Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I have a new son!
Momo has a new brother!

Cute hor? Cute hor?


DarDar will be taking care of Koko meanwhile
So Koko will have more paternal care than maternal care
But poor Momo
Never has paternal care

Work at office is nuts
So many internal conflicts that I'm getting very confused
I donno who to believe
Nor to trust
At times
I didnt even wanna think about it
& when I'd almost forgot
Someone asked me to clarify about the situation

NB (I typed Nabei but my DarDar want me to type abbreviation)

I donno lah


My DarDar is listening to the MrBrown Show
Kept laughing
Very funny meh?
I dont understand MrBrown gong similanjiao leh

Gong simiiiiiii?


I'm looking forward this weekend
I need rest
But donno why I wanna go diving again

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

**Photos from P Dayang - Courtesy of Abel Sng**

Yah yah yah
Caught me asleep...

Waiting to get onboard
Admiring the clear blue water

After the dive
Returning to the boat

Abel Sng & I

Crazy Jump-&-Take photo
But timing abit buay zhun

I'm back from my divessssssssssssssss
Very good!
No equalization problem
Able to descend smoothly
Able to maintain buoyancy

Not much pictures taken
It's Pulau Dayang by the way
How many times do you guys wanna see pictures of P Dayang?
=Abel has so nice pictures though
Will get from him soon

It wasnt sunny
Was raining!!
& we were sooooooooooooo cold
Night dive was cool
Current wasnt that strong as it was when I took my AOWD
But still got swept anyway
So I was trailing my fingers on the sandy bottom to 'brake'
Until I saw 3 super big fugly stonefish directly in front of me
& I released my hands so as not to touch those monsters
& I got drifted off

Nice nice
I love this dive absolutely

I took off on Monday to rest
But didnt really rest much
Went driving at late morning
& then shopping after that
DarDar bought me a beautiful ring

I took half day off today too
& I went to do my hair
Now my hair very chio!!!
Burgurdy base with red + blonde highlights

Best thing is
It's FREE!!!


Ok I need some sleep
Pimple popping out le
See u

Friday, June 23, 2006


I drove to my office to retrieve my phone


Kana horned 3 times by idiotic driver

I told Big Boss Instructor said I left my handphone at office
Then he asked if I wanna go take now
I looked at him
"Mai joke leh"
He said:"No really... we go together"
"But L-plate leh?"
"Can one... I trust you"


So I drove from Bukit Batok to Bukit TImah to Office
& returned from Thomson to Ang Mo Kio to Yio Chu Kang to Yishun To Mandai
Bukit Panjang & finally back Bukit Batok
He even instructed me to go fifth gear

Today very shiok!
I drove round Singapore as a learning driver

I told DarDar about it
He was jealous


Gotta poof
Er Ge's fetching me for dinner
& off I go for my diving

Au Revoir!!

Last overseas trip I left my wallet in office
This time I left my handphone in office


Later gotta make extra trip to retrieve
What the fuck!

Luckily I'd packed all my stuffs already

& damn
I must remember to bring passport

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I very jialat leh
=Donno why there're so many human disputes in the workplace
Not involving me though
or probably might have involved me but resolved
I felt very.... Bleah

My head had been very good to me since she joined
& had helped me alot
I'm very grateful of what she did to me
But apparently she did something not so good
& it offended my other colleagues
My other colleagues were pissed with her
& planning how to deal with her, obstracising her

I felt so trapped


I hope I dont side any to make unfair judgement
I believe it's just hard
Coz it's just plainly 4 against 1, excluding me


I'm going diving tomorrow!
I'm going diving tomorrow!
*hiak hiak*
& Er Ge is fetching me down to the dive shop
Leaving SG at 1am leh
Panda diving in Malaysian waters

My company is having donno-what stupid exercise
More of like a drill
That requires someone to call another to 'inform' of emergency
Luckily I overseas loh!
No reception at all
Coz I have to return call to the most hatred person in my company to close the loop

I'm gonna pack my backpack soon
This time I MUST bring my first aid kit
Coz my 1st time bring, I returned un-injured
2nd time go dive never bring, I returned injured
This time?

I hope I see something magnificent

Eh you know hor
Today I drank Starbucks got free tumbler leh!
Stainless steel somemore
Very tan dio!!

