Thursday, August 27, 2009

After several trials & errors
After 3 days
My labbit - 兔崽子 is born!!!

Although my fingers were numb from the endless crocheting
& my eyes were blurred from the many holes from the crochet patterns
I'm very glad to have produced it acceptably adorable at my first attempt =D
Isnt he cute?

I even gave him a bunny tail

Well of course
He has a lifelong mission upon his birth
He's gonna carry my new pink Softbank 707sc that I bought from Hong Kong (via Lizt's help - Je t'aime!)
Now I can use my Softbank & 兔崽子 already! =)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My first TA session today
Not that bad
Other than the foot sore due to the damn heels

Monday, August 24, 2009

I realised I hadnt been typing my thoughts since I was back Redang
Probably coz my soul is still there
Enjoying itself in the clear water on fine sand

But actually
It's just me
I wasnt that enthusiastic to blog about anything

My days had been dull since I returned
There I repeat

I had my fieldtrip to Ubin just few days after I was back
Doing the same darn survey
It is my last week
In fact tomorrow is the last day

My pace was draggy
Stepping on the coarse sand covered with smelly seaweed is totally incomparable with the shore in Redang


Ok anyway
I wished I could be happy to be back Chek Jawa
Thinking of the durians that wave Hi to me every July
But things changed

Cookie isnt there
No companion =(
Work is never fun alone
Especially in the wild that one is prone to
1) slipping over slippery rocks covered with algae
2) bitten by monitor lizard
3) chased by wild boars
4) attacked by wild dogs
5) eaten by wild tigers that swim from Malaysia
6) kidnapped by II (illegal immigrants) whom got dumped in the middle of the sea
7) striked by lightning while running for shelter that is 500m far

I may have to return for my 3rd year survey
Why couldnt this year's result look nice & stop comparing already!?


Other than this
My Phuket fieldtrip starts to sound like a complete bored-fucked trip
Initially the Prof was telliing us
"The trip will be of your own expenses & you guys can come earlier & treat this like a holiday!"
So we did
We, as in Me & DarDar
We can still hang around after my school hours
Or if better still
He can join me all the time!
We booked the air tic just 2 days ago
Booked the hotel
Searched for car rental
Almost everything is done
NOW send me an email saying - Spouse is allowed due to liability reasons



I'd sent in appeal for my DarDar to go
My DarDar MUST GO!

** We'd never separated from each other so far. & the moment we're on different land, something bad happened to me. I need my guardian angel.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh yes
I'm back from Pulau Redang
& the 1st thing i must say is

Here's one from my camera

oh my god
The place is like heaven
Crystal clear blue water & fine white sand
Which I can relate it scientifically as -
water free of phytoplankton
& poo from parrotfish

This close to nature!

Fishes swim around us even at waist level

Hungrily feeding on the bread we threw into the water
One can play with the fishes even if they are not divers

Dives are good too
It's so clear that most of my photos turned out soooooo much nicer than those I took
Saw some new species as well
Like the electric ray, bicolor blenny,etc

& the most impressive part of the dives is the extreme thermocline
Never had me shivering so bad instantly before

Titan triggerfish are present everywhere
We had a near attack by one during SNORKEL!!
Worse than seeing a shark

Night is neither boring
There're pubs everywhere

Despite the bad bus journey
The trip is overall fun & enjoyable
I'd definitely be back for another R&R stay

**More photos here

Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm on my way to Pulau Redang!
Photo credit: AdventureWorldTravel

Let's see if it really looks exactly the same as this picture

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School has started
So are my workload

I have to sort out my priority list again
Repack my life

As for this upcoming study trip to Phuket
I simply cant wait
My FIRST overseas field trip to learn about fisheries & aquaculture
So much of me reading it from magazines & wherever
It's now for my eyes to see & believe

