Monday, November 30, 2009

We thought Mong Mong is lonely
Coz it always gives us the lonely look
Plus the fact that guinea pigs are social animals
The more we agree to get Mong Mong a companion

We bought a sheltie boar
We put them together to see if they will socialise
The sheltie keep chasing Mong Mong to play with him
But Mong Mong kept grumbling in anger

Mong Mong came out of the house to roam around the living room
Baby sheltie followed
It seems to be having fun
But Mong Mong was irritated by his follows
& turned around wanting to bite it

Gave a shock to all of us

After a 3 hour's introduction
We had to separate the 2 boars

We concluded that Mong Mong is an anti-social guinea pig
The autistic character of the social animals

Totally weird

p/s: we've yet thought of a name for the new cavy. Mum is being very old-fashion to wanting to call it something related to fortune & wealth like 4D, Wang Lai (旺來), Lai Fa(來發, etc. *rolls eyes* Any suggestions?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Went P. Ubin in the end after much hesitation about the weather
But my gastric was playing against me while on the way
It was just horrible

Despite the pain
DarDar & I cycled the whole island still
Almost fainted while struggling to get up a steep slope near Maman en route Chek Jawa
& my first visit to Ketam bike park

Not that scary as I expected
As in
I'd always thought that Ketam bike park is for professional stunt bikers
But my experience today proved me not

I'd love to go back next week
That place is beautiful
Supposedly going P. Ubin for a cycling trip as well as to check out my snails
But the weather isnt cooperating
Looks gloomy & prone to downpour
In fact
NEA website showed that rain did fall over the island

Since low tide is at 1pm+
It's really hard to tell if the rain is gonna affect my observations or not
That is if the rain doesnt return at around that time


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My fever fluctuates
& it's killing me
It's been long since I'd last fallen sick
& I cant remember how to take care of myself other than sleeping

DarDar told me to drink more water
& I hate drinking water coz it's tasteless (yes, weird habit)
So I made honey water, chrysanthemum tea with honey, watery porridge & hot water with egg for the morning
& I found out that I shouldnt be eating all these
According to some medical help sites googled online

I scooped half bowl of Mango & Passionfruit Haagen-Daz to eat
Hoping it can subside the fever
& drank half glass of orange juice

I'm so bloated with liquids
The fruity taste lingers in my mouth
Which I believe it's good thing since being sick always make one feel tasteless

Brother is returning home from P. Tekong tonight
& he wishes to eat Botak Jones or pizza
I think I may have to sacrifice myself for dinner

Just hope I wasnt sick in the first place
& I wondered how I even got it


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Went JB this afternoon for Japanese buffet

Everything from the menu was free to order
& dishes include these (sorry for the poor quality coz I forgot to bring my camera!)

'Whacked' for 1.5hours

The food we ordered would cost alot if we were at Sakae Sushi
& it will cost us almost $100 without doubt
It only costs us RM$33.90 per pax
Which is equivalent to SGD$16+
For all the food we ate!

The baked hotate was bravo
So were the maki
In fact all were just nice lah!

All of us would love to return for another meal one day

I was back Singapore sick with cold & fever
Probably the air con was too cold during our movies watching 2012

Sunday, November 22, 2009

DarDar brought me out today!
After I scolded him & cried till he felt guilty yesterday
& we went to SPCA as we'd planned last week
I think my last visit was 13 years ago

The dogs were so pitiful =(They were barking happily when visitors stood outside their cages

They have 2 huskies in the shelter
Wanted to go play with them so badly
But I'm afraid they will attack me if I enter
& they do not allow the dogs out of their cages
I love husky to bits
Too bad it's not HDB approved
I swear I will get a husky when I have a house
A big house

There are other usual abandoned animals as well
Cats, rabbits, guinea pigs & hamsters

Took our 1st ride on the Circle Line to town
There's no one operating the train!
How swaku I was to know that it works automatically like LRT =p

We checked out Orchard Central
Nothing much to shop, seriously
The only place that fascinated us was the Roof Garden

Went to Takashimaya & saw Mr Bump dancing with his friends
Went to Louis Vuitton @ ION to look for Queenie
& also tempted to buy a pouch or wallet since DarDar said he's gonna give me one

Had Ding Tai Fung @ Paragon

We bought Jagabee & Jagarico from Isetan too =D
We were so lousy
Walked for only half a day & our legs were wobbly
Cant imagine how we conquered Mount Kinabalu in May 2009 since we couldnt even conquered flat Orchard Road

Not a bad day today
Given the perfect weather
But it just have to be spoilt by Prof
Always asking me questions that I'm supposed to answer


Good days start tomorrow!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I have 2 new members in my house now

Donno why I'm keeping Siamese beta now
Maybe because it's hardy
& no neeeda eat or change water for few days
Best for lazy fish-keeper
I bought them just to place inside water pots to prevent infestation of mosquito larvae

DarDar pissed me off
I foresee lonely Sunday tomorrow
Anyone wanna jio me out?