I'm waiting for DarDar to reach my hse for dinner leh
so long
Hungry sia
Later bite him

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sorry hor
Wa eh dian wei spoil liao
But hor
Still can call me lah
Just that you cannot hear me clearly


Mummy said got new handphone for me
But donno when leh
So as long as my phone rings still
I'll return call using a usable phone

I'm at DarDar's house playing with Isaac leh
So cute

Weird people at work
Just plain weird

I'm having a good month's end!
This Friday half day
Then go diving over weekend
Then Monday take full day leave
Tuesday half day again!
My activities are so packed

I called Er Ge today leh
So long never contact him
Miss him leh
But Er Ge also very bad
Never call me

My hair modeling agent called me again
They miss me so much sia
Kept asking me if I can go for the assignment or not

I'm gonna look so punk again

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Let's rewind with photo memories

I had work early in the morning on Saturday
& returned home after that
Slept for an hour
& went for my driving
I didnt know that my driving started at 230pm
& I only reached at 330pm!!

DarDar then came to my house
& we went out together with Swee Kee & other friends
Went cloudnine at Murray St to watch World Cup

The place knn cold leh
I was shivering until buay tahan
Swee Kee tried his first bet on soccer
Czech vs Ghana
& he was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad when Ghana scored

Bet somemore la

Next day went out with Mummy & DarDar
Went Si Ma Temple pray pray

But donno why 3 of us very tired
So went home early
& Mummy didnt wanna cook
So we ordered Canadian Pizza!!!

On our way back home
Saw this beautiful sight of rays through clouds

A bit dreadful to go work on Monday
But funny how that it appeared to be ok fine for me
2 colleagues bought souvenirs back for us
& I have a Polo Ralph T-shirt
& a wooden keychain with my name painted on it
Then somemore during lunchtime I went shopping
& I finally bought my Alzika!!!!!!!!!!!
Stupid blogger dont lemme upload pics again
I found this shoes for 1 month lohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Cant wait to go out with my Alzikaa
& I'm going diving this weekend
& Damn!
So many other activities are lining up for me when I'm away...

Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm in good mood today
I'll try to update soon when I have my internet access at home


Saturday, June 17, 2006

What am I supposed to do for the remaining hours?

Back at work
Stupid duty

I dont see the point!

*rolls eyes*

I just cant wait for 1240pm to come
So I can go eat my lunch
So hungry

Going driving later
So excited
Yesterday after meeting Bo
I drove in his Lancer for a short while
Without license!!


I abit worried
Coz never drive in carpark before
Somemore I drove without shoes
Was wearing heels then
& I was a bit slow to change gear
DarDar was also in the car

Ok la
Not bad
But I think I'm still more comfy with Honda City

I suddenly miss Uncle Dave


Long time never see my brothers liao
Wonder how they are
My lappy is beyond repair financially
Good Bye Lappy
It's time for you to retire anyway
Thanks for accompanying me throughout my lonely tertiary years
*muacks lappy goodbye*

Less blog update in the future

It sorta feels good that it's Friday
But then I still have to work tomorrow
Whatta fuck
I'm so tired
Tired of everything
But I think I just have to learn to take things more openly & positively
So much bt all the shit

But I still stand my side
80% set
Just a matter of time

Ok stop

Let my mind rest for a moment

I'm going Dayang next week
Couldnt get the resort in Tioman
Stupid resort owner
But anyway
Dayang will be just good too
Cant wait to dive
Or just making up excuse that
I cant wait to go overseas
A short getaway
Whichever purpose it deems

DarDar came to fetch me off work jus now
So nice of him
Then we had dinner at Thaiexpress
Stupid waiter served other people's dish to our table
& we blur blur ate it
Then still wanna charge us
Heng I good mood after meeting DarDar
If not
I slap you with Tom Sup Soup
& together we went to meet Jack
Talked bt my personal policy & business

Stupid company wanna buy insurance
Asked me go source

Oh anyway
Just now bumped into my WildFilms friend, Alvin
So surprised

I hope my weekend turns fine!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'd finally decided
& I feel so relieved

Just one more month

Hopefully just enough for some daily expenses
My driving test
& my Bangkok trip

Lemme just give a long sigh of relief


& now
My life will have to re-start afresh

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I know
I havent been updated as frequent as I used to be

Oh well

I was having some real big problematic situation
& I had been thinking bt it for weeks

