Sunday, April 29, 2007

I sorta scare of going back Malaysia with DarDar
Every second every minute Auntie keep asking me to eat
"Come, eat this, very nice..."
"Come, try this, elsewhere cannot buy.."

Ok loh
Then I also abit very cheapo go and eat loh
& in the end
Ate one after another

I had late dinner on Friday after seeing my parents off to Aussie
& then reached Malaysia at around 10pm
Had dinner till 11pm
& then ate DarDar's birthday cake
& went to bed at around 1 plus
Then next day had Secret Reciepe for brunch
& then had dinner
& then durian for supper
Wah I buay tahan
Heng I still weigh the same

I like to go DarDar's house
Coz it's damn big
& I can run around
Chat with the maid
& sat on his grandpa's OSIM iRobot
Watch his 35" TV
with stereo surround sound
Sleep in his air con room
But then I'm fed with too good food that I donno if it's a bliss or a bless

I made this Prawn Cheese Springroll
Very nice worrrrrrrr~
Saw it on TV
& went to try making it today
& it proves a success!


Friday, April 27, 2007



Now I smell of Fried Fish Bee Hoon
It just makes me puke
Coz on Wednesday during my clinic duty
Got this old man had AMI
& puked his dinner out
Smelling exactly as which
& I had to hold the bin for him
I almost died
& he was put on drip
& sent to the hospital


& my fave food is Fried Fish Bee Hoon

I realised that my doctors always like me to assist them
All those surgery emergency cases
Always ask me into the conuslting room

Oh well
This shows that I'm appreciated!

Rain rain rain
Stop raining lah...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Have been really busy lately

Brought my 2nd hand Mares Abyss down for Edwin to take a look
& luckily still usable
However needa service that cost about $100+
& I'm gonna bargain for this reg for $300 instead of the quoted $400

I'm gonna have my own regulator!!

Parents going Australia tomorrow
This means I have to be home more often to take care of house
No time leh
Wash clothes must spend 1 hr
Cook dinner another
By time everything is done is sleeping time
Where got time to do my things?

Think I better not get married
Cant imagine me staying up late still to do all these

So as my parents go Aussie
I'm going Malaysia
Shopping time!
I miss the Secret Recipe there
It's cheap & I can try as much items as possible within my budget

I have a lot of things to do!
No time!
My colleagues are so gonna kill me sooner or later
Once efficient, now no longer
Cant blame
I have 5 hours of meeting for consecutive 3 days
How to sit down to work?

Bad shitty news
I applied for transfer to other company but pending successful application
& the stupid company sent a notification letter to my boss
Die la
Now she knows I wanna leave le
Sure blacklist me liao


May's coming
Let's be happy for another 2 months
Coz then it's Bonus time!
Probably also resignation time

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm busy
I'm lazy
I'm just plain busy yet lazy

Cant bt bothered
Planning how to go about doing my 3rd job

Had too much chilli today
Now my stomach burns

My parents are going Australia this Friday!
Sob Sob
I have to do housework

Friday, April 20, 2007

Thank *pui* it's Friday
I *pui* *pui* & *pui*

Although it's half day for me
I went to MOM to do something for my colleague
but MOM too crowded
So I went back office
& after that go interview
& was pissed off by the guy
& so I pissed him back
then returned to MOM again
But still alot of people
& so I thought of returning to office to return the things to my colleague
But thinking it's half day
So I decided to go find DarDar
& coz today is our anniversary
I wanted to go buy some of his favourite chocolates
But then that stupid mall dont have
& so I decided to go NIE to find him
which I'm sitting down at his cosy cubicle typing this blog entry

So busy

The interview is at this advertising & media company about scuba dive
I was so glad and happy that I was shortlisted
& when I reached there
That idiotic guy told me he dont have my CV
& coz I'm so busy today
I also didnt print my CV
Then I introduced myself
& he straight away rejected
Coz he said I have no sales experience
So I replied "If you're looking for someone with sales experience, you shouldnt have call me down in the first place"
He felt guilty and told me coz probably due to my qualification and dive certification that's why I'm shortlisted
What a lousy excuse but I didnt care
He then asked me to send him my CV directly for his consideration

