Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I nearly got knocked down by a grey Nissan Sunny

I wanted to cross the 2m length of road
But stopped coz this bloody grey Suzuki Swift turned in without signaling
Luckily I spotted it
So I stepped back

After seconds
Seeing that there's no more cars turning
I crossed the road

But then came this bloody grey Nissan Sunny
That bloody uncle never turn on its signal
& that bloody uncle also never slow down
So he was at high speed & e-braked right in front me just 1 meter away
& he fucking honked at me so loud
That it startled me who was currently at a lost mind

I felt death
I was so frustrated too that I wanted to point mid-finger at him

That bloody uncle still looked angry at me & pretended to be innocent


I can say all the fouls in front of him if lao niang is really in shitty mood
Bloody hell
Think lao niang donno traffic rules too?
Honk simi lanjiao?
The split seconds used to honk can actually be used to step on the brakes & prevent accidents


This message applies to ALL drivers
Just random thoughts after a particular blog article & their fire-lashing comments

I know the two contributors
& I admire both due to their deep knowledge and ability to identify by scientific names of most marine animals

I know marine animals too
By common names, ecological roles
But of course I guess I also know my Echinolittorinids more than anyone else

So this happens to be an issue of species identification
Where the author was just penning down her trip and species encountered to share with everyone
With quotations from an echinoderm expert who was trying hard to identify the exact sea urchin species by mere look
Telling the audience what that particular sea urchin species could probably be
& of course, listening to an expert talking about a probably newly found species on Singapore shore is exciting!
Like, what else can we possibly find in other Singapore shores that are yet to visit?

Our fellow friend then argued upon the identification of the sea urchin
Claiming that it could belong to another species
& the echinoderm expert was wrong
Supporting his argument with recently published journals
Verifying the discrepancy of this identity crisis

I would say is...
True, not all scientists are correct

If all havent realised
The arrows in the food webs that we learnt in our science textbooks are wrong
It should point the opposite way (i.e from predator to prey) if we want our students to learn it ecologically
But this isnt an issue
Because we only want our students to know what is happening in a food web

Likewise I will say for this poor sea urchin that is feeling all so guilty for creating such a sparked argument between nature enthusiasts
I bet it never get to know what it is called either
But at least we know it is an sea urchin and its ecological role in the marine ecosystem
If we really wanna dig in knowing its exact name
By all means

Carpet anemones were identified wrongly too, previously
& all thanks to this sea anemone expert who corrected us

But it's human to err
& most of the time
Results comes from experience
Probably the echinoderm expert didnt have much chances to investigate on that particular sea urchin species to thoroughly confirm its exact taxonomy?
Or rather, how about hybridization?
We will never know unless DNA is tested
& what's more
Probably that journal author is wrong too

I do have problems identifying my Echinolittorinids too
While working on rocks that bear more than one tiny mollusc species

The smooth periwinkles Littoraria spp. look almost the same as my Echinolittorina vidua by just mere look

Smooth periwinkles

Echinolittorina vidua standing

Littoraria spp. on my research site looks almost the same as my E. vidua due to faded stripes found on their shells
Even sometimes I mistook the Littoraria spp. as E. vidua
Their shell morphology from the aerial view is also similar
It's only upon observing the base operculum of them will I only get to differentiate between these two

Also, I also have hard time differientating between Echinolittorina radiata and Echinolittorina vidua in Hong Kong while doing my FYP
Likewise, their shell morphology looks similar
But E. radiata is differentiated by the pointed mark at the base

The echinoderm expert just need more time to exactly identify the sea urchin thoroughly since it's new to all
Based on the short trips & photos
Details might be lacking at different angles of the 3D structure

For now
Just hope that we learn by sharing
& not by pin-pointing at the not-so-grave mistakes

Studying ecology is a never ending lesson
Species interaction with changing environment brings about strong selection forces resulting in evolution
The next look-alike species is a newly arose, evolved species we'll yet to find out

Tuesday, April 29, 2008




*going insane*
I'm not trying to be paranoid
But I can really sense that Earth isnt normal as she was before

With almost daily exposure to sea every time I'm out the field
I notice the surroundings
For the whole day it was sunny & peaceful
But the weather changed tremendously with a snap of fingers
Grey clouds, strong wind, huge splashing waves & heavy downpour
All within 3 minutes

One day
I was indoor
& I was chatting with Jack
I asked if he could hear the rumbling sound in the sunny sky
& wondered if it's thunder or those gunshots from the flying apaches
He replied it could be neither
& the next seconds
I told him I'm scared
He asked why
I donno how to answer him
But I just told him I'm scared

What could be the sound that is neither thunder nor gunshots?
It just seems so eerie!

