Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh shucks
I promised that I'm not gonna spend anymore this week
But I just bought a standard lens for my EOS

I so wanna strangle myself

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I was shocked with what was heard over the news
Although such cases had been occurring very often
That is what makes it shocking!

Singapore is gonna have its 10th expressway - Marine Coastal Expressway (MCE)

I dont get it
Why do they want a new expressway?
That area already has KPE
Which I find it totally redundant
& now
They're gonna make a new one
Which links to KPE, ECP & AYE
So it's like having 3 expressways merging into one afterall

Taken from One.Motoring
MCE is built to cater the large traffic flow expected at the high-density developments at Marina Bay area upon completion

Er... But I thought that KPE, ECP & AYE are already damn large already?

What really troubles me is that they're gonna reclaim land AGAIN!
& what questions me is
Have they done their EIA?

There goes the environmental issues again

The govt didnt seek the public's opinion before the start of this construction
& What is worse is that
They'd already started working on it YESTERDAY


Face value wins it all
'Singapore is gonna have its first ___________', etc
Whatever is first in Singapore
They're so gonna do it

We'll see to this...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I slept at 2am last night
& woke up at 8am

Whoever SMS-ed me before official office hours i.e., 9am
That's gonna be Prof
& there's no reason for not replying her SMSes
Which is simply implying 'I'm still sleeping & not doing my work!'


Sunday, April 26, 2009

My camera craze continues...
Dad just passed me his antique camera

Right now
I have 10 cameras in my cupboard


Saturday, April 25, 2009

This weekend is super busy
Other than my preparation for my presentation next next week
It's packed with my friend's birthday celebration/ baby's first month/whatever
Running here & there for celebration
Typing 'Happy Birthday' non-stop on Facebook

Went out with DarDar today
Bumped into Tuty
The last time we met was 10 years ago
Had Carl's Junior's Guacamole Bacon Cheeseburger
But only bacon cheeseburger coz all the guacamole sauce fell out of the burger
& then went shopping at Isetan

Walked to Takashimaya
Recalled that Queenie works in LV
So we went LV to visit her

My first time inside a LV shop
& the feeling inside is totally different from normal store!!!
It was damn packed with people
& I dont understand how can people grab these expensive stuffs when economy is bad
& I dont understand how come there're so many rich people!
Then again when Queenie showed me some of the new products & told me about the price
I can too afford it, actually
So my next thing to buy before I die is a LV bag

Went down Little India for threading
& went to look at the flea market at Sungei Road
DarDar's first visit
Saw this uncle selling old cameras
SO vintage!!
The sun was tamade scorching
Almost sun-burnt
& we spent 1 hour to look around

In the end
We bought 2 old cameras at a total cost of $60

Both are still workable
Just need a bit of servicing

We then headed down to Tanah Merah to attend Gerald's birthday BBQ

Food was sumptuous!
Gerald had gotten gigantic prawns like those selling at newton
Ribeye steak
Super tasty chicken wings
Beautiful corn
& lovely green salad
I bet that meal sure cost alot!
But it's enjoying (for my stomach)!

Then we headed down to Changi Village
where Justin held a party to celebrate his new born's first month

So cute >_<
& then pop the usual question - 'When's yours?'

Before we left
We took a stroll at Changi Point Boardwalk
A place which DarDar claimed is very beautiful in the day
& a nice fishing spot at night

DarDar's birthday's on Monday
Let's see what I'm gonna do...

Friday, April 24, 2009

I have black hair again!
Just see how long I can stay looking oriental...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I went ADEX today

ADEX was such a grand event in 2006
With all the freebies, activities around
I also met most of my dive friends there
Adding to that
Every ADEX reminds me of a very special day
It is also the anniversary day for DarDar & I
The day which we went out together the very first time before we became official at night

So anyway
ADEX kinda sucks every year since then
It was in Suntec in 2006
Then had it in Thailand in 2007
Then back in Suntec in 2008
But the exhibitors reduced by 50%
Not at all interesting
This year
It's at Keppel Marina
Even smaller!
When Edwin & I entered
We saw boats

still boats
It's boats everywhere & we thought that ADEX was at the other side of the road
So we crossed over & realised that it's inside the hall where we came out

ADEX is right inside the hall at the very damn end!
It's sharing the hall with Boat Asia
No wonder we cant find it!

