Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DarDar & I were craving for Japanese pork chop yesterday after watching a scene from 婚カツ!
& we decided to head to satisfy our lust this afternoon

I had this 4 years ago with Er Ge
& now I'm recommending this to DarDar

The menu was so full of choices that we have no idea which was best
But we eventually made our choices

While waiting for our meals
We were served this bowl of sesame seeds with a mortar
DarDar immediately knew what's the next step coz he said that the side of the bowl had grind-lines
& those are to grind the seeds
Me, being a non-seed/nut eater, surrendered my bowl to DarDar
But even after grinding
Both of us, being swaku, had no idea what it was used for
Until it was introduced by one of the staff

Mix it with Tonkatsu sauce!

With the sauce prepared
Our food arrived

DarDar was so excited to see the large portion of his Hire & Rosu set
He thought I was just exaggerating

Mine was the Ebi & Rosu set

The golden breadcrumbs were soooooooooooooooo cripsy even by looking at them!

We also had an extra order - homemade curry to go with our rice
But didnt take any photo because we couldnt wait to dig in

We were, on top of that, given a variety of sauces - tartar, Japanese mustard, tonkatsu (plain), tonkatsu with sesame
We were tasting every bite of the katsu with every sauce

My Ebi-s were huge
Each piece is so huge (in diameter) that it just fits my mouth

Although it was abit pricey (total: SGD$67 rounded up)
I felt the food was worth it
Pork chops had never been this thick & juicy & crispy!

DarDar enjoyed it
& I'm happy

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just seconds ago
I'm thinking of 'friends'

Some friends who had been so close & nice to you previously
Can suddenly lose contact all of a sudden after a significant event

Let's take this example
I have this friend
We are close
I'd offered my help to him when he needed it
He was requested to be helping on my wedding day
But he seemed so unwilling
Changed my schedule
& in turn, complaint to others why he had to do according to my schedule

I was so pissed off when I heard this from another friend whom he'd complaint to

It was my day
If you're unwilling
Tell me
I'll get someone to replace you
& not let you screw it up

My wedding was almost screwed because my parents were late for the make-up session during the evening
Just because he thought that they need not be so late
& hence, can bring my parents along later

Excuse me
My parents are also the hosts

After the day
This friend never met up with me anymore
Only a few MSN message to talk nonsense

I wasnt that willing to entertain him
I just felt that
He isnt a real friend in need
So why bother to waste my effort maintaining this one-sided friendship?

5 years ago
I too lost a friend
We were friends for 10 years
Close buddy for 10 years
We separated because of a guy

Not because we were snatched a particular guy (whom I'm none at all interested in)
But the fact that she chose to follow him & let go our friendship
I needed someone to talk to one night
She was hesitating to speak to me
Being thoughtful, I just told her to go do her things while I try to settle it myself
Next day
She confessed that she was out with that guy & was sorry for abandoning me
I forgave her
However, she neglected me while we 3 were out shopping

I could understand how mixed group of friends go shopping together
& not mind at all
I did not mind
But I minded when she & the guy did not talk to me for whatever reason
& left me walking behind them

I was so mad I reprimanded the guy
He said "With you around, if anyone sees us, we can say we're out shopping with you."

Oh excuse me
This kinda words could come out from your nasty bastardy mouth
Use me?

I have no idea why I deserve these friends
Sometimes I question myself
Should I be this helpful all the while?

Whenever someone posted a question in FB, looking for something, asking for help
I gave my suggestions & went slightly further to do research for them
I'd appreciate 'Thank you'

They did

But for those who didnt
I wouldnt care much either
For I'd did my part in helping & I wont expect much as a return
But of course, a return would be great
As the Chinese say:"有來有往"

I care about others before I care about myself
Most of the times
I solve my own problems myself because I know no one could help
But as far as I wont mind
I can give as much as I could

How would you define them?
Spent the whole day figuring routes within KL
So messy

& my GPS isnt going the way I like
So I have to figure out manually which way is the shortest & nearest

My stupid GPS routed me a whole lot just to go the the same place I manually designed
& I hate going the long way

Technology cant be trusted

I still remember our rides in Phuket
I told DarDar to go this way
& he told me that his GPS showed him another way
I scolded saying:" If you trust your GPS, why ask me if you're correct?"

