Friday, September 30, 2005

Loitered at Far East Plaza alone last night
Another almost crazy thing I did
Happened to walk past 'Anncerise'
The shop I used to work for 4 years ago at Marina Square
My supervisor, Serene, is still working for Anncerise!
Popped in to chit chat

Not bad
She still remembers me
Still remembers Tzu
Still as cute & funny as ever
She said I'd become more feminine

Short spikey hair = feminine?

Asked me go back work for her
Mai lah...
Sales not my type
Furthermore I dont shop alot
No skills to persuade people buy

Left after that
Felt abit better
Meeting old friends who still remembers you
& talk more than close friends do

Headed home
I wish I'm really on marijuana

So many things are spinning in my mind
I have no idea how to fucking sort it out!

Next month should be pretty interesting
So many important things to do & handle
I'm missing my slacker's life already
The care-free period is over


Had repeated dream last night
Dreamt about my old house & primary school in Jurong
Ah fuck
Always the same old scenario
Wassup man?

I ever read about this article that
When a dream keeps repeating
It's trying to tell you something
& if it's still the same dream with slight edition
Something has been changed but still continues until it's gone

Yes yes yes
So what is it that it's trying to tell me?
Just tell me lah
Say like...
I get knocked down by a car?

Not bad
May probably prove my instinct of dying in a car accident accurate


& If I do
Please pour my ashes in South Pacific Ocean near French Polynesia

This morning
I dont even have the slightest idea why I was singing 'Dao Dai'
& I teared early in the morning

Get away get away
I REALLY need a getaway

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

After a long & tiring day at work
Pleae DO NOT

1) Show me loan payment bill which states a long list of dates, the amount of money to return & the fucking duper long list of terms & regulations in tiny prints. No energy to read
2) Give me newspapers that is separated into individual pages.I have no patience to sort them & compile them back in order to read
3) Tell me Momo is smelly. It is always smelly. So what?
4) Mess up my bed when I am out!!!!!
How interesting can things get nowadays...
*claps claps*

Yesterday on the news
5 JC students were being suspended due to insulting blog entries on a particular teacher
Many existing bloggers talked about this
& one particular popular blogger complaint about the injustice about the suspension
& even teach people how to continue to insult by put names totally anonymous

What can I say?

Let's see
Now SG has this celebrity blogger appearing almost everywhere
On TV, radio, street distributing anti-smoking pamphlets, blah blah
Everyone worships admires her
Her courage to speak frankly about certain issues
Her courage to scold KNNNBCCB at certain happenings
Her courage to whateva whateva

Really so couragous meh?

Almost everyone agrees to what she says
Almost brainwash
Because of her
Everyone took up blogging
*excuse me, I blogged much earlier than she did*
Everyone wrote as frank as she is
Everyone followed her
Monkey see monkey do
Everyone wrote insults on blogs
Who started this anyway?

& right at this time
She still can criticize how shitty it is that teachers cant punish their students
& teach students to fight back
Well Of coz
Who wont listen to her?
Everyone sees her as a role model

Please leh, role model?
Teaching how to start war?
Setting herself the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler?

A bad example, I must say

I wonder if she really learnt about media ethics before she even worked for this particular newspaper

I did an essay on media ethics last year
I got an A+ for that
I used that popular blogger as an example
Proving how off-track she has been trying to spread her messages across like propaganda
How blogging had become a new media to spread opinated messages, brainwashing everyone
Screwing up the whole society
& hello?
This shows that the professor agreed to my arguements
Blogging, to a certain extent, is bad

There is freedom of speech in everyone
& one has the right to stand up for oneself
But it also depends on what things could be done & what not!
If one is obviously in wrong in the first place, stand up for what?
Mari kita?

Dont start telling everyone

*rolls eyes*
Everyone has its own limit about humour

The students obviously had done way too much about that
Not happy just list it
Dont go far & call whoever, for example, 'Virgin old bitch'
Even if it's true
Did she offend you for being a bitch who is old & still a virgin?
Isnt this virgin old bitch trying to help you pass your A levels so you can fucking kiss your ass Goodbye to the school?