We walked without enthusiasm, in fact
Nothing interesting

Same exhibitors
I even saw Ivan's dad again, for the 3rd time he's in ADEX
But I was rather attracted to the dive operators in Guam

I wanna go Guam!
It's part of USA
but it's very near & cheap to depart from Hong Kong (around SGD$500 incl. everything)
& the fact that I always return Hong Kong
I must really plan for an extended trip to Guam NO MATTER WHAT soon

So after few rounds
Collected enough magazines to stack hot kettles next to stove (little freebies this year!)
We left for lunch at Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RYSC)

The last time I came here as 2 weeks ago
When I had my night dives at Raffles Lighthouse
I got to enjoy a meal here!

The place is nice
Always love places next to the sea surrounded with beautiful boats
But I prefer Raffles Marina
The boats there are more luxurious
But less luxurious then those I just saw at Boat Asia

If only I'm damn rich...

& I promise I'll get a yacht club membership when I'm rich!

So that's ADEX this year
I seriously hope that the organisers can do a better job next year
Get more exhibitors
with more freebies!

& thanks Edwin for everything today =)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm constantly having headaches at around 2-3pm everyday

Something is telling me it's not right

Monday, April 20, 2009

I almost passed out

I was feeling perfect in the morning
But around afternoon
I felt that my legs were getting numb & weak
Almost cant feel anything
& cold perspiration out of body

I tried to hold on
But I thought I might not take it anymore
So I flagged for a cab for home

The cab driver sped at 110km/hr
Without me telling him to
I guess he could see that I'm almost dying

My lips went pale, I believe
I went breathless too
I tried to breathe harder to compensate for oxygen loss
I felt like vomiting

My head went heavy
My vision went bright & blurred
I closed my eyes
It felt like 15mins for a 5 seconds darkness

When I reached void deck
DarDar came down to fetch me
I couldnt stand properly
I squatted while on the way up in the lift
& collapsed on the sofa immediately

DarDar had to carry me back onto my bed
Where he then fell asleep with me


It's been long I last felt something like this
I think I seriously need to train my body soon

Looking fit
But not exactly fit


Saturday, April 18, 2009

I am so fucking pissed
It's like... everyone is taking their bloody time so fucking slowly
That indirectly wasted my time waiting for them

I waited for DarDar's bro for 2 fucking hours to pass me something
which got me totally pissed & almost scolded him when I finally met him
& I also flooded DarDar's sms inbox with the complaints

Next day after I had my Ubin trip
This bloody fucking cab driver took his own sweet time to drive me & my assistant home
A normal trip heading to 2 destinations took only 50mins
Dardar & I almost wanna fuck him
But we didnt wanna be that mean which might risk us getting dumped out of the car in midst of the road
He fucking drove at 60km/hr on the expressway which has a speed liimt of 90km/hr!!!! (some even drove at 110km/hr!)
& he didnt even asked us which way do we wanna go
& made a big round & we reached at the same point

My total journey was only 41.1km
But he, made us round & round with 51.3km
When he saw the red light from 500m away
He slowed down & put on neutral gear for the car to fucking ROLL for 500m

He was kana horned twice by the car behind
Either dangerous driving or slow pick-up
Whatever it is
I felt that he was trying to cheat my money

I donno if I wanna complain SHB2232F

This kinda driver is so irritating
What do you think cab is for?
To reach a far destination within shortest time
If it can go as slow & as long as that of a bus

Chao cheebye
Blood boiled to max
No wonder I had to pop Panadol to reduce my temperature


Friday, April 17, 2009

There has been a mystery case occurring in P. Ubin
& I was involved helping to solve the mystery

Some points were really intriguing
& some points just left people feeling it's damn ridiculous

It's about 60% solved
Remaining 40% will be done by the main character
Which I doubt will be told by him personally

