Saturday, February 28, 2009

It has been kinda happening over the weekend
So many activities going on that i cant remember what's up for tomorrow

Went to NATAS on Friday
Initially didnt wanna go coz it was fucking far
It took us almost 3 hours to reach by fucking slow bus

It was my first time visiting NATAS
& it was kinda crowded

They even have traditional Korean performances

DarDar & I were walking around & around
Looking for tours in Sabah & Sarawak
Which we'll be heading in May
& there's this girl who was promoting Pom Pom Island
My eyes immediately wide open & exclaimed
The girl, shocked by my response, said: "WHAT? YOU KNOW ABOUT POM POM ISLAND?!"
& both of us chatted like we are friends for over 20 years
All over an island

The package is sooooooooooooo fucking cheap
& I'd left my contacts with her so I can bring a group of interested divers over with discounted price
So anticipating

I'm gonna see a live one in May 2009! >_<

While we were about to leave the hall after 3 hours of exploration
We were stopped by this Taiwanese who was promoting this wedding package
Both DarDar & I wanted to escape
But they were so persistent

In the end we gave it a try
The person-in-charge was very friendly
& she started to introduce what Taiwan has
& she said Taiwan is a must-go coz she has everything there
Then she started to promote their wedding package

It is by Lishe
They were offering this package that includes a white gown & evening gown for the bride
A suit for the groom
Makeup, hair-do, studio & outdoor shots
5 shots of 18" photos with DI, etc
& 4* hotel accomodation for 3D2N
1 day-tour
at SGD$598 per pair

I initially thought SGD$598 per pax but 2 to go (I was just thinking ridiculous. Who takes photoshoot alone?!)
But DarDar said it's for a couple
& I was like...'WHAT SO CHEAP?'

The promoter must have striked us right through our hearts & mind
& then brought out a form for us to fill
On top of that
She gave me a necklace & a glass photo frame with crystals

The package was so tempting
& I was kinda hesitating to sign
coz I've never pay for anything more than $100 without days of thorough consideration
But given her hard effort to persuade us on such a cheap deal
It's just as hard to reject her either!
So I paid

Although it's only 5 photos
I'm actually more interested to go to Taiwan
Taking photos or not is just optional
But since the package is so worthed it
SO why not?
Somemore we haven take our wedding photos
So a double why-not?
If the package is cheap over there
I could just do a walk-in
& take several more!

Furthermore, DarDar & I even planned to extend our days
Switching over to budget hotels after the 2 nights
& then go sport-fishing & whale sighting

Who needs to go to Altantic Ocean to see whales?

There're just plenty of promotion going on
With my payment charged to DBS
I'm given a free suitcase!

& a free cow neck-pillow when we signed for our Superior plan travel insurance for the Sabah trip at 45% discounted price!

Soooooooooooo happy
Got cheap promotions
& free gifts
It's just hard to deny that someone is fucking poor
So poor that the person is still affordable to travel Tibet & Silk Road at SGD$1888!

I am totally excited about my Taiwan trip already
& I'm gonna research on it now

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Got a new hair colour again!

I think it's time for dark hair colour now
Not young anymore, you know?

Under white light
It's actually dark ash brown with greenish blonde at the end
Love it
& I wonder why the hairstylists so far had been always choosing green for my highlights

I finally got my answer today
"Because your skin tone matches well with green & blonde"

With my long fringe covering my eye
I feel like I'm Gegege no Kitaro


2 weeks later
My hair's gonna change again
2009 Trendzoom style
I'm gonna cut my fringe short
& with several colour highlights
It's gonna look cool
& you know what?
I'm given a particular theme to follow
It's the 'Ecopolitan'
Which is a side-by-side trend blend into nature

What a coincidence
A hairstyle + colour for a naturalist

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For Dog's sake
I had been sneezing for the past 30 minutes
Used up half box of my tissue
& my eyes started to itch like hell
I rubbed
Looked at mirror
Eye wasnt red
So I rubbed & rubbed as it itched & itched

*laser eye beam on*

Never felt this bad before
Nor had it been so sudden & acute!

I just popped Clarinase
Hope it will subside soon

I cant fucking breathe normally
That's the worst scenario to occur before bed-time
Pretty tired
Was in physics lab testing my amplifier

How can an infra-red sensor not be able to detect pulses (from wrist) but probably can detect pulses from a snail through a shell?
I can do that in Hong Kong
So I dont see why not here?
Even if I'm given 10001 physics answers to my question
I still insist that everything I was told to use for the duplication of the device
SHOULD work properly
Since they want snails, I'll give them snails next week

Oh yah
Take a look at my ecology lab by the way
Have been always talking about it
& here's the details!