Probably it's this that caused my fever

& now
When I'd finally come up with a decision
Things suddenly turn out good
& probably better


I cant decide again

Someone just fucking slap me awake
Screw my brains
& lead me to the lights

** Saturday went fishing & we caught a non-catfish fish!
But donno what species though

Friday, June 09, 2006

I was sick
Burning at 38.1 degree on Thurs morning
Told DarDar I dont wanna go work
But he thought I was just finding excuse for skipping work coz I seriously hate work so much nowadays
& he escorted me to office

As I worked
I just felt something isnt right
I started to shiver
& made myself a cup of hot milo
Doesnt seem to do the trick
So I told Head that I needa take MC for the remaining day
& she agreed to it
I was trying to finish my work
& delayed myself another 2 hours to complete
Not very nice to leave unfinished jobs behind
Especially to group of people whom are trying to obstracise me anyway
When I finally finished my work
She hurried me back home

Boy... she's kind

Got to my clinic
Free consultation
Given Paceco & Piriton

DarDar came over my house to take care of me
The entire 2 days
Woke me up for taking my medicine
& ensuring me fall asleep after I took my medicine
& my fever finally subsided this morning

I persuaded DarDar to bring me go shopping
Coz I wanna buy my Adidas Alzika shoes!
Isetan has it
But no size

Such scenario always happen to me
Wanna buy bra also no my size

Went to watch Cars
Not bad an animated movie
& I knew DarDar likes it
He kept laughing throughout the whole show

Further shop abit
& then went home
Didnt have the appetite to eat
I guess the bitter medicine is making my tastebuds so insensitive
That I dont even crave for my favourite food
So we went back home
& guess what?
My fever is back


How to go fishing tomorrow?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I'd finally uploaded the pictures
Bloody hell

So busy today
So tired
But seeing my DarDar after work energizes me

Nowadays everyday use computer in office
Go home really no mood to use computer
One day I'll just die of excessive radiation

I forsee this weekend
Another 1.5 days to spend time with my DarDar

Let's pray for some good fish
Coz it's gonna be be full moon
With high tide up to 2.8m
at evening
& yes
I wont fall asleep this time
I must catch a promfret!!!

Coz I love steamed promfret with fermented soybeans

Monday, June 05, 2006

Something's wrong with Blogger
Cant upload photos for 2 days
& thus
My happy Saturday shopping trip is still saved as draft
=Cant share my beautiful photos

Oh well
Shall see when it's ok then I upload again lah

I really hate work lately
It just sucks totally

I kept thinking after I saw this giant poster that reads 'Go after your dreams'

Why do everyone like to encourage people to go for their dreams?
I see that's what I'm doing
But when I'm working on it
Why do everyone tell me dont act so rational


I dont mind sacrificing money for my dreams
Having $2K per month in exchange for unhappiness is not what I believe I want to achieve in life
At times
I do feel depressed with the waste of talents that I'd acquired over the years
& having zero outcomes make me think if I'd chosen the wrong path

I dont think so
I enjoyed my education
Grew more to loving the nature
Hoping to be an environmentalist
*Keyword: Hoping*
Despite times that I suffered from severe home-sickness & depression during my study period


I did something
I joined the WildFilms
Helped producing good footages
Learnt how lightings work best at which angles
Made new friends of the same passion
Shared environment-relating news
Talked about fun dives
Introducing public walks to friends, whom eventually grew interest too
Took up diving
Getting myself more prepared to go for dive-involving activities like Coastal Cleanup
Reef check, etc
Blah blah blah

& See
Didnt I, at least, achieve something?
I made a good step ahead after I came back
& I truly believe I really did the right thing

I go for my likings

It's ok if I'm being dumped at with blames people didnt wanna take it
I'm, of course, someone whom dont share the same common thing among the people
I'm just an offset

It's time I got to make my own decision

I appreciate the much counsellings from my brothers & friends
I also appreciate the encouragements & understandings

Thanks for helping me see things more clearly
& also make me a stronger person to walk the new path ahead

I'm all set
I see no regrets

I may sound stupid
But I'm clever to walk out of this stupidity

I cant laugh at this moment
But at least I can smile

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Why is it so hot lately?
I'm meltinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Yesterday went shopping with DarDar
& it was so fucking hot hot hot hot hot hot
Such weather is 101% confirm + guarantee good for sun-tanning (or rather sun-burning)
But luckily we were out in mid-noon
Wasnt that long for us to be exposed under the burning ball of fire

& it's a good day to take photos!

