Monday, December 31, 2007

It's gonna be 2008 at the strike of twelve tonight
& I dont really have the mood for it
Probably coz I am working
& that DarDar is not counting down with me
So I jioed my friends out but no replies yet
I'm out of the dive trip tomorrow coz still sick


I dont see the point of celebration as days pass
Why are you actually happy when you grow old every year?
Why are you actually happy when the new year come?

I dont see any difference

I shall ponder what I should do tonight

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I got to go to labrador park to collect my echinolittorinids to do some preliminary measurement
Hmmm... but they're still in my plastic bag

Think die liao


**** 20 minutes later****

Kill procrastination
Data collection

Shit la, my snails so small, donno can do my proposed experiment or not

Hey hey!
My snail escaped!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My eyes hurt
I wonder why...
This year's Christmas wasnt really anything special
But at least
It gave me an opportunity to try something new

On Xmas' eve
We had dinner at Dean's house
Got 2 roasted chicken, salad, mashed potato, donuts & lotsa alcohol
The guys played mahjong, poker & guessing game
& DarDar got himself dead drunk
Which he fell asleep for an hour before I kicked him awake to go home
& I just watched TV for the whole damn period the guys were playing

I just got back from Orchard

It was damn crowded
Was it like this last year?
Not too sure, was in Hong Kong
Was surprised that Orchard Road was closed for the parade
Got performance too!
We had dinner with DarDar's friends @ Paragon
& did things we had never done before!

For example:
Stand inside the yellow box

Under the ERP

After that we went Hard Rock Cafe for a drink
The live band was cool!

Not bad la
I hope there're better things to do next year

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Brought the car to workshop on Friday
Bonnet, boot, bumper
All under that suay guy's account
But we had to leave the car for them to do the job
& so we had to take public transport back JB

Nothing much happened in JB
Other than a meal with his family
& coz I had work today
I came out early
So i could fetch the car too

Custom was packed
Cars jammed up to the middle of the causeway
But luckily the bus lane was moving
& it didnt take long for me to reach Singapore

Thanks to the biometric passport
I skipped the hassle to queue

Within an hour
I managed to reach Bugis by the Causeway Link bus

Was pouring at bugis
& it was hard to fetch a cab
When I finally got onto one
The uncle was weird...

'Uncle, Ubi Road 1... '
'Industrial Estate wor...'
'Yah ah... got get my car'
'You no need to show off your car once you got up my car...'
'But Ubi there all do car parts one meh?'

Uncle kept quiet
& I didnt bother to talk more

Car wasnt ready when I reached there
So gotta wait for 30mins
& I was late for work too, obviously

When the car came
It was so reflective!
As compared to the side of the car, which was not polished
It looks kinda funny
It's like... head & backside is sparkling clean but body dirty
But at least those parts that are needed to be done were fixed properly
& so I headed off

I couldnt catch the biting point as I moved out of the garage
Slippers slippery
So it jerked violently
Sia suay myself in front of the mechanics

I told myself to turn left once out of the estate
But I cant remember which junction
& so I turned at the 1st one
Which didnt look too familiar
Thinking that turning back right will be the correct direction
It seemed that I was heading north!

The roadsigns read 'Upper Paya Lebar Road'
'Upper Serangoon Road'
'Bartley Road'
& I knew I hor-laned in the instance
I knew I could get onto the PIE at Braddell but I donno how
So I kept heading straight

My eyebrows raised at every roadsign I passed
All looked unfamiliar
But at least I knew I wasnt heading the right way
I quickly sipped into a small road & head towards city
At then I realised I was at Whampoa

Hmmm... that's south
Probably heading straight will get me back home
I quickly searched at the street directory
PIE ahead

I saw a PIE sign, indeed
& so I turned
But it came out to a road which I entered
Which really puzzled me
If I go ahead
I'll be back north
& so I quickly turned back in
Made a loop
& back to the original road

Conned by a roadsign

Then I read 'Rangoon Road'
& then I saw ahead
I'm out I'm out!

