Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Why is my fever coming on & off?
Hit 38deg last evening again!!
Still insisted on NOT popping down paceco
Until I realise I cant jeopardise patient's life due to my unconsciousness

I think fever is pretty common lately
About 10 patients with fever came for consultation
All above 38deg also
Particularly got this guy
Whom fainted & had fits
& was sent to the hospital via an ambulance


Al Azhar was packed like beehives last night
Waited for 25mins before I can order my supper

So excited about this coming Saturday

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another boring Chinese New Year
I just hate occasions
Money collection is negligible
So I guess I can forget the existence of such day

Cough is still pretty bad
Respiratory allergy takes time to keep in control
But how long?
I'm developing 6 pacs at my abdomen already

Work tomorrow
How hardworking

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Welcome back to Liverpool
I'm gona cough my lungs out very soon
Diaphragm is aching now

With all the late nights of returning home
I'm gonna use my Christian Dior's Pure Poison perfume to bribe my Mymy


Friday, January 27, 2006

I saw a falling star at ECP last night!
So romantic


Thursday, January 26, 2006

I never expect to encounter such irrational idiot since my 1st day of work
& so here I met one
Count it as being either lucky to have experience gained
Or unlucky for meeting such an idiot

I was burning at 38.1deg during work
& my paceco isnt working effectively
I was feeling all so googy
& feel like Cyclops from X-men
Burning almost everything I see
But I struggled to perform my task

Then came Miss Idiot
She produced her maid check-up letter & screamed at me
"I never bring her passport or work permit... can she still see the doc?"
Assuming she's here for check-up
I rejected coz it's the clinic's policy
"But she is very ill... I just came back from JB..do you want to see my IC?"
"Look, Miss, who is seeing the doctor?"
"My maid. I'm her employer. Can she consult without the work permit?"
"So she's here for consultation only isit?"
"Ok then can"
"Then just now you said cannot?"
"I was making sure that you're here for maid check-up or consultation. If maid check-up, you need the work permit"
"But she is very ill. I bring her for consultation"
"Ok, can"
"But why just now you said cannot?"
"Look, I'm making sure I'm doing the things correctly at the counter"

Some people just DONT understand

Bitch wrote the name on the piece of paper & threw at me

10mins after consultation
I spoke to Yip
"What the.... Got as sick as me bo? 38.1 deg still struggling to work.."
Yip giggled
I looked at her medical card
Only migraine & gastric
& this is called very sick?

I complained to Dr Wong
"Dr Wong, you heard that lady scolded me or not?"
"Hahahaa..later dont dispense for her, ask Yip do. Later your glass heart shattered"

I was damn pissed off
Being polite & assuring I'm doing my job well dont deserve barks of brainless bitches
Why does she has to scream at me?
She can just jolly well tell me her name & stuffs & need not raise all these unneccessary screams
What's more
She's not dying from haemorage or whatever
Temperature was lower than mine
So what?

Even the sickest patient speak to me kindly

Dont understand why she was so worked up

If she cares about her maid
Bring her identity lah


I was cursing & cursing in heart for mere 20 minutes until she left the clinic

I was so pissed off

If she is so sick with just a 37.2 deg with migraine & gastric, what about my 38.1 deg that is scorching my brain & 'entertaining' fools like her at the counter?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Monday, January 23, 2006

"Dr Chow, I haven't been sleeping for the past 3 nights..."
"What happened?"
"Worried about something..."
"What's that?"
"Yada yada yada yada"
"When did that take place?"
"What time did you sleep?"
"I couldnt...I went to bed at 1am but only fell asleep at 7am & woke up at 12pm"
"7am? Why sleep at 1am so late?"
"Clinic closes at 12am mah..."
"Err..Ok..Anything else?"
"Always sleep halfway then feel all so panicking & startled awake"
"What do you feel when you're trying to sleep?"
"Very fast heartbeats"
"Well... Maybe try not to think so much. Leave all these to God"
"Aiyah.. cant sleep very xin ku leh..."
"Tell you what. I give you some Apo-zy, ok?"
"Ok...I tried to take piriton but also no use leh.."
"Piriton isnt that strong.."
"But what if I still couldnt sleep?"
"You try to sleep 1st...if cant, pop one down 1 hour later"
"Yes, thank you"

Cure me, blue pills

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Guess what?
My Barcardi worked!
But for an hour

Headed out for shopping with Decruz yesterday after my nap
Went to CK tangs to get my M.A.C concealer
& I was served by a.....
He (She?) was really beautiful & I was feeling sorta envious about her figure & look
Until he spoke in his manly tone
"Hi, how can I help you?"
I stunned for a second & replied (calmly)
I hope I didnt show any discriminating look or behaviour towards him
& I have nothing against bapoks anyway
I find them special
So I asked him to recommend me which colour base should I get
& he really served well
Compared to that bitch last time
Think I no money buy isit?
Didnt even feel like serving me... pui
When Mr She (I think it's not nice calling bapok bapok all the way) was retrieving my item from the shelf
I turned to Decruz & said
"Did you see that? He got neh neh!!!"
Laughed until buay tahan
Then he told me there's another bapok
& geez, I really wonder why they look so chio!!!

