Saturday, September 30, 2006

I see...
So simply speaking I'm being disliked


Because I look kinda free?
Because I can go home on time?

& that you meant I'm not commited?
Not putting my effort?

Dont tell me that coz you understand that now my portfolio had expanded
& I'm getting busy
& thus not asking me to help out with other tasks

How the hell
You know I'm busy
How can you say I'm not putting my effort
& not commited to getting the task done?

It's a major project you know?
I'd already sacrificed one day to sort out documents for 140+ staffs from 3 major arch files
So now I do not see why I shouldnt be clearing my piled up work
On top of that
Things just keep coming in

Although sometimes I do look abit slack
I'm just taking a break
But that doesnt mean I'm lazing around
At least I'm much better off than you guys
Always chatting & laughing the whole day

When I leave office on time
Eyes turn green
Cant blame me
It's after office hours
& I have other things planned for the nights
Well that's obviously your problem for planning your days well enough

Weekends are not enough, you know?

Work can never finish

Whatever you say


Thursday, September 28, 2006

I have never been so busy before
I spent 4 hours working on this proposal
& the remaining 4 hours to do ad-hoc tasks

Just 5 more months

I was watching Ai-sa 17 on this online TV
Very nice!
But no time to watch leh

I have day-off for the Deepavali that falls on Saturday
Let's see how I shall spend it

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cant even let me go home in peace

This stupid colleague keeps asking me to do this do that for her purpose
But she's not even in my team!
& furthermore
Who is she to ask me do things for her benefit?

I'm aware that I have to do this
& I've communicated with my colleagues in MY team
There's no need for her to tell me what to do

I know that is my job
why is she directing me to do
when my director has no words about it?

I feel so stressed already
& everytime she just comes up with lotsa things for me to do
Simply because previous team did not do
Doesnt mean that she can direct me to do!

The main point here is


I go stuff myself with potato chips till I die of excess fat

Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm backkkkkkkkkkkk
I saw 3 turtles leh!!
& dolphins jumping outta the waterrrrrrr
2 blue-spotted stingrays
& many redbreasted wrasse trying to act fierce at me
Got one stupid redbreasted wrasse was swimming right behind me
& when i turned my head to search for my dive buddy
It appeared right in front of my face
I kana shocked sia!
Imagine that was a shark or something

Then also saw this white eel crawling across the sandy seabed
I thought snake sia

& then as I was swimming above the stretch of corals
Got 2 groupers fighting for territory!
Scared sia
Worse than seeing a triggerfish

Then horrrrr
There were schools of jacks swimming around us in swirls
Just as if tunas circling in the pelagic
Damn nice
& barracudas too!

My trip was great
Almost all the people I know went
Martin + Roy + Tze Yau + Kenneth + Ah Beng + Jessica + KC
My DarDar also passed his Open Water Dive too!
Now I've got a dive buddy
But he still has to train his buoyancy alot much more

Let's go diving next month!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The day I've finally waited for

Roy & Martin always cheat me
Say weekend go Tioman then suddenly tell me go Dayang
Ok loh
& now
I'm finally going Tioman coz I get Martin to book for me!

While I'm away from the urban city
Indulging myself underwater with my favourite fishes
Momo, please take care of yourself ok?
Mummy bring Tioman nuts for you to eat

I think Momo is the only one that I'm gonna miss most
Everyday my Mum asks
"What if Momo cant make it before you return? Wait for you to clear up the body?"
I looked at her

Wah lao
Can dont say until like that leh
I cried for few nights coz I thought too much
Now still wanna make me feel sad while I escape into the nature

Baby, just keep on breathing till I'm by your side again, ok?

I've packed all my staffs
But I still feel something is missing

See you on Monday!