This is so 'Kindaichi'
So fun

Thursday, April 16, 2009

*spoiler for American's Next Top Model Cycle 12, more spoilers to come...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A beautiful morning

which almost turned into a nightmare 3 hours later

Luckily I was done with my transect survey
The sky suddenly turned grey
& strong wind blew like nobody's business
All the trees were bent at 30deg
& the howling of the wind creeped our spines as we hid in House #1 for shelter

Minutes later
Dense, tiny raindrops fall
So dense that you dont feel like it's raining

The feeling was just weird

The weather is weird too

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My left kneecap is swollen
Coz I scrabbed against a huge lump of coral at Raffles Lighthouse on Sunday

Although there's no open wound
Just the top skin got abit scratched
Now it's itchy
& at times painful

I can imagine the toxins & the nano-microorganisms dancing in my wound now

It's been 4 years since I'd inflicted wounds during diving
How careless I am

Monday, April 13, 2009

Last weekend was packed with all my personal activities
Almost gave up on my school stuffs
& I felt so guilty about it

DarDar & I returned JB on Good Friday
Took us 3 hours to reach
The queue at the bus bay was chaotic
& the Cisco officers were so rude that he shouted 'Siam!SIAM!' to the crowd so as to make way for him
I so wanted to lodge a complaint on that ass
Shouldnt they assist in keeping the crowd in order?

I love the Kway Teow Soup so much
That I pestered DarDar to eat that for dinner & supper
It's opened by DarDar's fishing kaki's relative as well
Super big portion
The soup is seafood-sweet
With abalone, oysters, pig liver, lettuces

On Saturday
DarDar's friend came over to JB to eat & shop
Headed to Tesco & Jusco
Had Bak Ku Teh for lunch
& a sumptuous seafood dinner @ Dama market
So damn full
But DarDar & I still headed for wanton mee for supper


Returned SG on Sunday
& I went for my dive at Raffles Lighthouse
My first time there
& my first time witnessing coral spawning

It's full moon
Every marine creature should be synchronizing their reproductive cycle
But we only managed to see the after-spawn evidence
With eggs settled on the corals

I saw the coral spawn
The whole egg mass drifted to my direction
The eggs were big, around 1cm or so
& they're red
By the time I reached the coral
It's almost 80% spawned

I've seen it!

I also had an extremely closed nurse shark encounter
A 1.5m long elasmobranch swam right into my face
Which freaked me out totally
My dive buddy didnt see it
& that shark kept loitering around my feet

Next time I'll try night dive at Tioman/Dayang for coral spawning activities

*more photos here

Thursday, April 09, 2009

What is with this UNIQLO outlet?
Why is everyone so excited about it?
So what that today is its official opening?

I went to its website
The clothings are normal
The price is even more expensive than any Giordano tops
& in fact
Giordano too comes out with plain tops of different colours
So what is the big fuss?


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Today is the day of my brother's convocation
Guess everyone is happy that he'd finally grown up

Bought a female fighting fish to mate with my 2 male fighting fish
& observed their courtship behaviour as well
The winner male
DarDar said that when they fight
They bite each other's lip
My fish are fighting!

I sent Mong Mong's photo in to Pets Magazine last month
& it is out in the March/April issue

My handsome boy >_<

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The gloomy sky makes me gloomy
I'm doing nothing but typing this

I thought DarDar going to school can give me some quiet moments to do my stuffs without any distraction
But I still fail

So it's not about DarDar
It's me

Oh why am I like this?

I just cant bring myself to do my presentation slides
& search for journal papers
& do my M&M

Just so many things going on at a time
That I donno where to start
& which to start first

Prioritizing tasks had always been my number 1 skill
But it's hard to prioritize when all tasks require almost soonest attention

Thinking further ahead
I'll be flying out of Singapore for once a month
Never had in my life that I'm traveling this much & this frequent

With loads of things to do
My mind keeps thinking & thinking about it
Till I'm damn too tired


Need a deeper breath
& a longer sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Monday, April 06, 2009

My heart pounded vigourously the moment i saw this
I thought:"Oh no..."

I opened the mail
& realised my name isnt there


I haven even finish my presentation slides
So much of procrastination

I cant do this anymore
I must stop watching 'American Next Top Model Cycle 12', ' 學警狙擊', '大冬瓜' already