Gotten my item
Headed to Far East to walk walk
& then had dinner at Sushi Teh at Takashimaya
Spent 2+ hours there
More of chatting then eating
& then my "geisha" doubts appeared again
I asked
"Why are those characters called 'Sayuri','Hatsumomo','Mameha'..but why 'Pumpkin' is called 'Pumpkin'?"
Decruz nearly choked on his green tea
Come to think of it
It's a pretty rushed movie done by Rob Marshall
Never re-read script si bo?
Let me find out so many flaws

While leaving town
Saw Joe's car
So qiao
Joe also in town having dinner with friends
Also saw his friend's car in the same carpark

Rode down to Mustafa Centre
My 1st visit after hearing all the advertisments about cheap items
It was pretty crowded
& I didnt know that you can actually carry purchasing item around in the whole building
Sibei swaku sia
But then I see the price
Not really that cheap leh
My Ruffles was sold at $3.60 loh
Sheng Shiong only sell at $3.35
Oh man, I sound so auntie

Wonder why got brand's name like this...
Feeling abit hungry
We left for supper
On the way back to carpark
Saw 2 men at a tree
I looked
They saw me caught a glimpse at them & spoke in some funny language
& Decruz quickly covered my eyes & led me to the car
Bloody hell
It's worse than kua dio gui
I hope that pontianak from the tree comes out & bite their birds off

Additional knowledge
Now I know that Desker Road is located at Little India

Supper at Geylang
Not bad
I then realised I actually came to eat before long long long long time ago with my Liverpool friends
Ha! Lousy memory
It was until I passed by the 'dou jiang you tiao' shop then I remembered

Left at about 145am
Saw a young lady holding onto the arm of an old man
After we passed by
I asked
"Eh, is it? Is it?"
He looked at me & replied "most likely"
What was I thinking?
It is Geylang loh!
What else?

Errrrrr... supper

I finally slept at 2.30am
I was soooooooooooooooo glad
But I woke up at 630am
Coz my mum was loud at closing the door as she headed out for her Taiji
& I thought got burglar sia

Good night
Good sleep
Good mood

*Added: Nanfeng said I'm getting prettier worrrrrr... Bwhahaha *shies*
**Added 2: Kevin P got me a bag from his Vietnam backpack trip! Cool!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Watashiwa Sayuri des
Bad night
I thought I can sleep
But I still couldnt

I wonder if my night shift (work) is affecting me

I lied on the bed
& it seems ok
Then suddenly
I feel my heart beating very fast
& it's affecting me
coz I'm feeling all so panicking

& this has been for nights already
Cant take it anymore

I sighed & sighed
& thought if I can disturb someone at 3am
To at least talk to me to sleep

& today's the worst insomnia of the century
I only slept at 7am

No matter how much work I did in the day that tires me out physically
I still couldnt rest

I need help
I am seeking consultation
I need sleeping pills
I want to sleep

Why did I not recall my Baileys/Choya/Barcardi/Vodka/Carabet?
Time to nap

Friday, January 20, 2006

Met up with a friend last night for dinner & 'Memoirs of Geisha'
Nice dinner, nice movie
But some pondering points

- Why Sayuri has blue eyes when she's a Japanese? Her genes got mixed or what?
- Why is Sayuri known as watery by judging her eye color? If her eyes are red, then she's firey? Or black then she's shitty?
- If the movie is to be English, I think saying 'Gominasai' & 'Onesan' isnt too appropiate
- I thought Geisha is to sell arts, then why in the end must sell body?

Post-movie ponders
Brains degenerating mah...

I only got to know this new-old friend last year (very much an oxymoron)
But I only got to really talk to him last week
Weird heh?
But sometimes life is, anyway
& we were chatting during dinner
Until he asked this
"Why are you still living in the world of your own?"

I was stunned
I looked away for a second
Kept quiet
& replied
"I'm better now"

How come almost everyone seems to know me so well when we didnt really know each other?
& why when I myself feel so lost?
KC also said the same thing few days after we went diving together
Now this friend does so

Something wrong with me?

But somehow
I think I'm super lost
I thought of my past years
I cried before I slept
I just realised that
I'm tired
Of everything
I sometimes have foolish thoughts of you-know-what
But I always wake up mini-seconds before it happens
Then again
It reminded me of the scar I used to crave deliberately on my arm 10 years ago
However, faded & gone
& I sorta wanted it back somehow
Until I watched Tab TV about self-manipulation last last week
I wonder if i'm schizophrenic

It may probably answer why I scare guys away
Leaving with only good, mixable friends
Which in turn angered my previous boy
I guess
Coz we were so close & enjoying fun to/with one another

Dad ever said
"Your temper so bad, next time no one marry you"
I replied
"Good loh"

Now something seems to be fulfilling
*slaps big mouth*

But maybe
It isnt about temper
It's the mind-control that deters reaction

I think my grey matter has degraded

I like to talk to people
Just talk & talk & talk
Even if things dont bother anyone
Then one of my friends said
"I think you need a lot of attention...& this pressurised him"

I kept quiet
Why again?
Why never have I notice such?
Could it be my inner me who is destroying myself now?