Guess I was too excited
I forgot to change back to Gear 1 as I stopped at red light
& stalled
I started again
& I still didnt change gear
I stalled again
Abit panicky
I quickly grab my gear stick to 1
& sped off

Luckily Little India wasnt crowded
I drove as slow as 40km/hr coz those Ah Peks on scooter never signaled
As I saw Sim Lim Tower neon sign in front of me
I smiled to myself
Just a right turn & I will be back
I followed Bus 66
So no cars can cut my lane

Once I exit Little India
I went all the way to clinic
Parked my car in the dark carpark
Luckily also safely parked

It was a big experience to me
Kinda scary though
DarDar was worried that I'll be squashed by big trucks & lorries at Ubi
But it seemed that Ubi was empty
& neighbourhood roads was busy like fuck

My 1st hor-lan trip
Donno if I should be proud of or not

Friday, December 21, 2007

Selamat Hari Haji!

Yah, so much for the holiday mode
It was indeed very fulfiling
Running here & there

Slept all the way till noon
& headed to Sim Lim to check out my FLUKE machine
Which I'll need it for my research project
So we went to Burlington Square for parking

The carpark was packed with cars
& the path was so narrow
& it didnt stated whether it's gonna be a deadend or not
So at this particular deadend
The Yaris in front of us stopped
Gave way to a lorry which is coming out from the lot
The Yaris didnt check his rear mirror
& reversed hard on us!


Ho sey!
Left side of bumper was shaking
Right side of bumper looked detached
Right side of bonnet was dented
Left side of bonnet was scratched
Car plate cracked into half

Abit of negotiation for the compensation
$500 for the entire repair
& the guy transferred the money to us immediately

After that
We left Burlington Square
& parked somewhere else

DarDar said the carpark there suay

At Sim Lim
My FLUKE shop was closed
So we shopped for a laptop
Which I'll also need for my school

Got an Acer Aspire 4520 at $1414
Cheap worrrrr
DarDar ran through the specs for me
Which I think it's more than enough
& after the purchase
We were entitled to 20 lucky draw coupons!
This is the most number of coupons I'd ever filled
Wrote until hand damn tired

As we didnt had any food after we woke up
We went to Turf City for Sol playground cafe again

The staffs surprisingly remembered us
DarDar said it was all because of the melted ice-cream cake that he himself wasnt even aware of
& we were entitled to 10% discount even though we didnt have the membership card
But I signed up for one already
Now an official member!

Dean, DarDar & I went to have supper at Bukit Gombak
& then surprisingly Michelle & friend (Alvin) were also on the way there
So we had supper together
DarDar & Dean had found a new fishing kaki!

Brother is going for night cycling tomorrow
& he wanted to borrow DarDar's bike
We went back home to collect & realised it's too big to fit into the car even after dismantling it
So DarDar cycled back & I drove back
While having lotsa pitstop at bus stops waiting for DarDar to catch up

I parked the car with ease

DarDar said it's a tiring day today
Maybe coz he was physically drain after the bike ride
I saod it's a fun day
So many events happened

Monday, December 17, 2007

When I first stepped into Prof's office
She said that she's confident to get me into the conference

I looked at her & smiled

She continued saying that with my previous background
Nothing is impossible
(Wah, so Adidas!)

Then I discussed my proposal with her
She agreed with what I proposed
& is willing to get me some devices & equipments that I will need

'I would prefer you to work on the datas for the 1st semester so by Jun, your abstract can be sent in to the conference & we can head to Spain'
'Yah! Didnt you know I was talking about it just now? We'll present your project there! I'll get you sponsored for that trip'
'Um.. yah, but I thought just those normal conference in the campus...
'No no no.. SPAIN!'

My god
I heard Spain!

