Friday, August 06, 2010


I'm not in any mood to do something academic
I have papers to churn
Yes, like another 2 more
But my previous 2 were NOT yet read by my boss
So should I continue churning & let them jam at her doorstep?

I am now forcing myself to analyse some data for an experiment that I'd kinda completed
Kinda, because I'm not confident with the results
& may have to redo
IF the results really turn out totally weird

I also need to push myself to re-organise my thesis
Boss just told me I need to graduate next year
& I was like - WHAT?
I'd always thought it's somewhere in April 2012, as accordance to the scholarship due dates
But now it seems unlikely
Whenever it is
It is still best to complete as soon as possible

Ya ya
Please proceed with my publication drafts first
I need those to get me into the Dean's list!
as well as to save me from pools of questions during defense!

After the recovery from gastroenteritis
I'm down with cold
Probably due to the air-con on Monday night
The sluggish feeling is overpowering me
I need something to spark me up

Maybe a dive trip with good sun?

I think I lack Vitamin E
Weather's bad lately
& I have been indoor for the longest time ever
This year
Singapore's climate had been screwed
It's raining almost everyday
& weather report showed that we had 60% more rainfall this year than any other years!


August is good
Coz school's closed
& I have no excuse for not heading school
But seriously
This can be a worse scenario than anything else
Especially when I'm getting less & less self-disciplined

All thanks to the nice TVB dramas online

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