I couldnt stop thinking
But to think
& think
& think
& think...

I think I shall just think to death one day
I dont call simple mind complicated thoughts for nothing

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I was reading this article off the magazine during work
& it attracted me
It was on sperm donation
It talked about this girl wanting to meet her 'sperm-donor' father
Not because of money
Just because she wanna know who he is

The article was written by the sperm-donor's wife
Her husband had donated sperm for more than 200 times in his Uni days when he had to pay off his Uni bills
& theoretically, he would have been a father of more than 200 kids
The wife & her husband live very well with their 2 year old toddler
But she never expects the girl to appear at the doorstep calling 'Daddy' one day
& she felt sad when she knew how the girl is gonna enter their life
What's worse, the girl's biological mum (widow) fell in love with the man
But the husband reassured his own wife that nothing will happen
& in the end
The wife & the other woman become good friends
While the girl become part of the family as a 'step-daughter'


Ivan & Lionel ever chatted about sperm donation in front of me
& it was intriguing
Then I asked
"But... if you donate, people use your sperm, meaning you'll have many kids loh?"
Lionel replied
"Good mah..."
"But, dont you feel ...weird that people use your sperms meh?"
"Ok what... you have your genes all over the place..."

I didnt know Lionel can talk genetically
Genes are all over
Your genes are passed down & diversified
Mixing with other good genes to produce a super kid
& by doing so
Probably every kid on the street may be your child
What makes it different from polygamy?
You provide sperms for many women under the microscope
Which sounds equivalent that you have successful sexual intercourses with many women
Just that you wont be labelled a 'fucker'

I felt uneasy about that thought

If I have a man I love
That gene must truly belong to me, or ours
This is, of course, why humans are termed monogamy
At least for most of us

The sperm bank stores more than zillions epidorff tubes of sperm
Which help infertile men/couples to fulfil their wish of having a baby
Come to think of it
Having a sperm bank is a form of ex-situ conservation
Which is common on endangered animals so as to reduce inbreeding within the limited size population
Are human endangered?
Then what is the sperm bank for?

Enlighten this woman who thinks too much at 1am

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Last night
I was talking to a friend about blood group
& how proudly I declared that my blood group consists of only 5% of the whole population
& teachers know me as the endangered species in the class

Then my friend told me to donate some blood to keep
Just in case.... *touch wood*
I told him I wanted to
But couldnt coz I was underweight
The minimum weight for blood donors must be >45kg

I read this
Urges me to

AB+ is a universal donor for platelets & plasma
& a universal receptor for red blood cells

This is very helpful
As well as meaningful

Who is interested to donate blood with me?
Your sins can be paid off if you do kind deeds such as this
Come, join me
Accumulation of fear
Incubation of depression
Hallucination of future
Forsight of failure

I'm prepared
Hit me


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Finally got to swim 8 laps before rain falls
The wind suddenly gushed like a thunderstorm
With fallen brown leaves swirling in the air
& raindrops as big as ice-cube falling on my head

Just some random quotes I encountered
Ivan:"Hey, how are you?"
Me:"Ok loh... think I'd grown chioer"
Ivan:"I think so too..Nude photo?"(regarding my MSN photo)
Me:"Got wear lah.."
Ivan:"Looks the same"


A HK guy from Friendster
"Hi, can I be your friend? Do you have MSN so we can chat?"
Me:"Messaging in Friendster will do just fine"
"Oh, I found messaging in Friendster very slow..."
Me:"In a hurry?"


TV dramas are always the same
Everytime when a guy is dying
The girl will suddenly appear & cry non-stop beside the bed
"Dear, dont die... Please forgive me. I still have a lot of things havent say..Respond to me, Dear..Dont leave me..I love you very much.. I'll treasure the time we have again.."

*rolls eyes*

Dont they have better scripts?

Monday, January 16, 2006

It is a lovely day
With birds chirping
& sun shining
Just the right time (finally) for a swim
I recieved a phone call

"Eh, xiao jie, can you work later?"
"I am working later mah.."
"Can you cover Roz?"
"What time?"
"Either you take 2- 10.30 or you take 4 - 12"
"Gimme 2"
"Ok, thanks alot. See you"

Was I a bit fast on confirmation?
I have been waiting for the sun to come out everyday just to go for a swim
& now
I actually agreed to work


So now, Mum
When you cry on days I am working
I feel happy
Coz I'll be stuck indoor earning money at the same time

Nevermind la, hor
Earn that extra cash so I can grab myself a new handphone
My s300 seriously is hanging on her edge
Calls are diverted to voice mail although reception signal is full
Somemore it's of a very important call from a very important person!
What the.....

