Saturday, June 30, 2007

I was pissed
I was angry
I was agitated
I was fucked-up
I was un-me

The dragonboat race was brought forward but no one told me when
So when I was near the interchange going to transfer another bus
They told me to reach in 30 mins time
I rushed to grab a cab
But realised I didnt bring enough cash
I had to queue long at the ATM

I then ran to the taxi stand for the cab
& told the cab driver to speed down to Bedok Reservoir

I managed to reach there before the race
But the team had already board the boat
So there I was
Watching on the shore

So much for the rushing

The team didnt win
Competitors were strong I guess

I felt apologetic for not being there earlier despite the SMS
& I did apologised
The coach still joked with me
But none of the rest talked to me

What the fuck

In midst of anger
I went off

I rushed my way down to stay there for barely 20mins

I wanted to meet DarDar
& so I thought I could just grab a cab to Beach Road
But I waited for 30mins

I was sooooooo angry
& I cried when I complaint to DarDar

In the end
We decice to just meet back home

Bus 66 always surprises me
The foreign smell is so intolerable
That I had to be blown by the air-con for the past 30mins

Just as I am just 1 level near to DarDar's house
DarDar called me to buy 4D
It was 1747

I asked him why he didnt buy the whole day
& he gave me 1001 reasons
I told him I donno how to buy
& I didnt wanna walk all the way too
Then he pled & pled
& god damnit, by the time he'd had successfully pled
I would have reached that 4D store

Flocks of gamblers lining up
All the way onto the road
As I was searching for the tail of the queue
A bloody red Picanto honked me


I was really very pissed off already
On seeing the crowd
The fucking act-cool male driver could have driven on gear 1

& honk simi lanpa?
You are just driving a PICANTO ok?

I ignored him & just walked on
& then this bloodily blind auntie talking on the phone
Knocked me on my shoulder as SHE walked past


What kinda stupid idea is this NETS priority queue?
Being shorter, I queued
Afterall it said priority
But it seems like the CASH queue is so much faster!!
I didnt wanna change queue coz the CASH queue seems to grow longer
Probably by the time I went over it would be my turn at the NETS queue

When it's my turn
The auntie schouted
"4D closed liao"


For all the time I'd been rushing
& not accomplishing ANYTHING
I felt it's totally a waste of MY time

I felt sssssssssooooooooo fucking pissed off with today
That I screamed at DarDar in tears over the phone
I was so angry till I cried

I then dragged my feet back DarDar's house

Must be a curse from the ugly catfish
That made me unsuccessful
I told you it's a fish spirit
DarDar finally caught something more than 20cm this time!
But the species is still the same as all his previous


It being huge & ugly disgusts me


I asked DarDar why he go catch such ugly fish
Maybe it's some evil spirit possessed in it
Then he got it out onto the land
Later haunt him how?
Catfish got poison on spines
But maybe he really fish spirit got poison throughout body

DarDar ignored me with a -_- look on his face

My dad still said he wanna eat
I said I don wan coz it's ugly
So I told him to wait for a grouper during his next fishing trips

SG water got groupers wor
DarDar's friend's friend caught one before
& it was hugeeeee

Heng I never go last night
Or else I sian 1/2
Always kana catfish
At least Andy's 1st fish caught at Kukup was a scat
So not so bad
But DarDar's 2 victory catches at Kukup was a striped eel catfish & a brackish water Malaysian catfish

Hail DarDar as Catfish King!

Oh anyway
Now that fish is outta my house for slaughtery
No sight of ugly fish anymore

Time to go for my dragonboat race later!

Friday, June 29, 2007

On leave today!
Finally got time to do something stress-free

Went Beach Road with DarDar to grab some fishing accessories
Then went to Golden Mile to eat lunch
Had duck rice & gyoza
Then DarDar said he wanted to eat chocolate waffle

Golden Mile has a popular dessert shop - The Sweet Stone Parad'Ice.
Opened by a Belgium

I dont really like sweet food
So I wasnt so enthusiatic bt it
But being KPO
I followed DarDar to the shop

DarDar ordered the chocolate Liège Waffles
& the shop owner said
"Wow, you're our 11000th customer. We have some free gifts for you!"

