Thursday, June 30, 2005

I was wrong
Upon realising some of the classmates have gotten the same honour classification as I did
When I'd shown my serious attitude in getting work properly done
& them slacking around, dilly-dally till last minute
I realised I should have worked harder

Self-blaming, as usual

1st honors could be within reach if I could get Bs instead of Cs
But all is


Dad is happy with my results
Mum is happy with my results
I am not happy with my results
When people can jump up & down over the bloody results
With pet dogs running towards them, licking them all over
I couched on the chair, asking my friend
"Division 1 means Upper hor?"
Even my Momo didnt give a damn & hid in its house 24hrs daily

Thanks for the "CONGRATS!" anyway

A new thought just sparked
Given an opportunity to (probably) work in NEA
I shall go for it by all means
I dont think it's as demoralising as working as a salesgirl given that qualification
Thanks to everyone who have been encouraging me
& teaching me how to answer questions properly for the interview later on
I also appreciate all SMSes asking "How's your interview?" in the morning
But my interview starts in late noon
Although very panicking, coz you guys started it
But I'm glad you careeeeeeeeeeeeee for me

I do get this job
I treat you guys at the most newly renovated hawker centre with best food ok?
That's what my job is about anyway
Dealing with Singapore's cleaniness & hygiene
Although I'd prefer the more practical way of dealing the environment & protecting it
but by then I'll know all the good food selling in Singapore
& grow myself like a sow


God bless me

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Just returned from my training session as a clinic assistant
Holy shit
It was soooooooooooooooooooooooo stressed up
that all I could think in my mind is
"I feel like quitting"

When I first stepped into the clinic
The senior straight away taught me the doctor's code
Then she introduced me all the medicine at a shot
& I was busily scribbling everything in my notepad
chim chim
She then taught me how to key in the medicine formula using the computer
& produce the sticky labels
Ok lah, but damn all the codes
& worst
She asked me try prepare medicine
I'm new here leh
How can I do such an important role immediately with no knowledge at all?
Lives are in my hands!!

If you arents aware of this big news happened in HK
5 patients died coz they're given the wrong drugs

I dont wish to be a killer

But as time passed by
The 2 hour training session wasnt that bad
Just a bit tense lah
Hopefully I can work better

Ok shit
15 more hours to my NEA interview
I haven pack my stuffs yet
Shit shit shit
& I haven think of what to answer if they were to ask
"What do you expect from this job?"


I just love my purple hair

Returned to the hair show today
Hairdresser Boss said he didnt like the purple on my hair
coz it's too reddish
& so he added blue to make it violet


Ok lah
Not very obvious
Coz my room is very dark & it's gonna rain soon

Liza styled my hair the bold way

Right side looks like 'Obasan'

Left side looks like Rock 'N' Roll chic

Everyone on the street was looking at me
Yes I know it's Mambo night ( I think so)
But it's way too early for me to dress & style like this loh

But anyway
I think I prefer the reddish purple coz it has ash pink in it
Now it's violet & blue
Looks not as punk liao

Went to Tzu's house borrow shoes & shirt for tomorrow's interview
God bless me
Amitabha + Hallelujeah

Gotten my examination results!
I didnt fail any!!
Lucky siaaaaaaaaa
Really cant imagine if I do
My FYP got A-!
I'd have expected A loh...
Guess my dozen cans of coke didnt do a good job on Dr Williams
What's supposed to be exciting but not exciting at all is
I've got my 2nd class Honours (Division 1)
Which is what I have been expecting anyway

I love my purple hair
Someone please shut me up

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Look! I've got purple hair!