Off to work my ass off

Sunday, January 15, 2006

My blog counter hits almost 100
This is new!
I swear I'm not crazy enough to refresh my page 100 times to obtain this number
& I was wondering if the counter system had spoilt
I'm getting readers

Oh anyway
I had great fun with my Coyotes!

Just a narcissistic picture before heading out

Went to PS to meet Jas for dinner
& so coincidentally bumped onto Charles on bus
Funny thing was
I only noticed him when he was getting down the bus at Far East
& I hit him with my bag
He then decided to get off with me at PS
Coz he wanted to walk down PS initially

After dinner
Met up with (MY HANDSOME~~~~~) Zhiwei for a short while
& Jas drove down to Canning Lane
Waited for Ashley & her friend for a while
& we entered the queue
At the same time
NUS was having their Sheares bash
So the queue was abit messy
But nonetheless we had the tickets & got in

Jas led a short guided tour around MOS
& we landed in the PURE room decorated with purely white furniture
Slacked for several minutes
coz Jas wanna fully utilise the giant beanbag that she never got to jumped into everytime she visits
All 4 of us were lying on the beanbag
& groups of people walked past us, looking at us
& I felt so much like a mermaid exhibit
But we had fun chats

After that we went to the RETRO room
Really retro sia! Where's John Travolta?

We then redeemed our drinks
'Ta'-ed the vodka-7up

Jas brought us to the R&B room
It was damn packed!
But coz we like this music genre
So we squeezed ourselves in & rocked at the dance floor
Wasnt a good experience
Coz music was lousily mixed
& the guys there were......*slaps forehead*
There was this guy, kinda built
Bumping his ass against mine
& I turned to stare at him
Jason saw my expression & laughed
Then I knocked him with my elbow
He turned around & humped on my butt
Yes, fuck
I then shifted my way to the left
Yah, so much so about girls molested by Banglas with foam sprays...
As if going to clubs/pubs wont kana like that
Only stupid people will wanna set up petition & get it publicised on the papers
Then a group of people suddenly squeezed their way in
& stopped in front of us & started to chat & SMSed
Then got this Malay guy
Squeezed his way through the crowd with a cigrette in his hand at eye level
Dont understand these people
But I guess the crowd was of people younger than us
& coz I couldnt tolerate continuous knocking on my butt
I suggested to get out to the HOUSE dance floor
Sadly, I got giddy within seconds
The music was more fierce than Maumau's chinese techno blasted in Er-ge's ICE
Somemore we were standing directly in front of the supper loud speaker
Plus the lights were flashing

Went out to breathe some fresh air & waited for Jason's friends to arrive
& Jason told me
"The guy who kept humping your butt just now is standing behind you..."
I turned around
He looked at me
& I said
"Arent you gonna go shake hands with him?"
"Yah, & I'm gonna say 'So you're the ass who kept bumping on me is it?!'"

They laughed

Minutes later
Jennifer & Kenny arrived
& we went back in again

I think the music isnt really that great
But partying with friends are fun
Although my feet hurt after standing for 7 hours on heels
& nearly tripped on a step coz the light indicator was off
Reached home at 4am
Collapsed immediately without removing my makeup & while stinking of cigrettes
Totally zonked out

It was really fun
But I think going MOS once is enough already

Next week
Gotham Penthouse!

P/S: I am not a chiongster. *giggles*

Saturday, January 14, 2006

HKU is such a chore
I'd recieved my Uni cert already
But they said the handling fee could not process coz my Dad's credit card had expired
So now I have to pay again
I searched for the application form with payment slip online
But I supposed they'd removed the link
Ok then
So I emailed the co-respondent where should I mail the cheque to
Since HKU has so many different departments with different address within the campus
Then I thought it may be useful for me to obtain a testimonial too
& so I went to search for the form
But when I look at it
It reads
"Note: It must be your own credit card"

I dont have a credit card!

I read further
It didnt mention about any cheque
But bank drafts made in HK dollars

Why the chore?

The other time I made bank drafts
The officer refused to process my application
coz my signature differs from my bank book
That time still young mah
Anyhow signed
Sadly during applying for the bank draft
I couldnt sign my name the 'kiddo' way
& I pled & pled that it was very important
& they finally closed-one-eye-opened-one-eye to process

I then told myself I'll never touch my UOB account ever since

But I lied
After I applied my UOB debit mini card
Still amazingly
They allowed my payment to process even with the 'wrong' signature

Ok ok
For my re-payment of my Uni cert
My Dad gave HKU SGD$10
Looks so awful on a Citibank cheque
& I commented:"Huh? SG dollar? Ten?"
Dad replied:"Inclusive of tips. Currency rate is 4.7 loh"

HKU tan tio
Give them extra 7 dollars to buy 1 stick of curry fishballs

& I'd decided to send them the SGD$10 cheque since they never mention about having it in HKD
& I dont care!