Monday, September 18, 2006

I feel very sad
I'm gonna lose another best friend soon
Signs of old age are appearing
& it's looking very lethargic
I have to shake him awake everyday from his sleep
Just trying to see if he's still breathing or not


Very sad

I love him so much
It's been with me all these while
& waited 1 year for me to return from HK

DarDar said it's about time

I wept a little

I understand
I'd been through this for the 14th time
I'm unwilling to let this go
It's my precious baby
Watched it grow up
From cute baby to wrinkled elderly


I love you Momo
Dont dump Mummy when I'm overseas
I wanna see you when I'm back

I shall shower you with the most kisses that I ever kissed anyone
*muack x infinity*

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I felt abit bad...
I went for my Dragonboat training last week
Went for another yesterday
Couldnt got for today's coz head was feeling damn heavy
& that's it
No more training


With just 2 trainings
How to excel at the match on 1st October?!

I have no idea
I really feel bad
I think our team is gonna get crashed
& the idiot lady behind always hit my elbow with her oar
Cant she just follow the rhythm of those in front?

Speaking of which
I was allocated to row for the 1st 4 pairs
I'm one of the 'engines' on the boat

Not bad ah?
I'm strong ok!

Funny enough
Dragonboat now seems like another thing that I'm looking forward to participate
Other than my driving, diving & other jum-pa-lang activities

I weighed myself yesterday
I sighed
Another 1kg gain after my Jack's Place dinner with DarDar & Bo
Now I'd just hit the acceptable range
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

DarDar went crazy yesterday
Spending almost $300 on his shopping spree
When I was the one who got all so excited to go shopping
Pulling him into almost every shop
He was the one who came out of the shop with loads of shopping bags
When we returned home
Dad asked me
"You striked 4D ah? Buy so much things?"
Me:"Not mine lah!"


All I got was only a Fasio mascara & a Roxy sleevless rash guard

Drove home with Bo's car
DarDar acted hao-lian the other time when I complaint I couldnt find the biting point of Bo's Lancer
& so I asked him to try
Stalled twice
& then I drove from Bukit Timah back Bukit Panjang

Eh kns
I confirmed I checked my blindspot before I changed lane
But the cb car behind accelerated when I was moving in
& I had to move back to allow him
You donno who my shifu is isit?
I dont drive like those you-think-girls-donno-how-to-drive girls ok?!

It's only 6 more days to diving!!
I've got bunch of friends this time round
& I think 1/2 of the group are my friends

& after my diving trip
It'll be my dragonboat race

I'm so busy
Dont you think so?
But I'm feeling good about doing all these

It's just another new experience!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


This unreasonable staff just spoils my evening
45mins before office hours


Refusal to listen to the situation at my end
& insist on believing she's correct


I need time to investigate the situation
& she insists me to provide her with an answer tomorrow



& I'd figured out why now
I'll just slam it back in her face

I dont believe that working with procedures will screw up everything
Unless the procedures are screwed up loh
Then I got nothing to say liao


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The world seems to be very concern about stingrays now
After Steve's tragedy


Cant they just live that fish alone?

Angry fans kill stingrays to revenge for Steve



Caught stingrays were killed & tails being cut off

Hi fans of Mr Steve Irwin
Would you think that Mr Irwin will be proud of you guys for taking the revenge for him
Just because you thought you're seeking revenge for someone who'd been dead for a week is the most glamourous thing on world to show your concern?
Further to this
Do you think that Mr Irwin is proud of your doings as you're bringing death to many innocent stingrays which only attack upon danger
What was his motive of appearing on TV & introducing animals to you myopic people?


How the fucking hell can you conserve by killing stingrays over such reason?
If one angry man kills 10 stingrays each day until his anger subsides, assuming it to be 10 days
How many stingrays will remain alive if the whole world population behaves like that angry man for 10 days?!

Please do not vent your anger on the benthic elasmobranch
Understand the reason why Steve risked his life introducing all the animals in Australia
Understand the purpose why he wants all of us to know what he was doing

& please
Let him rest in peace (no pun intended)
No need to investigate how Steve dies in the world of nature
It's very obvious that he's being toxicated at the slight seconds
Why spend week to decipher something that wilt within nano-seconds?