I'm never scared of anything natural previously
Now I'm scared of heavy rain, thunders, huge wind
The sight of extreme grey sky make me think of Armageddon
& also alien invasion or something

(I had repeated dreams of wasp invasion throughout the whole Singapore in a damn cloudy grey day)

Jack told me probably coz I'm an outdoor environmentally-friend person
Whom is always updated with environmental news
Thus I would expect what would occur in the future
As in
I'm more sensitive than any other
& would probably be one of the survivors in a catastrophe due to rapid response

Ahhh... selection forces

I wondered....
Could be...
For the sensitive part
But I'm not so sure

I guess I could be getting timid as I age
Or rather Earth is really turning abnormal

*Looks at the grey clouds outside her window*

I guess it's time to sleep under my blanket

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm very glad that Jasinda & Esther volunteered to help me out for my research today
Thank you thank you
In fact I cannot stop thanking them enough before our departure

Bumped into Ria at the boardwalk
Was leading the OBS guides

Sun was damn good today
So good that poor Jas & Esther were burnt
I still not that bad coz I have my sun protection

I still have to go for another 6 more days!!!!
Wah... very tiring sia
Cant wait to go Pulau Aur next next week
Must really relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx......

Saturday, April 26, 2008

After a long hiatus from my Chek Jawa
Everything seems... yikes

Despite me obtaining the research permit
Pasted the 'RESEARCH IN PROGRESS' sign on my rocks
The security guards having known me personally
I'm still being asked to leave the shore by the other staffs
Thinking that I'm one of those for the low-tide walk participants
Asked me to join the group

I was pissed

Please kindly communicate to your dearest staffs that there's a pathetic post-graduate from a local institute working on the rocky shore for 4 hours under hot sun during low tides and please do not assume just ANYONE who is beyond the prohibited area as intruder in front of 30 visitors before reading the 'Research in Progress' sign

I've done all sorts of measures that was being requested
But so what?
Still the same thing happens

My infra-red thermometer also died on me
No battery
But I stayed on to observe with no real data

What a morning

I need volunteers!
Short of manpower!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today's hair show was a success!
The hairstylists came from Holland & Austria
& both are famous colourist, Agnes & hairdresser, Mario

This hairshow theme is based on Trendzoom
Consisting of Newstalgia & Rockmantic
I'm one of the Newstalgia models

Make-up & hair preparation

While waiting for the show to begin
My hair was to be done all at a time
With colouring & cutting within 1 hour
My hair was dyed with blonde & green
& was cut bob-short
Actually if you notice
4 sides of my head has 4 different hairstyles
My right
My back
My left
& my front view (blur coz taken at home)
I like the hairstyle
In fact I'm fine with any short hairstyle

Some of the pics taken during the backstage with other models

The group pics are still cosolidating by the crew
See if I can grab some & post later

After the show
I requested to cut my fringe shorter
Coz I lazy to keep having hair poking my eyes

Walked in town for half & hour
& I feel so cool for once
Coz everyone's attention on my stylo-mylo hair!

Not to brat about it
But I really like it =)
& I like this hairshow best coz no heavy makeup was used

Abit sad that the green isnt very prominent
But well...
I guess I still look great! =D

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When I saw Chay Hoon's Facebook status, I kinda suspect
That name looks familiar
Someone from Wildfilms whom I've not met but heard of him
But I tried not to think more about it
Thinking it could be that guy who came up with the evolution theory

Then just now
Ria sent an email
Confirming he's the one

Upon surfing Facebook
Double confirmation on messages pasted on The Wall

I donno what to say

I have not met him
But being part of Wildfilms member
I feel like I know
Someone whom shares common interest
Someone whom loves nature
I would say
There's a distant chemistry

Everyone is shocked
It's so sudden

He's now back in the sea

May the currents be with you
Farewell, Darwin

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Am I getting stupid?
Stupid enough to realise that he's lying but trying to trust him
Or is he getting smarter?
Smarter in being a liar, using his innocent best friends as a shield
Lie everything to me so he can enjoy his life without any disturbance
So no one will stop him & not stay at home

Erm.. sorry?
If a husband doesnt stay at home
What does a husband do?
Fuck around with other girls & guys?
I dont care about who he fucks with
But I dont expect lies for the nth time!!!!

