Friday, January 30, 2009

I went shopping today!
Bought so many things again!
Spent a total of nearly $200 today!
& that's not our ang bao money somemore

I bought 1 pair of boots
Anticipating it to be worn in December to London

I'm still hunting for a pair of white 3 quarter pants at low price!

We were so tired & hungry after a 3 hours non-stop shopping spree
That we sat at the fountain in Takashimaya & ate Takopachi & Yakitori for tea =D
& 10 minutes later
DarDar suggested we have dinner
I requested to check out Shokudo at Heeren's basement
But DarDar didnt like it
& then we went to level 4 to check out Waraku casual dining restaurant

Waraku is having promotion
& they have vouchers stacked outside the restaurant free for all to take
DarDar was eyeing on the Sukiyaki Kanabe (whatever Japanese name that dish was)See DarDar so happyWe even ordered HOT Sake
Our 1st sip of Japanese wine

We had 2 ala-carte dishes - hotate mayonaise gratin & sukiyaki
1 set menu (comes with udon & rice)
& we complaint about how full we were
Price was reasonable (total amount <$50)
Food is of better quality as compared with Sakae sushi
Even the presentation is so high-class too!

I told DarDar I will be back before the promotion ends
DarDar agreed with me


I'm pretty happy today with my victory items & good food
Except for an extremely painful toes & sore feet after a day's walk

*p/s: I just bought 2 sling bags online from a taiwan seller. The strap of my faux Patrick Cox snapped =(
Once shopping pop, you cant stop
Congrats to Andrea who made a new discovery on the 3rd manta ray species!

It'd always been exciting to discover new species
& what's more
This is the first academic research done on manta ray

For more details, download newsletter from Manta Ray & Whale Shark Research Centre

I wanna see my manta ray at Layang-layang this May!
I spent the whole day reading a chapter from my textbook
& I understood NOTHING

The author described, suggested, discussed like he knew everything
But all ended up with
'There is no evidence to show that.....'

*rolls eyes*

Meaning that whatever he said cant be concluded & confirmed!!!

I have to re-read again with my already twisted mind

Damn pheromones!

*p/s: yes, on pheromones topic again. Last term on invertebrates, this term on vertebrates. Counter scent-marking that illicits behaviour responses of eavesdroppers between two individuals. That's what I'm reading about. Sickening.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo sakana no ko~
Aoi umi kara yatte kita~
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo fukurannda~
Manmaru onaka no onna no ko~

& I just realised that DarDar has a Ponyo-look-alike cousin

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
My pretty 水仙花 had too bloomed beautifully!

Chinese New Year 2009 is as usual for me
I had to return JB to join DarDar & his family for celebration

Every year we go back
A new baby is born
So all the adults will rush to carry the baby
Pinching their poor cheeks
Snatching to hug
Those unsucccessful baby-snatchers will then come to me & DarDar
& asked "So when is your turn?"

魚生 saved our life from the sudden question

A nice reunion dinner plus burst of fireworks at midnight

Next day on 初一
To DarDar's grandpa's house

Steamboat dinner + another round of 撈魚生 back at DarDar's house

Kids' play-time with fire

Back to Singapore on 初二
Massive jam all the way from Malaysia's custom to Singapore's

In-car snaps to ease the boredom

To another DarDar's relative's house
Kids running around in the huge garden

Although it was an almost same routine 拜年 event for DarDar's family
DarDar's family came to visit my house for the first time
& all of them rushed to see OUR room the moment they entered the house
I'd managed to pack it as nice as it could be before I left for JB

So that's Chinese New Year 2009 for me
Collected damn lots of 紅包
Enough for our Sabah trip in May

*p/s: This is not an intentional act-cute photo of me. DarDar said he never see me act-cute before, so he requested me to act-cute for just 2 seconds in Chinese New Year (no excuse to reject anything during CNY). Wish granted. (^o^)Y

Friday, January 23, 2009


Luck this kinda thing really donno wanna believe or not
Guess what

& I won $150 Japanese fresh food hamper + $150 Isetan vouchers

First prize is a pair of air ticket to Sapporo, Japan!
Argh! I was so close!

But anyway
I think it's a change just right before the Chinese New Year
Hope my luck stays forever!
Happy go lucky!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

*frustrated + grumbles*
Suay luck continues...

Ordered Lemon chicken cutlet rice
Given roasted chicken rice
Like how much does 'lin mong ji pai fan' & 'shao ji fan' sound alike?!

Kana bird shit on shoulder while on way to BPP on Monday (19th Jan)
So damn bloody obvious on my black top
Bought 4D for number 4949 (aka si jiao si jiao) to curse that bloody bird
4919 opened as consolation prize
DarDar said IF I'd included the date in the groupings
Else I could have won some money to go Genting walk walk!

