Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I was right
Something was wrong regarding my proteins extraction
But luckily
The problems had been solved

It now involves more steps to the methods &, obviously, more time

While I'm getting the hang of it
I'd already come to my last batch of sample preparations
How ironic
But it was a good practice since I need to do another experiment involving the same method but testing for another thing

School is getting pretty alright for me now
Maybe it was because I was not used to getting up at 630am & reaching home at 7pm
Next month may probably get busier
Molecular work is horrible
Luckily I chose to be an ecologist than a biotechnologist >_<

DarDar's coming over tomorrow night!
Gonna get bear hugs soon!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I extracted proteins from the snails
I hope I was doing it correctly

I am worried ;(


& I also keep thinking of the experiments once I'm back SG
I think I really need a car
To get me to school & home asap
Can not waste time anymore!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

So in the end
I went Mong Kok to meet Edwin & Lilian for dinner

It was so crowded I really wanted to flee

Edwin had a stupid idea to meet as he walked up the street while I walked down the street
But seriously I wasnt in the mood to look out for him
So I told him to wait in front of a very huge electronic store
While waiting
I glimpsed at the street performance

Look at that old man on the most right
He cross-dressed & sang oldies
He even made up & wore huge ear rings

After meeting Edwin & Lilian
We walked down to Temple Street for dinner

We ordered 1) stired-fry Choi sum 2) claypot rice 3) fried oyster 4) salted & peppered mantis shrimp 5) boiled babylon snails 6) beer 7) coke
Total bill: HKD164 (SGD30+)


We then strolled along the night markets

It''s really funny
I'm spending more time avoiding Mongkok than anywhere else
& I like where I stay

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thought can go diving ;(
But coz of the typhoon which everyone is soo fearful of
Dai lo Edwin did not book the dive trip
& thus ending up not going in the end
Since he said he's gonna do his report in typhoon or in shine


Here I am at home
Not going anywhere else too
Except for a short trip down to the mall to bring some pens & highlighters

I guess I should write my report too
So that I can ease the load when I return SG
But I simply have NO mood to do anything!
I'm too familiar with what I was doing
Thus there is no enthusiasm to put in proper form?


Oh please please
Get your fingers dancing
Type type type
like you're typing this entry

Friday, October 22, 2010

Although this week is hectic & frustrating
I still pretty much enjoyed myself
I joined my juniors & friends to Starfish bay for their field trip
I was there too 8 years ago

It was a nice trip
Reminded me of those times

& yes, before I flood you guys with boring photos
You may go here to view the remaining ones

& today!
Despite having T3 (typhoon warning signal) hoisted
We went to Mai Po Nature Reserve

I'd been yearning to go to this place sooooooooooooooo much
but never got the chance to go as this place requires a permit
So I couldnt let this opportunity slip!

Mai po is not very far from where i stay
So the more i could not NOT go!

& yes, photos flood again. =p

Think I just flooded again!

More photos of Mai Po are found here

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

So tired
Wanted to blog about my sandy shore field trip with the undergraduates
But I was kinda lazy
& the next 2 days I was in SWIMS
The journey to & fro SWIMS is horrible
2 hours to get there
630am wake up 730pm reach home
Guess most probably I will have to stay in soon
I am going Maipo tomorrow ;)
Hope the typhoon doesnt screw up!

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's been one week
I feel that I'd achieved quite alot
Not academically though
But feel that I'd made used of time properly

I went to Tuen Mun today to pick up my 18K gold bracelet that snapped years ago
& I walked around the mall for 2 hours
Oh my god
The shoesssssssss are soooooooo nice that I cant decide which to buyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
& I bought 3 Uniqlo pants -_-

I bought those pants coz SG doesnt sell
as the material is velvet
& is out as Fall/Winter 2010 fashion


Total cost for 3: HKD149 (SGD77+)

Ok mah... 3 Uniqlo = 1 Levi's

There's so much things to buy here
& I'm restricting myself badly to get those
Since I only have SGD1000 with me for 3 months
I'm even skipping meals to eat cheap

I guess this is getting unhealthy
But I think this is Hong Kong

Like I'd always say
Living & tour are completely 2 different things
I hope I'm managing somewhere in the middle

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I like today
Because Edwin & Lilian came visit me & my neighbourhood
They've never been to Tin Shui Wai
& I took them for a walk around

We had happy time shopping in one of the malls
& had great food
We also visited the entrance of the Wetland Park
(because we were late & could not buy the entrance tickets. haha)