I'm so confused now
I donno which is true & which is false that comes from his mouth
I dont dare to even wanna comprehend more
The more I think it isnt right
The more fuss I get
& the more I cant believe it isnt true

I dont wish to talk to him
Neither do I wish to talk to anymore people about him
Everyone can tell something's not right
& I have to cover it up we're damn perfect

Past tense, please

& I donno why this is so now

I hate his friends
They teach him all the bad influence

I get so irritated that I feel like killing myself
To make him realise that he really drives me to this very verge of bipolarity
To make him realise that my death is all because of him
Using my death to make him turn over
BUT of course I'm not stupid
I still have a far future to go for

I just cant stand it
I feel like running away from home
I dont wish to see him
But this will give him an opportunity to be more agressive

I just dont have the breath, energy & love to care about him anymore
I feel like giving up

I'd placed the largest bet in my life
& I think I'd lost

Monday, April 21, 2008

I donno why I'm still so worried after my exams
I really need a peace of mind
I cannot keep on doing things that I insist will occur with great love and concern but in fact, it looks like it cant
I cannot give up either

But seems like it's time to

I feel like walking the path ahead alone

Friday, April 18, 2008

After exam spree!!!

Headed to Orchard CK Tangs in late afternoon
Spent $70 on DarDar's birthday pressie
& I bumped into Ivan K
He treated me a cup of cappucino brewed by his company's coffee machine worthed $4000!!!!

& we headed to ADEX @ Suntec
Got free pass in from Ivan's dad
I would say this year's event isnt that fascinatin as 2 years ago
So disappointed
The exhibition area is only 1/2 of previous
& too many overseas dive agencies going to expensive places
No freebies also lo

I fell in love with the new Mares Abyss
Super chio lo!!!!!

There's another dive expo in KL in July
Free admission somemore!
Maybe I will visit if I have the time

Wooooo... cant wait for July
Coz that's when my traveling starts!
KL... Sipadan...Hong Kong... Spain

Exams are over!
The stress load was gone
& I was dying to die last night when DarDar wanted to watch the HK Drama
Which I'm interested too..
So I stayed till 130am
& dozed off immediately after he gave me a 'Good night' kiss

Now I'm awake at 1030am
Coz some idiot called me and left a voice mail
& I donno how to retrieve it coz I dont remember my password


Point is
I slept
Now awake, eyes are still very small
My field of vision is oni 30% of my normal

I'm going shopping alone later
Since I still have $120 shopping voucher at CK Tangs
But sadly nothing interest me

ADEX is here!
Luckily it's after my exams
I'm gonna check out what cheap dive package I can go for next year

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm feeling damn shitty
The insomnia is really killing me
I only got to sleep at 5am
Despite applying my lavender lotion over my hands
& sniffing like crazy

My brains are damn cramp
I kept thinking of all sorts of i-donno-what
& beta-oxidation keeps appearing in my mind!

I suspect I have low level of GABA
That subsequently increases my brain electrical activity
& my energy source has been used up faster than it should be
thus now I'm feeling shitty

Tonight's my last paper
Let me do excellent
& let me sleep well...
I was done with my revision
And was rounding up everything
Until my classmate called
Had a short chat with me
& made me frantic
That I have to start reading up those gaps that I'd chose to leave out


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

-This following blog entry has no intentional argument or bias judgment on the issues discussed.-

I was watching TV this whole morning & afternoon
But I couldnt help it
I was rather surprised why my eyes and mind were glued to History Channel which I barely pressed the number '8' on my remote control

They were showing this documentary 'Prophet Muhammad'
I missed the starting coz I guess I watch doing something else
& so I only watched starting from the middle section

They were deciphering how Islamic come about as a religion
& it brought us all the way back back back back back in time
that this guy Muhammad was chosen to be a prophet by the God
& was led by angel Gabriel

Yes, Gabriel caught my attention
& that's where I stayed on watching it

Wasnt Gabriel an angel for Jesus?
How come got him in Islamic?