Wake up lah
People nowadays are so blind

Dont say teachers lah
Friends write something bad about one another also come out one-to-one fight mah
So I dont see anything wrong with teachers punishing students
At least they use the proper way

& YOU, whoever is reading
Dont try to kaobei kaobu for I did not put any names in here & according to her, it is PERFECTLY FINE

Am I right?
Revisiting the same place one year after
It smells the same
It sounds the same
It feels, however, different

Stars were absent as thick clouds covered
Where are they?

Only one star appeared
It twinkled at me

"Where are your friends, buddy? As lonely as me?"

One year ago
The stars were there
Bright, blue & twinkling on the very special, yet sad, night
They witnessed the sadness as hearts turned sour
Heard the promises made
& consoled as warm cuddles exchanged

But tonight
Wind was strong
No warmth
Waves crashed harder
Memories shattered
Clouds retreated
Sky cleared
But still
Stars were absent

"Buddy, tonight I see you & you see me. We'll just remember this moment where you & I are together when the rest disappear..."

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hey people
Having done something very sinful lately?
No time to head down to temple/mosque/church to donate money & ask for forgiveness?
I've got a solution

COME BUY THESE TEES FROM ME!! (Or my friend, Tzu, rather)
The tees read "Cambodia - Project Sangkhim" and are available in bright red & pastel blue at SG$10 each!

These tees are sold to raise funds for an overseas voluntary project (Youth Expedition Project in Cambodia)
Organised by NVAC (NUS Volunteer Action Committee) with the support of SIF ( Singapore International Foundation)
Last year, the members headed to Cambodia for Project Sangkhim where they set up an educational centre for Cambodian kids
To help the centre running, funds are needed.

Money raised will be used to buy khmer (Cambodian's language) books to be put in the centre, hold camps & English courses for the Cambodian kids so they can be educated. Funds are also required for sending the 3 Cambodian youths who are currently managing the centre, to take more professional courses in better management for better use of the centre.

Sounds good enough to clear your sins?

Mai tu liao!!
Come buy the tees lah~
Not only do you get a new tee in your closet, you also get to wear it
Dont wanna wear also can, let your big teddy bear wear loh
No money?
Mai gey gey lah
Got money watch movie or buy cigs at $9.50
Why not top up $0.50?
You can help the Cambodian kids with that same amount of money!

Wanna get it?
Gmail me

I've gotten one for myself too by the way

Monday, September 26, 2005

Zhiwei:"Wei...How are you?"
Me:"Not good. Diarrhoea since morning"
Zhiwei:"Why lidat?"
Me:"Donno. Standard one"
Zhiwei:"Now ok le mah?"
Me:"No appetite to eat lunch..threw away 1/3 of the portion"
Zhiwei:"Your stomach leh?"
Me:"Yah..stopped liao"
Zhiwei:"Heng..come out somemore rectum sure tear"
Me:"Not constipation can liao.. I rather it lao"
Zhiwei:"Constipate? I can help.."
Me:"How? Force me with laxative?"
Zhiwei:"No need lah..go Al Ahzar can liao.."
Me:"Al Azhar...abit sian leh. Have been there for supper very often lately"
Zhiwei:"Eat banana prata wif cheese n mushroom. xtra chilli in curry.... then drink bandung wif xtra milk. Confirm guarantee lao"
Me:"........ I can imagine that. But will my shit be pink due to the bandung?"

Sunday, September 25, 2005

我受夠了等待 你所謂的安排 
總是要來不及 才知道我可愛 
應該開心的地帶 你給的全是空白 
一個人假日發呆 找不到人陪我看海
我在幸福的門外 卻一直都進不來 
你累積給的傷害 我是真的很難釋懷
終於看開愛回不來 而你總是太晚明白 
最後才把話說開 哭著求我留下來
終於看開愛回不來 我們面前太多阻礙 
你的手卻放不開 寧願沒出息求我別離開

你總是要我乖 慢慢計劃將來 
過去怎麼交代 你該給的信賴 
從我臉上的蒼白 看到記憶慢下來 
過去甜蜜在倒帶 只是感覺已經不在
而我對你的期待 被你一次次摔壞 
已經碎成太多塊 要怎麼拼湊跟重來
終於看開愛回不來 而你總是太晚明白 
最後才把話說開 哭著求我留下來
終於看開愛回不來 我們面前太多阻礙 
你的手卻放不開 寧願沒出息求我別離開
At Villa Bali
Just a little bit more
& I can finally see all the stars I've never seen before

