Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm fearing the way how DarDar drives

Everytime I drive he screams at me
That's coz I am too near the car in front
Or other only he-can-think reasons

When he drives at 80km/hr on small road
Honks people when he is impatient
Accelerate at bends
I kept quiet

Until I couldnt take it anymore

I told him off coz he's risking my life together with him
Yes, marriage vows say till death do us part
But not accidental death

This evening
We wanted to head to town for dinner
But the road was very congested
& so cars were sipping through available gaps in next lane

DarDar is starting off
& the car next to us did not signal as he overtook our lane & to the side
So we were like so close to kissing his CRV ass

DarDar honked him
& winded down the window & asked him why he didnt signal
The man was angry and replied 'Why people can overtake I cant overtake?'

Which I think he's not answering the question properly
& he starting scolding DarDar saying he doesnt know how to drive
The bitch beside him was screaming 'Donno how to drive just shut up'

I told DarDar just shut it up
Firstly I didnt wanna start an arguement after work
Secondly we dont gain anything but anger

When the green light turned
DarDar sped in front & overtook him

& then
The CRV hit us on the right!!!!


I was petrified and angry at the same time
Petrified coz this is my 1st time engaging an arguement
and we are amatuer drivers that wouldnt be able to win should we fight
Angry coz he hit my civic with childish behaviour

50 years old guy come play bumper car on Singapore Road
You think everyone's blind on a congested road in town?

My civic only suffered superficial abrasion & bruises
Which can be recovered using Turtle Wax

As for him
I got down his plate number

I'm sorry Mr Chao Chee Bye
You're not gonna make your way back to Singapore from Malaysia with your CRV
You may try selling your bitch to some corrupted mata
Probably they can just return you your steering wheel

Kinda spoil my Thursday night

I'd told DarDar to drive safely
And reminded him to give way at all times even if the person is wrong
Honks should only be used in case of emergency warning

I hope those gets into his brains

I think I'll just stick to my yellow bendy Mercedes

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Tell me I'm not helping you enough
When it's beyond my control
Of course that's the most I could do
Why insist I do something that is way beyond my control & I cant change the history?!

Fuck lah!
You got no mouth to talk to me ah?
Always ask your man to talk to me
Is it you who want the job or your husband wants it?
Remember the last sentence you said before you left?

'I'm not very desperate about not getting the job'

Yah right
Why is your man calling me so often?

I offered my suggestion to help you
I did not force you to do things you're not comfortable with
Why did you said I persuaded you to do things you are not comfortable with?


Good thing I'm leaving
Stupid bloody bitch

Friday, August 24, 2007

It's been long I last visit my Dept
So I popped over this afternoon

When I was there
Everyone was so happy to see me
& I chatted with them
the HOD came
"Cynthia... when is your last day?"
Everyone was shocked
& asked me why am I leaving, when is it, what I'll be doing, etc
Asked me to stay... dont go


& then one of the staffs cried


I found my job meaningful
But it's not appreciative
The effort provided to the Dept was greatly appreciated
But the appreciation is not recognised

What's the point?

But at least
I'm glad that I'd left deep impact to my very 1st batch of people I knew
From strangers to friends

If the working environment isnt that bad
If the boss isnt that sacarstic
If my work is appreciative
I would consider staying

But too bad
It's too late

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm planning an overseas trip
Either to Phuket or Langkawi
Price is almost the same
Maybe a +/- SGD$50


DarDar doesnt feel easy going Phuket
Coz he scares got tsunami
I also abit scared
But I think lightning wont strike twice at same place

I went Langkawi before
But DarDar didnt
The island is so sparsely developed that it sorta feels like Batam
Only that they understand my broken Melayu

I donno which to decide
DarDar says 'up to you loh'
When he says that
I also sian
Coz I also cant decide when it comes to travel


*picks Koko shits*
Langkawi? Phuket? Langkawi? Phuket?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Feels good resting at home
Heck care about office stuffs

Yesterday spoke to one of the colleagues from another department
He said:"Goodness, can you just switch off your phone after office hours?"
I requested him to call me after office hours but he's so kind to tell me that I shouldnt be working beyond 6

Oh well

I broke the news to him
He went silent for several seconds
& asked
"You serious?"