What the heck

I hate such people
Always tell me no time to train want experience
I qualified in science & i'm doing political admin
I am certified with life support skills & I am not a doctor
What makes everyone?
There's always somewhere of a point to start with!
Even Bill Gates doesnt qualified from IT and he's up with Microsoft


Gotta job hunt again

Finally rest day tomorrow

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tomorrow is the last day of my this colleague, S
We used to be quite ok when we first started
Could chat could laugh
But slowly
She and the other people started to bully me
Obstracised me from the team
Avoided me when I joined them in a discussion
Pushing all the shitty things on me

It was fine
I could take it
Although I was very sad over that period of time

Then things got abit worse after one of the colleagues resigned
We had to cover her port folio
& then I started to take up mine

I tried very hard to do things within my limit
But without prior work experience and knowledge
I could not do things up to their expectation
& they hate me for 'screwing' up their projects

My boss had been very patient with me
She taught me alot of things
and gradually expanded my portfolio

My other colleagues were not that please that their portfolio decreased while mine increase
Kinda implying that they're not doing a good job as I started to do
& again, more obstracization

I then ventured and looked for new group of 'possible' friends
& I did

Back to S
She is a very dilligent girl
She knows what she is doing
and she can manage her things to be done tactically
I admire her
But because of how they treated me
We never spoke since I came back from my long holidays in Dec

When I ask her things
She always frowns
& ask me go check things myself

It really pisses me off when it's just a Yes or No simple question
& it wastes my time to go check things out
I know that might be the style of how she explores things
But if she knows the answer
She can share

I was very angry

Every email that she sent me
Demanded me to do things
Even minor things also must carbon copied to boss

Political tactic

I do not know what went wrong
& I couldnt care
& yes
I did feel sad

Until last month
I found out that she resigned
She did not tell me
I was very disappointed

If we could not be friends
Being a colleague would be least appreciated
But I dont think this is so even

I spoke to my 'brother'
& he told me not to be so sensitive
But I told him I'm just disappointed
Is she so unforgiving if I really had done something wrong?
It's her last few days
Could she be more open & accept me as a colleague?

I then forget about it
& be it
I'm the open-minded one
If you dont like me, then forget it
If you wanna hate me for life, be it too
But it's just that I dont understand why so

Despite the inner grudge
We had our farewell lunch yesterday

I feel fine today
Just feeling a bit missy that she's gonna leave
I even thought of writing her a farewell email although I sit in front of her
We'd worked for a year

Some hours near the end of the day
It sparked me
I saw the printed documents I wanted in her rubbish bin


This is toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

If she hates me, yes, go ahead & ignore me
That's our private issue
Work is work
& throwing away my documents making me unable to complete my task just because she hates me is interfering MY work

I felt both pissed and very sad

My first job
Met this type of people
I learnt

Tomorrow is her last day
Tomorrow is my half day
I guess that is how we depart

I treasure the days we had and learnt together
I treasure the laughters we shared in the beginning
But in the end

The End

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wah lau
Buy 20 tabs of flu medicine
Very difficult meh?

My doctor prescribe me the flu medicine I wanted
Coz the flu medicine my clinic has has no effect on me
So my doctor wrote me a prescription
I headed to the pharmacy to buy
Then directed me to another branch coz they're doing stock-take
For the week, not free
Today I went to the pharmacy of another branch
Told me the pharmacy will be in at 8pm
& at that time
The current pharmacist is still at the counter
I wanted to ask if they sell or not
But before I could finish my question
The pharmacist shoo-ed me away & told me to come back at 8pm

I was so pissed off
& I said loudly
"Wanna buy medicine also so difficult. By the time can buy already dead"
The senior sales assistant looked at me with embarassment

I dont care!

