Monday, July 30, 2007


I got very frustrated since morning
I didnt wanna speak to anyone on the phone
But it just keep ringing
Asking me things that I'd heard many times over & over again
I feel so shitty
I didnt feel like doing anything & act busy by staring at the computer screen & clicking the mouse
I didnt wanna repeat myself with every word that came out
I didnt wish to explain things not needed

Tears flooded my eye bag
Damn could I hardly read now


I am scared

Am I handling too much than I should be?

Am I worrying too much than I shouldnt be?

Where is me?

Think I'm losing myself again
Hello hello.. testing 1 2 3

I'm glad I have 3 months of rest before I start a new journey
Be it a worse or better path ahead
I think I'd still prefer this

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm pampered by my DarDar
He bought me an iPamper

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's been one year
& I'm officially off my P-plate
Now I can drive without it


But I have no car


Few more months
DarDar is buying me a car

I love my DarDar

Yesterday DarDar & Dean caught many tilapias
Think got around 8
Ate 4
Yum yum

He's hooked
Make sure he catches a giant grouper tonight
Or else he can never enter my house anymore

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I think....
I can not study anymore

As in
My brains are not focused!

I was trying to complete my theories off my Rescue Diver Manual
But things seep in very slowly

Either I was reading it damn slow
Or I wasnt focusing


If my MSc application really succeed
How will I do?


Going Malaysia AGAIN tomorrow
No choice
DarDar's grandpa's birthday
Donno whatta wear wor
Now so fat
Every nicest clothes I have can no longer fit beautifully

Sigh sigh sigh sigh

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Best liao loh
Handphone really MIA

Reported to the police

The police officer so friendly
Asked me where I went
Coz he saw me so tanned


Luckily my boss never say anything
But I wouldnt care
Leaving in 1.5mths
Hell to her

DarDar & I were discussing how to survive after I quit
Coz after I quit
There's so many things to be done

But I insist of leaving
& walk the path ahead slowly

I'd come across many obstacles
& I'm still doing good

Koko keeps scratching itself
Even though I'd bathed it
Hope not skin allergy like Momo

No more holidays for me until next year Jan to Similan
I hope my 1st dive of the new year will be PERFECT
As it's also my honeymoon trip

I'm finally going Thailand after my 24 years!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tired ahhhhhhhhhhh
My whole body is aching now

Had my rescue diver course over the weekend
The journey to Dayang was torturous
The currents were so fucking strong & the boat rocked from side to side
Us all sleeping in the bunk felt nauseous

When we reached Dayang, it was around 530am

1st dive at 10am
The dive was ok until we surfaced
& that's when our assignment started

Stella act as unconscious breathing victim floating on the surface
Sandy & I looked at each other
& jumped in with the buoyant to rescue

Die la
Never check breathing
& poor Stella knocked her head here & there coz of surface waves
& I pushed her up onto the boat
Blah blah blah
Then Stella woke up
& said:"Who taught you to touch people's breasts when you rescue? I was molested by you all over"
Me replied:"Rescue people where got care touch where one..."

We just laughed

2nd scenario on panicked victim overboard
Sandy & I jumped into water to rescue
Siao liao
By then both of us damn tired loh...
So ....

We almost 'killed' the victim

Rescue breaths on surface is tiring
I couldnt jump up to provide the breaths
& kept kana scolded

At our 3rd dive
Sandy injured her knee when she was trying to swim to take photo of a big porcupine fish
Despite injured, we still continued to swim abit to take pic of a giant triggerfish
& we surfaced
Coz Sandy felt it's too painful

Upon onshore
She had 4 punctured wounds on her kneecap
But didnt know what that was by...

We skipped night dive & went for dawn dives
We had to check the tank pressure one by one coz it was not refilled!
& when we wanna enter the water
Sandy forgot to bring her fins
So she borrowed someone's fins who left it on the shore

& so we entered
Half way
Sandy ascended
Her camera flooded
& then the remaining three of us went leisure for a while
Until I spotted them
As I signalled to Damien
Damien kana Crown of thorns on his kneecap

Crown of thorns is venomous
But luckily Damien's wound wasnt as bad as Sandy's

So the next day's dives
I was alone
& my last scenario was havoc
I was so unprepared
& so theorectically focused
That I realised I wasted time

It wasnt about assessing on the spot but is like rewinding what's the step A-Z before acting on it

I would say that I performed badly
Was abit disappointed with myself

But first of all
I was not even prepared to take this course as well
Due to time & other sorts
But at least I learnt how such scenarios will look like
If it ever occurs

Over the weekend
It's been a good one
Though lack of some encouragement expected
A bit demoralisation still exists

& best thing of all

kana sai
Die liao
Donno have to pay how much

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I thought I could just let it go
Close one eye & say 'You win'
& then live my life happily ever after

'Good horses dont eat grasses behind him'
(Hao ma bu chi hui tou chao)

I'm a bad horse

& what did I do?
I wanna stab the 'I win You lose' flag on her forehead

Fuck lah
The more I think the more buay song I feel
I should get what I should get

If it's a wrong path that I'd chosen
Then be it the wrong path
Surely at some point at my path
There's a new beginning to choose

I'd seen the world now
What more have I not?

