Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I giggled to myself
Mel was so funny

I twisted my left wrist before our dive trip
& she laughed at how I got it twisted

Well, yes, it was quite silly

Then I got my pinkie sliced by a fine thread coming out of my top
I thought I could pluck it off like any other tailors
But it failed
Leaving a gap between the skin and the flesh
It was not painful & not bleeding
I could see the epidermis as I plied open

Mel teased me about the 'accidents'
& told me to stop injuring myself

Controlled injuries, Yes
Uncontrolled, seems unlikely

This evening
I looked at my tight schedule for the later half of the year
I kinda panic
It's like
I barely have months to complete my research
& it's really frustrating to know that none of my Profs are replying to my requests either

So I decided to prepare my devices for my experiments

It kinda saddens me to see that I'm even working on technical side of the research
It's not within my 'job' scope!

I had to twist open 2 twisted wires
To retrieve 2 individual wires
& then twist 1 of the wires back to the 2 twisted wires to make a wire made up of 3 twisted wires

So I twisted & twisted

Mind you
The wire was thin
Friction & resistance were high

For the 15 wires produced
I had 3 blisters
Filled with blood
One each on thumb,index & middle finger


Mel thought I injured myself on purpose again


I think I will never get the delicate Tai-tai hands

Tough life here
But toughness gets life going
No pain no gain

Let's see what's next
I hate Physics interacting with Biology
It gives me hard time trying to explain Biophysical science

Just like I hate busybodies interacting with me
It complicates my everything
& it isnt funny

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

After Bali
There's Phuket
But this time
My Phuket trip has a mission

Mixed feelings

Hope for the best in everything

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm back in Singapura
I really miss the last day in Bali
We spent entirely every minute worthwhile in Bali
As well as on flight

As much as I could talk about it
I bet photoblog should do it (as usual)

I'm sorry
Realised this could go seriously long
& those are only photos for Day 1
Check out the rest of the photos here =)

This Bali trip is amazing
I love the trip entirely
The tours we joined showed us alot of places during our sight-see
& we gained a lot of knowledge from the culture as well

Our guide introduced Bali's culture by telling us a story of Hinduism
Explaining their belief
That's why their people love each other
& not take things for granted

In fact
During the trip
I was enlightened
& was very impressed with their people
I'd also made some serious thoughts to make myself a better person
& I think Bali is a nice place to clear anyone's mind

Now Bali tops my getaway list

Monday, June 21, 2010

I love my flight on Qatar Airways
I love my villa
Fucking big & beautiful & SEXY
I love the 1.5m deep swimming pool
I can swim nakedddddd!
I love the 3 bathrooms
Yes 3
1 jacuzzi tub, 1 indoor shower, 1 OUTDOOR shower
I love every part of my trip as of now
More to experience tomorrow
I love my DarDar
I am going to give him love bites on his chest later

Saturday, June 19, 2010

La la la la la la la la la la la la

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I bought this Japanese mook - Otona no Kagaku
Which if I'd translated it correctly without the help of any translator
It meant 'Adult's science'

There is this 大人の科學 printed big as the title

Oh anyway
This issue #25 came with a DIY 'Rolleiflex' camera (it named itself Gakkenflex)
I spent the evening fixing it up
After 1 hour
It's up!

Took me sometime to figure out how the image-search was done
It uses the classic method of light reflection and light capture for such photography
& me being abit direction-less when things become reverse
Was looking like an idiot shifting the camera around just to get the image into frame

Best part of this Gakkenflex is, it is usable
As in, it's not some ornamental display placed on top of your bookshelf after fixing
It uses normal 35mm film - normal or chrome
Just like any old film camera
One will have to turn the knob to run the film pass the shutter box

Cant wait to test it next week

I think vintage camera should look vintage itself
That's because I'd forgotten to switch back the white balance after my dive trip. Heehee

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rain rain on my face
Couldnt stop
Raining for days
My world is a flood
I cant feel my feet touching the ground

Always love this song by Jars of Clay

SG is flooded again
& it is at Orchard
Wonder how much branded goods were drowned in the muck water
Did anyone see Hermes bags drifting around?

I returned school to meet up with Prof
Thank goodness she could find time for me
She gave me new ideas after I poured my troubles to her
& then started to chat with me

She pin-pointed my strength & weakness
I agreed
Seriously, I couldnt agree more
I am aware of my weakness
& have been reminded of it
I think
I will have to start revising all over again

Time flies extremely fast
Once again
With tasks unaccomplished
amidst happy hours

Next week
I love my DarDar

Monday, June 14, 2010

Back from P. Tioman

It was a nice trip
Because I have great friends who were soooooooooooo entertaining & fun-loving throughout the 3 days

The underwater world was, however, saddening
News of coral bleaching are all over
& I witnessed it

The number of fishes were lesser too
But I still managed to see some of my favourites

Sorry about the color of the photos
Donno how to customise the white balance settings with my new camera =p

I am making plans for another dive trip next month
To check out coral bleaching elsewhere
This is saddening
My heart ached when I saw the whites

For more photos, click here

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I skipped school (not new!)
Michelle, her bro, me & DarDar went to Uncle Heng's kelong
Went there to fish
Collected mussel
Chit-chatted with Uncle Heng
& not forgetting getting ourselves burnt under the sun -_-

The box of mussels weighed 14kg
& we had hard time figuring how to have it distributed coz it's way too much to be consumed FRESH at one go

It was a good day
I was unhappy days ago
But now I feel better

Thank you, my friends

**More pictures here

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Monday, June 07, 2010

Met up with the Coyotes
For Nando's

The queue was mad
It took us 20mins for a table
But the queue behind us was never-ending
The staff explained to us that they were under manpower
& apologised to us

The place was damn noisy
We shouted across table

Food's ok
Nando's is known for their peri-peri chilli sauce
But in my own opinion
It's not that spicy
The chilli sauce I bought from Sabah was even spicier!!!
The chicken is tender though
But this average rating does not worth the price

we had KOI bubble tea for dessert
because Nando's doesnt servve plain water

Went Illuma walk walk
Toy Story 3!

Think I'm gonna go for 3D again

Nice day with Ashley, Weiling & Jas
Love you girls <3