Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's just less than a week

I'd given up work & spent time with my family members including my 2 pigs

Boss isnt really helping, somehow
Not sure if I sure appreciate it or not
I just want a Yes/No reply
As usual

Given this reason
I'm not lazy

I'm just spending time wisely

Monday, September 27, 2010

DarDar & I had our lives' most expensive meal ever
As it is situated in Mandarin Galley
Entering the lobby is really a new experience
Everything around is so posh
That I reckon that everyone who wants to dine there must be appropriately dressed
My polka dot dress ;)

I made a lunch reservation
& we were brought to a table at a corner
The atmosphere in it is so..... unique!
We were served by a waitress named Jessie who politely welcomed us to Lawry's
Introduced the history of Lawwry's
& then introduced their main courses

We had the Lawry's cut prime rib set each
Which comes with 3 other side dishes

Within a short while
We were served with house breads - plain white & walnut wholemeal
DarDar enjoyed them alot, saying it's the best bread he'd ever had

Next came our salad
It was introduced as their famous Spinning's salad
The waitress spun the large metal mixing bowl on ice
Poured salad dressing from high
& mixed the salad well while the bowl still spun
She looks as if she's dancing!

This is really delicious!
The look of it already is appetizing
Although it only includes normal lettuces & tomatoes
The beet, croutons, cheese & their special sauces really made the taste!
DarDar who is not a hardcore vegetable lover as I am,
Praised it high claiming that it's the best salad he had ever!

The horseradish sauce to go with the meat

The way they serve the prime ribs is so cool
They have this mobile stove
In it has loaves of roasted meats
As according to your order
The chef will slice the meat right in front of you
(ok, picture not nicely taken, but you'll know it when you're there!)

Oh my god
Seriously both us noobs have no idea what we ordered
280g of meat taken from a 30th months old calf (as we were told)
Accompanied with the standard side dishes of the mashed potato & Yorkshire pudding
It is so thick that it looks like El Capitan from Yosemite Valley upon close-up
The waitress cutting up the freshly fried Yorkshire Pudding for us

I think DarDar loved this meal totally
His plate was empty
I though had a harder time finishing coz I'm not so much of an avid meat-eater
Frankly speaking
We were very full when the meat is only half eaten!

Why did we go to Lawry's Prime Rib?
1) we were greedy
Who can resist 1-for-1 promotion especially when it's fabulous food that one will NEVER reject? & Yes, DBS spoilt us

2) we were curious
We watched a food documentary introducing Lawry's on TLC. Everyone gave good reviews. So why not?

3) it may probably be the last sumptuous meal with DarDar before I depart Singapore

We had no complaint about the meals today
Food quality really meets our expectations & worths the price
(DarDar is always my food rating master. He has better tastebuds than I do.)
Other than it being really expensive (even though we took the 1-for-1 offer)
The total bill summed up to SGD122++

The original bill was SGD212++

Whoever is going Lawry's to dine
Do make sure it's for a really special occasion & with a really special someone
Or you are fucking rich


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getting inspiration @ National Library
Inspiration uploading...... 50%

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I think school on Monday was happy
Because I have so many friends appearing in lab
I also got to meet Prof & shared with her my latest findings
As well as to ask her how I should go along with my candidature
It appeared to me that, although we're on the track
It's not going smoothly & efficiently enough
So I hope, regardless of whatever, I can still manage to complete my work by next June
& start re-organising my thesis

I've gotten most of the chapters done
5 out of 8
But it's in a mess
& all those figures, tables & what-else need to be re-structured

I hate that

Whenever I know I have to do that
I just have no mood at all
Like what I'm feeling now!
Am I wasting time & killing myself?
I think so too
But I really cant bring myself doing these

My drafts that were to be sent in for publications are on hold
Boss has yet returned to me
It's been 9 months already!
& I wondered if she's keeping her words
I just hope to get some papers out during my candidature!
Not only does it makes me look good
It also makes me feel that I'm achieving something & that I'm striving for it!

I dont see the motivation now
The spark seems to have died
But I cant let it die, of course
So here it is, shining faintly at the little corner

I hope my research to be done in HK will go smooth
Then that will ease my mind
The whole candidature depends on this research for it occupies the largest & most significant part of my research

& then
That leaves me 2 more small experiments

Although I have these all planned properly
I just hope I wont waste any of my effort
& any more time

I have great plans working in 2011!!