I'm glad DarDar is going with me to keep me company

To thank him
I promise him a day of deep sea fishing

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mum cried for Cookie this morning
I wish she could have cried abit later
At least after I'd done my survey
& visited Cookie's grave

I miss you, boy
I wish I have the ability to bring you home in the first place

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Cookie died this early morning
I was told that it 'wanted' to die today
So everyone will remember it

Cookie was attacked by a wild boar a month ago
It refused first aid
Afterall we arent professional vet anyway
So it was hard for us to take care of it
& it running away all the while

Cookie was gasping for its breath few weeks ago
But then it become better
The wound was deteriorating though

When I reached CJ
It came out & looked at me
Into my eyes
Luckily I had my nasi lemak
& I gave him the bones
He was very happy
& chewed on them instantly
I poured 2 small packs of dog biscuits
He ate them all

I was ready to go to the shore
Cookie wanted to follow
But I told him to eat his food
I didnt want him to follow me
The sandflies may worsen his wound

I left him

When I was back
I couldnt see him

That was the last time I saw him

I'm kinda sad
To have lost a good friend
But I'd expected it
Whereever you are, Cookie
Take care of yourself
If you're back on our world
I'd be glad to have you as my friend again

I love you, boy

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Headed to Junction 8 for the Singapore Babies Contest yesterday
Gigi was one of the contestants
Babies in this Grand Finals will be featured in a 2010 calendar

There were 24 babies on stage
All are so adorable

I'm glad I have my new Canon 1000D with my 75-300mm zoom lens with me
All their smiles were beautifully captured

Endless cheers & camera shots when Gigi appeared =D

The contest was kinda long for the babies
& some of them actually fell asleep

After 2 hours
The contest ended
Maia Lee's baby is the champion
But I believe
In every mother's heart
All their babies are their champion

Well done, Gigi
Hugs & kisses from your daily supporters

Friday, August 07, 2009

I'm excited
Getting a new phone from overseas today

Samsung clam-shell
Always my favourite

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Things arent going too right as it was supposedly thought to be


Hope it can be resolved soon & let work flow smoothly ever


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I have a very wonderful day today!
DarDar & I went to the Singapore Science Centre for the Da Vinci exhibition
We bought the 3-in-1 package at $24
which includes an IMAX movie, entry to Da Vinci exhibition & entry to Science centre
My 1st time watching movie - Sea Monsters - in Omni theatre too >_<
The last time I visited the science centre was........... 10 years ago!
It's changed so much!
So many fun exhibits to play with

They'd also updated other types of science such as Infocomm & Nanotechnology
& I was so impressed with how images can move when you just brush your arm across the projected image
I love this exhibit which is of a round topsy table
Where the Earth's image was projected on it
As you turn & tip the table, you can zoom in & out, move left & right to your 'destination
It's like hands-on Google Earth!

DarDar can actually play a sound by brushing his arm across the 'keyboard'
Actually I think Japaneses are the first one to invent this
Remember Para Para Dance?

The exhibits in the Da Vinci exhibition were so impressive
I'd never known so much about Da Vinci
He used different aspects of science to create art pieces
Came up with the Vitruvian Man & used theories to understand ratios & proportion of a human body
E.g., 4 fingers = 1 palm; 4 palms = 1 cubit, etc
Current photographic technology was also used to recover his original Mona Lisa portrait
Discovering how the real Mona Lisa portrait actually looks like
& what Da Vinci was portraying at that time
His drawings of the anatomy of human body was also damn impressive
I believed if I could score A for my biology drawings, his is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++++++++
Even the tiniest blood capillaries were also drawn!!

I wasnt able to take any photos coz it was forbidden
But I'd say it's worth a visit to see for yourself

We spent almost half of the day in the centre
From 12pm to 5pm
DarDar complaint he was tired

After this trip
I realised why I love science so much
Because it's interesting!
& I love doing it all the while
No regrets at all!

Science is like a mystery
Awaiting for an answer forever

Monday, August 03, 2009