Saturday, January 17, 2009

So much for the anticipated mountain biking trip
It's totally unexpected of the incidents that occurred to us

DarDar & I went to the secret pond
The water level had surprisingly decreased so much that species we used to see few months back were not there
I suspected that even freshwater habitat is seasonal
Which I only thought seasonal changes only take place in insects
We stayed for quite some time
& then an uncle appeared

SO it isnt so much of a secret pond afterall
We encountered a stranger!

While on the way across this vast green land
DarDar sped in front of me while I was lazily pushing my lousy bike down slope
I couldnt see him anywhere
I thought:"wah crazy, cycle so fast pang seh me"
Then I continued to head forward
& saw his hair behind a 'hump'
"Idiot, wanna play hide-&-seek with me"
When I went closer
I realised he actually fell down

He was lying on the grass patch
Looking as if he's in pain
He described his 2 seconds of terror
"Just now zoom down the slope & did air stunt but didnt notice that the hump was so high & my bike went nose-down first. My clipper shoes couldnt get out of the clips, cant escape from the bike. So in the end, whole body landed together with the bike"

I looked back
The hump was indeed very high
Almost 1m or so
Then I said"Who ask you fly? Who's gonna give you air points? You never see I pushing so slowly?"
He laughed

His ankle got cut
His bike chain out of the gear
His specs & cap flew off
Shoulder bruised

Anyway he was still ok to cycle the rest of the journey
After our lunch at Bt Timah hawker centre
We went to Rodalink
We encountered the same group of cyclists who witnessed DarDar did his air stunts

DarDar & I gave way to them
& I hid behind the large poster box that's always next to the bus stop
But I didnt realised behind still got 5 more cyclists
So one of them crashed into me
Luckily he braked hard enough
& our tyres kissed

Oh no
My bike is no longer a virgin

DarDar & I agreed that today isnt a good day to cycle
Incidents happened to both of us
Wonder what's wrong
But now at least both of us are fine

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