So Muhammad was terrified by the sudden appearance of Gabriel
Telling him that he was chosen
and he freed to somewhere, I donno where in the Arabic country
Then Gabriel reappeared and told him he's the one
& so he helped to spread the word of God (Allah?)

At this point of time
I was already very confused
Gabriel told him to spread the word of God
Gabriel worked for Jesus
& we all claimed Jesus is God
Then meaning Allah is Jesus?


& so Muhammad spread the word of God to a group of villagers
Some believed some dont
& those who believed were tortured
& the angry disbeliever chased Muhammad wanting to kill him

So this Muhammad went into hidings
In an abandon hut
& Gabriel made spiderweb on the door and lots of bird nest
Making the angry villagers think that Gabriel wont be in there

Then Gabriel appeared in front of him
Transformed into a horse
& flew him to Jerusalem to meet Moses, Jesus, and whoever


Sorry I didnt mean to be very rude
But I cant help it
An angel turned into a flying horse?!
I thought angels can do time wrap?!
Snap their fingers & poof they disappear?!

But at the very point in the midst of my laughter
Further confusion arised
He brought Muhammad to meet Jesus?!

Jesus & Muhammad are peng you (friends) la!

Wah lao ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
*scratches head in complete confusion*

The documentary go on...
Deciphering some of the verses in Qur'an

It happened that...
Islamic is 'Christianity' in Arab
Christianity is 'Islamic' in Western countries
God is the same person
The muslims pray directly to Allah (aka God)
Muhammad is a plain messenger
The Christian prays directly to Jesus or via Jesus
Jesus is only a person who performs miracle but still only a messenger of God
(Jesus stole the limelight of God)

So here is the climax

People such as Osama who have been praying to Allah all along realised that his Allah is actually the same divinity of Jesus
Meaning that he is actually a Muslim 'Christian'
Instead of a divine devotee of a pure religion
He not happy with sharing God & so he blasted USA

The historian interviewed during the documentary pinpointed the major thing that Osama failed to identify in the Qur'an
Something about forgiveness....
& meaning Osama isnt forgiving
& is misleading the Muslim community about Islamic

Now I know something really new
For more information, do a Wikipedia on Muhammad, Islam and Jesus

I have no issues with religions
But this documentary is really interesting and worthed thinking
Especially when I love to analyse complicated issues
But knowing that God is actually the same person shared by different races of people
It now make me think that religion is somehow systematic
God is the CEO
Jesus, Muhammad are Managers
Believers as workers
Branching out to everyone from the same root

So now
I wonder
Buddhism, Hinduism...
Who is their God?
I just came back from my 1st paper
I donno what to say
I cant say I'm that bad coz I know what it was asking
I cant say I'm that good coz I donno what I was writing



It was an open-book
& I'm trying to look very hard on the bright side
*fingers crossed*
My hand hasnt been activated for 2.5 hours of continuous speed-writing
It was numb when I threw my pen off

Least care about my hand

I have to score well due to super peer pressure

Still got one more paper on Thursday
I'm ready if I'm calm

God (must really bless) me

Monday, April 14, 2008

I cannot tahan the curry smell from the Indian neighbour somewhere in my block
It smells both nice & pungent
& I'm confused about my effectiveness of my sensory organ

I'm attending a catwalk event next week
& I've yet recieved any information about it!!!
It's gonna be a BIG event
& I will meet fashion designers & whoever
& I will also needa borrow a pair of black heels

But I'm sad that I look fucking fat at this moment
After the excessive high rate of metabolism during exam preparation period

Random thought:
How come my 'K' button on my keyboard appears to be punched inward but still enable me to effectively press 'K'?


Ok leh

Tonight is Dr Chow's last day of service
Sob sob
Never go see him
I'll miss him dearly

I was reading this article, which is sorta related to my exam topic tomorrow
& I was shocked by these sentences
Dugongs caught are cut into small pieces before being sold to the villagers. A three-to five-inch piece of dugong meat fetches RM 5 and a whole dugong can fetch up to RM 60 to RM 100 (US$ ), depending on its size.


