Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's been a week since I'm back
Nothing much achieved
But I know there're more to come

I attended a seminar on Friday
& was invited for a drink after that
Met many other postgraduates
Of whom there are one that comes from Malaysia & Singapore
That Singaporean is from NUS
& is here to do her Masters research on snakes

I think I'm such a coward doing snakes

Snails & snakes sound alike if you have fat tongue

It was fantastic
I hope we have such culture in lab
But this is highly unlikely

If we enjoy too much
People think we're not serious
If we dont enjoy too much
People think we're too anti-social & non-interactive


I got lost in Central
I was looking for the bus stop that brings me back to Tin Shui Wai
But there are 3 different bus stops along the road
which are spaced 100m apart
I went to the 2nd first, then walked down to the 1st & then went back further up to the 3rd
& the 3rd bus stop was the one

It's Saturday today
Slept till almost 12pm
Had a walk around the neighbourhood with Aunt

Weird enough
I'm not so desperately eager to go shopping
I'm restraining myself not to grab anything coz I only had SGD1000 for the next few months
But the shoes are really tempting!!!
Gonna grab a pair of low-ankle heels, boots & sneakers

Edwin & Lilian are coming my neighbourhood tomorrow

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