*bouncing around in joy*
Godzilla Dad screamed at me while I was still in slumberland
Shouting at me for not switching off the TV
If the TV wasnt off, how come it showed me the black screen?
Then he said must press the button harder
As if I know the button is spoilt when I only returned home for 3 weeks & I didnt really touch the remote control
Few minutes later after I'd glided back to play chess with Zhou Gong
He came in my room again
"Which of the buns can I eat?"
"Just eat all you want lah, I bought them especially for you people"

I forsee a bad day ahead

House phone rang at 9am
I woke up thinking it's probably the NEA guy
& I scurried to the phone


My heart wasnt throbbing as I was on the line
Guess my fear had gone after many chats with my friends
That guy asked if I can come down for an interview on Thursday
& I told him I am only available next week
coz seriously I'm so packed this week
But he said the interview is only for Wednesday & Thursday
I just need a blouse


I'm still going for my hair modelling later
Initially thought of postponing the event
but then Tzu mentioned about the temporary black hair spray
The idea struck me
Why did I not think of it?
Saw most of my friends busy covering their orange hair during secondary school with that smelly aerosol
While I can easily walk past the discipline master with brown hair
Discipline master is color-blind
or rather
I wasnt caught at all, thus the hair spray was insignificant to me

I shall get a can later

Melvyn messaged me about this diving offer
$340 to Tioman!!
*Digs piggy bank*

Neighbour blasting techno
Went Malaysia with Ivan on Sunday
Malays blasting Malay techno
Went Malaysia with Zhiwei again on Monday
Indians blasting Indian techno
I'm not racist lah
It's the techno that's making me headache
Can you imagine the pulsating rhythm as you feed yourself with Nasi Bryani together with your head shaking at every beat?
Ok, then again
Techno is fine
The whole building shook, I swore
It's opposite a Hindu temple somemore
& I thought it's gonna be holy
Yah... holy techno across the road where people pray for it to shut up
*rolls eyes*

Lemme add to the Indian stuffs
I swear I'll not eat Indian food in Malaysia ever again
Too authenthic for my liking
Or rather I've not been truly exposed to Indian culture
Zhiwei offered me this 'Indian sweet' which to me looks like a piece of harden flour
& I said :"How can a sweet be a sweet when it is made of flour? Should be biscuit mah"
Zhiwei:"No, it's really a sweet, you wanna try?"
Zhiwei:"Nice leh, take a small bite here la"
& he sucked that unidentified food happily

Going Malaysia again this Saturday
But will be bringing 2 kids (aka my brother & his friend) along

Monday, June 27, 2005

I felt disappointed
I nearly cried when interest wasnt given on me
I felt it's all my fault
But I donno what I can do to make it better
Just my stupidity
I'm sorry, if you think you need an apology

I recieved a SMS from the National Environmental Agency regarding an interview
So high-tech huh?
I am very vexed
Right now I've got so many things going on
Should I blame my anxiety again?
For not sorting things out slowly & doing things one at a time?
Wildfilm, Clinic assistant job & this government job
I know which to sacrifice
But I'd actually prefer AVA to NEA

I'm scared as well
It's a government thingy ok
Not some small sectors
Given a name of 'Senior Environmental Health Officer' to a fresh graduate with no job experience
I dont have much confidence about it
I'm drowning, not waving

I'm vexed
Very vexed
What if AVA reply me when I've taken the NEA job?
How to quit my clinic job if NEA really employ me?
Got time to go for the interesting trips by Wildfilm?


Enlighten me please, someone
Although there're already several enlightening me currently
& all feel like slapping me coz I kept worrying about my lack of confidence for this job
I feel like banging my head on the wall as well

or if my LCD monitor is hard enough
I had 2 bad dreams
It was damn sad that I could even feel I was crying outside my dreams

I dreamt of me killing Momo
I was playing this compulsory game organised by donno-who
& then to the last stage
I dropped Momo & my handphone into a pond
I have no idea why Momo is there
But I dived into the pond as soon as Momo sank in
I couldnt find Momo but many other drowned handphones instead
& worse
I saw baby tigers swimming in the pond
& someone exclaimed that Momo might have been eaten by the baby tigers
I cried & cried & cried & cried
& named myself Momo's murderer
I felt so fucking sad...

