Sunday, February 15, 2009

To the driver of a red Mitsubishi Lancer:

You cant fucking drive properly even when you're not drunk
Neither were you on P-plate
So why is it that you fucking high-beamed us from behind out of the sudden
When 3 pairs of eyes confirmed there's no sight of you while coming out of the slip road?
You think we so free to wanna cut you at the front?
You also think your car is so fucking fast that we cant see you fucking coming & that you're fucking afraid of getting fucking killed in a crash?


You think you're possessed by Initial-D's Takumi's spirit?
Comon lah
You're fucking staggering on both lanes while driving on a bend
Why dont you even drift & blast with nitrox after that?

& what's your fucking purpose of high-beaming us?
& then keep fucking looking at us for no reason?
Wanna fucking scare me isit?
老娘 not scared of you!

You fucking kanninabei chao cheebye mai bo dai ji lai fucking high-beam people
& fucking show those unnecessary hand signs to imply we're losers

Is there a competition even?

Competition of the civilised and barbarians

Obviously we won

If this is one of the scenes from Burnout/ Grand Turismo/
I sure crash you until you fucking cant recognise your fucking dick!

I forgot
I saw a girl beside you
& that girl was soooooooooooooo shy to look at us & what was happening

Were you showing off your lousy driving skills but then wanna become hero by fucking challenging us unnecessarily?


If there's fucking nothing for you to do on a Valentine's day
Go fuck your girl & stay out of the road

Dont let me see you in my neighbourhood
I can always do something to make you popular
Dont test me

Before I end my words to you
Let me add the 20th 'fucking' word


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