N over the weekend
Started during work on Friday
& had to call off my plan to watch the fireworks with DarDar
Felt abit bad...
Coz we'd planned it so well
& yet shattered by my fever

My temperature kept flunctuating
From 38.4 to 39 to 37.6 to 37.1 & back to 37.8
Mum scolded me for not going to see the doctor
& DarDar was here monitoring my temperature

The heat was so high at 39
That I could feel my whole body ache
It felt like my flesh is deteriorating
It just felt very bad

& at such point
I wondered
How can Nanfeng tolerate his frequent offset of fever?
Always hear him burning one leh
Yet he still can sound so alive

I supposed I'm really getting old

Thursday, August 10, 2006

DarDar just said he'll bring me to Bangkok next April!
& he agreed to bring me go Phuket as well!
Very very good!
Shopping & diving make me a very happy beautiful girl!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Can National Day Parade be abit more exciting?

I spent my whole day at DarDar's house nua-ing
Watched 2 DVDs
Toyko Drift & Shaggy Dog


Had Sarpino Pizza for lunch
Very nice leh
Very different from Pizza Hut & Canadian Pizza
& DarDar's aunt cooked Mee Siam for dinner
Yum Yum

I'm so fat over the holiday

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I cant be sure if Monday is really the worst day of the week
But so far, yesterday was indeed the I-believe-it's-worst-enough day

I was doing my assigned task
When this colleague of mine kept passing things to me all at one shot
Basically coz she's to resign today
A handover
But while I'm at my busiest moment?

Somemore I've never handle her things before
So it's really hard for me to digest all so suddenly
& she was rushing this rushing that coz she has to meet some other colleagues to bid farewell


I was kinda pissed
& beginning to feel stressed
Looking at the 3 pages long of tasks which I was assigned too
I wanna slam her in my imagination cloud floating above my head
She just kept on assigning me things
"Cyn will do this, Cyn will do that" to the Director during meeting
Ok I can do it
But it's more of an appointment instead of distributing a task with agreement
I was NOT briefed but it
I was NOT asked if I can do it
I was NOT asked if I'm willing to take up the tasks
Just simply dump me a thing & say I'll cover it

I do admit she works very well
& I admire her working skills
How she handle things & manage people
But just that
In order to benefit her
Letting people know how good she is
How well she manages to get the team to work 'together'
She neglects my feelings
Simply because
My role is to provide support to the team members

Not that I dont want
Can I have some communication first?

When the Director asked
"Can you manage it?"
I replied
"I'll try my best"

I will try my best

So while I was starting to finish some of her tasks
I asked if she has the file which I needed
She said she had it
& coz I saw her walking around talking to other colleagues
I asked if she can pass it to me coz she's on her way out, passing by me
She said
"You want the file you can take it yourself"

I didnt mean to be wanted to be served like a Queen
But the fact is that
I'm doing her work, would appreciate if she can appreciate my helpfulness, in a way
& also, since she's kinda free, being so chatty & stuffs, passing me a file on her way out isnt a chore, I believe
But I just felt OH-SO-ARGH when I heard her say that


& then
My mood grew super dull
Plus a bit of grey, including lightning afterwards

I kept thinking if I can do her tasks well
Afterall she has been known to be a very good employee
Given a promotion within 6 months
Even the Director asked
"I hope you girls can be consistent in the quality of work that _____ provides... Dont disappoint her...Blah blah blah"

Ask you
If you're me
Stress bo?

Somemore I dont even know how to do her work
Everything is so clueless to me!

& I rot the rest of my night at clinic
Injury case always brighten me

I'm such a sadist

Last night got this Indian fell down from bicycle
Cycling back home after work
Then think nose broke or what
I asked my colleague what happened
She said
"I cant see leh, he so dark"(pun intended)


Then today got training
How to achieve service excellence
It was a good workshop
I believe I had already attained some of the values from it
But I could probably do more
& it taught me alot
Totally forgot I still needa work on Thursday

So anyway
It kinda solved my frustration through games

The workshop covered this skills under 'Communication'
I kinda pondered after that
I'm not very talkative among the team
Coz basically I dont gossip in the first place
Neither are they interested to talk about cars, which I'm totally mad about
Neither am I interested to talk about babies, coz 1 is already a mum & 2 are mummies-to-be
So all I do was just listen & listen

Being a good listener in turn was obstracised

*stabs myself with a fake knife at my left chest*

Although they appeared not so obvious to me
When one is blind, others senses are more alert

Wait wait
I ask you all
Must one gossip in order to be an acceptance among a group?

Dar asked me why I was unhappy last night
But I kept thinking
I didnt wish to talk about it to him
Coz I'll then start complaining
& making myself worse than before
While the unhappiness were kept in me
It sorta seeped off my brain
However so
I still remained quiet
& later
I surprised DarDar with streams of tears

Not very good at expressing myself face-to-face
My blog is my main voice-out

Oh anyway
It's National Day's eve
I need some good rest
Battle on Thursday
Wish me luck

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Triple blog entry!
As if I care
Seems like today I wanna talk to myself alot
Alot alot & very alot! (bad grammar)

I was reading my Asian Diver the other time
& came across this article talking about health
I then recalled this schoolmate of mine

She's just a normal girl, I feel so
But she's very liked by almost all the guys
Naming her 'Le Fleur D'ecole'
She was excused from PE for the whole of 4 years
Simply because she claimed she has atrial septal defects (ASD)
A.k.a hole in the heart

Patients having ASD have fatal risk
For intense exercise may cause mixture of blood flow via the hole between septum

But guess what?
I just got to find out that
She is now a frequent diver
& engaged to a dive master


Thought cannot exercise?
If running being a normal exercise can kill
What about scuba diving which is known to be a high-risk sport?


