Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alice invited us to her club for dinner
So excited
Coz I've always wanna see how it's like in there
One word
No wonder people paid millions for the membership earlier

Everywhere is so nice
Looks so comfy
& it really look like living in a palace

Even the architecture model looks like one too

I'm dreaming of holding my wedding banquet here

Price is appropriate
& I wouldnt mind such environment for such price!

The cafe we had our meals

Food not bad
Just abit too salty

It is really a nice place
Now I'm so determined to save money to get a town club membership
I will give $50 per day to whom is willing to key in my research data for me by 31 July 2008

I'm seriously going nuts
Me & my nua-ness
One week havoc
One week break
& the break week was really shopping, eating, watching tv, playing, etc
Never touch my Excel at all

So many to key!!!


I'd been buying things online
Think I kinda spent around $100 already
On 1 crochet top, 1 jacket, 2 pairs of contact lens

Awaiting my reimbursement of air tic & hotel stay
*wait wait wait*

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I just watched Sharkwater
Love it to bits

Discovery channel should learn how to spread the message by showing facts that people DONT WANT to see!

Now I'm so determined to work on my goals

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I stayed overnight at Pulau Ubin yesterday
So long never camp liao
If it's not for my research
I guess I would still be hesitating about it while DarDar kept saying I'm breaking the promise to let him fish overnight


Tuesday brought all the camping items to P. Ubin
Damn heavy
& then I headed up to CJ
& at mid-way
We encountered a fallen rubber tree that blocked the path entirely
Luckily it fell at night
Imagine it falls during the day with visitors to CJ
So my chaffeur called Nparks to clear the tree
As Nparks is doing maintence work on the mud trail to Jalan Mamam
We cant proceed from the other side either!
& to get me to CJ on time at low tide
Nparks got Sunny to fetch me on his motorbike!

What an exciting trip early in the morning at 7am!
Sunny's eyes werent that sunny still
Dazing in his broken dreams

The moment I reached CJ
The sun was bright & shiny
"Happy day!" I said to Max
& when I was eating my nasi lemak breakfast
The sky suddenly turned dark
Real dark as if someone switched off Mom's (i.e Mother Nature) light
I whined to Max in fear, who is just aiming at my fried chicken drumstick

The first scene that comes to my mind
'The Happening'
You know that feeling...
Very hard to explain but I guess you all should know
Coz I've been telling everyone that I'm afraid of sudden downpour, sudden gale, sudden splashing waves, sudden this sudden that
The helplessness to react accordingly without knowing what it is
& now! Sudden darkness!

I went over to House No 1 to look look
The whole of Singapore mainland cant be seen
The rain had engulfed the land
& now it looked like I'm stranded nowhere

Too much of wild imagination

But anyway
Since CJ is pouring
& I couldnt head down shore for my studies
I played my NDS until I almost wanna fall asleep

DarDar was fishing at the jetty while waiting for me
He said he was also scared of the sudden approach of storm

I took the Nparks vehicle down to the jetty since I have nothing to do at CJ
& joined DarDar

Luckily the weather turned better
Sun was still playing hide-&-seek
But at least rain had subsided

Caught a baby grouper which I then released

Amazing floating oil rig to shipyard(?) under the still grey sky
Fished at the jetty until evening while waiting for Jeremy & Sunny to knock off
& then continued to fish overnight
Wanted to go somewhere else but then guess everyone was lazy
I almost caught 3 flower crabs!!
Damn they're clever
Else they'll be on my BBQ tray

Here's Mantis from KungFu Panda
Until 11pm
I buay tahan liao
& DarDar set up the tent for me to concuss

The night was soooooooooooooo cold!
My feet were frozen that I had to wrap them with my extra Tee
& the floor was freezing too!
Kept waking up every few hours until it was 630am

Good sunny day
Damn sunny I was almost scorched


Max & Cookie came down to the shore with me
But not for long as usual

Quickly done with my data & so
I headed home straight coz poor DarDar lied to me he slept but he didnt!
I know him one
This kinda die-die-also-must-fish pattern

I'm joining DarDar in concussion now
Damn bloody rain spoilt my plan
Now I have to go back Ubin tomorrow for my last set of data collection

Initially planned to head JB tonight so we can sleep till Friday noon without his Grandpa jio-ing us out early in the morning for breakfast
But now it seems like we cant rest over the weekends!

I'm giving you 2 choices
One - to rain all you can tomorrow over the whole of Singapore including P. Ubin & P. Tekong
Two - do not rain at all till September after my data collection is done

Tell me your answers tomorrow

**Kana mosquito bites on my arms & thighs. Donno what kinda mosquito sia.Bite liao will swell & harden.When I walked it hurts as if someone pinched you real hard.& early in the morning, your body itches as if the injected toxin has bio-clock.Argh!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Went Pulau Ubin cycling with DarDar, Ashley & Junliang yesterday
Headed to Jalan Noordin & then to CJ & to Jalan Mamam

My god
CJ's mud trail was horrible
Skidded 4 times
Never realised this is so difficult coz I was always travelling on van

Finally climbed the viewing tower
Had always wanna go up after research but was always too tired to climb
Rambutan season!!
My rock is almost covered at high tide!
My very close encounter with a wild boar!!
It was 1 meter in front of me
Wanting to eat the coconut beside me

Cookie seemed to forget me =(

Cycled all way back
Passed by Balai Quarry
Nice =)

Had a short coconut break
& DarDar kept aiming at the durian that Winson was selling
& so I decided to go to Uncle Botak's house to see if there's any
There're lots!
& Uncle Botak kept opening for us till we cant finish
Also got rambutan!