DarDar & I looked at each other
& was given 2 cups of 2 scoops of home-made belgium ice-cream


& guess what?
The ice-cream is only sold at $1.80 for 2 scoopes

Cheap worrrrrrrr

So we stuffed our already-full stomach with additional scoopes of ice-creams
& too full for the Liège Waffles

Oh, the Liège Waffles is special
Not those normal waffles you buy from Prima Deli
It's just too good I donno how to describe!

Now we have more excuse to go to Golden Mile for food
I love the Veggie Char Kway Tiao
& DarDar love the Liège Waffles


Went back home for dinner
I've NOT been home for the past week

Bad girl

& so
I made dinner tonight

I made Ebi Tempura & Scotch Eggs!

The Scotch Eggs are my 1st try
& it tasted so nice
I'm so proud of myself

DarDar went fishing with his friends already
I'm alone watching TV & online


Thursday, June 28, 2007

When is my last time being happy at work?
Today, I guess

Early in the morning
I recieved a 'Thank You' card
It's from one of the staffs thanking me for helping her with her financial issues for the past week
She even gave me Ferrero Rocher

Few hours later
Another staff called me to discuss something she couldnt decide
She's left with only 3 days to decide
I explained the possibility to her if she chose not to
& also suggested a way to help her
She said
"Cynthia, thank you very much. You're not only a [Whatever Dept] person... you're also a good counsellor."

I felt good to have helped her

I felt that my minimal help is not that significant
But it could really solve someone's problem
& in return
They appreciated my help


How ironic
My staffs appreciated my work when we only met or spoke on phone once or twice
My supervisor didnt appreciate my work when we meet everyday





It's just hard to be good person in the working society
You can polish their apple until sparkling clean


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My PaRappa The Rapper
If you have no music coordination, dont play
Surely pissed the hell off
& damn
I'd spent 2 days playing the same stage over & over again
Where has my music coordination gone too?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oh yah
I went to St John's last week to attend seminars at TMSI
I thought I'd been there before with the WildFilms
But it seems not


Oh well...

The island is full of cats

My senior was there having his seminar
Went to support

Seems like my MSc application is working well too
I'm once again stepping forward to my dreams

Monday, June 25, 2007

It's raining heavily
With thunder roaring



DarDar got me my 'PaRappa The Rapper' game on PSP
He only managed to clear the 1st stage after 5th trial
But I cleared on my 1st trial


It seems like I can only play brainless game


Sunday, June 24, 2007

A last minute trip back JB
Stupid DarDar said dont wanna go back JB to celebrate his Dad's birthday
Then his Mum issued Command warrant to return
& dragged the forever-sleepy me go as well


Donno why so sleepy leh
Die lah
Donno kana what unknown illness

Now I pray that I can be accepted for my Masters course
The Prof is very nice
Offered me one of her project topics to research upon

Counting down to my freedom

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I wanted to do some update
But I wasted 15mins to read something else
Cursiousity + Procrastination = Me


Took MC today
Sore eye
Ba jiu ang ang wor~

Must be some hot guy electrocuted me without me knowing it

I'm glad
I have some good replies after staying up for 2 weeks to come up with a proposal
& my proposal was being considered!
The Head of Department (whom I hope could be my possible supervisor)is also helping me to see my eligibilty for research scholarship


Never in my life had I gotten a scholarship
I wonder if Edusave Bursary counted

I can finally take a short rest from all the brain-racking things
& am going to take a longggggggg rest in Aug

Oh yeah
Decision decided

I may not be as good as you think in your field
But I am as best as I am in my field
So let's stop wasting our time

Au revoir

C'est le fin

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm damn grouchy & pissed this morning
& slightly better by 1% in the afternoon
Now I'm too tired to start complaining about anything

Brain dead

I hope I recieve a positive reply from the HOD

Guan Yin bless me please

Friday, June 15, 2007

Are you telling me that I am not doing a good job for the past 6 months?
What does that alphabet stands for then?
How can I be given a representative alphabet when I was fresh & knew nothing about work flow
and now given a even more fucked up representative alphabet when I had already know the correct work flow?
If I'm so lousy
Why keep me after the year?
I didnt push on when I was not given a pay rise when it's stated in the P&P
Didnt you like to follow P&P?
So why not me?

I am very disappointed by the way you treat your own 'children'
Other 'mothers' could fight for what they deserve despite disapproval
You, however, kill your 'children' by sacrificing us to gain your own pride

How could we not make noise?