But back to the testimonial application
I then recalled I do have my Liverpool credit card

*shows off*

But for the past 4 years
I have never used it before
& sounding very loseric
I donno how it works
If I'd used it to purchase my air tickets every semester
I'd have exchanged hundreds of Liverpool merchandises already
But yes
Stupid me

Then again
If you're wondering that it's normal for students without credit cards
But why HKU insist on own's credit card
This is because
HK banks encourage HK students to apply for credit cards
Luring them with attractive free gifts upon signing up
Waiving off annual fee
& gift exchange with collected cash-to-points scheme
& this I must say is a very bad social influence
Coz it encourages students to buy & buy & buy without limits
Accumulating debts & such
There're special banks in HK where you can borrow money to repay debts at even much lower interest rates

Do I see a chain cycle?

Newspaper had reported students commiting suicide due to financial problems
Accumulated millions dollars of debts
& jumped coz cant pay back
Then again
Suicidal cases are also very common in HK
Every day at least got 5 suicidal reports on the bitchiest newspapers

Back from digression
I then think that HKU wanting students to pay using own's credit card is reasonable
Coz I'd seen cases where other people's credit cards are stolen from mailbox
& used it as if it's theirs
(HK very mafan hor? Like alot of case studies...)
So having own's credit card for payment ensures security

But I still find it a chore

Should I use my Liverpool credit card?
I want it to stay virgin leh...


Friday, January 13, 2006

Insomnic due to too much gossips with Mummy
Wow, that's something new
Tossed around, listened MP3
Seems useless
Only fell asleep at 6am when the birds had started chirping
& I also heard my Mymy complaining about something
Finally I dozed off

But hours later
I was awaken by loud clasps & bangs
The funeral at my void deck is early!
The renovation above my unit is early too!

I know I'm rude
But I'm having terrible headache now
& I cant get back to sleep
I must sleep 20hrs after my work tonight
Coz I need energy to p a r t y tomorrow with my Coyotes
Raining didnt stop Ailing, Wenn & I from shopping
It's been 4 years since we last met
When shopaholics meet = disaster
But luckily I'm not in shopping mood today
Wenn bought 3 pairs of shoes
Ailing bought 1 pair
& I only bought a pink lighter
Chio right?
Cheap cheap also

Had Manhattan for dinner
Not really nice, as compared to Fish & Co
& they have very limited choices
They have special fish such as Alaskan Pollock & Hake
Which both are in the top 10 commercially important fish in the world
& Fish & Co doesnt sell these, surprisingly

It's Ailing's birthday also
& that's when my pink lighter comes in handy
Sang her 2 versions of 'Happy Birthday'

Sat down & chatted almost everything under our nose
About diving, traveling, fashion, music, etc
Gossiped also *opps*
It was amazing to recall our secondary school life & comparing what we are now
Grown-up? Or still the same?

Mummy aka Wenn said I still look the same
Behave the same too
Which I donno is good or bad
But at least I'm being myself all the while
& this I believe it's good

Another meetup next next week, I hope
To Gotham Penthouse

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I just couldnt stop thinking
& I dont think I'm in wrong
It's not the 1st time I debate this topic with someone else
& I still stand on my own point
But I didnt mean to be bad
I was just spreading the words for any other conservationists will do

Say NO to shark's fins

We've heard of thousands of cases where sharks are being finned and carcasses are dumped into the sea alive
No fins, no hydrodynamic lift, no water flow, no oxygen, they drown
Flesh were not sold coz it contains high concentration of ammonia which deteoriates within hours, making sale impossible
Just because it is being popular in Asia
It's being viewed as one of the highly valuable food among the Chinese
Although some countries had banned finning
Illegal finning and trades are still going on
It's hard to stop such trade, even harder in the black market
HongKong is top import of Shark's Fins, followed by Singapore

Facts about sharks where finning becomes an issue:
It has low birth rate
It reaches sexual maturity at age 20-30, depending on species
It is top predator that regulates the ecosystem but is being overfished (due to accidental gill-netting) more quickly than it's being replaced
Numbers are decreasing worldwide

Facts about why shark fins should not be taken:
As mentioned above, it is the top predator. It contains high amount of mercury due to bioaccumulation, bioconcentration & biomagnification
Mercury oxide is toxic when it was reduced from Mercury
Shark fins are tasteless, but thanks to the soup

Ask me why cannot eat shark but can eat chicken & ducks?

Sharks can be eaten unless you find it in market & cook it before it decompose, which gives you many times more proteins than you can find in the poultry
Otherwise you'll only be sucking high on ammonia
It is just the fins which are not agreeable with

Many conservation groups are aware of shark finning
& this is the main focus
They arent against sharks
Just the process

I hope it's understandable

It does affect business somehow
But we're not trying to ruin business
It's the ethics behind it
If environmental benefits weighs more than social benefits, in this case sharks being the top predator regulating the ecosystem, then sharks must be spare from finning
Take it as a whole, where other parts are being economically consumed as well
This sounds better yeah?