Saturday, September 24, 2005

With all the dengue fever case arising throughout Singapore
One of my friends is suffering from dengue-fever-phobia

*Phone rang*
Tzu:"Eh, *insert my dialect name here*.."
Tzu:"Eh...just now on bus I saw a very big mosquito.."
Tzu:"Got black & white stripe.."
Me:"Ah huh.."
Tzu:"Black & white leh...dengue fever!!!"
Me:"Errr...Did you smash that mosquito?"
Tzu:"No, very big, very scary.."
Tzu:"Will I have dengue fever not? Recently so many dengue fever cases"
Me:"Errr...the bus got so many people, wanna bite also not bite only you mah. Somemore there are many other Aedes species too, & you only need one specific species to spread you with the dengue fever...I dont think so suay lah"
Tzu:"But it flew in front of me & bit me! Now very itchy.."
Me:"Dont scratch it...If you happen to have fever, dont take panadol first, see if it goes off itself. If it's back again several hours later, head to hospital"
Tzu:"My bite very big & swollen leh... is it huh?"
Me:"Having big mosquito bite doesnt mean it's by Aedes mosquitp lah..aiyo..they inject chemicals in you tt's why swollen lah.."
Me:"Relax lah... if you really got fever, just be specially alert"


Met my HKU friend, Celia
Flew over to work in Jurong Bird Park
Cool heh?
Had lunch with her
I think I should also start looking for jobs overseas
Far far away where no one can find me
Underwater? Good the first place
I shouldnt be back, should I?
Since I've been independent all along
Might as well continue on the nomadic,care-free life


Friday, September 23, 2005

Fairy God-Er-ge showed me his wallpaper on his handphone
Me:"Why you put Da-ge's photo in your handphone?"
Fairy God-Er-ge:"................"

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mum is suspecting I'm going crazy
After she found out I've been talking to my soft toys
& toilet bowl

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It may sound easy
But it is not

Wonder how long will it take...
Do I want to?

Monday, September 19, 2005

I have nothing more to say
Good Bye
I'm really having hard time lately
Please gimme a break before I slash myself on my neck

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I just woke up
Was in coma for 2 days
The doc said that I had been very depressed lately
& my hormones were pretty imbalance
My brain then decided to reboot my whole body system
Unfortunately, it was reluctant to revive right after
& had gotten me sleeping for 2 days
When I opened my eyes
It's already Saturday evening
My body felt like jellyfish
Head still spinning like processes are not properly run

I feel like shit



I was super busy over the weekend lah!
I had this seminar on Friday morning by some members of the United Nations
The something something global compact something
Cant remember lah, see photo
Pat & I dragged ourselves off bed early to attend it
We had to dress formal
& I dug my 1 in a 1000 pieces of clothings for it
The opening speech was very boring
I almost fell asleep
Pat was more 'best'
She fell asleep

Then they launched the thingy
Signed the papers
Had s light refreshment
& returned to Part 2

Still as boring as ever
Mr Anfrew Toh, this UN donno-what had a very draggy monotonous voice
& he was hypnotising me
Then Dr Uddesh Kohli, another UN senior advisor spoke to almost tamil as he he was giving his speech in English
"Some of the companies in India hafa spa-cial-tritamonon-thya-umployee"
& I stayed up damn wide awake when Mr Jean-Louis Champseix spoke
So young, so handsome can be HR something of STMicroelectronis
Wahaha, I also wanna go there work

Then suddenly Pat told me she tummyache
I panic
Coz I thought later like last week like that
Pain until kns then admit to hospital again
*touch wood slap mouth*
But she was fine after we dashed outta the auditorium
Ha, another good excuse to skip the panel discussion

Then we took beautiful pics
Me in my formal dressing
Me & pat just when a breeze passed by & made our hair flew just like super models. LOL.
Went Esplanade under the scorching sun, still haven fail to stop taking photo
& then I noticed something
Hey, What building is that huh? Never see before leh

After that had lunch with Pat
& walked around with Pat & her friend
Then Fairy God Lao-Er fetched me
Go printer-hunting in Funan & Sim Lim
& returned home where I began another day!