But rain suddenly pour too soon & too heavy
That we decided to head home

Not bad
We accomplished 2/3 of the Ubin trails

Ubin again!
But for research =(

Friday, July 18, 2008

A new family member
Mong Mong

A very shy & timid guinea pig

First time keeping guinea pig
So big so scary

Still prefer my hamsters
So keeping Mong Mong is DarDar's task

& I had extreme encounters with cockroaches
7 of them!
All flushed with jet of water to eliminate

Wonder where they come from
I've never seen a Mama cockroach anywhere at all!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Air ticket to Spain confirmed
& I'm flying on Air France for 15hours!

So excited
Bloody hot day
No clouds
What the hell

We went to the kelong again!
This time with more activities to do

DarDar & Michelle brought their rods to fish
& DarDar caught a super big ugly catfish that weighs maybe approximately 2kg or so
Uncle Heng was so excited coz he said it's damn nice to eat

Michelle & I went to scrap mussels
& the dogs came to ka-jiao

The Alaskan Malamute jumped onto each of us so happily
& left paw-prints on each of us

I wish it can stay on my shirt forever

I brushed its fur >_<
& I so wish I get to own him

DarDar has such nice photo with him =(
My smile is so fabulous with him
I love him soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

Harvest of the day:
A basin full of mussels
& that's part of the the harvest
Another quarter of it is at my place!
See how much we actually got!

Next visit I'll bring all the pet stuffs & groom the dog
I think I'm more interested to play with the dog now


Monday, July 14, 2008

Was back at JB for Gong Gong's birthday
& at the same time rushing proposal!!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Yesterday (before 12am)
The weather was raining on & off that I was so pissed that I left CJ
When I reached the jetty
It was damn bloody sunny!!!
Wasted my trip somehow

It's the durian season this few weeks
& everyone's so addicted to picking ripe durians
Mr Tan picked 2
& he opened one for me to try
& another to bring home

Then I bumped into Uncle Botak
& he said his house got alot
Wanna give me since he cant finish all by himself
& he gave me another 10 durians!!!!! (out of many many many)
Total 11 durians! SIAO BO?!
3 cuts on my knee while I was loading the bag of durians up the taxi's boot =(

The taxi uncle kept talking to me leh
About durians, rambutans, papaya, seafood.....
Abit buay tahan coz I was so tired already
& donno how to chat with strangers
& he told me that there's this durian stall selling local durians at $7 per kg

That's the same group of men that head to Ubin every morning to collect 5 big bags of durians!
If they can sell it
So can I
But I not so bad

This is the first time I've eaten so many durians
Best thing is
It is free!!

So I kept 4
Gave 3 to DarDar's aunt
& 4 to Michelle

After that in the late afternoon
Michelle, DarDar & I went round Singapore in search of the durian trees
Think we can do mapping already

Headed to Vivocity for movie
But no movie screening at all except Red Cliff
Coz they're having the premiere gala!
Loitered around
& went to West Coast Mac for supper just now (after 12am)
Sudden crave for Mac Fries
Probably lack of carbohydrates for the day

Played awhile at the playground
& went back for the durian trees
Hoping to have some fresh durians again!

We also saw other people shining their torches around
All wanna pick free durians
We heard a loud 'thud' but donno where it was
Chatted for a while
& then went home

Eyes very tired
& now I see durians abit scared
But the sweetness of it is luring me to suck its flesh
My favourite
DarDar likes the bitter one
But cannot eat so much la
Later high blood glucose

& I bet next year
Durian feast will happen again =p

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hong Kong Trip Photoblog

On our way to Hong Kong
Loitering at T3
But flight was at T1

Reached Hong Kong!
At Aunt's house

Out for Uni class gathering =)

Morning dim-sum breaky & Lamma Island exploration

Bad day
Rainy on & off
We headed to the rocky shore to fish
But the heavy downpour
Totally drenched
Then we finally decided to go to the Fisherman's Village to fish
Caught many juvenile fishes
Their nets hold many large fish!
So big!

Funny Fishing?

Headed for dinner
Sirloin set meal only for SGD$8!
DarDar loved it lots

MongKok shopping with Aunt & DarDar
Me with fried shisamo & DarDar with his smelly fried tofu

Vietnamnese dinner with pumpkin sago

Back to school!

Marine Lab @ Cape D'Agular

Prof David Moritt giving seminar + demonstration on osmoregulation

Dr Maurizio De Pirro teaching heartbeat detection on animals

Working on the techniques by myself
My snails under the microscope

Heartbeat detection

Out to the rocky shore with Dr Williams, Prof Moritt & Dr De Pirro

Day out with DarDar again to Lamma Island
It's a good day!

Me & my desired boat. Hohoho.

Lamma Island having dragonboat race wor~
So exciting!
Compared to the dragonboat races I took part
So quiet

DarDar tried the hookless fishing

Caught a big fish!
Very fun!
Used the traditional bamboo rod to fish
Bought the fish at HKD$60 & brought home for dinner

Hooked by fish hook. Damn pain =(

Wah I tell you
The fresh fish I brought home was damn nice
The flesh was so soft that it melts in the mouth instantly
Damn nice!!
It was too big to get into the wok for steaming!

2nd dinner with Uni friends

Brought DarDar to SWIMS & Shek O to sightsee
"Welcome to paradise!" said Dr Williams

Dinner with my 2nd Aunt
Her house faces Tsim Sha Tsui
Nice view is so nice!

My hotel for the past 6 nights

Last day @ Hong Kong
On the way to airport
& on way back home!
With the unfriendly MTR staffs, flight delay & stuffs

I'm glad that my first few days were great!
& I'm glad DarDar went with me to keep me accompanied