If I really do a bad job
I would surely have missed all the deadlines
& landed myself in deep trouble

But I didnt

Giving up my once passion hoping to learn something new
I am now being bitten at the butt instead

How foolish I am

I will fight my way to gain back what I should deserve

I will get myself outta the shit hole you'd prepared for me

Prepare to do some facial mask after I threw that piece of paper at your face

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007

Everyone is so amazed by my dark-colored hair today

Never see me with 'black' hair before meh?
My colleagues asked me why I go dye back 'black'

I replied
"No lah. It's blue"

& their jaws dropped

"Le siao ah le. Dye blue..."

"what's siao? Even you cant tell it's not black...."


Sunday, June 10, 2007

My 2 professors had agreed to do the referee report needed for the application
NOW i MUST think of my project proposal
Cant procrastinate anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Saturday went to have buffet lunch with my dive freaks!
Thanks Mun Hoe for inviting us & enjoy this lunch
It was sooooooooo grand that I was very impressed with the atmosphere
& it isnt too expensive if I could give it a 9/10 rating

We went to Equinox at Swissotel
My first time stepping into this expensive hotel
Let alone to even have a meal there

We travelled up to the 69th storey
& it had wonderful view!
So much better then that at UOB centre!

The food rocks
It is so fresh
We 'chiong' the cold crabs, osyters, sashimi and sushi

Best of all
It has free flow of fois grais
The Spartans dug in

It was really good
Especially if you love raw food
The desert is also nice
DarDar grabbed like 60% of the peach pie from the counter

After the meal
All of us couldnt resist taking photos
Nice hor?

Not bad for a meal gathering
Normal price of $48+++ per pax
But we only paid less than $30 coz Mun Hoe got discount

I'm eating too much of a good food already
Fats accumulation around waist

It's time back for fishball mee

Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm going for it

I'm applying for my Masters
Now doing all the neccessary

Whether it's ok or not
At least I'd done it

God bless me
Amen Amen Amen

Thursday, June 07, 2007

KS from one of the local Uni came to look for me regarding my FYP in HKU
Apparently he is also doing a similar project like mine
& hope that I could guide him & assist him to plan
After a 1.5hr's discussion
He got his focus

I'm glad I could help him after all these years of isolation from Environmental Science
But looking at his smiles and the acknowledgment
It proved that my heart is still heading back to where I wanna be

I think it's time to move on

If I leave in Aug to start looking elsewhere
I will miss my $3K plus bonus in Dec
If I leave in Dec to start school
I will not get my $3k plus bonus also

Should I leave early & plan wisely?

I'm now having 3 options
1) Go NIE & be Science teacher
2) Take up MSc
3) Go overseas to work

In fact
I'm currently working on point 3
Hopefully I'm being recognised somewhere out there

If not
Point 2

and worst
Point 1

Do you know that Malaysia wants me?
I want them too despite my salary being halved
But it's the damn work permit that they cant issue

What the fuck

Here MOM approves whatever nationality

I just wonder why
It's never me


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sorry guys
After that busy week immediately after my dives
I'm again busy in Malaysia

Parents went to visit DarDar's parents
& they had fun!
Ate & ate & ate nonstop
& we went shopping!

Not much work to do now
So I'm slacking my ass yet acting busy
I bet efficiency counts

I am efficient!

I'm now planning when I should quit
I'll be recieving my bonus in Jun and another in Dec
The anmount is x1.5 my current
If only I'm rich to even be bothered bt money issue

Even my underwear now has holes


No holes how to wear wor


Lame enough
Time to sleep

Friday, June 01, 2007

I haven blog for the entire week!
I was soooooooo busy that by the time I reach home
It's already 12pm

Oh well
My dive was bad
Worst of alllllllllllll
I hadnt been taking my nasal medicine 1 month before my dives
So when I entered the water
I couldnt equalized quick enough
& I had a very bad headache for the rest of the day
I feared so much that I scare I'll have decompression sickness arising too
& I just froze coz the more I move
My head just felt like expanding

Ok 'nuff said
Photos tell it all

Chay Hoon went with me
& then it happened that she's Shermaine's primary school mate
Then it also happened that she's Lye's friend's sister
& then we realised that
Hey! We know one another!
& our trip was fun & funny!


But damn the headache

Ok lah
Now must save money to go elsewhere
Just got back from drinking
Discussed bt our next dive destination


I need sleep
I shall update bt my sucky work