I didnt really wanna go further to talk bt Steve's death
But I was disgusted by how fans behaved after the tragedy

If you are concerned
Donate to Wildlife Warriors
Your argents will be greatly appreciated


I am so not myself today
I feel so ... urgh
But I meant what I say above

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I cut my hair leh...
Nice not?

Yesterday went to do Reefwalk Guiding with the Blue Water Volunteers at Kusu Island
at 430am
DarDar went with me too
& it was my first time to Kusu
& first time guiding
Not very experience in speaking during trips
Coz during my trips with WildFilms
I ususally kept very quiet concentrating on looking for animals to film
& the group that I & KY were leading had kids
& the kids were so active!
See everything also ask 'Eh, what is this?','got fish!'

The corals were damn bad
Heavily covered with silt
& there wasnt much sea anemone too
Neither much crabs nor shrimps
& sadly
No one were attentive enough to listen to me talking about the coastal ecology
The limpets, barnacles, nerita, BLAH!
Coz the kids were very anxious to look for the starfish
& so when we finally did
They looked very tired & sorta ignore the starfish
Until I said
"The starfish can generate new arm if one of them is broken"
& then one of the kids asked
"Can I break one now?"


Kids are so naive

DarDar was helping out with Daniel in another group
& I saw he was doing good
After that
We went to wash up & stuffs

DarDar went to the tortoise shelter & play with the tortoise with my red bag
& a whole herd of tortoise crawled out of the pool towards DarDar
& the 'king' of the tortoise came out
Eh you know ah
Kusu Island really got sea turtle leh!
Can see not?
Water very murky though...


Very tired & sleepy
Went DarDar's house sleep
& had Sarpinos pizza for dinner
Now I'm so fat

& this morning
I went for my dragonboat training
Very xiong leh
The paddling must be very coordinated & consistent
Ok la
Not bad
Tried something new

This September I'm so full of activities
& DarDar scolded me last night
Said I have no time to sleep, no time to meet him, no time to do my things
Still wanna go wake-boarding with Garett's friends
Never die before

Ok ok
I shall stay inactive next month

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Finally uploaded my photos

I went to the zoo last Saturday
Thanks to Nanfeng
Who got me free entry
Zoo changed quite a lot
But the animals are still the same
Some growing blind, some growing old
& they have giraffes!!!

Road signs with head of animals
Me & giraffe! & damn I look fat!
Went to see this & that
Machiam tourist
Got Brazillian primates!
Then we went to the Fragile Forest
One of the place I love best
Coz got ringed-tail lemurs!!!

DarDar was showing off the butterfly that landed on his hand

& then suddenly he was surrounded by many butterflies
& one of them landed on his nose
Just as we were playing with the animals in Fragile Forest
It started to pour
Gotta seek shelter at the Reptile Garden
Then the anaconda & python were crawling up & down in front of me

DarDar & I with the snakes & tortoises & crocodiles

I had a good day at the zoo
When I came out of the zoo
I saw a dog lying on the road
& I thought to myself
"Why is the kangaroo lying there?"

I thought I was still in wildlife

I shall go to Night Safari the next time
Haven been there yet
So swaku
My DarDar made this for me!

So cute!

Monday, September 04, 2006

I just watched his 'New Breed Vets' yesterday
& today
Power98 shocked me
With a double confirmation via black & white
It is indeed very shocking

Steve Irwin died

I believe it'd brought much concerns from everyone worldwide
At least for those who had seen him on TV
This Aussie man, together with his wife, had increased public awareness on conservation
& also widened everyone's knowledge in Australian wildlife

It'd also inspired existing environmentalists to be more active in conservation


It's sad that he'd left
Hope his captured memories will be among us always

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm selling matchboxes!
Who want?
Cigerette matchboxes at $15

Scroll look-alike matchboxes with ancient drawings at back. Nett at $15
One lumpsum of matchboxes at $50.Just trying to get rid of these collectables.

Gmail me if you want!