I woke up to SMS Dear about my dream
Then I fell asleep again

The second dream was abit worse
I recieved a letter asking me to visit this place
& so I did
It's on the 13th floor of this particular building
but the lift I took never stops at that level & brought me to 50+ storeys
In the lift there were other people
& I asked them to accompany me to the 13th floor
So I reached the unit as stated in the letter
& surprisingly the scene just switched as if it's warped me into the house
A Sadako-like figure stop in front of me
Telling me all the things that caused her 'death'
I froze in fear

Then it warped me to another scene

I was with a guy
Whom I think his name starts with 'K'
He was actually my husband to be!
As in
I was being forced into a marriage!
I tried to escape & was by myself all the time
& what's more
That 'K' guy didnt even bothered about me
Not even when it's raining very heavily & that he had a fucking raincoat
I cried for my Lewis Dear
& so it happened that I saw my Lewis Dear somewhere
& we hugged each other telling him what happened

Surprisingly he knew that I was being forced into a marriage
& he couldnt do anything to help me
He said that I have to comply to it so I could save 'something'

Since when am I a saint?
To sacrifice myself for the good of the rest?

A SMS woke me up

Those are really bad & sad dreams
Lemme admit it again
I could really feel the sourness of my heart
That I lost 2 loved ones

I feel very solemn now

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Driving in Malaysia is so fun!
But of coz I'm not the driver

Traffic was smooth
Went with Ivan, YongJun & SweeKee
The guys were funny & easy to get along with
Best is we all knew each other
So not much of being 'strangers'

Saw a black Toyota with an 'Initial D' sticker
Then the driver's sideview really looks like Jay Chou!!

Had Pizza hut for dinner
RM$124.80 in total
*chip chip chip*
Ivan paid for me
Coz he owned me a meal

The guys smuggled several packs of cigs back Singapore
All of us act innocent during the secondary clearance of the custom
Lady Luck was with us

Tomorrow heading Malaysia again
Zhiwei's bringing me to eat prata =D
& also help Dad buy his only-sell-in-Malaysia medicine
Oh well

But it's nice going to new places
Just hope there arent robberies around

I just love travelling
Paramedic friend Ivan messaged me when I was almost dropped dead
Always update me with gross events from his life-saving work

Ivan: "Eh, dont go learn motorbike lah"
Me: "How you know I wanna learn sia..."
Ivan: "I'm clever"
Me: "Duhz"
Ivan: "Today already killed 2 bikers. The biker's face was totally destroyed. Cannot see the face & nose. When we turned him over the road, the face stuck to the ground"
Me: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK... must be at extreme high speed"
Ivan: "Just dont go learn la, dangerous"

Ivan cares for me
I'm so touched
But about the biking issue
I'll re-consider it when I have my money in hand

Lewis Dear is off to Malaysia with his friends
Never bring me
*sobz sobz*
I'm going Malaysia too with Ivan & his friends
Driving in

Tomorrow's trip to Semakau is cancelled
Coz Ria said she can only bring 4 people
I have a rest day =D
Hopefully still have other chances to go Semakau

Lizt's off to Taiwan
Wonder if she'll be sending me any souvenirs
*hint hint*

Guess what
I am officially a wildfilm member!!


I had my second wildfilm trip to the Labrador Park this morning yesterday
It was fun
But I didnt really get enough sleep coz the bed was too soft
& I think I only managed to doze off at 3am
However, I bounced awake at 345am coz some members were already up & having breakfast
We started our trip at 5am

Extreme low tide at Labrador

The crew taking shoots of animals

Many marine life on the shore!
So unexpected!

Staghorn coral





& the morning sky is so beautiful!