Coming Chinese New Year must so suay mah?
Want me suay, faster make me suay within these few days
Dont suay me over the new year


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What is wrong?
Is it me or is it you?

I'd been missing buses to school by just few seconds
Just few seconds ok!
You know how it feels when you're almost there but you're never there?!

Like.. what the fuck!

I hate going to school
It's so near but it takes a fucking 2 hours to reach
& the facilities in school suck to core that I dread to stay for additional 5 minutes
The lab is so cold and empty

I better rush my final draft by this Friday
This must be my final draft
Jia you!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Weeeeeeeeeee... I thought something bad is gonna happen today
But luckily it didnt

In 2 weeks time
I'll have to hand in my preliminary thesis
Rush before Chinese New Year!

& in a month's time
I'll be having my confirmation (aka seminar)
So whoever is interested to listen to how & what I did to my snails
Feel welcome to sit in
I need audience anyway
So it's better to see familiar faces than unknown faces
Who I know will definitely give me support throughout the entire process

My Mong Mong has been such a dearie lately
I brought him down to the void deck to meet my friend
& after that he's so sticky to me
Keep squeaking whenever it sees me
& today
I saw it resting on its Tigger

So cute loh!

I once dislike guinea pigs coz I think they look stupid like cucumber
I was once afraid of guinea pigs coz it's like 100000000000000000 times bigger than my hamsters
But Mong Mong changed my thinking

Now I <3 Mong Mong

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just got back from reunion dinner
Kinda early
But Chinese New Year this year is indeed early!

We had a super big gathering together this year
With DarDar's cousins' in-laws as well
So we had 4 families together

Now then I realised that Chinese New Year is in fact next week!
Too fast!

I'm already looking forward to next year's Chinese New Year already
Coz we're returning Hong Kong to celebrate
Cool idea heh?
Just something to make my parents happy =)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

So much for the anticipated mountain biking trip
It's totally unexpected of the incidents that occurred to us

DarDar & I went to the secret pond
The water level had surprisingly decreased so much that species we used to see few months back were not there
I suspected that even freshwater habitat is seasonal
Which I only thought seasonal changes only take place in insects
We stayed for quite some time
& then an uncle appeared

SO it isnt so much of a secret pond afterall
We encountered a stranger!

While on the way across this vast green land
DarDar sped in front of me while I was lazily pushing my lousy bike down slope
I couldnt see him anywhere
I thought:"wah crazy, cycle so fast pang seh me"
Then I continued to head forward
& saw his hair behind a 'hump'
"Idiot, wanna play hide-&-seek with me"
When I went closer
I realised he actually fell down

He was lying on the grass patch
Looking as if he's in pain
He described his 2 seconds of terror
"Just now zoom down the slope & did air stunt but didnt notice that the hump was so high & my bike went nose-down first. My clipper shoes couldnt get out of the clips, cant escape from the bike. So in the end, whole body landed together with the bike"

I looked back
The hump was indeed very high
Almost 1m or so
Then I said"Who ask you fly? Who's gonna give you air points? You never see I pushing so slowly?"
He laughed

His ankle got cut
His bike chain out of the gear
His specs & cap flew off
Shoulder bruised

Anyway he was still ok to cycle the rest of the journey
After our lunch at Bt Timah hawker centre
We went to Rodalink
We encountered the same group of cyclists who witnessed DarDar did his air stunts

DarDar & I gave way to them
& I hid behind the large poster box that's always next to the bus stop
But I didnt realised behind still got 5 more cyclists
So one of them crashed into me
Luckily he braked hard enough
& our tyres kissed

Oh no
My bike is no longer a virgin

DarDar & I agreed that today isnt a good day to cycle
Incidents happened to both of us
Wonder what's wrong
But now at least both of us are fine

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am happy
My report had finally completed
I'm only expecting further amendments which I wont be grumbling too much about it
Coz at least the main components are up!

At this preliminary stage
I would like to thank whoever that had been with me for the past 3 months
Thank you everyone for the support
Thank you to those who'd answered my doubts
Thank you to those who shared their results with me
Thank you to those who learn with me

I pray to Guan Yin Niang Niang for you, ok?

& now I can enjoy my Chinese New Year without much worries

Cant wait to go mountain-biking on Saturday at Bt Timah & take nice jungle shoots using my Holga. Heehee

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I was reading this paper on proteomics on mussels
which they collected tissue samples from the foot of the mussels

After 30 mins of reading
I felt so retarded to only realise what they have been describing
They collected tissue sample from the FOOT of the mussels

Err... mussels have foot?

Yes they have!

In fact they can move too!
I've seen so many of them sticking onto rock surface with their threads
Never did I know that they are mobile

What else have I not know?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009