Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Today feel extremely happy today
That I'm sending SMSes to innocent people to disturb them
Must share joy meh?

Today is my last day of work!!
Happy note
No more work!
Sad note
I'm gonna be jobless again



Helped YL with her files
& most of us had completed
2500 files conquered
Most of the staffs were so happy about our achievement
Eloise still bought us chocolate to reward us
My department staffs were so nice today surprisingly
Last time I brought out the piles of files them to check
They all said
"Cyn, we all hate to see you"
Ok loh
I was just doing my task
So any shit happened dont blame me loh

But after I managed to finish the load yesterday
They kept thanking me for my help
Thought dont wanna see me?
Then when I left office
All waved 'Goodbye' to me
Machiam so big shot

Got feedback from big boss
Said I did a very good job!

Tomorrow slack

Next day

I'd completed all my files!
I pia-ed the remaining today
Tomorrow can slack abit

Rushed to clinic after work
Round 2 of work start
Was sitting alone on the bus until an old man suddenly sat beside me
I was shocked
Then I noticed him kept turning his head
& looked at my chest
I felt so disgusted
I wasnt even wearing any low-cut top
What the fuck was he doing?
When I turned to look outside & turned back
I noticed his head also turned back
Then when I looked straight
My side vision showed him tilting his head & looked at my chest
I was already so fucking tired
Wanted to catch a nap or so
But his presence made me stayed wide awake

When I reached clinic
My eyes already closing
So more no patients until 11pm
Why people love to come see doc just 1 hour before closing?!?!?!?!?!

Er ge came fetch me home
Told him about the tiko-pek-pek
He kept laughing & laughing until he nua-ed
Cannot concentrate on his driving
Put my life in danger on slippery road sia
tsk tsk

Time to sleep
Seriously very tired
But tomorrow night can slack all the way again!
Supper with Abang & Zhiwei


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Completed 90 files today
Should be a big achievement
YL, WQ & I hit the quota

Someone complaint to the superior
Manager came kb
When she heard that the progress was slow, except mine
Coz mine was pretty easy & thus swift
She kept smiling at me

Smile simi?
Wanna por me isit?

But too bad loh
I stand on YL'S & WQ's side
I explained the situation to her
Coz nobody tends to believe the truth
But she still keeps smiling at me
Cunning smile
& still said
"Those who can finish the task before deadline will be awarded free movie tickets, ok?"
& she turned to smile at me again


YL said
"Who wants your tic? Think we so gian ben meh? Arbo I buy you the tickets you excuse me for not completing the task la?"


Sibei you seh

But still
I OT-ed with WQ

Handphone died
Completely outta batt
The 3 hours at night were so miserable
Met Er ge at Clarke Quay
But I donno how to go
Lost my way alittle when I realised I was heading Chinatown instead of the other way round
& I got abit scared that I almost wanna board the direct bus home
Used public phone for the 1st time after......... many years
Still must dong 10 cents coin

Had dinner/supper at Al azhar
Bumped into that Indian-muslim beggar again
Er ge said he & I got fate
Everytime go eat with Er ge surely see him
But when I go with Zhiwei never see him one leh...


Very tired
But the day isnt that bad afterall when I got to watch underwater sex on TV


You think what?
Tiko brains

Local dives during the weekend I'm overseas

Procrastinating to pack luggage
Who cares?

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Your Seduction Style: Au Natural

You rank up there with your seduction skills, though you might not know it.
That's because you're a natural at seduction. You don't realize your power!
The root of your natural seduction power: your innocence and optimism.

You're the type of person who happily plays around and creates a unique little world.
Little do you know that your personal paradise is so appealing that it sucks people in.
You find joy in everything - so is it any surprise that people find joy in you?

You bring back the inner child in everyone you meet with your sincere and spontaneous ways.
Your childlike (but not childish) behavior also inspires others to care for you.
As a result, those who you befriend and date tend to be incredibly loyal to you.
I feel so low all so suddenly
At 5am
Phone rang

"Who's this?"
"Who are you?"
"Hello? Who are you?"
"I dont think it's a correct time for me to guess who you are now..."
"Errm... are you Ally?"
"I'm so sorry.."