It was really very fun
Despite the very very short 'nap'
I didnt feel tired at all leh
I spotted many things for them to capture
The ghost shrimp, striped-eel catfish,cephalopod's eggs among staghorn corals, turban snails, etc
But as I was helping them to carry lightings
The bag accidentally dropped into the water
& it got wet
I felt so bad
Coz the very expensive lights may probably spoil!
But another crew member was blaming she should have sealed the bag first
The lights are allllllllllllllllllright in the end

When we returned Ria's house
It rained heavily
Lucky sia!!!
Had nasi lemak for lunch but i didnt have a good appetite

Went to Lewis Dear's house after that
Fell asleep
But Dear kept waking me up to eat
Ok loh
2 bites
& I collapsed onto bed again
Funny thing was
I was waken up by loud snores beside me
Initially I thought I was snoring, probably coz I'm feel tired unknowingly
But when I opened my eyes a little
I saw my Dear sleeping on the floor mattress
Another funny thing was
Dear's big brother saw us sleeping
I heard him went "WAH"
& think he also went to sleep
Sleeping Saturday

When we woke up
It was already 7
Accompanied Dear to the hairdresser
& walked around in the mall before heading back home to have dinner

Dear was playing this fishy game when I was once again feeling sleepy after dinner

So 'marine' today hor?

But I really have a wonderful day!
More wildfilm adventure to come!

Oh oh
I'll probably be taking camera shots myself the next time round
As in
I'll be rolling tapes soon!
So excited

Friday, June 24, 2005

Dear came over my house yesterday night for an hour or so
To keep me accompanied
Miss him so much that I cried
Hugged him till I dont wanna let go

Asked Dear if he's tired from work
& he replied
"I see you like more tired than me, makes me feel that I'm not so tired afterall"

I dint go to Tuas this early morning
But I'll be going to Labrador tomorrow morning
I'm so tired ok
Muscle aches

After Monday I'll be free again
Wanna enjoy my normal life aka slacking
But my schedule for next week is so packed again!!!
Monday - Semakau
Tuesday - Hair model touch-up
Wednesday - Hair model + clinic assistant training
Thursday - ___
Friday - clinic assistant training
Saturday - Family day
Sunday - Dear's day

Now I feel like working for my FYP again
At least it's 8-5pm instead of one whole day


Thursday, June 23, 2005

Holy shit
Wah i tell you
I'd made a damn bad choice for my filming session

Coz I'm still a newbie
I'm not required to touch the camera
But then
I have to carry all their parang parang
Like maid!
But I really learnt alot of things
*thumbs up*

Headed to Chek Jawa today
No photos coz never bring personal camera
As expected I wont have hand & time to collectively take pics relaxingly
while they're searching for marine wildlife

Spotted an eel, octopus, many flatworms, crabs, shrimps blah blah
But actually ah...
The animals are quite common
Which I wasnt much fascinated too

& we met a cobra

Lightning actually flashed across the sky thrice
& roared several times
But luckily
It didnt downpour
But all of us already have the poncho ready

Got a burst blister on my left foot near the toe
Pain like fuck
Imagine me still have to soak in seawater for 2 more days

Heading to Tuas tomorrow
Needa catch some sleep before I drown myself in the muddy water
Heard there's frogfish in Tuas
But the thought of carrying more parang parang is.....

** I nearly cried when I was talking to Lewis Dear on the phone last night coz I miss him so much & that I was sleeping in a foreign place & I feel so insecure =(
Dear dear, quick meet me

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'm all so excited
Coz tonight this early morning will be my 1st time joining Wildfilm working on the coastal shores
I'm heading to Chek Jawa!!

Let's see
The last time I went there was in Jan 2004
Had to make appointment for the visit
Couldnt see much coz the guides were saying
"The thunderstorm is coming, we have to go"
& so in the end
I only managed to see the sand dollars, carpet anemone, tubeworms repeatedly along the sandy shore
What about my rocky shore?!

We'll be spending 5 houras at Chek Jawa where the tide is so bloody low
Hopefully can see more animals than I did previously
& yes

Just returned from swimming at Michelle's house
Swam a lot leh!
I think got around... 10+ laps
But then her pool is small
Went suntanning
Finally tanned =D

Meeting Dear for dinner tonight
So happy
Can see him finally after 2 days (which actually feel like many days)


Pat is going Sydney in November
I wish to tag along
But upon seeing the airfares
I could have gotten my diving & bike license already!

