Monday, March 31, 2008

Koko was smelly
So I cleaned its bedding
It was so excited running about in the metal cage
Climbing everywhere

When I was done
I placed it back into its house

It suddenly collapsed
Lying on the clean sawdust gasping
I could see its heartbeat pounding from the skin of its weak body

I knew it

I looked at him
Calling its name to keep it up

It looked at me

I quickly made a cup of concentrated sugar solution
Hoping the short rush of glucose can boost its deprived energy
But it didnt seem to help

I let it laid there to rest
but it keep struggling to get up

I picked it up onto my hand
He was so weak
So light
He collapsed on my palm again
& this time
The gasps seemed to be slower

He was dying on my palm
Right before my eyes

I expected it
Koko is already more than 80 hamster years old
I would say he's a strong old hamster
Having overcome the surgery just 2 weeks ago
He had restored to its healthy stage as if he was young

But probably due to the excitement and thus, over-exhaustion
He was really too weak to recuperate

Now I'm lonely
I'd lost my best friend within that mere minutes

I wonder if I should even change its bedding in the first place

I love you Koko
I miss you

May God bless you
& make friends with Momo, Ham Ham, Baby, Gigi, Didi & many others
Whom had been my rodent pals for the past 13 years

Dont forget me
I wish you happiness


************* In memories of Koko *********
Sept 2006 to Mar 2008 5:45pm
I am very sick of my assignment

Friday, March 28, 2008

While working on the rock this morning...

Guy:"Come here of coz see fish lah, what else do you expect?"

I suspect
1) Woman wants to go shopping
2) Womans feels cheated that her man brought her over to Pulau Ubin & found that no shopping centers exist
3) Woman is stupid

Thursday, March 27, 2008

April is a weird month
As in
I have thousands of things to do in April
& I donno how to sort all these things out!

Let's see

2 EIA assignments
1 Physiology assignment
2 exams
2 blocks of 4 days consecutive outdoor researchs
Jas' (real) belated birthday celebration
Brother's birthday (can forget about it)
DarDar's birthday (Dono what to do about it!)
Dad's returning HK for short holiday
Clinic's shortening operational hours
My first dive trip of 2008 ( I REALLY REALLY HOPE!!)
& ........

All these that I could think of is already so many
How about those that it's still not surfacing in my mind?

See one step
Walk one step

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I was so stupid to have brought the laptop to school
with no battery nor charger


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Several random thoughts:

I've got 3 assignments to do
One is almost down
2 is not even starting
Time is running out

I've got a big research project to work on
But everytime I wanna go outfield
It rains
& when it's sunny
It is high tide

Exams' coming
No time to revise
What the shit

Students called me 'teacher' while on field trip

I'm so sleepy now
& closing my eyes for 3 hours is a waste of time?

Who cares
I'll just live till the end is near

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Long weekend
Supposed to be underwater
But I'm still on land!!!!


My first time giving up diving coz of school
Now I wish I'm back working so I can just play whenever I want

As if

Headed to discuss project for 3 hours at MacDonalds on Good Friday
My god
I'd never discussed that long!
Or maybe I did
Like ages ago

DarDar's returning JB later
I would have alot of time to work on my stuffs
Since he wont be disturbing me for the 2 days

I crave for omelette

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Koko's 2nd visit to the vet
Very excited as he sat in the car

Vet claimed that Koko is very well
The stitches were removed
Probably by itself
& its sores on skin is also healing

Koko is a clever boy!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thanks MS!

MS made me paiseh in front of the whole class
Introducing me to everyone
& asking them to contact me if they'd like to go out for intertidal trips

But hey
I'm not even qualified to do that

& then SL also agreed with MS


MS bought a bottle of Erdinger
My god
Beer after late class?

Fun night tonight
Miss mingling with friends

Monday, March 17, 2008

I have a sudden urge to learn Class 2

You're the boss who's giving me the authority to step into the land
& you should be the one to come up with mitigations
And of coz, you should be the one who should assist me so I could work better

You didnt mention anything when I first started
& as you recieved more & more enquiries why I could be there while they cant
You dump me just an instruction
As if I'm the one who caused the unnecessary trouble
Causing your ass to be burnt when your superior aims you

What rubbish

Poor managment?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just a one day visit at the in-laws
I'm back home sorting out millions of things to be done tomorrow

I think my day should have 48hours

Friday, March 14, 2008

I was walking into the lab with 'Encyclopedia of Diving' in my arms

SY:"It's fun to dive, you know?"
Me:"So I guess you dive too?"
SY:"Yah.. I was so enthu about it that time.."
Me:"Great, I've found another dive buddy... Let's go diving together"

Eliza:"Sorry? What were you guys talking about?"
Eliza:"Oh... I thought you guys wanna die together"


Either we had speech problem or she had hearing problem

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'd passed by that store for several times after school
& was always tempting to grab the Thai Mango Glutinous Rice dessert for my DarDar
But was always too lazy to stop by coz I hate long queues
& yesterday
I finally decided to buy it

The queue was short
& having it cost at $3 per box
I paid & left
I halted in front of the chiller next to the counter
Thai rozella drink, Thai Ice tea, Thai plum juice
All looked so refreshing
Especially when I was extremely craving for a drink after the long day
& they are also selling my favourite mango salad at only $2!!

