Thursday, August 26, 2010

I have been pretty lazy to blog recently
Maybe because I've been spending too much precious time on the lousy Facebook

But anyway
I'd pushed myself back to writing my manuscripts
Kinda sucks
Results were good, as everyone said
But interpreting the results may not be that simple
& I'm having headache NOW


My stupid idea of relating observations to climate
Now things dont even match
How do I explain?

Next week marks the end of YOG
& yes, I'm going back to school
I've got millions of things to do
Just that
I'm always overkilled by procrastination

2 months later
I will be away in Hong Kong
for 2.5 months
Kinda anticipating it
yet feeling worried

Worried I cant get good results
& killing myself over wasted effort & time

Which may also mean
Deferment of graduation


Stop daydreaming
Get working

Road trip up-north is waiting ahead :)

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