This time
WildFilms headed to Semakau Landfill
It was R.A.I.N.I.N.G

When we were waiting for people to arrive at West Coast Pier
The sky looks extremely orangey-red
Then gush of wind came
Lightning flashed
Rubbish flew, leaves fell, signboard crashed
Bad omen
Water was damn choppy
& our boat had hard time navigating but eventually we managed to reach there

Ponchos put on
& all were ready to go
We had to walk like 2km of road to this jungle
& passed thru it to our site
Robert was leading the way
& he shouted:"SNAKE!"
I froze
At that moment, how I wish Alvin is in front of me
Coz he's carrying the monopod
It was a black snake with yellow spots
Errm... does that coloration hint that it's venomous?

When I smell seawater
I gave a sign of relief
I realise that at every trip to a new place, I'll encounter reptiles
*rolls eyes*

As usual
Hunt for animals
But it looks pretty barren
Walking across the seagrass bed is so mysterious & scary
It's like..
You'll never know what you're stepping on or hooking on
Be it a stingray, a flounder or a watersnake

Alvin called for me
My 1st animal of the day
A black frogfish
It was very camera shy
Dont wanna face us
& Alvin was busy shooting it
I gave up on the underwater camera coz I was feeling very cold & tired
I switched to being a lightman
The wind was howling in my ears OK! & I brought no jacket
Predict to be sick soon

We had 17 people on that shore
& we oni captured frogfish, look-alike-half-beak & donno what lah
I was expecting more!
I thought there'll some nice animals in seagrass bed
But there was none
& the only thing I can think of is...
The Dugong

Time always flies when we were busy (or rather sleepy)
Then I saw the first ray of light
Woooooo.... gonna end soon! Yes! Home!

I just love daytime
It makes beautiful pictures
I masked my sleepiness with a morning smile

For more account & animals pictures, read WildFilms blog

The 2km long road

I think this is the longest trip I'd been too
Chek Jawa's 5hrs wasnt that bad
But this time is...7hrs!
But it's ok
I like going to new places
Just spare me with reptiles


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Visited the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research today
It was very nice in it...
Especially when I can see what I'm always interested in
Exhibition boards of biodiversity...
I even saw the specimen of the large indian civet that Dr Richard Corlett carried when he was teaching in Singapore before he went to HKU!!
I love that place!
I'd be good if I can work there as researcher or anything
Given my interest in biodiversity & my related field of study
But coz I didnt have much time to fully view the exhibits
which isnt my main purpose
I left 10mins later
I'll be back for more

But my main purpose of heading to RMBR is this
Tom & Ria are so gonna faint if they learn about this!

Gotta prepare for an interview with dive buddy, Kevin for Cohesion
Was out with the usual gang yesterday
Kee was driving as fast as usual
Nearly had 1 crash & 1 knock-down
Bloody kuku drove at 100km/hr
But he was overtaking almost ever car in front of him!
Evelyn & I screamed at him

Met the rest for steamboat dinner

I had lotsa veggies
Coz... I donno
The green fresh leaves attracted me very much
I had beef though
The lamb wasnt that bad too

Evelyn & I

I think HK's steamboat ingredients are much better
They have funny items
Like ostrich's meat, meat-filled salmon balls, fish's gas bladder, mian jin, etc
Cant wait to return HK this Dec to eat
Ying, Lioniel, Lao-Da are going HK too!
Most prob can meet them there

Oh geez
I predict additional weight this Dec

After that
Went home
Passed by Chinatown
The lights are up!!!
The place was beautifully lit up with colourful lanterns
But coz in moving vehicle
Images looked blurry
Another spin next time round!

Dont you dare try to bully me when I'm not feeling normally good

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Come Garfield
Meet you brothers again
& give Momo a big kiss

Now come to Mama
*Squeezy hug*

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Siva sent me a photo of a T-Rex (I supposed) all the way from Chicago!
So magnificant! Wow! Thanks!