Since it's rare, how can it be bought at just SGD$30?

If I see live dugongs in fish market
I sure spend SGD$200 with no regrets to buy it & release

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Exams in few days time
& I'm slacking!
I think as I feel...

I donno why man...
I'd read and understand all the given journals
All the notes
But have no mood to memorise
Coz somehow I feel I shouldnt work like secondary school kids putting exactly words by words from book to papers
However, another side of me was fearing I will fail if I dont do so based on past experiences that my friend scores A+ for the exact word-to-word transfer during exams

I'd somehow tested on myself too & I too get A+
But got average when I didnt

I feel that I shouldnt do so coz our brains needs some analytical power to run
The energy to think so our brains could sustain its long function
By just piling chucks of information
It's no difference with packing a storeroom with boxes over time

Maybe my brains are not running hard enough

But if I were to look at my future where quality tells it all
I think I should memorise

Memorise wisely?
Or understand exactly?


At this point of time
I'd partially memorise and understand most of the needed points
I hope this will do good enough to score

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I recieved an email from my friend that apparently claimed this

I blindly forwarded it to my close friends
& suddenly I realised I was so wrong

I looked at the pictures carefully
Heh? Isnt it the one that I kept at home for 1 week?
& died due to either hypoxia or hunger or high [nitrogen]?

I read the email & the article
Instantly, I felt it's a bullshit
I replied my friends about what I'd found
& bombarded commented in that guy's blog

I came upon your webby after some friends of mine have been circulating a what-I-believe-is-a-hoax-bt-Paragonimiasis-infecting-crayfish piece of news via email.

I admit I have little knowledge of this yabbies but as far as I know, it is a popular freshwater pet. I'd kept it for sometimes too. However, based on my knowledge bt its ecology, I could say that this is truly a hoax.

First of all,my first point has already proven this is fake.
The yabbies cannot tolerate polluted water. The sentence saying 'the dirtier the water, the fatter the lobster' does not prove correct.

Second, it is a delicacy in China, no doubt is it in Scandanivian & Mexico either. Although most Paragonimiasis occur in Asia, I sense there could be a bias in this article, particularly aiming China due to its infamous 'black' dishes & products.

Thirdly,the vector for this parasitic lung fluke is mainly in freshwater snails and Chinese mitten crabs. I would say that the Chinese mitten crab would be more effective in transmitting Paragonimiasis since this is eaten raw & is enjoyed worldwide by millions of people, rather than the cooked yabbies, that are enjoyed at particular continents.

Forthly, this particular species
Paragonimus westermani will only infect human if freshwater crayfish or crabs are eaten raw. By looking at the deliciousily spicy cooked crayfish, it seems harmless to be infected.

Generalizing all yabbies cause lung infections is not appropriate. FYI, there is another crayfish species that can tolerate polluted water, which appears to be an invasive species, but it is not served on dishes. Instead, it is a biological control to pests in some countries.

I understand your anticipation of posting this article to highlight the issue of infection to humans by parasites. However, I also hope that facts are there to support before any further hoax emails about whatever other things is circulated freaking people worldwide.

I'd eaten most raw seafood
Oysters, sashimi (my favourite!),50% done beef
As long as you know how to eat them safely
I dont see what's wrong
Like for my sashimi, of coz, there's a reason for eating with wasabi (to kill germs on raw seafood)

Fear not abt the yabby
Cant kill you when they're cooked
Now, I wonder how good they taste

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

After 2 nights of insomnia
I finally got to sleep within 10 minutes after excessive dose of lavender aroma-therapy
(Imagine I really purposely go buy $10 worth of lavender products!)

A morning dose of Starbucks mocha frapacino
To boost an unexpected overdose of physiology notes

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I guess...
I've been on tremendous stress very lately

Emotional, physical & mental

Cant sleep the night ago
Heart was pounding vigorously throughout
Even my all-time drowsy-causing Became did not do the job
Instead I have to sleep with my Lavender essence mask to calm me down
& apparently it helps!

DarDar is making myself very difficult
He's always thinking about fun for himself than of me
I was dying on the bed with gastric pain
He only hugged me & 'sayang'ed me
& left to play with his friends

I was so devastated

Mum asked me why he didn't know how to take of care
I donno how to answer her
She added "If next time you pregnant, is he going to leave you to die in pain?"