I know I'd offended someone by being so positive about anti-sharks fins
But I am very sure I am not trying to ruin business
I'm just being educational by spreading message across
Make one think twice
When buying stops, killing stops

Yes I am a spoiler
I tell people dont eat shark fins even on Chinese New Year
I copied words from WWF ambassadors
I am a member of WWF
I'm proud of myself

Shame on you

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Awaken by intolerable pain at my lower abdomen
So much for the 'equipped with tolerance' last night
But what I meant was mentally, not physically

I rolled on my bed
Left, right, left, right
Crushed Garfield against my abdomen
But doesnt soothe the pain
I crawled out of my room
& i felt all so giddy & nauseous
I collapsed on my Mymy's bed
& called for my brother

Bro thought I was playing dead early in the morning
As if
Who is so free to play dead outta nothing?

My legs couldnt move
My arms were numb
Cold sweats all over my body
& the worst thing was
I couldnt see a damn thing

This is my 4th time (or maybe more, coz lost count) feeling like this
& I hate this feeling
The latest experience was when I was assisting Dr Chow for surgery

I told my Bro to get me a cup of hot water
& placed it over my abdomen
After 1/2 hr
The pain subsided
& I dozed off
Not too sure if I actually passed out or that I really went back to sleep
But the next moment I opened my eyes with vision
It's already 230pm

No work for tonight
I shall rest
I hate my life now
Really sucky
With Mum crying all day long
Making the weather so nice to sleep
I only wake up at around 1pm everyday

I have no day job

But I'm not proud of that
It makes me feel utterly useless after studying so much yet being jobless in the day

I work night shifts
Sometimes when I'm free/feel like it, I cover people shifts
Even when my colleague gave me the slightest request of asking me to cover for her for 1/2hr just because she wanna visit one of our colleagues who had given birth
I almost agreed to it
But when requests are getting too overboard
I'm getting very pissed off

My roster looks sucky to me, now
It was scheduled without asking if I want it or not
Coz basically I was assumed to be free almost every day
But I have my own social activities
Like gatherings, meetups, WildFilms...

I can no longer meet my friends on weekends coz I'm working & they're NOT
I can no longer join my brothers at meetups every Friday
I can no longer go shooting with WildFilms at selected days coz tides are no longer in dawn

I never really worked on weekdays
& now I'm working like 4 week- nights
I ever said I dont wanna work on Fridays
Now I am scheduled on every Friday
I used to say I either work on weekdays or weekends
But I'm now scheduled both
Best is, every shifts end at 12am
Making me rush for the last bus, if I'm fortunate
Having nobody kind enough to have dinner/supper with me at that wee hours
& also making me unable to see my Dad's face at the end of everyday!

Frankly speaking
I haven seen my Dad for 1 whole week
I know he peeps at me while I'm sleeping
& purposely asks me stupid question when I'm obviously not responding
I want to show my face personally to him at least once!
So he may not think that I'm actually off somewhere else havoc-ing till very late nights & using work as an excuse
I also haven been eating good for a week
1 meal a day sounds so slimming
Which in fact it is not
When you only have Ruffles to eat after you reach home
Sometimes when I'm lucky, I may find 1 or 2 bananas on the fruit dish
Or Sometimes when I'm extremely lucky, I may have Mee Siam for supper!
Or not so lucky... when Mee Siam is sold out...


Normal routine
Woke up at 130pm
Mum's tears almost flooded my room
& no one was helpful enough to close the windows for me
Checked my emails, played with Momo, dilly-dally
Until I recieved my first call of the day at 415pm
For some apparent standard reason, my S300 died
Call diverted to house phone without caller ID

"Wei, why haven come?"
"Huh? Come where? You who?"
"Which Serene?"
"You're supposed to come to work at 4pm you know?"
"HUH? But my roster sheet said 6pm leh..."
"But here wrote 4pm leh..."
"Hurrrrrrrr...Aiyah, ok lah, I come down now..."

Selamat Hari Raya Haji!!!

My roster was changed without notification

I donno if Dr Wong noticed my absence for the 1/2hr
But he didnt smile when I showed myself at his sliding door
Oh well
I havent hit the late-comers quota yet
I should be safe

I just dont understand
Why always ask me to cover her or her or her or not?
Why are my shifts always ending at 12am?
Why other people can leave at 11pm?
I hate working alone after 11pm
Because that's when stupid patients who are almost dying from their illness always rushed to consult
If you're almost dying
You dont expect your life to be saved at the very last stage ok?!
Why do you bring your kids who is having fever at 39.8deg C at 1150pm?
Why do you consult when you've been vomitting and having diarrohea for 3 days at 1155pm?
Always make me leave at 1215 or even later, depending on how long-winded the doctor is
Obviously having no more Last Bus for me to catch!
I dont wish to call my friends to pick me up although they have a car & living near
But by the time they arrive, I would have jogged home already
There're tikos out there lurking for young girls like me *ahem* as preys ok!