Now I have to set my priorities right
So my $$$ can be spent efficiently, effectively & properly

Jarenis jioed to go Eskibar tonight
A bar which is set at minus donno how many degree so as to resemble the Poles
I'd always wanna visit that bar!!
But damn
Why they always have good activities when I am busy?
Slap them sia

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Thinking ahead of my busy schedule this week
& the possibility of me working night shift in a particular clinic soon
Make me feel abit

Dear works day
I work night
Both of us will be so dead tired

We wont have much time for each other
I'm already starting to miss him

Met up with Malik & Zhiwei at the coffeeshop down my block yesterday
Sat for 2.5hrs
Had satay *yumyum*
Left home at 1230am
Zhiwei had to walk back to his house in Hillview =O

Talked alot of rubbish
& listened to Zhiwei's 'stories'
Very fascinating
Then talked lame jokes

Not a bad catch up session too
Returned Malik $300 outta $500 which he lent me 3 years ago when I was in debt in HK

Outing cancelled
All thanks to those hard-to-satisfied cheebye kias

I rather go out with my school mates & Dear

Monday, June 20, 2005

Went swimming with Pat at the public swimming pool
The sun was good
Saw this ex-schoolmate of ours
Lewis Dear's classmate, I supposed
I was blind coz I didnt have my specs on
& Pat is bad at recognising people
So we assumed I know who that guy is according to her description
She said he kept smiling at us

OH so sorry
Forgive my blindness & thus, my dao-ness

Swam 5 laps
Hey, not bad ok
At around the 2nd lap
My stamina is building up already
But my limbs are tired

There was this guy
Whom we felt he had been stalking us during our swim
Pat said that he kept looking at us
I said I couldnt see properly but I could sense it
We swam nonetheless
When we were at the end of the pool
That guy was swimming towards us
& while we were resting
He rested too
We insisted to slack abit longer for him to get lost
But he swam 2 strokes ahead & U-turned back to the edge
So we decided to swim all the way back to the starting point

I stopped
Water seeped into my goggles
Pat said he was behind me

Can you imagine there's an asshole swimming behind me looking at my ass?!


I felt all so uneasy
Wanna kick him & drown him at the bottom of the pool

Pat asked for the final lap
Ok & so we swam
Halfway, I stopped again coz tired & running outta breathe
I looked back to see if that guy was behind us
He actually overtook us

Ok back to my point
He swam when we started swimming
He stopped when we stopped swimming
It's soooooooooooooo.... EEK!
I was totally shocked when I saw him overtook us
Coz it showed that he'd been following us all along
& I gave Pat that 'What the..' look
Pat suggested we leave
& *POP* outta the pool


Pat & I then went back to our neighbourhood for lunch
Fats gone, fats back

I'm going for my first job interview tomorrow
Still prefer part-time jobs seriously
Interviews are so informal that you can bullshit everything and yet need not dress formally
& one thing
You still get as much money as those working for full-time
It's gonna be super long post!!!
A collage of several events in 2 days!

Let's rewind to Saturday, 18th June
Went to Sentosa with my secondary school friends
Damn people are late

The early birds =)

It was so fucking sunny & bright that I cant open my eyes


So we started playing frisbee while waiting for the peeps to come

& then volleyball

Michelle brought her dog!

Me & Bebia

Mich fed me with chip

It was so hot that we intended to soak in the,however, warm water


Dead body on shore?
Haha, no lah
Lewis Dear was suntanning

Me & Dear

Group photos!

We left at 430pm
It was so damn crowded for the departure coz the monorail had stopped its service
After that
I headed back home neighbourhood to meet Suiying for Zhiwei's birthday BBQ

Suiying, Zhiwei & me
Zhiwei is so tall that he actually bent down to accomodate our heights
& Suiying was teasing him about him exposing his cleavages

Most of his friends are from his secondary school
Only me & Suiying are from JC
So most of the time both of us were sticking to each other

Me bbqing the food
It is edible!!