DarDar damn cute
Took my camera & kept taking pictures of me

Passed by this roadshow selling the new Olympus m:720W
Because it's waterproof
& getting it so I can go diving!
& plus the fact it's shockproof
Which the promoter delibrately banged the camera on the table
Which got me & DarDar totally stunned
It was so impressive!
He then said if I buy now I only pay $730 instead of $749
Inclusive of 1 512MB & 1 256 MB SD card, Lithium batt, X-D card reader, tripod, blah blah
& I bargained if I can DONT WANT all these but replace me with an underwater casing
He couldnt answer me for 5 seconds but kept laughing

Not a bad camera
But I'm not quite happily with the zoom
3X zoom plus 5X optical zoom
My FujiFilm is 4.4x digital zoom plus 3.3x honeycomb zoom loh!

I bought a Billabong rash guard & 2 bra sets
Wanted to get a pair of new shoes
Addidas - Alzika Leather

But I cant find it!
I shall shop again next weekend

Marina Square is having this Canberra fair
& it has tulips everywhere!!
& for the whole 20 minutes
I was taking macro shoots of the flower array
& some stupid guys saw what I did
Took macro pics of the flowers too

Esplanade was cool too
Some Aussie band was performing
& got almost everyone high

It was a short day though
But I enjoyed very much

Thanks DarDar

Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm trying not to think too much
I'll just pass day by day with potential high risk

Oh whatta fuck

Retail therapy tomorrow
Beauty sleep starts now

Thursday, June 01, 2006

2 days without updates
So full of UPs & DOWNs


I am fucking irritated
& felt that I've met enough weird people already
I just felt so sick of everything
& I so wanna go on a getaway

My Tues was good
DarDar came to fetch me from work
& went home for dinner together
Watched the marine documentary on Sipadan on National Geographic
& then went to play Shrek 2 on PS2
We'd been playing that for 1 mth
& finally we completed the game
But it's hard at its final stage
So much for the line on the cover that reads
'Suitable for kids'

Hur hur

Wednesday was alrite
Just that fucked up things happened at work
I am not gonna expose every damn thing
Unless you are KPO enough, dying to know
So email me & ask

Of what happened
It really irritates me
Just cant understand why
Stupid people
When I wanted something, she refused me of that something
Now I'd accepted that something, she forced me to retrieve that something

Is like....
I wanna shit, you dont lemme shit
Now I don wanna shit, you force me to shit

Think you got the power to manipulate things your way illogically?
You dont even fucking have the power to lift up one grain of microspore as compared with Jean Grey!

I now felt so much of an endangered species
Waiting for death to arrive
& It just seems totally useless for me to continue my contributions
I kinda felt lost
Still havent gotten a chance to speak to my Dad/Mum & my Er ge

Oh well...

Having this pendulum mood swing yesterday
I didnt have the mood to meet up with my friends
So I told Bo I'm not going
But Bo was kind enough to re-arrange the meeting venue to somewhere else
& Mike also suggested going Clarke Quay
& in the end, I went with DarDar

Oi Nanfeng, I know you're reading
I lied to you twice ok
I am not putting up an act
You ass

It was Nanfeng's 1-day belated birthday celebration
Still the same, old, handsome, cocky, funny him
*hugs hugs*

Gotten him a real sinful chocolate moose cake
The heaviest load of caffeine I'd ever had
Had 2 buckets of Heineken

I wanted to get myself drunk
But cant
Still got stupid work the next day
Although I was already heating up & eyes turning red
3 sticks of nicotine just did the job

& so much about quitting smoking!

Had good talk with the people
Mike, Bo, Jarenis, Daniel & Mr Tong NF (aka birthday boy)
Been long since we last meet up

Before I left for home at 1245am
Wanted to give Nanfeng a surprise friendship birthday cum farewell kiss
But idiotic him turned his head away as I hugged him by his neck
Tooooooooooooooooo bad

Oh yes, Nanfeng
I lied to you the 3rd time
It was supposed to be a kiss, not hug

Hey, did I just score a hattrick?

Next day, which is today, simply sucks
Cant wait for weekend to come again
Just cant wait to get outta here