I stormed out of the pharmacy
Headed to DarDar's family clinic
& bought it there


All the fuss & time wasted
How many days is my nose still running without the medicine?
I've been sick for 3 weeks
Mind you
Just getting some medical help is just so torturous

*rolls eyes*

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Guess what
I'm gonna take up Rescue Diver + Dive Master course
Then I can lead groups of divers
& pursue as my 2nd part-time job

So excited

Stupid things always happen at work when my boss is not around
I think my head is gonna roll this time

I'm gonna have my mole removed next week
By a famous plastic surgeon
Hope everything goes well

My diet plan starts now

Sunday, April 15, 2007

*giggles again*
*giggles again & again*

I will be known as Mrs Pang in 7 months time

*rides & hide in corner*

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'd lost 3kg over this week while I'm sick
& I hope I can be sick forever
So I can lose my weight

My DarDar just slapped me on my head


I weighed myself at the clinic
It made me smile
Either I'd lost more than 3kg or that the weighing machine is inaccurate

Supposedly going to have sushi dinner tomorrow night
So anticipating
Then today my colleague told me I have to attend this meeting at 530pm
Then Mum said 'Saturday loh'
I said 'Cannot.. working'
'Sunday loh'
'Cannot.. Dar's uncle's birthday'
I'm so busy over this weekend
My Mum rolled her eyes as I told her my activities

My parents so good
Going Australia next week
I only go Malaysia
Back to DarDar's house

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Everyone is leaving
I also wanna leave
Some posts look interesting
But cant risk to abandon my current
Not until I get my bonus

Yes yes
Like those typical bitch who grab money & run


Cant blame
Who doesnt die for money?

My friend is opening a position for me
But will still be working in the same current line
Which I'm already suffocating in those tedious work processes
He said I would be having more exposure and allow me to expand
Coz it's a MNC

Sounds really good
But the job title sounds not-so-high-class
& like I'd said
It's the same as what I'm doing

I dont care if I'll be promoted within months or what
The thing is

I mean it's good to be given an opportunity to expand
It means that you have the potential to clench more & more knowledge and contribute efforts
Who wont be proud of?

But really
Do you think a doctor working as a receptionist will ever feel happy?
(I'm just illustrating a possible scenario.Characters are fictional)
Feeling that his/her talent and knowledge had been a waste?
Playing more with papers than with chemicals in the rest of the life?

I'm vexed

My fingers kept clicking on every hyperlink
My eyes kept scanning for the benefits
My brain kept racking for a precise decision
I'm almost dying of exhaustion

Leave? Dont leave? Leave? Dont leave?

Friend said if there's an opportunity
Grab it
When it's time to go, go
Just like
When it's time to shit, shit

I havent been shitting for the past few days
Other than that slight diahorrea I had in Batam after eating the extra hot chilli from A&W and my whole anus burnt like hell


Question: If you were me, what will you do?
Answer: 1) Wait until June's bonus then leave, even without a new job
2) Just go if new job offer
3) Stay and rot until a suitable job is found


Sunday, April 08, 2007

I'd totally worked my ass off & then slagged my ass off over the weekend
I donno if such hardwork & then snuggishness will damage my whole biological & psychological body or not

Working adults are meant to be damaged in this way

Oh anyway

My Hong Kong friend, Tom, came over Singapore
So great to have him around
Well of course I did all his itinerary
Find him accomodation, brought him around & told him where's nice blah blah

DarDar & I met up with him & his friend, Eric, on Thursday night for dinner
& for some sightseeing

& on Friday
Marcus & I brought them to the coelacanth seminar by Dr Tony at Sentosa
Brought back memories of our undergraduate life
& then we loiter around the island for a short while

& I abandoned them to diving in Pulau Dayang, Malaysia

I hope they enjoy the dives!

& when they're off
It's my holidays!

