Monday, January 30, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's time to look ahead

This year
My travel schedule is lesser than ever
I flew 7 times last year!!!
This year
I forsee it's only 2

but good news about just having 2 is that
I will be travelling to a more expensive & more exotic place in 2013!

Good things need to wait

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

my Chinese New Year has ended
i dont have much people to visit
so, no more visiting & depositing unneccessary fats

over the past few days
everyone's wishing 'Happy New Year' instead of 新年快樂 恭喜發財 萬事如意 身體健康
where are all these Chinese New Year's blessings?
it sounded sad that it'd sorta become just another Western new year celebration
by only hanging up red auspicious wall decor & putting up pots of freshly bloom flowers doesnt mean it is Chinese Lunar New Year without the appropiate blessings

i made myself said these
but what i got back in return is in English
the Chinese culture is gone
pretty sad

maybe i am returning HK next year for Chinese New Year to enjoy the atmosphere

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the first day of CNY had come to an end
sighed relief
however, dardar fell sick

i got heavier
which meant i grew fatter
i guess i will have to run really soon
despite my foot injury

i rather go lame than go fat!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

oh you know what?
i could be wrong this year
i'm actually enjoying the new ear's eve!
maybe on the actual new year's day
it's gonna be better than i expected?

what's more
the fortune teller said that those born in the year of pig are the luckiest star among those of other zodiacs!
does that really come true?
so true that i'm experiencing the 'luxky star shine' now?

i am spending my new year's eve watching the live coutdown show by MyFm crew
& omg
they are so great in celebration
they sing hippie new year songs
& they also have a cute dragon mascot to make the show really cool!!

it's only 1 hour left entering the dragon year

happy chinese new year!

Friday, January 20, 2012

This Chinese New Year is so screwed
It just didnt happen the way it normally should

My family usually has our reunion dinner before the actual day of Chinese New Year
& on that day
We just started the dinner later than usually
It was a steamboat dinner
So it really doesnt matter how long you wish to eat for as long you want to eat
But my brother went out to celebrate with his friends
Leaving only me, Dardar, Mum & Dad
It was not so 'reunion' afterall

My Dad wishes to eat as a whole family again
But apparently
This is impossible because everyone is so busy nowadays
Particularly DarDar ever since he'd been promoted & joined the new department
Brother was stupid to overlook the importance of family to friends
Pampered  kids......

Oh whatever

The mood of Chinese New Year sucks
I am not anticipating it at all
This is because I hate to do all the visitings
& have to face every elderly's question :'so when are you gonna have a child?'

Shut up

Even if I have one, I dont want to announce
Why stick your nose into my personal affair?

I never enjoy celebrating all festivals
It is just another day
You get high on that day
The next day
You still have to suck up to your bosses, sink into loads of shitload
So how is getting high a good event for you?

This is just my personal opinion
Whoever read this need not agree with me
For I dont care
& I live my life

So do you

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Remember my pink nail polish?
Oh man
The more I look at it
The more I fall in love with the colour

The polish is from Christian Dior
& I got that as a gift from my ex-colleague 

Now that I thought I wanna own my bottle
It actually costs a freaking SGD35!!


The price of beauty

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

DarDar said I snored when I slept last night
He wasnt complaining
but he was glad that I had a good night sleep after that late with insomnia

I woke up
with blocked nose & heated body

Thanks Friday 13th

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I didnt have a good night sleep last night
My mind was filled with many thoughts
which, strangely, I couldnt remember what I thought
I did remember I dreamt
& that dreamt was a scary one, but not scary enough to be classified as a nightmare
I only knew I woke up in fear

What was I thinking?
Or was I thinking too much?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm on my Day 3 of the 2nd week of January
The days to thesis submission is getting nearer
But I still do not have the motivation to write
The early chapters are still messy 
& I cant focus to proceed until the mess is cleared!

How I hate (x infinitely) waiting for a re-assuring email 
An email that agrees with my logical thinking
But this email is either pending or never coming

For as much as I'd love to proceed
This is holding me 
I am unable to move forward because it is not motivating me to move on

Why is this happening?
There I am feeling confident at the same time
Thinking that
Once that shit is cleared
Everything will sail smooth & fully ahead

I dont know
Maybe it's just another naive bimbo moments