I think both Lilian & Edwin were happy too
So was I

I think company really matters
I love my friends

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's been a week since I'm back
Nothing much achieved
But I know there're more to come

I attended a seminar on Friday
& was invited for a drink after that
Met many other postgraduates
Of whom there are one that comes from Malaysia & Singapore
That Singaporean is from NUS
& is here to do her Masters research on snakes

I think I'm such a coward doing snakes

Snails & snakes sound alike if you have fat tongue

It was fantastic
I hope we have such culture in lab
But this is highly unlikely

If we enjoy too much
People think we're not serious
If we dont enjoy too much
People think we're too anti-social & non-interactive


I got lost in Central
I was looking for the bus stop that brings me back to Tin Shui Wai
But there are 3 different bus stops along the road
which are spaced 100m apart
I went to the 2nd first, then walked down to the 1st & then went back further up to the 3rd
& the 3rd bus stop was the one

It's Saturday today
Slept till almost 12pm
Had a walk around the neighbourhood with Aunt

Weird enough
I'm not so desperately eager to go shopping
I'm restraining myself not to grab anything coz I only had SGD1000 for the next few months
But the shoes are really tempting!!!
Gonna grab a pair of low-ankle heels, boots & sneakers

Edwin & Lilian are coming my neighbourhood tomorrow

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I kinda dread going out of the house
Journeys to ANYWHERE is sooooooooooooooooo fucking long that by the time I'm back home
It's already 10pm
Showered & stuffs - 11pm
Surf net & chat with DarDar - till 1am (coz we miss each other so much)
or cant sleep until 1am (coz I just cant sleep)
& I have to wake up at 630am the next day
To get to school by 830am

The tiredness never recovers
Doesnt it just suck?

I went back SWIMS
Had great chat with Gray
Loved it
Thanks to the people there for remembering me too!

I met Lizt & Tom tonight for dinner
It was pretty last minute but still, we came out
Everyone looked good
I guess I was rather inappropriately dressed coz I'm in total summer clothings while everyone is already in autumn wear

We dined at Pho Restuarant @ Megabox
To my surprise, it's almost empty
Just as empty as in Orchard Central
& it has a ice-skating ring, which is just as empty

With my HKU besties

Kinda ended the night having a stroll in Ikea
Bought my Mysa Gras quilt coz I prefer to hide underneath that softness ;)

I kinda find this trip back HK totally weird
Everything looks so familiar, that I cant describe it
It just reminded me of my undergraduate days
Where I had to go school daily from Tin Shui Wai to Pokfulam
& then taking tram from Sai Yin Pun to Central to take the stupid crowded MTR
or walk to Sheung Wan for the bus

These are all happening

When I'm not missing DarDar
I just have that 'back to the past' feeling
Not really enjoying it
But as long as I get my things done
I will be gone

& surprisingly
I'm desperate to get back Singapore
Even though I'd complained desperately how much I want to get out of Singapore

Cant wait to hug DarDar when he's here at the end of the month

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I'd totally forgotten about blogging since now I've been actively updating my where-abouts in Facebook

I just left Singapore for Hong Kong
Unlike any other flights
This flight is sorta the best
Apart from the purpose of taking that particular flight

It is a trip to Hong Kong for business
My research is my work

I had Cathay Pacific
& to my surprise
The plane was only 60% full
There were no one around me, beside me
So I got to recline to its maximum & lay across the other 2 chairs


The movies were boring
Luckily I had my Eat, Pray, Love
Nice recommendation by Leena!

The sight of HK airport is just so familiar
Not anticipating anything at all
& everything about me in HK is gonna be this normal, I supposed

Work preparation starts tomorrow

Friday, October 08, 2010

We had our 1st lab sharing session

So-called lab sharing session
But in fact
It's a session of many occasions
As I'll be leaving on Monday
Prof made it a 'send-off' party
We have new students joining out lab this semester
So it's also a 'welcome' party
Michelle's & Theresa's birthdays are on Sunday & Monday respectively
It was also a birthday celebration!

It felt good
This is the first time I see so many people in my lab
Some ex-coursemates are doing work with Prof too
& yes
Finally there is 人氣

We had pizza feast
8 pizzas of 8 different designs
Fruits & BBQ chicken wings

I then gave a short talk on my littorinids
Adeline showed photos about her trip with Prof to Spain, Taiwan & Panama

The session last for 1.5hours
& ended with a short birthday celebration for Michelle & Theresa

Michelle wasnt feeling well
So I ate the Rive Gauche Patisserie Mango cheesecake on her behalf

At the end of the day
Prof gave me a 'Good Luck' angbao