Bless me!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just got my rolls of films developed
Loved them
Some shots are really gorgeous
Taken with chrome film in twin lens cammy

Some shots are really special too
I left the chrome film untouched in my Holga for a year
& it got expired
So, the colors were way off its original

My SLR bought in flea market is still working perfect
Plus my 50mm lens
Perfect to perfection
Every aspect is so clear that even DarDar is impressed

I love it when my works are appreciated
even though I'm not a professional photographer

Anyone interested to do a photoshoot roadtrip?
Malaysia will just do fine ^^

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Went for my medical check up this morning
Recovery in good condition
That's good to hear :)

Headed to Bugis
& started my shopping spree

I couldnt believe my eyes
Almost everything cost $10 per piece
& they are even cheaper than online purchase!
I felt I was in China
Because most of the salesgirls were from China
& the China-chinese slang is so strong
Their China-english slang is so FUNNY!

Opps I'm sorry
I shouldnt laugh at them

I'm happy I bought my stuffs ;)

But gosh
They gave me this ugly looking plastic bag
That I had to go to Kinokuniya to grab a Japanese mook
which comes with free bag
To carry my items

It felt soooooooooooooooooooooooo good to walk alone
With no restrictions
No time rush
I even have time to play 'capsules' (aka 扭蛋)

<3 this Hello Kitty pouch
Crossed-over with Jody

I also got to act tourist
The salesgirl scrutinised me for 2 seconds when I asked her about the price of a dress
I guess she was trying to figure if I'm a tourist so she can 'chop carrot'
While payment
A HK$2 coin rolled out of my pouch
That added the pretense

I love my outfit today
So punk rock
& most of the people I passed looked at me

Yah why? Never see before meh?
This is 'dressing with attitude'
Not like a flock of blind sheeps following fashion trends
I couldnt stand all the Korean fashion clothings selling at Bugis Village today!
I almost died in that piece of fake Korean land!
The floral patterns, laces & chiffon are disgusting

Headed to Suntec
Looking for a pair of sneakers
2 caught my attention
Which is nicer?
Neon pink (SGD189) or neon yellow (SGD111)?
I'm into colors lately

Since I had plenty of time before DarDar knocks off
I entered almost every shop
Bought a pair of silver grey heels
UP:$49.90, OP:$9.90
& another pair of pastel pink ballerina flats
UP:$15, OP$7.50

So happy
Almost everything I bought today cost less than $10! >_<

I'm so tired at around 4pm+
& sat at MacDonalds @ Marina Square

Then walked to Raffles Place to meet DarDar to go home together
& we walked to City Hall to take bus

I'd covered a SQUARE!

I think I'd walked the slowest pace ever
1 step per second
With some calculations
I did a total of 21600 steps, approximately

Legs are so sore now
But I like~~

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to school today to prepare my 2nd batch of samples
3 of my other lab mates were there
Kinda happy coz the lab has never been so crowded!
But kinda sian coz I cant do my things openly, for example, walking bare foot around the lab & blasting music


Now that things had kinda settled & prepared
I'm all ready to go HK!
So excited coz I'm seeing Gray again


Friday, September 10, 2010

It's public holiday today!
Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Slacking at home as per normal
No mood to continue doing my report
As I'd painstakingly started on the M&M yesterday noon =\

Uploaded the photos for my road trip ;)

The whole trip was fun
Although we'd been to these 2 places before
The journey up was amazing

How often do you get to speed?

I think I'm addicted to road trips
It gives one the flexibility in routes & time
So you could last minute-ly change your mind to go somewhere else
Or dilly-dally abit before reaching the destination

& this is what I like about ;)

For more photos click here

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I think
I'm not the one facing problems with academic

Not because we are lazy
But the fact that our work had been back-logged by our boss
& thus jammed

My other classmate was worse
Hers had been stalled for months
& is gonna missed her deadline
Not that she had not completed her work
It was our boss who did not proceed with it


I know she sounded very pissed
So am I

Thinking how I got rejected to meet because my boss had no time
Doesnt meant we, students, are not productive enough to schedule appointments with supervisor
I was encouraged to churn out as many papers as possible during my candidature so as to get into the Dean's list
But none is processing!!!
So angry!

I recalled my undergraduate days
I just knocked on Gray's door & we chatted
Despite him having no time
He will still go out to the shore with me
To pluck limpets off rocks
& then rushed back to lab to complete his own work

That's devotion

& I cant explain how much I love Gray (as a boss)

I kinda regret not doing my post-graduate studies in HKU
But I know if I chose that path
I also know I wont meet DarDar

I guess that's fate somehow

I told myself
Just one more day to slack
I will write my Introducton for Chapter 5 tomorrow

Monday, September 06, 2010

Back from my road trip
It was fun!
Although I've been to both places
The special part of it was traveling up the expressway
It just amazed me how countries can be connected easily

I'll upload the photos & further blog about it later though

In school
Thought could try my luck to meet Prof
But she rejected me coz she's busy

Think I go shopping later at IMM as it has free parking

So here I go!

Thursday, September 02, 2010


Didnt get it


*hate contests nowadays. uses twitter! & I dont know how to use!