He's shocked that I'm leaving
Kept asking me why why why
Said he appreciated my work, want me stay

But too bad
You're not my boss

So anything
Having a break today isnt that bad too
I can do whatever I want

Went for an interview this morning
One of the most interesting interviews I'd ever gone

Or probably coz it's been long I've ever attended one

Oh nevermind
Had a good morning spent with DarDar

I really feel better
I think i'd made a right choice

Too bad Damien didnt informed me earlier about this weekend's dive
If not, I'll be there


Saturday, August 11, 2007

DarDar & I quarrelled on the day when Singapore grew one year older
For the first time

& it's all about the car

DarDar kept complaining that I drove very reckless
Donno how to control the car
Donno when to brake
Donno whatever-procedures-you-can-think-of-when-diving

I was damn pissed off

I haven been driving for the past 1 year after I'd gotten my license
& when I do
It's only of a mere 1km distance

Having a car truly to us 24/7
I then get the chance to step on the pedals

DarDar drove most of the time
Outta 10 trips, he drove 8
Of coz I am not able to catch up with my long-lost skills
& there he goes
Confusing me with his way of driving
& scolding me of my way of driving

Why am I not trusted of the way I do things?

Is it really true that men think women cant drive?

I was damn fucking frustrated

On the way to Tampines IKEA
A Mugeno wanted to come out of the exit
Stopping behind the white STOP line

I stopped in front of it at the junction
As there are cars lining up to make the corner turn
The Mugeno horned me

"Knn.. horn what sia.."
"You're blocking her"
"Block what? There's no fucking yellow box! There're cars in front! Is it my fault?"

Oh tell me all my theories I'd learnt are wrong
Tell me all my driving skills are wrong
Tell me everything I do is wrong

I felt inferior again
Fought myself hard not to think of all that had happened since I graduated

It seems to me that since then
I have never been successful in everything I do

Spend so much money
Waste so much time
Succeeded nothing

& further pops a question from the penile homosapiens
'I wonder how you got your driving license'

& I wondered how you could NOT get your license at one go

I did

& when I dont drive
I read the map
He dont understand my directions
& can question
"You know how to read map or not?"

I feel like slapping him with the Street Directory
I got A1 for my Geography
People call me 'Human GPS'
& again
I'm not trusted

So even if we get lost
There's always a way

Yesterday we went to Toa Payoh
Both of us had no idea about that neighbourhood
Missed the junction
Made 3 U-turns before reaching

I told him there's no need to U-turn
Coz in front got a cut-through route to the destination
& you think he cares?

Another U-turn


Both of us were very sad after the quarel
I asked him one question on the bed
"Dont you feel happier if we're still riding on the bus?"

He broke down to cry

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Do you know that I can get pissed off when...
- I dont get the things I want?
- things that doesnt come to me involves (alot of) money?

I am so pissed that I can strangle an elephant

I lost the company phone during my dive trip last July
So I had to replace it
It's outta production
So it's rare in the market
I had to buy it online

Won the phone in the auction
DarDar negotiated
Deal made
Payment transferred
Never see the phone

Called to enquire
Said already mailed
But still no sight

Tell me
Do you...
1) feel cheated?
2) feel stupid?
3) feel it's wasting my time?
4) wanna kill that asshole?


I demanded for the phone number of that guy
DarDar refused to give me
So I went to search for it in the auction
Found & SMSed him
He better replies
Or I'm going to teach him about honesty

I'm now serving my month's notice
I must die die get the phone before I left
Thus the urgency
& this CHAOCHEEBYELANJIAO is eating my money, wasting my time

Never ate lao niang's fist before never know how death feels like

I'm giving him 2 more days...

My fist needs to warm up 48 hours in advance

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I finally completed my Basic Medical Terminology Course
Gotten a certificate

Now I can spurt out all those chim chim words
For example:
"Wah lao...tell you so many times liao you still donno, I can get hematemesis leh.."

I can vomit blood


Oh all aside
I was down with fever
& now still abit
I'm looking forward to National Day
I can rest
& also earn a public holiday during my notice period

I am tendering
8 August
Huat huat!

Auspicious day mah!