I was so busy yesterday, sort of
Lunch with Batman
Chit-Chat session with Kee
Dinner with Pat
Supper with Fairy God-Lao-er
4 sites to run!
Imagine the whole load of food I had too!

I'm listening to Crazy Frog's album over & over again
I can sing all the songs reversed liao!


Cant wait for my Malacca & Bangkok trip

Monday, September 12, 2005

Remembering 911 by more than one event

I gained more than what I'd lost

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Yesterday night
Hot hunks were pole-dancing at Century Square

I just returned from ICCS

Read here, lazy to repeat
I got splashed by mud at the whole of my back
& sank myself to knee height
When I can supposedly go home clean

But coz I was on a mission to capture footages!
It was fun
Laughing at the kids 'swimming' in mud
I was so mean
But I wasnt alone
Coz everyone there was laughing too

Sibei shag
Head very heavy
Can hammer nails on wall with that

I need some real loud 'Ding ding' to keep me awake for the moment

Friday, September 09, 2005

Last night
While fetching Pat for supper
She was suddenly in pain
Her recurrence of gastric flu
Before she met us
She claimed she had diahorrea & vomittings several times

Upon seeing her on so much pain
& at the start of the expressway
We sped all the way to clinic
I called Roz to retrieve her medical card before our arrival

When we arrived
Pat couldnt even stand
& Gor had to carry her in
I was there helping out with Alice & Dr Lee-Oh

The same medicine given over & over again

Fairy God-Lao-Er came as well
I donno why
But I was very worried for Pat
First time seeing her in so much pain

Dr Lee-Oh gave her on drip
She felt better after that
But the pain recurred 5 mins after she stopped
& She was sent to A&E NUH

Fairy God-Lao-Er led the way
& Gor was driving pretty impatiently
Abit reckless too
But I kept calming him to go slow
Coz Pat was lying horizontally on the backseat
& it'll be damn dangerous if he required an E-brake suddenly

When we reached NUH
I rushed in to help her register
While Gor & Fairy God-Lao-Er help her with her needs
Pat was in so much pain
& She still wanna talk on the phone, doing all the SMS
I really wish I could smack her to let her rest for the moment
& I meant all these for her own good

Luckily Fairy God-Lao-Er was a medic
He knew how the procedures should go
& he was then the one calming BOTH of us down
"Xiao mei, relax..."

Frankly speaking
My hands were shivering when I was there
Of coz I'd expect speedy responses from the hopsital crew
But all are slow
Probably coz it's after mid-night that everyone is sleepy?
Or is this the normal way they should behave so as to ease the frantic situation?

Soon after
Pat was attended
Gor was so worried that he paced up & down the lobby
While Fairy God-Lao-Er & I were discussing about medical stuffs
How professional!
Medic vs Clinic assistant (aka super low rank nurse)

Pat's Mum arrived
I brought her into the room
She looked so worried
I told her what happened
& was there accompanying her throughout
I could feel her shaking as much as I did

I was even more worried then
Pat's Mum looked weak
& I'm afraid she'll fall sick while staying overnight with Pat
I wanted to stay
But she asked us to go home
She thanked us plenty of times for bringing Pat in
& I reminded her to 'take care' plenty of times before I left at 2am

I was really worried

I couldnt sleep that good after I reached home

It was really some sort of an emergency experience
Now she has to be hospitalize for a day or so for observation

Get Well Soon Babe

Thursday, September 08, 2005

HKU had closed down my FTP server
Swimming, anyone?
Momo likes the jelly I bought for it
The jelly which I played pranks on Dear
"See Dear, I purposely bought jelly for you leh... wanna eat?"
Upon scrutinizing the pinkish-brown colour

It wasnt meant for humans in the 1st place anyway

It smells sweet nonetheless
Very sweet
& Momo licks every area of the spatula

Momo's happy

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I bought '2148' for 4D last week after the stupid mynah shitted on me
A combination of my age & Mymy's age

I demand a common kingfisher to shit on me this Saturday during my ICCS!!

Ah, better not
So many people
Very pai-seh

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Monday, September 05, 2005

***Only read the following entry if you have a huge bandwidth***

Suddenly feel like posting photos

It's been 487 days that LooLoo remains unwashed