Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My fever fluctuates
& it's killing me
It's been long since I'd last fallen sick
& I cant remember how to take care of myself other than sleeping

DarDar told me to drink more water
& I hate drinking water coz it's tasteless (yes, weird habit)
So I made honey water, chrysanthemum tea with honey, watery porridge & hot water with egg for the morning
& I found out that I shouldnt be eating all these
According to some medical help sites googled online

I scooped half bowl of Mango & Passionfruit Haagen-Daz to eat
Hoping it can subside the fever
& drank half glass of orange juice

I'm so bloated with liquids
The fruity taste lingers in my mouth
Which I believe it's good thing since being sick always make one feel tasteless

Brother is returning home from P. Tekong tonight
& he wishes to eat Botak Jones or pizza
I think I may have to sacrifice myself for dinner

Just hope I wasnt sick in the first place
& I wondered how I even got it


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