There's this upcoming international conference on snails in Spain Sept 2008
Both my Prof & I are working on this topic
& she's encouraging me to go for it
Allow me to present my preliminary findings
Meet professors from worldwide
Establish connection over the world


I'm very grateful to my Prof
She's very kind to me
Gave me alot of opportunities to strive

I dont feel that demoralised anymore

I think
I'm more suitable in research field
I'm happy where I am

Just stay this way

It's time to learn Espanol~

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Someone ever said
Marriage is women's biggest gamble

I think that is true
For everything that we do
One step wrong
We could start afresh
However when a woman gets married
Hoping to get all the happiness she is supposed to get & spend her life with
But never does
She has to decide if she is to risk more ahead
or go back and find a new guy whom can provide her with happiness

I guess I'm just blabbering
It's only 1 month since our marriage
But I'm most of the time alone
When I finally have free time and hope to spend time with my man

He's always out with this particular friend
Whom I'm starting to get sick of
As he's always asking him out when HE is free

He doesnt need to accompany his family
But that also doesnt mean my man doesnt need to accompany me too

I am very pissed off and confronted my man
'Is there a need to go out whenever he asks you too? Why is it that we never go out whenever I ask you to?'

Pinch of jealousy there
Over another man
But that's not the point

Point is:
Why is a friend more important than wife?

Every now and then
We will argue over this
& I'm very sick of it
He said I'm restricting him from going out with his friends

I bet to differ

Before we married
He's always there around me
So intimate that I barely meet my friends

Now we're married
He's finding excuses to go out
Leaving me behind struggling with extra work
Just to keep my future family alive

But what for so hardworking when efforts are not appreciated?
I still bought him a handphone coz I saw that his current one is so old
& somemore it's my favourite handphone model in the current market


I dont think he'll understand how I feel
I dont want a nice meal once in the blue moon to make me feel good & forgive his sins
I dont want anything such as LV bag or whatever to make me happy
I dont want short minutes of meetup such as driving me to & fro work & during sleep

I just want to feel the same as we were sweet couple before
Woooo hoooo
Today is another happy Friday
A post-birthday celebration

After work
We rushed all the way to Vivocity for our night
The carpark queue is fucking long
It is also full
But as it works on one-car-out-one-car-in system
We just couldnt find a lot
& anyhow park

We rushed to the cinema to buy movie ticket
Alvin & the Chipmunks!
& then go Starhub take queue number for handset upgrade
& had a quick bite at Superdog

Back at Starhub
I waited for 15mins before it was my turn
But when it was 2 numbers before me
It was damn longgggggggg
& it was only 10mins before my show started!!
I panic siaaaaaa
Bought my SGH-U700 =)

Brisk-walked all the way to the cinema
Luckily they're still showing advertisement
& the chipmunks are sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!

I managed to complete 2 out of 3 tasks that I'd set today
Just didnt make it to Daiso to grab a file

Back home
I gave DarDar my SGH-U700 as a surprise gift

Oh well
Just an excuse to get better gift next time..

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm desperately squeezing my brain juice for some ideas on my proposal
I know what I'm supposed to do
But I donno how to put it nicely in the full whole picture
Because I'm having bits & pieces everywhere due to lack of resources

I'm meeting Boss on Monday
Will she screw me up?

Biggest joke of the century:

DarDar recieved a summon yesterday
Said no valid season parking
But we bought one for 1 month!
So he confronted the Minah
But Minah showed no record in her portable scanner

As I'm writing the appeal letter
I noticed the difference of venue of parking offence
I questioned DarDar
He insisted he bought correctly
& showed me the carpark map

'You sure you bought my carpark?'
'My carpark is AA01 wor but your reciept wrote AA05'

DarDar stared at the map for 10 seconds

DarDar had bought the WRONG season parking coupon
& had always been parking on the WRONG carpark!!

I wanna faint.....................

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Burnt my day again
My mood was back when I saw the sun
Its rays shone on my back and instantly, my inspiration came
But as DarDar is around
His procrastination sucked me in as well
& so I also procrastinate

I then went to buy groceries
Then vaccum and mop floor
Cleaned toilet
Prepare ingredients for dinner
& then rest for a while for DVD
Which was already 5pm

Now my inspiration had gone
I'm so demoralised

Monday, December 10, 2007

I purposely didnt wanna go work today so I could start working up my research proposal
But I was too distracted with slacking at home
& I didnt do anything!!!
I cant even think how I am gonna work on it
Not sure what I'm going to investigate on either
& here I am surfing the net for Christmas pressie for DarDar

Went back to Malaysia on Saturday
& damnit
Our car broke down again!
This time, the air con pumped spoilt
& the conveyer belt was jammed
So when we were driving half-way
The car started to smoke!