Who am I to need you when I'm down?
Where are you when I need you around?
Your life is not your own

And all I ask you
Is for another chance
Another way around you
To live by circumstance, once again

Who am I to need you now?
To ask you why, to tell you no
To deserve your love and sympathy
You were never meant to belong to me

And you may go, but I know you won't leave
Too many years built into memories
Your life is not your own

Who am I to need you now?
To ask you why, to tell you no
To deserve your love and sympathy
You were never meant to belong to me

Who am I to you?
Along the way
I lost my faith

And as you were, you'll be again
To mold like clay, to break like dirt
To tear me up in your sympathy
You were never meant to belong to me
You were never meant to belong to me
You were never meant to belong to me

Who am I?

Saturday, November 26, 2005

This is so shitty
PADI now came out with this design
I wonder if I can replace my stupid Baggai Cardinal fish design to this

My fever had gone!
I wondered why
Had 1 Mac ice-cream cone, 1 mug of Carlsberg/Heineken & 2 sticks of nicotine
& the next day
I'm fine!
So medicine isnt that good afterall

Wilson gor gor gave me a piggy back ride for 10m
He said I very light wor
Light but fat?
Doesnt make sense though

Returned office for OT
Earliest to arrive & latest to leave
Raining loh, sian
Wilson gor gor came fetch me home

Momo getting fierce lately
Bit my chopstick as I fed it with beehoon

All fun activities take place when I'm in Hong Kong

Friday, November 25, 2005



Why machiam must sick once a month?
Knn machiam period
This time round got fever + running nose + blocked nose
But I can 100% guarantee it's coz of the stupid weather
Rain, sun, rain, sun
In fact
I everyday go work must wear jacket
Leave work still wearing jacket

Tomorrow OT
Go eat their money for a few more hours
Build up to $499.50
Then no need cut CPF

Gonna have my Advanced Theory test in 1.5hrs
Last night called Er-ge to clarify doubts
Asked him until he sibei pek chek
Wanna slap me
*sob sob*

Tonight go havoc
Dont care I can survive my fever or not liao
Life really very dull
My Bacardi is calling me~~~

I miss my Dear

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I skipped OT today
Must come back home study Advanced Theory lah~~~~
Tomorrow test leh..
>_< >_<
Forgot 80% liao
Busy practising the questions that Joe gave me

So anticipating tomorrow
Coz can see my lovely brothers
& hang out till late
Sat gotta return work OT

I forsee boring weekend
I wanna go Malaysia


Next week will be flying back HongKong
Mum, Dad & Bro are so excited
Seriously I dreaded the idea of returning
Must bring formal dressing back
& i dont have the time to pack luggage now too
Dont care lah
Seeing my HK friends enjoying & taking graduation pics with family & friends
I sorta wish I have the gown now
& take pics with my SG friends & my brothers
Eh, can worrrrr
I can bring the gown back & send back HK in January

Will be buying lotsa stuffs when I'm back
Die die must grab some dive gears back, if they're affordable

Life is so dull lately that I can no longer type more than 20 sentences about reality
But life is so fun when I daydream

Born princess

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This morning very cold right?
Stupid Momo bit my pinkie when I provided it with more sawdust
Coz I scared it cold
& it really bit me deep
So pain that my hand's reflex action retrieved
& Momo got flunged to the side of the cage
& then sat there & looked at me innocently


Dont wanna talk to Momo liao

Very tired
See files wanna puke
Puke means sick
Sick means MC
MC means no work


I really miss my princess life, man
I shall bring my Bacardi out on Friday
& 'da' with my brothers


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Had a really tiring day
Had 3 hrs of OT
So a total of 12 hours in office
Fucked up
Luckily got Wanqi to talk cock with me

Joe gave me a mp3 player
With most of my favourite Garbage's songs in it
Came especially to pass it to me during lunch break
Coz he overslept again in the moring to send me to work
Then somemore came to fetch me & Wanqi home
Although took quite some time to finally reach Hougang, then back home
But thanks thanks thanks
Many thanks

Joe's friend's EG9 damn fierce
Both appearance & engine-wise
140km/hr on TPE
Still asked me wanna open & try VTEC bo...