Just now drove back home in my black Honda Civic with blue eyes
I called it 'Lambodini' (named after my friend Dean)
Took 15mins
So far so good
No kana horned
But I dashed red light
& also did the most daring stunts that even my DarDar hasnt succeed me
I did a 2 seconds wheel spin


Actually I couldnt get my biting point
So wheel-spun on the spot
& luckily didnt stall
So I pretended to 'demo' to whoever saw it


Knn wanna die liao still so wanna save face

Buay sai
I must practise my driving
My Lambodini is waiting for me

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I saw a hawkbill turtle 4 times at Labrador Park today!
I'd never seen so much during my dive trips!

Initially one of the anglers were pulling his line damn hard
Then it snapped off
& suddenly
I saw a brown mass surfacing to the surface
I pointed out to Dean
& both of us were so excited about it
DarDar was shitting, so he missed it
Minutes later
The turtle came up again for an additional 3 times

I wonder where it came from

Got one xiao didi came to talk to DarDar
So cute
Looking from the back
It seems like father & son talking baout fishing

Got 2 fishes!
A wrasse & a juvenile half-beak(?)

Threw the wrasse back
But kept the half-beak

Not a bad day today at Labrador
Other than on the way
Kana scolded by DarDar coz he said I freaked him out when I drove
Lao niang pass TP one time nia
You have to take three times loh
Slap you

Dad needs to return HK next next week
Grandaunt's feeling very weak
She's having illusion of her dying
Getting more & more paranoid

Cant blame her
I guess I'll be like that too when I'm old, weak & ugly

I'm hesitating to return HK
To get some nice cheap ROM dresses
But DarDar couldnt make it back with me

See how lah

I hope she'll be fine

Friday, August 03, 2007

I managed to reach home 'early' so I could ask if Mum wanna go Batam shopping on National Day
But then Mum was busy talking on the phone with Aunt
Sounding all so worried & surprised, at the same time

Dad started shouting at her & my Aunt
Non stop

I hate it when my Dad starts shouting
Because it's all nonsense with no filters

Same old issue

I tried to peace him down with examples
& He kept on saying he wont care
& let my Mum settle it all

I asked:"Is this the way you love Mum?"
He kept silent
Then responded:"I'd already told her to stop helping. One day she'll be dragged down"
"So you would wanna see her being dragged down alone by not helping her together?"
He kept silent again
& responded:"This is her family's issue. The [my surname]s should stay away"
"& let the [Mum's surname]s to suffer herself?"

"No... but we cant poke into other people's matter. When people turned around & asked you why do you care, how?"
"Are you afraid? Mum's married to you so you should help. Does that mean that when I'm married to the [DarDar's surname]s I could least care about you?"

With soft sobs coming from my left
Where Dad's standing at the door,with face pressed on his stretched arm

"Mum, why dont you talk to Uncle first before you transfer any money over? Somehow I believe that Uncle still cares about his daughter. Needless to say he should be grateful to his sister who has been helping his daughter all the while until she couldnt take it anymore. Tell me which asshole doesnt love his daughter & his sister? If no one dares to tell him, I will do it. I dont believe everyone's so heartless...."

Mum thought for a while

"I dont believe that Big Cousin doesnt have the money. He could spend a million decorating his house, keeping 2 arowanas & an ugly Pursian. $4k is not alot"

"YAH LAH, That's what I'm angry about. He's so rich & still must ask us for money"

"Hello... did you say a shit about it? You kept shouting about nothing like this"

"Ok ok... come, gimme your bankbook.. I go transfer the money tomorrow"

"Why? Why are you now giving in to transfer the money? If this is your final decision, why start arguing in the first place? Very fun isit? Everytime I come home you're asleep. Now wanna talk to you guys always argue!"


"It's getting late... go sleep.. your DarDar is waiting for you"

"Just dont transfer anything till I grab Uncle's phone number... then we'll see how it goes..."

Mum hugged & kissed me
For the 1st time I could remember over the 24 years

Thursday, August 02, 2007

My eye blood vessels burst wor!
So power

Must be the radiation from my stupid office computer

Oh yes
Time for MC again =D
Damn Qi Gek...
Some people just dont understand confidentiality
Make my life difficult...