Tuesday, November 03, 2009

It is out =)
For your information
Dolphin fish (Mahi-Mahi)is not a cetacean
It is not from the dolphin family

In which angle does it even look like a dolphin?

Photo credit: freedive.net

Even an amateur taxonomist will 100% tell you it is not a dolphin

This stupid smart-ass commented as if he knew everything
Tell me to tell the Japanese to stop whaling
& tell me not to tell them what to do unless the producers stopped what they do

Total rubbish
See how ignorant people here are

In the first place
What I wrote is 100% not on whaling issue!

& if whale meat consumption is legal
It is only occurring in Japan
Which 80% of the population didnt even know that eating whale meat is toxic
& they just ate because there's a supply
& not a demand that drive his supply

Fish is a demand WORLDWIDE

See the difference?

It sounds hard to change the mentality of these people by one voice
Posting up on ST Forum may not be effective
Need the stronger authority to do it

& WHERE THE FUCK IS WWF SG?!?!?!?!?!?!

*p/s: This issue will also be discussed in Shin Min Ri Bao this evening.

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