Tomorrow another 14hours of work
Why so cock one?
Last time want work don have
Now got work must work for 14hours
Simi logic?!
I miss my princess life so much....
But soon I'll start to enjoy it again soon...

Some idiots always like to eat my Ruffles & left only 3 pieces for me when I'm not at home

Sorry to those who have been trying to book me for dinner
But seriously I'm very busy this week
Try again next week lah~
But I think next week also maybe cannot
Wait until mid-Dec & we'll see how

Thanks Joe for fetching me to & from work
My first ex-neighbour-friend
His friend's Honda CRX Delsol no seatbelt
Abit scary
Then kana traffic jam
Sped sia!!!
Somemore morning raining!!!

Then on way to clinic at night that time
Met Er ge's car at my house junction
Waved 'Hello' from inside

Dr Chow very ka-jiao-ing leh
I like him so much
"Eh, YM, ask you hah.. between Big Mac & Curry chicken, which one has more calories?"
"Errr...big mac?"
"You go find out...."
"Orh, ok loh.."
Then I went to do my stuffs, very busy
Suddenly he came out from the room
"So YM, what's the answer?"
"Huh? what answer?"
"Curry or big mac?"


Got this patient 'there' got problem
Then Dr CHow shouted
"You girls dont come in hor.."
Machiam no one knows like that
So obvious loh!
Then that patient came out
His friend came counter
"Eh miss, you work here everyday one huh?"
I looked at him
"No.. why?"
"Come here see doctor loh"
"You sick meh?"
"Then you come for what?"
He kept quiet


Luckily end work at 11pm
Er ge fetched me eat supper

Today very cold leh
Wind blow abit already shivering
No wonder Momo dont wanna come outta the house

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Today is fun day
Today is also chio day
Because it's a happy day!

Went for the Singapore Honda Club's Westsider photoshoot
Convoyed from West Coast to Marina South
The whole lane of expressway machiam kana occupied by us

When we reached there
Our signallers gave commands
"Left, left, no, right, ok, reverse, stop, left, stop, OK!"

First time I got to see so many different models & color of cars
So cute
We have the Honda 3G City
Honda Civic ES series
Honda Civic EG/EH Series
Honda Civic EK Series
Honda Integra/Accord/Fit/Jazz/Airwave
The Westsiders!
Nice hor?

Me, Nurra & Daphne
Me, Batman & Vincent


Could have taken more pics
But camera low batt

I must pass my Advance theory this coming Friday!!!
I must get my own (toy)car too!!
Dr Chow read my article in Cohesion
& asked me about WildFilms
& asked me how to go for guided walks

First time I see him so excited
First time see him chat with staff happily

Dr Chow is so cute

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Nothing to blog about
Life suddenly becomes as dull & low as possible
I cannot stand it anymore
I need some outdoor activities

Lemme play with my Picasa


& I'm supposed to study for my Advance Theory today!
If you think working 8 hours sucks
Please think of me

I worked 14 hours today!!!

Can die of fatigue

Good thing today I good mood
If not
This stupid patient sure die from me

Patient walked into the clinic, looked around & sat down
I looked at her, she looked at her
Then I did my logging since she never approached counter
"XIAO JIE, YOU YI SHENG MAH?" (Miss, Doctor in?)
I responded in awe to her loud exclamation from far end
"you..." (Yes)
"Huh.. wo hai yi wei yi sheng bu zai..wei se mo mei you geng wo jiang?" (Huh, I still thought doctor not in...why never tell me?)
"Ni dou mei you wen wo...Jiang lai zuo se mo?" (You never ask me...tell you for what?)
"Yi sheng zai la?" (So the doctor is in la?)
"Wo yao kan bing" ( I wanna see doctor)
"You just write down your name for me"
"Xie na ni?" (Write where?)
"Xie zai zhi shang !!!" (Write on paper )
"Zhi zai na ni?" (Where's the paper?)
*Slammed the box of paper that was in front of her right in her face*

What should I say?


I was already refraining myself to add the 'lah', 'leh', 'loh' to reduce my buay-song-ness
But I think i still managed to embarass her

She diao-ed me

So what?
Where got people come in clinic never register at counter & anyhow scream one?