Me & Ying by the poolside to eat our food
& also actually playing with our cameras

Ying introducing the stingray she cooked

The birthday boy cutting the birthday cake

Us & Zhiwei again

It was a wonderful Saturday
So eventful
Now I feel that my life is back
Provided I have enough cash to spend!!!


Yesterday went Dear's house to slack
Nothing much to do
& I was so bored that I fell asleep

Jackal called to meet up for dinner
So me, Lewis Dear, Michelle, Pat & him
Wah, I tell you hah
Yesterday was, as well, happening
The mascots of 'Madagascar' were at BPP dancing
The penguins were so cute!!

After dinner
Dear left me early & I joined the rest to this 'Gone fishing Cafe' at Hillview
Coincidentally, Zhiwei wanted to meet me as well
So asked him go to that cafe near his apartment
Atmosphere was not bad
Very soothing for family gathering
Drinks were unique

Zhiwei was feeling depressed
Was his listening ear last night
That fellow smoked 5 cigs in 1 hour!
Slap him sia
It was his birthday yesterday
Despite the birthday bbq I attended on Saturday
& he said it was the worst birthday he had
While Mich, Pat & Jack were playing 'UPWord' indoor
I stayed outdoor with Zhiwei, talked to him
Left at about 11 plus

After that
Mich suggested roti prata for supper
Ok loh
Went to Bukit Timah's Al-Azhar
Jackal ordered Cheese prata & I shared with him
He was damn smart
He ate all the cheese & left me with the plain one
Then ate halfway
A large cockroach crawled outta nowhere & stayed on the wall next to us
I went "MAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!"
Ok lah
I'm not afriad of cockroaches
But it's just me la
Michelle said that everyone's looking at me when I shrieked
But i was jiggy with it
It's late night
It's time to get crazy
over a cockroach?
That's the crazy point, yeah?

Finally we headed home at around 12+
Collapsed on bed on the instance
Wasnt tired
But just wanna re-adapt my normal bio-clock
Seems unlikely
Then KNN
Suddenly a large cockroach crawled outta the wall next to my bed
& I was like
Seems like my Sunday was fated to the roaches
Asked my Dad to catch for me
But he *PIAK* it on the wall
My brother was giggling next to me & I screamed at him to bring tissue to clean it up for me
He whined a little about cleaning
& I said "It's a job for man"
Reminded me of the "I AM MAN!" phrase in Spongebob Squarepants Movie

Late night storm at around 2-3am
What if it rains like shit on Thursday morning when I am supposed to go for filming?
Please DONT RAIN!!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

It wasnt my Mum's fault afterall
My stupid brother had forgotten where my Mum had put my wires & cables
which my Mum had reminded him to tell me its location
but he denied that he heard of NOTHING
& pretended like he knew nuts at all!

Very cunning

Must charge interest on the money he borrowed from me

So now that I'd found my wires & cables, I'm happy!
I shall blog about yesterday's trip later!
Hopping over to Dear's house =D

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I'd utilised today effectively
Went to Sentosa with my secondary school friends
& had birthday BBQ at night for my JC friend
All ended well
Anticipating to blog about happpy today
but I was unable to find my camera cable
coz my Mum packed my room while I was out!!!

I am so angry
If packed liao, at least put at a place where I am able to find it?!
BUT HELL NO??!!!??!?!!?


Friday, June 17, 2005

I went out despite the bad omen afterall!
Went out to Bugis with my bro
Brought him to make new spectacles
I realised my frame is $78 =3
So I decided to let my bro make his first

This stupid fellow kept saying
"My eye power had remained constant!"
Yeah right
When the examination result was out
It was super high
7.50 for one of the eye!
I'll poke my eyes blind if I ever get that power

He chose a transparent maroon frame
Not bad I must say
Although my mum thinks it is sissy
But seriously
I think it's cool
Like how many guys will dare to wear a maroon frame anyway?
Black & blue frame make my bro looks like he's so damn matured
But why wanna look like 50 when you're only 17?
I guess both our choices are correct anyway
That maroon looks abit brownish too
So if someone teases, we can say
"It's brown la,you cock eye isit?"