DarDar & I went Batam!~
It was a coincedence that his 2 other cousins were also going to Batam without knowing one another's plans

Doesnt my DarDar look cool with the wind blowing across his face standing under the sun riding on the water?All thanks to my photography skills

Our resort!
As we loitered around the compound
I thought we came to Bora Bora!
Now we can lie to our friends, who dont read my blog that we went to Bora Bora

We nua-ed for a very long time since we arrived
Batam is 1 hour behind Singapore
We departed Singapore at 9am
We arrived Batam at 9am
Until afternoon
We took the shuttle bus out to Batam Centre for shopping

I guess A&W survive very well in Indonesia
All other Singaporeans who joined us in the shuttle had their lunch at A&W
Seems like we still like A&W
So why not bring it back?
Oh you know what
The chilli sauce is so hot!
DarDar said it's damn shiok
I agreed with him with tears in my eyesCup corn for only less than 50cents!
How horribly greedy am I to have 2 cups in my both hands!
If i have 10 hands, I'll probably buy 10 cups which only cost less than SGD$5!

Spending money in Indonesia rocks
Paying things in millions make you sound like a millionaire for the day
But then it's kinda brain-cracking coz you have to convert back to Singapore dollars to see if you've a good bargain
We spent RP$155275 on grocery at the supermarket
Which is only $25plus
We got items that Singapore doesnt sell

We returned to our resort at 4pm
& went for our dinner at 7pm

DarDar chatted about fishing techniques over the dinning table
While I feast on our 7 dishes course meal munching on my flower crab's pincer
Yummy Yummy!

We then had our spa massage later at night
I think it will be my first & last spa massage
We chose the Stone Massage Aromatherapy
Where they used warm pebble to rub on the skin
I just recovered from my sunburnt
& they're rubbing hot pebble on my new skin
Hot instead of warm coz they also spread a layer of massage oil on the body
So the oil makes it hotter than it should be
I almost kicked the person as she rubbbed on my calf
Somemore I'm having severe running & blocked nose
The aromatherapy was damn wasted

After the massage
DarDar claimed it was damn shiok & kept thanking the person non-stop
I told him I almost died & would prefer to drown myself in the jacuzzi if we ever wanna do spa in the future again

Night fishing!
We caught half-beaks!As if

Never know half-beaks look so ugly out of water
We didnt catch any fishes though
So we went back to sleep at 2am Singapore time

We struggled to wake up at 830am for our complimentary breakfast

& back to sleep after that

After checking out
We decided to waste our time at the beach for some sun tanning before we finally depart at evening
My feet point to Riau Island
A good place to dive
But they no longer provide any diving activities already

I had fun over the Good Friday weekend!

I <3 my DarDar

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'm all better already
But I'm just too lazy to go to work

I dont care

It's Good Friday soon


Monday, April 02, 2007

MC today
High fever up to 38.5deg celsius

Told DarDar I'm freaking cold
He said I'm crazy

I still worked last night
Actions damn slow
Dr Loh didnt let me go home coz no replacement

I'm fine now
Should be able to go work tomorrow

I finally finished my Aunt's website
Took me the whole morning deciphering the command codes
Only to realise I had been using the wrong publishing format all along
& then after hours of figuring how to load the pictures beautifully
I then realise Flickr is the best solutions
Double darn

Seems like the fever had scotched my brains badly

Know what?
I lost 3kg yesterday for the past 5 hours of being terribly sick
& I think I'd gained back the 3kg now

Mosquito bites on my legs
Either Dengue Fever or Malaria coming my way

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I have been very busy
Just donno when can I stop being this busy
Cant even take a rest

I had my dragonboat race yesterday
We got 2nd in the 1st heat
But came in fifth in the Finals
Well I guess it's fine
Coz we didnt have much training in the 1st place
Good experience though

My DarDar came to support me

Went to Night Safari at night
Had 50% discount
& this is my first time visiting it

Very crowded
Way beyond my expectation
I thought no one will come
But obviously I'm wrong

It was very dark
& I couldnt see any animals at all
The only pic that I could take is the otter

I'm kinda confused
How come buffaloes are kept in there
Calling it nocturnal animals?
In fact I'm kinda disappointed to see buffaloes from every corner of SouthEast Asia in a park that I paid $18 for it
I see buffalos for FREE back China

Animal show

I think they should have some new shows
Always Pedro throwing rubbish into recycling bins

I met Jacky Chan!

Dropped dead back home
Didnt go for Dragonboat training this morning
Coz got slight fever
What the hell

I dont think my coming week is good either
I just hope my Batam trip is gona be relaxing