I refused to dispense the medicine to her
Let my partner did
My partner also call her stupid
I laughed till peng
Coz my colleague all along very cool, bo chup one
Finally she spoke!!!

*munch munch*
Ruffles for supper, anyone?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Why does Clifford always see cool stuffs when I'm not around?!
A Napolean wrasse?
A black tip reef shark?
& many many more that he cant finish telling within that 3minutes phone call?!

I dont care
I die die must go Redang next March
The whale sharks are coming to shores!!

Why does people like to jio me out when I have to work?!
Kevin jio-ed to drink
Alvin & Clifford jio-ed for dinner
Book in advance,please

Life is pretty dull for me lately
But this is something new

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Stupid day

Awakened by colleague to cover shift at 845am
Fell back to sleep
Awakened by Gene-jie after that
Woke up at 1030am
Dad never go work
Went to nap at 2pm
Woke up at 430pm
Jaddine called for interview 830am tomorrow
Ok loh
Went to work
Almost no patient
Yip & I rot until cannot rot further
After 11pm
Yip left
All patients came in
Hungry somemore
Just had dinner at 1230am

Time to collapse
& await for another sucky day

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

At 11am
Phone rang
"Cyn mei ah... sleeping ah?"
"I meet you on Friday instead can or not?"
"Umm.. Ok loh.."

Wilson Gor Gor pang-seh
Pang seh
Pang seh

Pang seh


So I switched to Plan B
"Eh Ivan, go swimming"


Sunny bright Monday
I love it

Swam till 130pm
Rushed home & out
Went to meet Tom C to pass him the tapes
Oh well
Better not let Devil of Procrastination possess me anymore
1.5 boxes of tapes logged outta 4
& stupid me left 1 box behind at home
So I have to log that box of tapes somehow soon

Went Sim Lim
Bought a 256MB thumbdrive
Now I can transfer my stuffs anywhere
& charge my brother $5/day if he wants to use it

Went window shopping alone
That's surprising
I rarely shop alone
I headed to 2nd level of Bugis Village to find Jarenis as a surprise visit
But she not there
Lemme help her advertise abit
Her store sells accessories
Some are handmade while some are imported
Very chio
If you're attentive enough on CNA & Channel U
She was on for interviews as the youngest entrepreuner of the year
Cool heh?

Go patronise ok?
She really sells nice stuffs

Oh well
After that
I went to loiter
Looked at bags, tops, accessories
& I actually lost my way in Bugis Village
Wu yia bo???
Wu yia wu yia
Coz I long time never go liao
Then changed so much
From lanes to alleys which connect one another
So it's practically walking in a maze
I was so hungry coz I haven eat for the day
& I got so fed up coz I got lost
Then I stopped at this accesory shop

"Lai Xiao Jie, yao zao se mo?" (Come miss, what are you looking for?)
"Errrr... you got sell anything that is of the whale's tail design?"
"Got got got"

& she brought out 1 tray of pendant & 1 tray of earrings
Oh man
I fell in love with the pendant
"If you buy, got 30% discount"
"Hurrrrr...!! "

& I tried it on my necklace
Not bad
But I think I'll customise it myself
Probably make myself a choker
Original cost $26
After discount $18.20
But coz I pay by NETS
She only charge me $18
Good good

After that
I smell my way out to the main road
& filled myself with a peanut pancake
Which I then realise I dont eat peanut
*rolls eyes*

To say
I spent 2 hours in Bugis Village
That's really something VERY new

Crossed over to Bugis Junction
& suddenly recalled Malik working there!
I like this shark necklace & Abang is buying for me for my birthday! Yeah~~*Oink*

Er ge came fetch me for dinner
& we had Marche@Suntec
Er ge told me to try drinking ErdingerWeißbräu using straw
I gave up!

Me & Er ge
The B&W pic also looks not bad

When the WestSiders rock on Orchard Road
Orchard Road is beautifully decorated
But due to my photo-snapping earlier on
I think its theme is on Hansel & Gretel
*grumbles grumbles*

I'll pull someone to go take photos with me soon

Today is a happy day!
But my $90 balance in bank looks pretty saddening

P/S:Gudang Garum is so damn cool!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

How is it like to be restless for 4 nights
With 2 nites of insomnia
& then waking up early in the 5th morning
Just to have MacDonalds' breakfast?