Then went to Sim Lim Square
Been ages since I last stepped into it
Was looking for a tripod for my camera
Had always wanna get it to take night shot of the lovely Esplanade
I saw one
Translucent pink
& I stood beside it, touching it, admiring it
Hopefully some salesman can come & serve me
So i was damn pekchek & left the shop
& went to another shop
Bro:"You damn suay leh, go anywhere also like that"
Me:"Knn. Yah lah. burn their shop then they know"

Finally found out that the fucking tripod cost $45
I can get one at $20 loh
At least someone will serve me there
Bad omen

Means no going out

I woke up to bathe smelly Momo
What a good 'Mama' I am =D

See all the shits?! It stinks like pee as well!

After 30mins of cleaning up...

Momo had lost weight
Now it looks like a sausage
It used to look like cucumber
What a description

Brought my Mum's magic bean to suntan

There are numbers on the bean!!
I'd purposely editted it so you wont know the numbers & steal my number to buy 4D
Which in case 'we' win
Each of us will get smaller share
I wanna owe all the money

Lewis Dear is coming my house tonight

Raindrops are 100x bigger than Momo's shit
How to go out?

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Jenny & I @ Orchard

Jenny & I had a change of plan last minute coz she wanna go to Orchard to do her threading
& so we headed Orchard instead
Jen was late =((
Everyone on the street was looking at an 'ah lian' waiting for this sexy babe

We had Marché for lunch!

Been years I last stepped into it

We ordered soft crab tempura, rosti & drumstick with wedges
*Yum yum*

Went to have my polaroid photos taken FINALLY
My procrastination had finally ended -_-

(Photo scanned slanted)
I think I looked like drug addict

Yah lah!
Just for this pic to be taken
I have to dress until so ah lian

Me & jen @ Marché
I tell you hor
This pic is definitely nicer than my ah-lian-drug-addict-picture
Look at my charming eyes
*blink blink*

We were chit-chatting about all the internet people we used to know
& then switching the topic to shopping
Jen:"Wanna go grocery shopping..."
Me: "How about Cold Storage?"
Jen:"I wanna go Carrefour leh.."
Then suddenly
Both of us
Becoz there's a carrefour at Plaza Singapure, just 200m away from Marché

Oh my god
That scene was like so hilarious
Like some aunties going crazy over a supermarket
while by right, should be some young ladies going crazy over Salvatore Ferragamo sale

So we headed to Plaza Singapore

Auntie Jenny!!! *giggles*
She was so happy with her bought grocery =D

Me & Jen again after shopping


I have a great day today
Thanks Jenny
It's so nice catching up with you
*muack muack*
I'm also glad that Jen loves the souvenir I got her from HK

I haven meet my Lewis Dear for 4 days leh
Miss him sia
Dear dear
Quick appear in front of me!!

Not my eyes though

Damn my eye
It's red from itchness that resulted from my rubbing
I needa take passport size photo for my job application leh!
The shop down my block has NO photo shop to take any photos
& I have to roll down the street for it
I dont have a proper formal shirt
I'm just grabbing my Felix the cat white shirt with me
But I'm not gonna wear it to town

I'm such a bitch

Comon eye
Reduce the redness
*sobz sobz*

I dreamt of me going to Canada to further my studies
on United Airlines
Good grief!!
Guess my delayed flight had really left me a deep impact in the back of my mind
Worse come to worse in my already very bad dream
I lost my luggage during this transit flight & UA asked me to find it myself
While they flew to Canada first & tell me to get there in another flight
& then when I found my luggage
The plane left

Waken up by Ivan
Enthusiastically telling me
'Hei I'd taken leave on 2nd Jul =D'
We're going Johor Bahru on 2nd July, that's why
Me, Lewis Dear & Ivan
Ivan's treat on Pizza Hut
I shall eat the whole lot of Pizza Hut's item down my enlarging stomach

Meeting Jenny at Bugis later
Go make specs

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Someone PLEASE slap me awake
I'm having all sorts of phobia
Astraphobia, Eremophobia, Lygophobia and Xenophobia (Click HERE for meaning)