But so far
I haven try walking home yet
*cross fingers*

In a sense
Clinic assitants 'save' people
We work alongside with the doctors to assist patients' medical help
But DONT take us for granted
When we explained to you what medicine is for what & you dont jot it down, called back to ask & we explained again, dont say we never explain in the 1st place
When we said you cant buy the medicine over the counter coz it's a doctor-prescribed medicine, dont say we are rude
When we said there's no patient at the time you called to enquire but upon arrival, there are 4 patients in the queue, dont say we lie
& you know what I wanna say?


2 more shifts
& I'm going to have a good weekend
I'm equipped with good tolerance
Just 2 more nights...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The silence of my mobile means either one
1) it's dead
2) i'm no longer popular

Forget it

I think I'm better off alone
Must build my independency again
Just hopefully wont step into depression when I'm all so lonely again

Even if so
Just be it

Not the first time anyway
I'm used to it

Life is just full of vicious cycles

Monday, January 09, 2006

Went to Causeway Point with Christine yesterday evening
Both of us were shopping for new handphone
Headed to many shops & we finally concluded to get Samsung E730

Wasnt really keen on it coz it's a MP3 phone
& I dont need that coz I have Snow Leopard already
But then it's the only phone which meets my requirement
With Bluetooth instead of the always-unable-to-connect InfraRed
With camera so I can snap-shot at people who try to dig their nose in front of me & allowing me to critise them in my blog
Other then these two... I think...it's pretty much the same as my S300
Ok lah
I like the malt touch
Extremely unique
Probably will get it after CNY
Although I forsee my ang-bao money wont hit $500 anyway

Went to find Kee & Lionel at his store
Had dinner liao then went KTV
Sang until 1am
Tired sia
Couldnt sleep
Coz very high

Mum's good this morning
She shines

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Rain, rain on my face
It hasn't stopped raining for days
My world is a flood
Slowly I become one with the mud
But if I can't swim after forty days
And my mind is crushed by the thrashing waves
Lift me up so high that I cannot fall
Lift me up
Lift me up - when I'm falling
Lift me up - I'm weak and I'm dying
Lift me up - I need you to hold me
Lift me up - keep me from drowning again
Downpour on my soul
Splashing in the ocean, I'm losing control
Dark sky all around
I can't feel my feet touching the ground

It has been raining since 4am this early morning
Went to bed - raining
Woke up - still raining
Mum sure has lotsa tears lately
Everyday rain
How to go out?!

The tremendous amount of rainfall reminds me of my FYP
'The impact of summer monsoon on intertidal organisms'
I bet those poor molluscs must be adapting hard enough to survive the freshwater physiologically & physically
No more topshells for appetitizer ever
I'd proudly declared snails as my friends

But I may reconsider abalone

Had sup sup with Er ge, Wilson gor gor & Thomas last night
Why my mee siam always sold out!!??

Think I slept too much lately
Sleep until headache
Also sleep until fat

Please, Mum, tomorrow dont cry liao
Cry not chio

Friday, January 06, 2006

I am having weird dreams lately
The night ago
I dreamt of a thunderstorm & everything gushed into my room via the open window
& then flew in a nudibranch (donno what species but very beautiful)
Which was wriggling & wriggling until it landed on my chocolated-apple-stix

*rolls eyes*

Last night
I dreamt of working on a project where Momo was scurrying freely around me
Minutes later, it was gone
I searched high & low for it
& I found it in one of the freezer's compartment
I took it out & it turned to look at me with its sad eyes
I hugged it with warmth
& it revived after it was thawed


Never go meetup today despite exchanging shift with colleague
Didnt have the enthusiasium to head down
Dont wanna stay up late anymore
Eyebags are horrible

I think my sinus is back
My left cheekbone hurts whenever I blow my nose
Once it has dried up
I'll have to start on Nasonex again

For diving
I must get well!!


Thursday, January 05, 2006

It's a sick Thursday

I consulted Dr Wong last night
After dragging for 3 days of being sick
& was given loads of medicine
Am I really that sick?
Best/Worst part is
I was given Dhatifen
Which is a lung-enriching drug

Something is wrong with my lungs, I supposed

The medicine I took was so drowsy
That I only woke up at 4pm (now)
Feeling a bit breathless as I slept sideways

But it was a good sleep
Given the cool rainy weather

My brother had gastro-enteritis this early morning
Vomitted & diarrhoea non-stop
Rushed him to see Dr Loh
Injected maxalon


Suddenly an urge to chomp Ruffles sour cream cheese

Time for medicine before I go asthmatic for air

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Still sighing


How many special people change?
How many lives are living strange?
Where were you while we were getting high?
Slowly walking down the hall
Faster than a cannonball
Where were you while we were getting high?
Someday you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova in the sky

Oasis concert on 23rd Feb, anyone?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Been doing that since evening

I'm starting to feel like a sore loser

No, I'm starting to realise I am indeed a failure

Malik & Zhiwei tried very hard to comfort & console me
I appreciated that very much
They made me think abit on how true their words may be
I tried to hold back my tears as I listened
But 5mins later
Past failures surged in my mind & consolidated a bigger picture
Probably I am really lousy