Life is all about black & white
Who cares about colors
when your world is gray even with the best way it could go

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'd missed out my Triple Seven Day
07 07 07
What a nice number to get wed

& so did my DarDar's ex-tutor

He held his at Labrador Park
Solemnization & banquet all in a day

The place is great
The atmosphere fits very well

Nice bouncy cushion for my ass
The solemnization to be done in the glass house in the midst of the swimming pool!
Long time never self snap liao
Rolls Royce up close & personal
In the restaurant..
The couple =)
I like this glass plague with pic laser-ed in it
DarDar signing the autograph book
The solemnization started

I thought the solemnization takes a long time
But it was only a few minutes
& when the couples said their vows
I almost teared

It's so touching

Imagine when I were to cry like fuck when I am to say that in 4 months time

Banquet started right after
& the montage that my DarDar did!

Food was alright...
Tried not to eat so much
I'm on diet!
Will go for extreme exercise when I quit my job totally

So the rest was just about food & drinks
Games & kisses

Poor Roderick was toasted to OUR heart's content

I bet that was like 5 litres of mixed liquor in it

DarDar drank along with him
& he puked his whole stomach out back home
Dropped dead right beside me while I enjoyed my Live Earth Concert

I'd attended 3 wedding banquets so far
Seeing new couples becoming together makes me feel happy
& soon it's my turn

We shall see how it goes...

Monday, July 09, 2007

It's only 1 week later
I recieved several compliments which comes abit too late

It's OK

Now at least I got myself recognised
Effort acknowledged

Someone's boss walked up to my boss & complimented me directly right in her face

I know I wasnt that bad at all

But you know how discrimination is when BIG SHOT always has the authority....

Oh well

All the documents needed for my Masters are almost completed
God Bless Me!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Siao liao
The responsibility in taking up further dive skills are damn huge!
Now I will have to save people in the water

I'm proud too
It really needs lotsa patience and courage to go for it

Imagine you cant even save yourself and yet wanna save other people

Just now had my pool session
Not bad
Edwin said I performed good

After rescuing the diver in the water
I have to bring the victim up onto the boat
So I must learn the right techniques to get the person out successfully

Edwin be victim loh
Big muscular guy
& he's so heavy!
But I still managed to

Edwin only warned me not to crack his back


Oh well
Shall see how it goes next week
Hope they dont te-gan me until I am the exhausted victim needing rescue

I still haven read my manual to prepare for my written exams

So many things to do!

On the other hand
My Msc application is now 70% completed


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It's not so bad afterall!
*grins big big*

I had a very nice chat with my supervisor
& she likes me

Probably coz my interest and hers are the same
& that she knows my ex-supervisor
& then she wanna get me in as a PT staff to help her out, provided got enough funds
& she will write in a very strong supporting letter for my MSc application

Even before i'd officially joined the team
She brought me around & introduced me to her other students

How cool can she be man?!

Speaking about bosses
My this future boss is surely the better one as compared to my current one


I must strive hard!
Feels so good to be NOT working

Just one more month

Went fishing with DarDar & friends last night near Woodlands Checkpoint
Got other people fishing
As well as a pair of couple quarrelling
Screaming at her boyfriend why he went to watch RA show


Kinda exciting
Coz after the big hoo-ha
The 2 of them held hands and left


No fish at all
Bored like shit
& also damn sleepy
Until 1am
We decided to call for MacDonalds delivery

Oh yes
They even send it to the damn ulu place that we were at

Slept for few hours & then have to wake up to think of a proposal!
Die lahhhhhh

I donno what to propose
& I also donno if my proposal meets her idea
Later I came up with a damn sucky one
Scare she dont want me to be her student anymore

*sob sob*

Ok, i better get going

Monday, July 02, 2007

The 4D number didnt come out
Although we missed by 1 digit

The weather was so weird on Sunday
Afternoon was hot like siao
I almost walked around naked

But I didnt

Went fishing with DarDar & Dean at Labrador Park

Then the big big Star Virgo passed by
Really very huge woooooorrrrrr

The passenger aboard were waving at us
Gave me a very deep impression of Titanic......


I'd like to try on the giant sail too
But I scare it'll become like Titanic


Then today
I had fever in the morning

My eyes were so hot that they wanted to close every minute
Hot tears feel so weird

& luckily I always have medicine in my bag
& so I gobbled 2 paracethemol

I just returned from my Rescue Diver theory course
Now I'm so lazy to do researches

& Wed I needa meet up with my MSc supervisor
Haven do research