I handed in my presentation slides for my stupid scent marking assignment
1 task off the load
Just need to prepare script
At the same time
I guess I better work on my littorinid presentation slides before I have no time to do that at all

So anyway
3 of my fellow classmates presented today
& we have to participate in the Q&A
Interestingly, or unluckily
The questions that I wanna ask were being asked by Prof


So I couldnt participate twice coz she already asked my questions twice!

Thinking about it
It was actually quite amazing
Does that mean that she thinks the same way as I do?
& if that is so
Is that why both of us can work together?


Just so weird...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I just borrowed this book from the school library without even looking at the synopsis

I'm so cold in my lab =~

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Was at JB yesterday
DarDar's friend visited his family
& so we went to DarDar's grandpa's durian plantation in Perkan Nanas for a durian tour

Baby durians

Though it's not durian season yet
Those taste delicious too!
I cant wait for July to come!
& I'll have free durians from Ubin too! =D
I'm searching for cheap air tickets AGAIN!
Not for vacation this time
But for a meeting in Hong Kong in June

DarDar's not joining me this time
& Prof might be joining
Else I'll just be alone for a week like I had been 3 years ago
& I bet that week will feel like a year

I might be able to use my Asia Miles card finally!
But I'd wanna ride on SIA
The last I sat in was..... 19 years ago
This proves that SIA's air ticket has been too expensive even for the past years that is still unaffordable for me to buy now

Oh anyway
I'll see to that

Let's see
Events are all lined up
March: Research
April: Research
May: Sabah & Sarawak
June: Hong Kong
July: Research
August: Research
September Research
November: Lab
December: London

Please kindly book me in advance for any meetups!
Not trying to hao-lian my busy schedule
It's just nice that I can set aside my schedule & meet you guys for a proper meal to catch up!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh my dog
DarDar spoilt my diet plan!
Do you know how bad it is to eat crepe at this hour (i.e., 115am)?
Please disregard my messy hair & smile
I'm not really supposed to smile at the super high calories food in my hands
Super sinful cornbeef + cheese filling

DarDar bought this crepe powder from Daiso this afternoon
& he is eager to make it
He was hungry for supper but refused to cook Maggi mee
So he spent 1 whole hour to make 5 pieces of crepes
But only ate 1 piece coz he was damn full after that
My brother finished the rest of the portions
& now
He complaint his legs were sore from the standing in front of the stove

Me:"Do you know you actually spent like 1 whole hour to make those crepes?"
DarDar smiled
Me:"Why dont you just eat my cup noodles which is only 3 minutes? Waste energy. Somemore you only ate 1 piece! Economically unbeneficial!"
DarDar smiled stupidly & said
"I wanna try to make what... if not I wont know how it taste like"
Me:"You hungry just eat cup noodles la! You scare tomorrow no time to make crepe is it?"
DarDar smiled more stupidly
Which is his usual kind of silent agreement that I'm damn right about his stupid acts

I dont stock up cup noodles for NOTHING
& I like it when I always win in our conversations

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm jealous
Dad & Mum are planning a trip to Europe in November
& they're heading London, Scotland & Paris

I'm still very jealous
Why didnt they bring me along?

I miss my Spain trip so much =(
But at the same time
Anticipating my St Petersburg, Russia trip in 2011
International Symposium on littorinid biology & evolution X

& DarDar promised to bring me to Rome

>_< >_< >_<

& I've yet changed currency!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Damn the MINDEF siren which woke me up at 12pm!
I slept at 5am you know?

Was out with Michelle to Tanah Merah
Yes, that far
To do something extraordinary but normal to us three

Outdoor BYOP BBQ & dog-friending event

We then headed to Geylang for dou hua
& went home

There's when we met this crazy driver of the red Mitsubishi Lancer
(see post below)

Another weekend gone
Gonna start my presentation slides tomorrow!
To the driver of a red Mitsubishi Lancer:

You cant fucking drive properly even when you're not drunk
Neither were you on P-plate
So why is it that you fucking high-beamed us from behind out of the sudden
When 3 pairs of eyes confirmed there's no sight of you while coming out of the slip road?
You think we so free to wanna cut you at the front?
You also think your car is so fucking fast that we cant see you fucking coming & that you're fucking afraid of getting fucking killed in a crash?


You think you're possessed by Initial-D's Takumi's spirit?
Comon lah
You're fucking staggering on both lanes while driving on a bend
Why dont you even drift & blast with nitrox after that?

& what's your fucking purpose of high-beaming us?
& then keep fucking looking at us for no reason?
Wanna fucking scare me isit?
老娘 not scared of you!

You fucking kanninabei chao cheebye mai bo dai ji lai fucking high-beam people
& fucking show those unnecessary hand signs to imply we're losers

Is there a competition even?

Competition of the civilised and barbarians

Obviously we won

If this is one of the scenes from Burnout/ Grand Turismo/
I sure crash you until you fucking cant recognise your fucking dick!

