Monday, June 07, 2010

Met up with the Coyotes
For Nando's

The queue was mad
It took us 20mins for a table
But the queue behind us was never-ending
The staff explained to us that they were under manpower
& apologised to us

The place was damn noisy
We shouted across table

Food's ok
Nando's is known for their peri-peri chilli sauce
But in my own opinion
It's not that spicy
The chilli sauce I bought from Sabah was even spicier!!!
The chicken is tender though
But this average rating does not worth the price

we had KOI bubble tea for dessert
because Nando's doesnt servve plain water

Went Illuma walk walk
Toy Story 3!

Think I'm gonna go for 3D again

Nice day with Ashley, Weiling & Jas
Love you girls <3

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