We were somewhere near the Malaysian Railway track
& at the same time it is a merging lane
So traffic was retarded by mainly by KPO drivers who slowed down to see what's up
While DarDar & I were figuring out what to do
The gate for the traffic dropped down
As there's no cars coming at us
We pushed the car to the very left side
DarDar went up the car to steer while I pushed
Many cars were on the other side of the road
Looking at such a petite me pushing the car
Amazingly the car moved in centimetres
At least not so bad & I still have my pride back

DarDar cut off the coveyer belt
& we drove all the way to the workshop instantly
which cost us $110 for the repair
*sob sob*

After the fixing up
We fetch his aunt, uncle, brother & Isaac back to Malaysia
Smooth journey in
Reached at about 8pm
& they celebrated my birthday with me =)

My Mumy-in-law beside me =)

Isaac & I blowing the candles
It was a nice mocha cake
& I was so full after my dinner + dessert!

There were alot of people at the house over the weekend coz everyone was back to visit Grandpa who just came back from his operation
I rarely encounter crowded family
So most of the time I was in the KTV room watching DVD =p
Well... only for that day

Oh anyway
I'd celebrated my birthday thrice this year
For the very first time ever
I love mine with my girls & DarDar
& am glad DarDar's family did it for me too
I'd also recieved birthday wishes via SMS & MSN
Now that it's over
Thank you all of you

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Everything at work appears the same
Other than my first time eating snake
Very tired la....
Somemore raining
Super good to sleep!
So I ZZZ for 30mins

DarDar came to fetch me after work
& brought me out for dinner

I didnt know where I was heading to until I reached Turf City
Sol Playground Cafe...Espanol Restaurant!

Evil DarDar has his plans!
He just walked in the restuarant & sat on a reserved table
I was puzzled & asked
'How come you know which table to sit?'
Then he said 'I got wink to the waiter ma'

Yah right....

The food were served soon after our stupid chats
I gasped
The food were nice & yummy!
I then wondered why DarDar is so romantic tonight...

After our main course
The lights dimed
I raised one eyebrow
Thought they are closing already
& then suddenly
One of the waitress served a slice of white chocolate strawberry cake with lit candle

So I was right
DarDar has plans!
& he planned to celebrate my birthday

& then DarDar brought out his gift to me

When I read the card
So touched
& I didnt wanna open my gift coz I scare I will cry again

I enjoyed the meal, cake, friendliness of the staffs and of coz, DarDar
I really didnt expect he can prepare everything today without me knowing!
How loving...

When I reached home
I opened the gift
A pair of heart-shaped lollipops & 3 nail polishes
The colors are very nice!

I love my DarDar so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh today
That I'd forgotten all the disappointing moments he did to me

Thank you Baby

Friday, December 07, 2007

I was so outdoor today
Headed to NIE in the morning to register for my course

When I reached the campus
I was just as innocent as new born
I looked around for the Finance Department
Which was stated to be at the 2nd level
But when I reached 2nd level
I cant find it!
& only to realise it was hidden behind the wall next to the toilet

What an architecture!