Malik told me not to give up
But I'm feeling very tired already...
My confidence level is draining to zero

Maybe I should look at another point of view...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Oh yes!
I went to Sister's Island with the WildFilms!
Filming season starts again!
Best CBD shot I have, I guess...Why name so long? Pulau Adik cannot meh?The macaques welcomed us with threathening screeches
Some family's Jack came to play with us but was so annoyed that we fed her with a poisonous pongpong
A nudibranch that I called it the 'Banana'
Beautiful cityscape miles away

When we were done
We headed back to the shelter
& realised that our bags got ransacked
by the macaques!
Tom's Ipod was found metres away from the shelter
Wonder why they want the Ipod for...
Some camera filters were gone too
Icase was opened even with the darn-hard-to-open bucket on
Waterproof bag bitten & torn
Scenario = horrible

Luckily mine was intact

My first visit to Pulau Adik
I meant... Little Sister's Island
& she cured my fever!
but granted me slight cough
I haven been checking out my horoscope since long
& yesterday as I was reading mine for the new year
Everything was so positive that I asked myself
"Wu yia bo?"

Confirm fake one
It said my health will improve
Oh yah?
I've gotten a damn fever loh
Spent my whole day popping Panadol, resting and missing my Sister's Island trip
& I dont get to go Sister's Island as often anyway!
Sorta pissed at myself why I was sick

I checked my throat
Acute larynitis again
Must be the BBQ
Popped 2 tabs of serrazyme
Couldnt blame that much
Coz it was really fun & enjoyable

This week is pretty busy & freaky
Having an important test tomorrow
& a very important interview on Saturday
If I fail the test, I'll get screwed by my brothers
If I fail the interview, I'll get screwed by myself
Heart has never galloped any faster than now

I just hope New Year can be better

Several New Year's Resolutions:
1) Insert when I can think of one
2) Insert when I can think of one
3) Insert when I can think of one


Sunday, January 01, 2006

Good things never get fulfiled no matter how hard I wish

I'm having a fever!!!


Feverish since yesterday
But after taking the paceco & the night out with the peeps
I felt better until today afternoon
It started again
I was packing my equipments & stuffs for my Sister's Island trip
Until I felt that I seriously couldnt stand it
Head was spinning
Heat was rising
I had to forgo the trip

Took 2 tabs of paceco & 1 sachet of Panadol Cold remedy
But didnt seem to do the job
I'm so prone to fever

Hope it subsides soon
Coz I wanna go to Sister's Island tomorrow!
The BBQ was fun!
Long time never meet the gang already
& when we met
We all went like "Hey! Yeeeemaaaaannnnnnnn"
& I went "Hey! SweeeeeeeeKeeeeeeee"
All of us were "Hey"-ing around

Kee had gotten his new car
& we stuffed almost all the food into the boot
Lionel, Kelvin P & I walked to the pit
Luckily isnt too far away, think about 300m or so
While Ivan & Andy squeezed themselves in the car

It was Lionel's so-called budget BBQ
Looked little but most of us were full
Kee was really into frying
He had a disposable aluminium pan, filled with oil
& fried bacons, fillets, french fries, nuggets & eggs
His occupational habits couldnt rest while having fun

We had V.S.O.P Martell, Absolut Vanilla, a bottle of white wine, Pepsi & Coke
Andy kept complaining the Martell stinks
Coz he hasnt been drinking for a year
& I said
"Stinky then dont drink lah"
Andy:"But if I dont drink I'll find it even more stinkier the next time"

Ok, whatever your logic is
I will not hurt my sensory buds with something that burns & stinks at the same time, at least

Time seems to pass very slowly
Which is a good thing
Coz when everyone thought it's 1am
It was actually 1145pm!
Until we heard the 'Pom!Pom!Pom!' sound from I-donno-where
We cheered with cups of white wine
Wishing one another "Happy New Year!"

Oh man
This year's celebrations are really happening
I've also never celebrated so much before
Imagine we also had BBQ on National Day?
We were so patriotic

Ivan suggested to go overseas
Sure, why not?
I'm always the first one to agree since the travel gene in me is always on & activating
& Kelvin P suggested Kukup
I said to Kelvin P
"You know hah...last time I jio-ed them go Kukup, no one bothers me loh"
Kelvin P laughed
Then Ivan asked about the cost & stuffs
& Kee asked:" Where is this kuku?"
Andy, Kelvin P & I laughed
Ivan replied
"Kuku...Down there loh. Everyday see also donno meh? We talking about Kukup lah.."

After our toasts
Kelvin C & his girl left
Lionel left
Kee & Eve left
Remaining me, Ivan, Andy & Kelvin P
Talked cock until 3am

When I reached home
My brother still not yet reached
But my parents didnt realised I was back even
Coz I have good skills of opening the gate & door quietly

Considering a good night with the peeps
& Lionel got me a small souvenirs from HongKong Disneyland
Well, he went HongKong one week after I returned


Happy New Year!