Yah loh
Went to have breakfast with Er ge this morning at West Coast Park
Sibei onz hor?
Devil dao-ed me, dont wanna look at me

What a bright sunny day!
I love sunny days

Had Big Breakfast
Something I found about the grilled patty
It no longer tasted like how it was previously
& I suspected that Mac had been serving pork patty instead of beef until recently
Coz that previous patty tasted just the same as I'd eaten in HongKong
& in HongKong it is clearly stated as pork
Even the color of the patty I had today looks different

If this is true...
"Oh no" to the Muslims

Ate my grilled bread using fork
Wanted to dip some pepper onto it
& the whole slice slipped off my fork & landed on the table
Stanley brother looked at me & said
"Wah, your food can anyhow fly, relax"
Jamie-jie giggled
Bo lah... I eat very gentle one
The bread naughty la, wanna escape

Then 10mins later
Ivan jio-ed me go eat sushi buffet for lunch with Tisa & Kelvin
Damn full leh
But then sadly
No money also
*waves bye-bye to my unlimited supply of soft-shelled crab sushi rolls*

I didnt know that there's this Clean&Green Week carnival thingy happening in West Coast Park
& it just so happened that I heard Wai was there at the Blue Water Volunteer booth
IF I knew there's this carnival there
I'd have passed by & dropped Wai a 'Hi'
Afterall it's been so long I last met the WildFilms crew members

Window shopping tomorrow with Wilson gor gor!
So excited
Wont be buying anything, I hope
May probably just ask around prices for my mask
Mares - Pure vision?
Scubapro - Crystal Vu?
The remaining $155 balance in my bank account is so saddening

Plan me activities on 26th Nov!
I wanna go overseas!
Best if there's local dives
So I wont waste my Saturday away since I've no work on that day
Er ge returned from Shanghai
& he got me many things!


A penguin glass pendant necklace as my birthday pressie
Cute hor?

A phone accessory made of jade

A glass cup from SQ
Which is actually for Momo

A Shanghai sponge cake
Which I shall let Mum taste before I do

A stick of Davidoff light cig
Nicotine from Shanghai

I just love souvenirs

On top of that
I've recieved 3 advanced birthday pressie so far
From Clifford, Ivan & Er ge
Thank you!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Never know eating ice-kacang can get so high too...
Birthday in less than 1 month
I forsee slightly happier mood
I've never been happy for my birthday
I cant remember any of my previous birthday celebration
So God damn gimme one good one that reminds me every year

I've seen people doing birthday wishlist
Want this want that
But when it comes to mine
I guess this may be my 1st wishlist
Lemme think

1) A sponsered navel piercing
2) A sponsered dive trip to Pulau Redang next March
3) A sponsered Nitrox dive course next May/June
4) A regulator
5) A sponsered trip to Phuket
6) A trip to KL/ KLCC Aquaria
7) A trip to somewhere I've never gone before
8) A brand new big bed (Cinna, Cheery, Horny, Looloo & Garfield took up 1/3 of my space)
9) Shed extra 2 kg of fats
10) A permanent job!!

I think all these are impossible
Thus it's known as the wishlist

You only wish

People always say see stars fly across must make a wish
Do their wishes come true?
Toyota also got this car model -Wish
You drive 24/7 can have all wishes come true?


But I'd be glad if any of these are to fulfil
At least for the first 7 wishes


Counting down to another year closer to death

**** Jeffrey jioed me go Thailand diving in Mid-Dec
Where the fuck do I get my money??

Friday, November 11, 2005

Just as I thought it's something nice to share about me in Cohesion
Dr Gray Williams forwarded that to the Faculty
Dr Williams only replied
"You're gonna be famous"

Can I not?
I shy leh

Had my flu jab with Mum last evening
Long time never kana poke
The feeling.... Hmmmmm
Very unexpected
But as he pressed the vaccine in
That's the part that sorta hurts
But shiok
Dr Lee Oh asked if I need panadol for my 'fever'
He said my body temperature is abit too high
I said
"I'm not having fever leh...My temperature always this high one.."