I then went to the Graduate Office to fill up my particulars
First time write 'Married' at status column

Wah I tell you
The admin staff was so horrible that I was totally turned off & gave her my most stuck-up look
There I saw her busy attending to another future classmate with another colleague
So I sat at the sofa next to the helpdesk
& one of them just shouted 'YES?'
I didnt wanna say a thing
& just handed her my NIE letter
She then asked for the verification of my certs
& I just passed her the whole file for her to search herself
You think I so free to pull one one by one & then slot back in nicely again just for that 2 seconds?
I think she also sensed I abit stuck-up but who cares!
I ever worked admin before but I bet that I was 101% better than her
If my boss could said I have attitude problem when I have been receiving alot of compliments
I guess she's just shit in shit

Went shopping with Michelle after that
Been long I last stepped into town
With all the Christmas decoration around
It sure was feeling relaxed
Plus the cold weather
Adding 30% to the 'winter' atmosphere

Met the Coyotes for dinner at Indulgz @ Bugis
The girls celebrated my birthday with me =)
The food were nice especially the Beef Cheese Fries

It was a nice place
Ambience was good
The staffs were really good at keeping it up as a posh place to dine in too

After the meal
We went over to eat Hong Kong dessert =D
Thank you babe!
I love you all
& really really appreciate your time to spend the day with me


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rain was heavy yesterday
Hasnt been then that it can rain the whole day
With flunctuation in rainfall rate within 8 hours
Poor Bobby was all wet
When it saw me walking to the toilet
It waited for me outside
& freaked me out when I opened it

I thought it was that damn Rotweiller again

Bobby followed me back to shelter where I fed him with food
Just poor Bobby

Another thought about the heavy rain
If it could flood Singapore
I would surely get drowned when I will be working on my snails

Damn.. my brains just wont work for a proposal

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I thought it saw something beige within the second glimpse
Bunnie struggled and Bun Bun tripped
& Bun Bun kept chasing after Bunnie

It looked like sex
No wait...IT WAS SEX!
That was Bun Bun's penis

I was so excited that I threw the newspaper that I was so engrossed with onto the floor
Ranf for my handphone
& filmed rabbit porn

But I cant seem to unload the clip off my phone due to player incompatibility
Oh shucks
My audience will complain!

It was pretty quick
I only saw Bun Bun humped Bunnie for 3 seconds before he was flunged off from her back with a super loud thud
Bun Bun was tramatised
But he got up quick & went for second round

Bunnie dont seem to be ready
Although she's being such a bitch trying to groom Bun Bun at his neck showing affection
So Bun Bun attempted to hum another round
& so Bunnie escaped from the beast again

Look at this adorable rodent
Can you imagine he's a rapist from hell?
I hate to talk about fashion with my girl friends
It's just not something that I would love to talk about
Unless they ask

I am not a make-up person
So all cosmetics are from cheapo brand such as Maybeline, Fasio which cost less than $20
When I saw my friend touching up her powder in the loo
I peered at the brand
What the fuck
Lancome mascara, La neige foundation, MAC eyeshadow?
I kinda felt ashame of my cosmetic collection

I am not really a fashion follower too
I dress simple in tees/blouse & jeans
Followed by either a pair of sporty slippers or vintage sneakers
Until one day my friend said this in her Polo Ralph vintage dress
"I dont buy shoes less than $80"
I was totally HUH?

Maybe to my this friend
Quality corresponds with price
It looks good on her, really
But to me, how much chances will I have to wear that when I'm always going to simple places, like... work, which dont even require me to dress formal

I am not sure
If being this cheapo in this materialistic world today still works for me
Everyone's growing up to look better
Matching better with the fashion society nowadays
I dont think I will survive with plains on my face & in beach wear all the time
As if I am going diving anytime

It's either I be myself or I die behind the rest
What will you choose?

Monday, December 03, 2007

Uncle just freed himself from the cancerous sufferings
And right now watching over all of us

2 relatives gone so far
Both in December
My grandma, on my birthday
Thus one major reason why my family never celebrate my birthday since 11 years ago
Now my uncle
Just 1 week before my birthday

I wondered why I have to grieve when I'm supposed to be happy
Then again
Why be happy about growing old?

I also wondered if Mum giving birth to me in Decemeber has crossed the line of people whose characters just clashed with mine
Which indirectly curse them

I had an instinct that he will be gone in December
But who am I even to confront this to?
As if I'm cursing him to be gone

But guess what
It came true

Mum missed him by 18hours
If he could just hang on for a lil while more