Friday, April 29, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
From the gorgeous island of Malaysia

I love love love it

Well, activities are pretty much the same
But I still enjoy it
The clear blue sea is really enticing
Saliva-stimulating as well

Tell me about it >_<

Went snorkeling alone
Saw this damn huge titan triggerfish feeding from the fingers of dumb visitors

I said dumb because I'd already warned them dont finger-feed that triggerfish
But they ignored me
Until one of them went OUCH real loud

I left slightly later anyway because I didnt wanna risk my life being charged by it
I wished all those dumb people return home with hands

Dives were great too!
Water temperature was at 28deg C
& I did not see any coral bleaching

Enjoyed myself much (not very, but still ok)
Tried to unload all worries & relax
The past 3 months were really exhausting
This is a good rest ;)

Hope everyone had a good Easter holiday too!

*more photos at here

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Havent been updating posts lately
Coz for the whole of last week
I was away back on my rocky shore
It was fun
Seeing how my snails are

Tomorrow is the eve of Good Easter
& I've got plans over the long weekend

As much as I can say
I'm going away
Far far away up north

Till next week
We shall see

Thursday, April 07, 2011

I have finally finished my book - Eat Pray Love
I love the Bali part most
Probably coz I was able to visualise since I've been to Bali twice
After reading the book
I feel like going to Bali even more

Bali just has this mystical feel
This, I cant agree more
I was in a total devastated state last year due to the many unfortunate events that occurred
After a short trip to Bali
I found myself, afresh

So did Liz Gilbert!

Having read about this palm-reader who unleashed Liz her sorrows
I am so eager to look for him
Many readers and tourists had looked for him (according to search results in Google)
With or without a purpose
But for me
I am going for a purpose

But goddamn
I'm so packed this year
I dont know if I'm able to make a week for my spiritual trip

I'm so in love with Bali

Some may call me crazy for I can talk about Bali non-stop
Some may call me the 'Bali advertiser' (hey, no, i wasnt paid by the tourism board of Indonesia to do this part) for I keep promoting Bali when asked which destination is nice to travel

This time round
I am just going there to find myself
& relax