So when I'm having fever
My brains are already burnt

3 hours of online chats
Had long chat with Susu Suharto latinfrog Alvin
Really long one after near 6 yrs of disappearance
An overseas chat with Er ge
Poor Er ge stuck in Shanghai
Think everyday eat xiao long bao & drink Tsing-dao
When Er ge come back we da Baileys
Yum yum
Had a brain-racking chat with Wilson gor gor
Wilson gor gor always talk very chim...
Must think & think while chatting
Had as-per-normal talk-cock session with Ivan
An educational session with Joseph junior
But after that
I cried before I slept

Something is so wrong

Keep having stupid dreams
*slaps Clifford*

Alice woke me up in the morning
Asked me about computer stuffs
Must be Mala
Go tell everyone in the clinic my computer skills very good
But I never get to troubleshoot all problems most of the time

Stupid sky
Just now so bright, now so dark
I'm going swimming with Ivan leh..

Thursday, November 10, 2005

"Ah soh, you jiu bo zua bo?"

I diao-ed that knn garang guni outside my corridor
Shook my hand and turned my head away

I gave him 3 seconds to clearly look at me
Expecting him to say 'Sorry, Xiao jie'
But knn
He never said it!

I hate this kinda person
Wrong liao wont correct
Act blur & continue to think he's right
So that he wont feel that bad
yet at the same time
Make the innocent bad


Sucky Thursday

Dont show me the calendar
I dont wanna see what's coming for this weekend

You reminded me
Wreck diving
My cutie batfish!!
Take photo for me ok?

Shopping with Wilson gor gor on Monday
Go do piercing & tattoo

I cant wait for December to come
So many activities lining up
I'll be so 'overseas' that month
So anticipating

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Went out with Ivan today
To shop for dry sack backpack!
I have blue eyes *blink blink*

Saw 3 dry sack backpacks for the whole day
So hard to find sia
Especially those that suits my ideal design
Fourskin sells too
at $60!!
Hesitated to buy
Coz only in grey & black
Went Wisma's Flash & Splash
Quiksilver sells at $99
But transparent, last piece

So I returned empty-handed again

Ivan bought me a care bear soft toy for my birthday, I think
His name is 'Cheery'
Finally I'm giving decent names to my soft-toys

Xmas lightings in Orchard are up
Ok lah
Very classic this year
The nutcrackers, the doves, the candysticks
The only readily decorated Xmas tree outside Paragon

Went Wisma see fishes
This grunt (i think) purposely stopped in front of me lemme take photos

Oh man
My fish recognition is failing me gradually
I need dives!
& this weekend
KC, Clifford, Martin, Roy, Blah blah & blah blah are going to P. Dayang!!!
Last Malaysia dives before the monsoon come

I also wanna go

For now
I'm just gonna be one sad girl

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My article in Cohesion Nov/Dec issue is out!
*click picture to read article*

They changed the cover page last minutely to that of the mayor
Oh nevermind
Who am I compared to the mayor?
Tio bo?

I didnt sleep at 6am this early morning
I didnt think of you
I didnt think of us watching the sunset together
I didnt think of you holding my hands
I didnt think of our Malacca-KL-Genting trip
I didnt think of your kisses
I didnt think of your cuddles
I didnt think of that night we saw stars together
I didnt think of that time you looked directly into my eyes & whispered 'Wo ai ni'
I didnt miss you
I didnt long for your calls
I didnt long fo your SMSes
I didnt cry
I didnt wet my pillow
I didnt sniff my blanket for your smell
I didnt abuse drowsy drugs
I didnt love you

I lied

Monday, November 07, 2005

Memories keep flashing back
I still dont understand
But I'd chosen to let go of explanation this time round
For something, there wont always be an answer to it
Even if there is
I hope it'll be answered one day

Everytime I walk past my bookshelf
Looking at the pictures pasted on the top shelf
Things were so sweet
Mum told me to remove those pics
Er ge told me to remove those pics
Maumau told me to remove those pics

I refused

The pictures had almost faded its color
Our faces had turned so orange that it almost blended with the night background of the Esplanade
It was our New Year's Eve's photo
Our 1st occasion celebration together
Yet it's going away...

I swear it must be due to the poor photo paper quality

Probably he'd also kept away all the photos already...

I guess it still takes time...