(I actually prepared a bottle of water for school, wanted to drink after my 2 hours of teaching, opened my bag & realised I DIDNT BRING IT!!!)

I opened my pouch
Not even a single cent sounded as I shaked
So desperately, I hunted for an ATM machine

Walked around the MRT station
No sight of a ATM machine
I headed to the shopping mall
None on level 1, none at basement either

I went back up to the MRT station
Hunted again
Glimpsing at my mango salad in a distance
& I gave up

As I walked down the stairs towards the bus interchange
I saw one ATM machine


& then another


& then another...


Pissed + more pissed
There I found ATM machines finally

I saw a POSB ATM Machine

Wanting to withdraw money for the sake of just my $2 worth of mango salad
I stopped again

20 people queueing to withdraw money

Lao niang wanna eat mango salad also cannot!!!!

I left with disappointment
& complaint to my DarDar while he happily gobbled his glutinous rice back home

Pek chek
Got money
No mango salad
No money
Mango salad waving Good-bye to me


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I took 2 classes today
One in early morning
One in late noon
In between the hours
I was revising my modules
Now I'm so dreading tired and almost dead

I was kinda disappointed with myself
& was also sorry for the morning class

I was so busy & tired yesterday night that I didnt prepare for the class
(Speaking of which I have not prepared for tomorrow's too! Oh no!)
& so I just talked whatever I could relate from the topic

But all the students looked at me

Either I was damn lousy or it's just the attitude of students nowadays

After class
I quickly prepared for the afternoon class

I had lunch with Kenny
We spoke about our education now & then
He said it's normal to have students not responsive to questions
Even he himself just listened, presented him at class & off he went
Basically just appear for the sake of appearing

After I heard that
I recalled
I guess I was like that too
I didnt feel that pressurised afterall

During my second class
I taught in the way I had prepared
I was glad
I have responses

When I asked if they were clear
They nodded their heads

I hope they are really clear about what I said

& the class ended nicely

Confidence building in progress
Failure is the way of success
I guess I really learn & have to learn alot myself too


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Some might say
$200 is not worthed the money in getting a hamster on the surgery table
even though it is not severely sick with fatal illness
I could get a new one with only $5 or even free

I said
I'd used that $200 worthed on my best companion
Even if it's only worthed a dollar

Koko has a collapsed cheek sac
Thus explained the swollen lump next to the mouth
It is always scratching it trying to remove it
& it's hindering its feeding

Seeing it so pitiful
I decided to risk his life despite his old age
Hoping that he'd feel better or at least die better

When I asked the vet what are the chances it will survive after the surgery
I knew it's also slim
Given the fact that KoKo hasnt been eating very well lately too

I teared

Poor lil handsome fellow
I love you for the time spent together with me
Rest assure you'll see me again tomorrow
I'll be fetching you home

Be brave
Koko has been sick
But never been so sick before
All he had was just skin allergy
Which I guess he'd gotten from the shampoo

But now
He had 2 abscess growing next to its mouth
Which looked like a pair of testicles growing at the wrong place
& it looks so ugly!!

So poor thing
Cant eat with that thing dangling
Cant climb the rails

I wonder if hamsters nowadays have weak genes
Last time my hamsters have no health problems
Now most of my hamsters die with health problems nearing old age

To say Koko is still fortunate to live for his 3 full years
None of my hamsters lived below 1 day
Other than those unfortunately got eaten by their mother right after birth

I love Koko
Koko is a brave boy

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I cant believe it man

The boss of this big company, whom I had my interview with 5 months ago
Called me today & offered me a Part-Time job!

I feel so wanted!

On top of that
I have my part-time teaching and part-time clinic
& now I feel so packed


I might be dropping clinic
Many things changed and timing cant fit me anymore

Probably my new part-time job in event management could be better?

*fingers crossed*

Monday, March 03, 2008

My March's schedule is so packed that I dont think ants will even wanna crawl through

*** Kindly dial 1800-Book-Cyn for Kopi session 2 weeks in advance ***