Sunday, August 09, 2009

Cookie died this early morning
I was told that it 'wanted' to die today
So everyone will remember it

Cookie was attacked by a wild boar a month ago
It refused first aid
Afterall we arent professional vet anyway
So it was hard for us to take care of it
& it running away all the while

Cookie was gasping for its breath few weeks ago
But then it become better
The wound was deteriorating though

When I reached CJ
It came out & looked at me
Into my eyes
Luckily I had my nasi lemak
& I gave him the bones
He was very happy
& chewed on them instantly
I poured 2 small packs of dog biscuits
He ate them all

I was ready to go to the shore
Cookie wanted to follow
But I told him to eat his food
I didnt want him to follow me
The sandflies may worsen his wound

I left him

When I was back
I couldnt see him

That was the last time I saw him

I'm kinda sad
To have lost a good friend
But I'd expected it
Whereever you are, Cookie
Take care of yourself
If you're back on our world
I'd be glad to have you as my friend again

I love you, boy

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