I guess dialing 995 would be more efficient

My exams are just next week
& I still have assignment to complete
Last night (or rather this morning) stayed up till 3am to complete 1 of them
Still got another one to go
Rush rush rush!

& I'm meeting Prof to show her my research data tomorrow!
Which apparently doesn't look good!
All showed insignificant results!
Either I'm doing it wrong or the results really don't show perfect!
With my brains rusting on statistics
I donno how to operate the programme
& right... maybe that's why my results are insignificant

I've never had such packed schedule in my life before
Is it that my time management skills had died?
Please don't

I'm also having nightmares lately
Of how DarDar keep abandoning me alone while he's out to have fun
& this morning's nightmare was new
I dream that it's a certain time of the year where the ghost come out (not the normal Chinese ghost festival)
& I didnt realised it
& I was out & I need to return home
The lift was filled with all the ritual items like burnt corpse with flowers hanging over
Fruits & drinks & whatever you can name it during offering

The burnt corpse was the most freaky one
So I called DarDar to accompany me home (in my dreams)
But he declined coz he's busy playing mahjong

& then donno where pop out a girl snatched his phone
& told me dont disturb him playing

If I find out who's that girl
I'll smash her breasts into pancakes

I weeped under the block
Coz too scared to go home
A guy friend passed by
Saw me in my poor state
& accompany me home

Moral of the dream:
My DarDar cant be trusted

Come to think about it
It might probably be a sign

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I have a very interesting cab trip this evening
& I like it alot

Mr A Teo picked me up at Changi Village
& striked a conversation with me
Asking me about where I had been, what I did at Ubin, blah blah blah

So I told him I'm doing a research on the marine snails
& he got excited too!

He said he wanted to do marine biology when he was young
Which was like 30 years ago
He told me about how Singapore looked like when he was in Secondary school
Where the water at the Southern Islands was as clear as that in Tioman


I believed that
Coz everywhere has its pristine look before development starts

He said he snorkels and spear-fish very often
All the rabbitfish apparently swims past him
But he's disappointed about the environment now
With all the reclamation going on
Singapore water doesnt look good anymore

He said that Jean-Michel Cousteau is his idol
& he still loves watching National Geographic nowadays

This is really interesting
Given any people nowadays
Their passion for marine only sparks when they realised that the harm is doing huge to the environment
But Mr Teo's passion was there since long~~~~
I am very impressed with his love of marine too
Since he was 13+ till now (which I guess is roughly 40+)

& it feels so cool to meet a stranger who shares the same love with you
Geez I wish he's my personal chauffeur

I wrote in to Comfort complimenting his service
Which is really good too
But most of all
I just wanna let him know that he makes my day after a very tiring trip
& that Comfort should acknowledge his good job

He's the first cab driver who left me a very deep impression
I'm really very happy to know him
My 2nd experiment out on field today was..........alright
I guess tomorrow will be better since I'd realised what was wrong
As I did I was totally burnt on my back

I already had a pattern on my back when I wore my racer-back out
So this time I wore my halter neck so as to even the skin color
But unrealising that the strap of my halter neck was hanging out from the ribbon
So after 4 hours of scorching
I have a white strip on my sunburnt skin

So I still have to get myself burnt another one more time before I can get even color

While I was waiting for my hourly measurement taking
I snap snap around
My rock at a distance
Clear blue sky with Singapore Airline
Me, taking a break from the sun
One of my replicates
Curious crab (or maybe curious me)
Siphonaria spp.
Whelks beside a giant tetraclita spp.
Another Siphonaria spp.
The infamous sign
Sometimes when bored, I like to see people walking

After the trip
Headed to eat Kuishinobo with Ash, Ling, Jas & her friend Esther
So excited
Kuishinbo was so well-known since my Sec 2 time
& I never got a chance to go until now!!!!
Went in whack all the food

The free flow of snow carb didnt taste that nice as we expected
But everyone seems to be enjoying the limbs of that crustacean
I wonder why...

I still prefer my sushi & sashimi & my macha ice-cream (though abit too sweet)

I will go again soon =)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Why does my heart still feels heavy after the major project presentation is over?

I feel like shit after Koko is gone

Undergoing depression mode