Weird enough
Although 'shortest' distance was chosen before activating GPS
It still brings you the long way


So this time
I'm not bringing maps, so as to avoid confusion
& I'd set my GPS properly
Going the way I want

Genting & Cameron
Here we come!

Friday, August 27, 2010

so excited

I cant wait for my 1st road trip to Genting & Cameron Highlands
my 1st drive-up
my 1st veggie shopping

I love veggies!


If I really get a car
I think I might probably head up every weekend just to stock veggies

Oh my dog
I'm so excited

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I have been pretty lazy to blog recently
Maybe because I've been spending too much precious time on the lousy Facebook

But anyway
I'd pushed myself back to writing my manuscripts
Kinda sucks
Results were good, as everyone said
But interpreting the results may not be that simple
& I'm having headache NOW


My stupid idea of relating observations to climate
Now things dont even match
How do I explain?

Next week marks the end of YOG
& yes, I'm going back to school
I've got millions of things to do
Just that
I'm always overkilled by procrastination

2 months later
I will be away in Hong Kong
for 2.5 months
Kinda anticipating it
yet feeling worried

Worried I cant get good results
& killing myself over wasted effort & time

Which may also mean
Deferment of graduation


Stop daydreaming
Get working

Road trip up-north is waiting ahead :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

The number of our rented car appeared in the Starters in 4D

Forgot to buy


Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Re-doing data analysis
But this time round
I feel more confident with identifying the patterns after consulting Maui & Gray

& it feels kinda weird to know who are the real helping hands when they are miles away

Something is just wrong with the system here

Like Gray said
'There's always something wrong somewhere!'

I so truly agree

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday, August 09, 2010

I'm down again
I guess I've yet fully recovered from GE since my Phuket trip
& yesterday's prata breakfast kicked it off again
Luckily this is a mild one
But still
The feeling sucks

On top of that
I just caught cold
Stuff/ running nose + cough

Never experience such a viral tornado

This time
I'm really seeking professional medicinal consultation
Cant waste time anymore
Need healthy body & mind to complete my tasks

Friday, August 06, 2010


I'm not in any mood to do something academic
I have papers to churn
Yes, like another 2 more
But my previous 2 were NOT yet read by my boss
So should I continue churning & let them jam at her doorstep?

I am now forcing myself to analyse some data for an experiment that I'd kinda completed
Kinda, because I'm not confident with the results
& may have to redo
IF the results really turn out totally weird

I also need to push myself to re-organise my thesis
Boss just told me I need to graduate next year
& I was like - WHAT?
I'd always thought it's somewhere in April 2012, as accordance to the scholarship due dates
But now it seems unlikely
Whenever it is
It is still best to complete as soon as possible

Ya ya
Please proceed with my publication drafts first
I need those to get me into the Dean's list!
as well as to save me from pools of questions during defense!

After the recovery from gastroenteritis
I'm down with cold
Probably due to the air-con on Monday night
The sluggish feeling is overpowering me
I need something to spark me up

Maybe a dive trip with good sun?

I think I lack Vitamin E
Weather's bad lately
& I have been indoor for the longest time ever
This year
Singapore's climate had been screwed
It's raining almost everyday
& weather report showed that we had 60% more rainfall this year than any other years!


August is good
Coz school's closed
& I have no excuse for not heading school
But seriously
This can be a worse scenario than anything else
Especially when I'm getting less & less self-disciplined

All thanks to the nice TVB dramas online

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Jasinda got me littorinids from Hawaii!
So beautiful!

I'm kinda surprised how devoted I am to molluscan studies now
Is it because I'm getting known among other fellow researchers?
That I am not alone?


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Monday, August 02, 2010

DarDar fell sick again after his recovery
Viral infection
Suspected it was due to insufficient rest after his recovery since his last episode

Now he's better
After 1 full week

Here's some photos taken in Phuket
During the Congress & during the family trip

More photos of the Congress here
More photos of family trip here