Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm back from Phuket
The symposia were nice
I gave my talk
2 rounds of applauses
Thank you!

Many of them came forward & praised me
I was happy
But sadly I did not get the best talk award among the students
Someone who speaks with a swirled tongue with a fake british accent & lotsa inaccurate articulation won it

It was a good experience
Met old friends
Made new friends
So I'm happy overall
Just sad to leave them on the very last day =(

I joined my in-laws after Friday
& we had fun traveling to different sight-see places
4 of us were sick
Food poisoning
Among the 12, we were the 'Fantastic Four'
We suspected it was the coconut shake

It wasnt a good feeling especially we had to endure the cramps & diahorrea just hours before flight
Plus the air temperature in airports & in flight were surprisingly low
Which made hubby & I developed fever the very moment we reached home
Luckily the temperature scans at the immigration counters are no longer around
Else we could have been quarantined

We slept for 24 hours completely
We felt better the next day
Hubby was called for work, without prior notice
I applied leave for him
But apparently the staff did not tell the boss
Insisted he goes work at 10am still
Hubby informed boss he is sick
& the boss reprimanded my hubby for not informing earlier
Hubby insisted I'd already applied leave for him & this is not a last minute arrangement

Big jerk

We had charcoal pills, dhamotil & panadol for self-medication
I always choose not to see doctors coz they will just feed me with exactly the drugs I have at home
But today
Hubby went work
He was requested of a MC

Whatever for?

He is only a part-timer
He only gets paid for days he works
Why does he have to fork out 3x the pay of the day to show that piece of paper?

I was furious

1st of all
I'd already informed the staff
Staff did not informed boss
What? A big set-up?

When ask the staff official work issues
He replied other things like how to keep his fishes alive
What the fuck?
Doesnt he know that Google search exist?
& my hubby is not a fish guru?

My hubby may be kind enough to answer simple fish-related questions
But comon, in the middle of the night, sms-ed to ask why does the water purifier foam?

I feel like smashing that ass into bits

This is not helping
This is just full of himself

If he's reading this
Read my finger
Yes, the middle one

It was a nice Phuket trip, seriously
But having come back with sickness is not what we chose to
Instead of showing compassion
We were hit with sarcastic saying like 'nice food poisoning'

I curse his fishes in his newly set-up tank all die within 1 day, any day
& I'd say
'Nice death!'

Thank you & fuck you

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Still in Phuket

This trip is lovely
Met all kinds of malacologists
Although i'm more into ecology
Some talks by people dealing with evolution, reproduction, phylogeny were really impressive

Met my ex-boss & his friends
Europeans' hugs >_<
Seem like we really miss each other

It's Friday tomorrow
The day of my presentation

Bless me

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I am going away
My 1st official business trip
Oral presentation

Gonna meet all the malacologists from around the world
Kinda excited

It is so snail-y I'm gonna die!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

my mind went blank for 5 minutes during a bus ride
when I snapped back
I just realised i'd reached my bus stop & almost missing it

what happened?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Left my hot plate on after yesterday's experiment
Still burning at 60deg C

I have another one that I can work on
Else it's gonna be another day wasted

Next week
Will be my day
I will be doing my 1st oral presentation in a WORLD CONGRESS

oh my dog

I will be meeting most of the malacogologists from all over the world
& I thought I'm the only one doing snails

Kinda anticipating yet kinda not-looking-forward-to

I will just accept with open heart
& I cant wait to meet the Hard Rock gang!

Thursday, July 08, 2010



Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Comments on annual report
Effort recognised

Now it gives me more sparks to future studies!
I did not watch World Cup 2010 this year
But I'm rooting for Spain


I donno why the lomo feel kicks in
I think it is due to the free lomo camera advertisement upon membership sign-up in AAS that I saw this noon

Then I saw Edwin 大佬's table mat at his house
Showing all the evolution of Canon cameras
It just struck me that
I should bring my EOS630 to Phuket next week
I then thought of trying chrome film on SLR
& then I thought of bringing my 'Rolleiflex' to finish up the remaining film
& then I thought of bringing my Polaroid to take instant pictures with lovely friends
& of course I must bring my G7 to snap around

4 cameras
I think I'm mad

I even ask told DarDar if Yashica is still usable
& also told DarDar that after Polaroid
I'll bring my Fujiroid

Poor Fuji had been in storage for too long

The thing about using films is that
I'm abit niao to 'waste' films on sceneries that is UGLY
So usually film cameras are used overseas


Oh my god
Think I better stop thinking about cameras

I guess I'll turn into a camera junkie very soon
Sooner than expected

& hey
I'm not giving up my photoshoot road trip!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

New data notebook
The hearts better stay with me till my project ends!

**Was teasing with DarDar how my notebook could have been lost. Because of the cat drawn on the cover. It ran away. -_-"
Things are not going right for me

Not because I'm lazy not staying back in lab to complete my experiment
I just cant do it

Sensors were spoilt
Had it fixed
Now I suspect the amplifier is failing
& I dont have time working on the damn circuit again
& there's no kind engineers helping me
I feel sooooooooooooo helpless & frustrated

So I went home

Waited for 15mins for my bus
Just realised that the Fare-by-distance scheme starts today
My journey from home to school took me an hour on 3 buses
My journey took extremely long
When I was to transfer my last bus
First I missed it
Second it's not arriving even after 20mins
Frustrated again
I walked to my neighbourhood
Which is just around the corner
For 600m

Passed by supermarket
Thought of making clam soup
Clams sold out
What the fuck
I was so annoyed that I could grab the (mini) watermelon by the section & crush it with my bare hands

So I walked to the nearest bus stop
& Continued my remaining journey
Upon arrival
I saw my remaining amount
It started off with $5

Almost $2.50 for my journey?
& mind you

I'm frustrated + frustrated = super frustrated

What's wrong?

Is it me or just everything around?

I think I'm gonna activate my back-up plans

Friday, July 02, 2010

I'd never thought of this coming


Good thing is
That book was kinda scrappy
Penned with notes & observations ONLY
The actual data had been electronically saved



Now that my scrappy book is lost
I cant remember when & where I last saw that book!
(I have 4 MUJI books of the same design but I draw cartoons on it to differentiate. I drew a cat on this book & my cat said 'Meow~')
I feel so uneasy knowing that my data is (not exactly) gone!

I know I still have the real thing
But but...
It just irks me
Letting me know that
This is the 1st time I'd ever made such a big mistake!!!

Thank Dog this is really scrappy

Heavy sighs
Deep frowns

Just would any kind souls (literally) tell me where my book is?

Où est mon livre?!?!?!?!?!