Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This is a very special post
I'm back from Cameron Highlands & KL!
Trip was not bad
Other than the heavy traffic jam at Cameron Highlands
That took us a total of 9 hours to reach from JB!
It was a really long ride
Despite driving at 140km/hr most of the time
The day was cold coz it was raining with strong wind
But the next day was fine with sun

A gang of Harley-Davidson bikers in front of us & woke me up from my sleep with its VROOM-VROOM loud noise

Reached Ipoh!
Had lunch at this famous store that sells kowkay + steamed chicken
I like!

Passed by this amazingly old yet intact cinema by the SHAW Brothers. Purposely taken in B&W

Dawg. Jammed along the way up the mountain. Took us 2 hours to reach!

Reached Brinchang finally!

After a short rest
We headed out to walk walk at the Pasar malam
Everything is so cheap especially vegetables
They're selling all types of vegetables
RM$10 for 12 packets!
If only I have my own car + huge cooler box
I sure can sell back all the vegetables I buy to Seng Shiong
It's so fresh somemore!!

Purple brocoli! WoW!

What's more enjoyable with hot food? I love hot roasted sweetcorn <3

After a steamboat dinner which cost damn expensive
We drove round the town to look at the night scenery

The light are from many many lightbulbs shining over chrysanthemums, allowing them to bloom beautifully under 24hours sunlight

Next day
We went to the strawberry farm =)
Ahh.. so this is how strawberries comes about. Direct development of fruit from the flower

Big red strawberry!

Our fruitful harvest

Totally random =p

Oh my god. Irresistible fresh vegetables behind me

The tomato ambassadors

Beautiful flowers

After the visit to the strawberry farm
We headed down to KL
DarDar out of the sunroof to check for traffic jams

DarDar's brother all geared up with red clothings & accessory to become to new strawberry ambassador

A short stop at the Cameron Valley tea planatation
Damn vast & beautiful!

A waterfall along the super winding downhill road

Reached KL after 2 hours drive!

This MINES resort is special
coz it is developed from an abandoned tin quarry
Had a man-made freshwater beach& connecting its way into the shopping centre& has loads of giant catfish in the water

Passed by this Pet Lovers Centre (identical to that in Singapore)
They are selling hedgehogs at RM$299!!
My brave DarDar & a baby python

We had satays for supper
Yummy but expensive
Went to Chee Chiong Gai to shop
DarDar bought a Louis Buitton bag and Ed Harby polo tee
DarDar's bro bought a Fred Barry polo tee
while I got myself a Goach bag & Adibas gym shirt

DarDar's LB bag was the best bargain
From RM$155 to $70 without much negotiation
Quality looks nice too
My Adibas top was, however, a long bargain
I bargained for a pink top but he refused to reduce
& I also 'anything' accept his offer
But he couldnt produce me a new piece coz it was dirty
So I walked off
He then reduced his price
& so I went back to decide again
He told me to buy more if I wan price reduction
Asked me buy 9, then everyday can wear
Me (in cantonese):'eh, one week only got 7 days loh, how come you ask me buy 9?'
He (in cantonese):'Ok la, then you buy to wear for every hour'
Me:'Every hour change clothings, very free ah?'
He:'Today raining, sales not good...'
Me:'dont worry, tomorrow sure no rain, tomorrow sales will be good'
In the end
I bought a black top at a much negotiated price instead
& I actually prefer this to the pink initially chosen.LOL!

The Pang Brothers showing off their new polo tees with big belly back at the hotel

They said this WaWa Splash is equivalent to Singapore's Duck tour. Just that Duck doesnt plunge & splash but WaWa does. Alot of Singaporeans purposely come KL to ride on this wor....

We took the boat through the shopping centre & into the lakes

A super grand bungalow owned by an Indian Datuk. Beautifully furbished with an outdoor jacuzzi & bar
with a yacht that could only sail in the lake

We took the water lift
Which needs a lot of physics explanation of hydrology
But it just basically changed water level to bring items up & down a certain height

Reached another hotel
Which was claimed that Bill Clinton always stays here when he visits KL o_O
Was driven to the mangrove side with egrets & monitor lizard
& their reptile is so much nicer than ours!
The monitor lizard is green & yellow in colour!
Ours are just plain dull brown

The view of our resort from the lake

Back on the shore
With WaWa Splash car

Our lunch+dinner before our ride back JB

Trip back home was smooth, fortunately
& the drivers on the other side of the road,however, didnt seem so happy about it
The way up to KL was jammed up to 5km

Reached home by 845pm
Still got time to watch The Little Nonya
I recognised the place in the scene where ZhenZhu told YueNiang off & tore her smudged letter that YuZhu wrote!
It was in Penang where we went!
We were told that filming was taking place, but we still entered anyway

See? I was there!

This weekend road-trip was cool
If only I could drive my own car up to Cameron & buy all the vegetables
I totally miss those green leaves!
& glad that I had finished my report draft so that I can travel with clear mind

My next destination
Port Dickson

My second reason for making this post a special one is
It's my 1000th entry since June 2005!
I started this new blog the moment I was back from Hong Kong
A whole collection of my up-&-down happenings are all collated here
How much my life had changed since my comeback
& so many things learnt
& friends made
& places travelled
& targets achieved
I'm so proud of myself

With this marking the 1000th on the last day of 2008
This post is absolutely a-must-to-be-proud-of

Hereby, I wish everyone reading this a Happy New Year
& may the Year of OX 2009 be a wonderful year ahead