This morning startled awake due to bad dream
Looked outta window
Sky was grey
Then strong wind
My door curtain was flying
I had no choice but to walked around the house to close all windows
Carried my LooLoo with me
Then I went back to sleep

The moment I woke up
My stupid brother went outta the house
Home alone
& I asked Ivan to go out with me
To get my pair of diving shoes
& Ivan needed to buy his Civil Defence Paramedic badge anyway

But stupid Ivan never bring money
& I had to pay everything for him unto he withdrew $70 from his rich bank account

Ivan brought me to the place where all the army stuffs were sold
& I saw a pair of Spongebob Squarepants boxers selling at $5!
So cute!
But never buy la
Later Dear slap me with it

The uncle gave me ugly plastic bag
& I had to carry it around in the crowded Bugis area
Walked around for an hour or so before I met Ying

Ying was complaining about her internship in this small office
Where there's no soap in the toilet
No dustbin
2 pens & 1 pencil
No pantry
No computer
& that she wanna get outta the internship asap

Then headed to Seiyu buy birthday present for Zhiwei
Bought 2 ties, 1 wallet & 1 belt
Total cost $73
Not bad actually
The ties actually came in a set of $24
But we found the colors not nice
So we swapped with the nicer & more expensive ones
But the people donno
& Still charge us $24

Both of us were swapping all the items in the package to get the best outta it
& When we left
We turned back to see
The counter was in a mess
We scurried away asap

I saw a specs very nice leh
White frame with brown marble design
only $48!! If I'm not wrong

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

#Liverpool outing on 21 June
Venue: Newton Circus (meet at Newton MRT)
Time: 8pm
Objective: Makan & talk cock
Enquiries: Message me
[If anyone have better suggestion, msg me in IRC/MSN or call me. Thanks]

My cover letter & resume are like SHIT
Yet Tzu & Gor said they are not bad written
Yah meh?
I think if I'm the hiring manager
I ji tao burn the cover letter & resume to yan luo wang liao
=Still needa take photos
My ugly face
Confirm cannot make it one lah

My right side of my right chest keeps hurting these few days
So pain until I feel numb throughout the body

Monday, June 13, 2005


Had the scariest moment of my life
Momo dropped into the washing machine!!
Head down first!
I caught it out to take photos but it ran too fast
Slipped through the handle-opening & fell into the tub of clothings
Luckily the washing machine wasnt operating
Or else I sure cry like fuck

When I caught Momo out of the tub
I held it close to me
It remained stationary
Guess it's in shock as well

Told Dear about this incident
Then he asked
"If Momo & I both drowning, who will you save first? *_*"

Went to pet shop to get Momo a new pack of sawdust & a new plastic house
The pet shop didnt sell
What a pet shop

Jeremy said he saw me & Dear on Friday
Said I look different from pictures
I told you that pics are decieving!
Always say what... I look like Charlene

Kelly Chan

Quan Yi Feng

(My mum always tease me look like her -_-)

some Japanese singers
from my photos

Actually I look like ...


*zao pai handsign*

Currently applying for a part time job under Cathay Pacific
Hope they get me!
Ngoh sek gon gwong dong wah
(I know how to speak Cantonese)

Finally gotten the SIM card outta my Sony & in my Samsung
So meaning I can use my new number already!
Check Friendster bulletin or email me about it

I'm so excited
I'm going for my filming trips next week
23th June - Chek Jawa
24th June - Tuas
25th June - Labrador Park
27th June - Sekamau

It's gonna be tough coz it requires to work in early morning when tides are extremely low
Which occured next week dropping to minus 0.2m!!!
Dear is worried about my saftety
But I'd already assured him *smilez*
Will be staying overnight at Ria's house before the trip
Which is coincidentally just next to Senior Wolfie's house
Wolfie doesnt know that he's staying next to Ria all the years

Needa get a pair of diving shoes
Heard that Ria got cut by a stingray that time