I feel so cheated
To say I also have heart murmur
Why did I run & run & run to achieve a silver medal during my NAFFA?

Coelacanth(Latimeria chalumnae) - my favorite mysterious fish during my Fish Biology module

& they have this extant fish captured on footage!
After which it was suggested to have gone extinct in 1938...
A fish which suggested how reptiles evolved
How mammals evolved
How humans evolved
Blah blah blah
Due to its huge rounded pectoral fins
& amazingly, it has bones in it

We might probably are fish

It lives 200m deep down in the sea
& protected by unchanged environment
Thus it can still live till now
Due to no driven forces of extinction
Unlike how dinosaurs didnt manage to survive
Coz of ever-changing Earth's unstability


Did you know that other than coelacanth
Crocodile, horseshow crab, ginko biloba survived the 'Dinosaur' era?

I'm all so back to my scientific thinking
I miss science
I miss ecology
I miss enivronmental life science

I must find one day to visit Sabah
Get myself being suck by leeches
Scratched by monkeys
Farted at by skunks
Licked by chamelons
Bit by sharks

So exciting
& DarDar is gonna slam my head against the wall for having such crazy thoughts

It's a good Sunday
Which I finally got to sleep till 10 plus
Without DarDar coming over to my room
& tickle me awake

& God Damnit!
The ass above my unit is drilling holes on the wall!
*Pluck hair screams*

Isnt there a rule that no renovation is to be done on Sundays?
What the hell

The only moment I got to remove my eye bag by having ample sleep
It's returning coz my beauty sleep is shattered


Saturday, August 05, 2006

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Sir/Madam
I dont know who the hell you
Whether it matters to you or not
I suppose it bothers everyone anyway

It was a pretty smooth journey across the causeway surprisingly
But jam starts to build up at the custom
Several observations were spotted
& it left me with great disgust

The alignment of the queue mislead people
Some counters are placed forward, some are placed behind
There's no exact judgement which queue seems the shortest
As the end of the line looks parallel

Being so
It took me much faster to cross the custom than others who'd alighted the bus much earlier than I do
Because I notice this flaw queueing for the counter placed behind

But this isnt so bad

Given the huge influx of people everytime the bus arrives
& the slow forward movement
The hall was filled with perspiration that stinks the hell outta everyone
What is worse
The aircon is not working
& windows are barely able to open

Kids were crying outta frustration
& pregnant lady fanning herself with the almost torn arrival card
Everyone is peeping at the counter staff WHAT IS TAKING THEM SO LONG!

& guess what?
Your staffs were chatting with each other

There're hundreds of people waiting to cross the border
Stamping the entry date is to take 1 hour
Why is that so?

If the place is running in a drought
I suggest you save your saliva to hydrate yourself

Here are some advice for you & your staff
If you wish to increase tourisms into your land
In order to improve your national growth rating

1) Upgrade your staffs to work more efficiently
2) Upgrade your entry system & abolish the stupid manual arrival card
3) Repair all your fans & aircon, if best, get the new Mitsubishi multi-system air con
4) Just improve every damn thing which deems morbid

I'm sorry Sir/Madam to sound like I'm gonna hit you with a bomb
If it wasnt for the long wait
I wouldnt have been able to spot all your disadvantages, putting shame on your face
Which I'd unfortunately did

I await for your immediate considerations in creating a better environment for visitors

Yours Sincerely
One of the Annoyed Visitors


Yah lah
Went to JB with DarDar
To get our tickets to A'Famosa

Coz DarDar is a Malaysian
It only took him few minutes to cross the custom
& me?
Fucking stuck for an hour

After I got over
We headed to book our trip
& sadly
All rooms are booked

Trip cancelled


So now
Next plan

DarDar is gonna take up his Open Water
& soon we can go diving together
& when ADEX comes next April in Bangkok
DarDar's gonna get his Mares Pure Vision & Apollo Biofins Pro
Just as mine!


We had Kenny Rogers for lunch
Very cheap!
Only RM$13.90
& then nothing much loh
Just walk walk around in City Square
& then I returned SG
While DarDar returned his Malaysian house


So I spent 4 hours playing my Need for Speed 2
& I have a new car!
Toyota Celica!

Kinda worried
Just got my license
& no chance to drive a car
What if I forget how to drive huh?


Friday, August 04, 2006

Thank God it's Friday

Actually also nothing la
Yesterday took MC
Also slacked for the day
I cooked dinner for the family though
Brocoli with scallop
& BBQ ribs

I'm going to JB tomorrow~
DarDar is bringing me go shopping again

Lately I'm having pulses in my head
Causing real headache
Whenever I move or stand up
It just hurts
Dont wanna eat panadol though

I need a good 2nd hand car lobang
Help me find leh
Honda Civic ES or EG
Manual transmission
Max budget: 20k
Please call me if you have ok?
Xie xie

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm at home!

Woke up at around 10plus
I feel gooooooooooood
Although I wanna sleep abit more
But my brains are awake liao
What I saw at my toothbrush was...
a very big note left by my Mum
"Help me hang the clothings from the washing machine"
I opened the lid

Later still needa go Seng Siong buy grocery
Cook dinner for family
My god!
Cynderella at work!

I'm having my medication once again
On Nasonex & Neuroforte
Nasonex for my sinus
Neuroforte for my neurons

Going retarded soon
Need supplements for my brains

Anyone wanna go diving with me in Sept?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sorry people
Havent been updating lately
Because I'm too busy with work almost everyday
& I have to make up for my social activities
Internet to me now is so redundant
Other than checking my emails & kpo-ing changes in Friendster


Weather's so cold lately..
Or is it the air con that's making it worse?

I cant wait for next week to come
National day = holiday
I need a break!!
& I'd intended to fake MC tomorrow... if possible