I forgot
I saw a girl beside you
& that girl was soooooooooooooo shy to look at us & what was happening

Were you showing off your lousy driving skills but then wanna become hero by fucking challenging us unnecessarily?


If there's fucking nothing for you to do on a Valentine's day
Go fuck your girl & stay out of the road

Dont let me see you in my neighbourhood
I can always do something to make you popular
Dont test me

Before I end my words to you
Let me add the 20th 'fucking' word


Saturday, February 14, 2009

DarDar & I could re-enact Rush Hour few hours ago

We were to attend BreakOut at Esplanade at 8pm
& we only left the house at 7pm
With many many unexpected jams
We reached Orchard within 20 mins instead of a normal 15 mins

We then switched to cab
Same thing
Fucking jam at every road
& our taxi was bumped by a car behind

Not serious accident
& the taxi uncle ignored
& back on the road again

The fare was $13+
DarDar gave him $14 & kept the change

We ran & ran
& we reached the door at 7:56:43


Imagine how ungraceful I was in my dress
& scuttering on the heels making all those 'cloak cloak cloak' noise to attract even more attention

My first time into the Esplanade on a V-day weekend

Supposed to be a perfect day
Spoilt by heavy traffic jams & unnecessary panic of missing the show

I then realised it is Friday the 13th

I thought I was in those English theatre!

The boys & girls could really break-dance as if their bodies are feather-weight!

photo courtesy from here

It is damn nice
I admire those dancers so much
Why didnt I wanna do break-dance when I was ages younger?
It's so cool & everything
Just my style

So anyway
The show was funny too
Laughed till got tears

& the beat-box guys were so cool too!

I clapped until my both hands become red
Worth it
*thumbs up up up up up*

Friday, February 13, 2009

After 4 months of (extreme) hard & rush work
I'd finally handed in my report!
A lifted mood over the Valentine's day weekend

86 pages including references for a year's work
Prof said it's alot of work for a start
& more to come...

Handed in a total of 5 sets
That's like 500+ pieces of paper
Plus another 30+ ugly/incorrect printings
I killed 1 tree today

Have you noticed that the moon lately had been very bright & round?
So bright & round that the newspaper was talking about it every day?

Had been 'busy' lately
In fact
I haven seen my parents for almost 1 week already
& I'm feeling damn bad about it =(

Met up with DarDar's friends on Wednesday night
Had Waraku again! =)
It was a farewell gathering for one of his friends
Who's leaving Singapore for China

After that we went for dessert at TCC
My god
I was so fucking full already!
I ordered a soda drink which kinda tastes like colgate
But actually taste not bad after much sips

I have second thoughts of getting a spectacles with plastic frame

& on Thursday
Fucking hell
I was back to school to set up my amplifier needed for my indoor experiment
It is an electric circuit
& I was told to do it myself
I stared at the board
Having absolutely NO FUCKING IDEA
I repeated myself to the physics Prof & his student
But they insist it is very FUCKING easy


But in the end
The student started off by showing me how to connect
& spent 3 hours working on it

One staff passed by
& asked "What is this?"
The student replied it's to detect pulses
& I added "heart beats" with a smile

The curious staff said "Oh, you're not an engineer! So you're a biologist! God, this circuit looks very complicating. Even the students in the physics lab now are doing circuits which is much simpler than this!"


I was so devastated & purposely said out loud "Yes, I have absolutely no idea at all & I was so confused 3 hours ago!"

This is totally ARGH to bits that I have to added 'sourness' to make them realise that 'hey! I seriously need help to get this built but not to build it myself!'

It earns credits and ownership, yes I agree
But this is too 'over'
Do you think Thomas Edison will understand a shit if he is to do evolution like Charles Darwin did?
Or how about Jane Goodall working on radioactivity like Marie Curie?

Now my circuit has been built
But it isnt working perfectly
The student is helping to fine-tune
& yes, thank you
I think I will probably hire an engineer to set up another one for me

I'm not gonna touch on anything outside the field of ecology with zero knowledge

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I just completed my PADI nitrox course
Now I can do more dives in a day
& dive deeper!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's nice to sightsee in Kuching?
Had been searching for all types of destinations
But none interests me
Those that interest me are so expensive

A budget trip being not so budget afterall

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Back from JB
Luckily I returned on Friday
Coz we were invited for a dinner at a Datuk's house

This Datuk is a friend of DarDar's dad
& we got to eat good catered food and had a tour in his house

His house is so fucking big lor~~
The design of his house is of English vintage
& it is soooooooooooooooooo beautiful!

An elevator!

There was also dragon dance & lion dance

The fireworks just burst right in front of me! >_<

The house is like palace!
So grand & beautiful!
100% luxurious life, if I can own this house
I totally love the garden...
& bathroom...
& kitchen....
& living room...
& the dogs...
& .........


Luckily DarDar's dad & him are friends
So I can visit that house more often as well