Thursday, February 05, 2015

I dont think I will be starting my blogpost of my awesome trip anytime soon

It has been a long time I last spoke about what is going on with my life
Not that I want the whole world to kmow
But just to let it out abit
before I go paranoid

Things have gone extremely crazy
and I am trying very hard to fit in

Hub has started work back in Malaysia
& he is commuting to work to & fro the causeway daily
Damn the toll charge increase
Both governments of the 2 countries are sucking money faster than a leech!
Plus how depreciating Malaysian Ringgit is?!
After paying for house and car
We wont have enough for other payments or expenses!

I cant really fault ourselves for being such state
My hub lost his job because his ex-boss made him a scapegoat to be blamed for his own mistake
Dismissing him just 3 months after the birth of S
I gave up my job because my ex-boss was maligning me for things I didnt do
Trying her best to kick me out of the team so I cant 'threaten' her anymore with my intelligence 

All because of bad boss

As such
I havent been working for 4 months
Hub hadnt been working for the past year
and this makes us sound like we are in serious deep debt
To support the family
I had spent ALL my savings

I know Hub is doing his very best to support the family
and I am giving him time and support
But this cant go on for long
I too needa work to help

I am in a loss now
I just got a part time job with my dream company A 
But this part time job cannot support me and my family in the long run
So I hesitated to apply for a full time job in my another dream company B

I really like company A
but as it is part time employment
I would be missing out a lot of benefits
but working there may guarantee me being back in my academic and research specialisation

Company B will probably be doing the same thing as my previous employment
But it will guarantee stability

I am hoping for some miracles to happen