Sunday, January 04, 2009

Cannot tahan this auntie...
Having a monitor lizard in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is scenery-disaster?
Hello Auntie
You know what is nature?
It means every biodiversity in an environment including you & me
& you know what is nature reserve?
It's a place where nature is bounded
So what is to be expected huh, Auntie?
Animals including reptiles, mammals, avians, plants,insects OF COURSE!

Like that also wanna report to the press
Why dont you inform the press about the cockroach in your house?
I believe that would be more appropriate coz cockroach shouldnt be in the house anyway

Very xia-suay one ok!
It's obvious that you lack of public awareness on environmental issue
Want me give you tuition?
1 hour $20 in Sungei Buloh?
Best is to dismiss your idea of the beautiful urban city of Singapore full of just concretes & cars
& understand environmental science

Give Bukit Timah Nature Reserve a break also la, Auntie
It's the only natural habitat existing in Singapore after the 95% massive extinction of biodiviersity
If you only like furry animals
Please take your walk in the zoo
& I suggest you just enjoy the rest of your life admiring the nature instead of being pumpkin-bum appearing in the press


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