Sunday, August 31, 2008

Been so busy
Running here & there
To school, of course

Headed back to school on Thursday evening to prepare lab stuffs for Friday
& Friday was hectic!
Whole day of lab assistance
Morning - invertebrate zoology
Noon - Plant diversity
Night - Chemical zoology
I only had half hour to gobble up my Fish & Chip Spaghetti lunch before I went off to Botanical Garden with the students

The invertebrate zoology lab was just observations of slides under microscopes
& in fact
Most of the class or phylums are out of my brains
Kinda felt sorry when I couldnt answer questions from the students

After lunch
Headed down to Botanic Garden
It had changed so much!
The last time I went was when I was 10year old?

The students were brought to the Evolution Garden for a walk
So they can take a look at the bryophytes all the way to angiosperms
*I only remember all these terms after the trip
Our parents paid for this real fossilised path from the taxes
Dr Lum talking to the students
Such a big canine pawprints in 2 millions years ago?

Luckily it's not another tedious trip like that at Sungei Buloh
Which requires me to talk & talk at every point
& at least still have some energy reserve for night class

& thank God that Dr Prinsep is such a speedy speaker!
Finished 92 slides in 1 hour

Rushed back JB with DarDar
Coz very very long time never go back le
If I still dont return
Probably gotta wait till mid Sept
Not very nice also...

Spain trip starts tomorrow
Spent 3 hours packing
But somehow feels something is still missing

Not sure if the clothings I bring are too over
It said it's 16 degree
Kinda like Genting weather
So I guess no need thick jackets lah?
But I'm bringing 7 sets of clothings over due to events
& that's what cause the weight

I'm also bringing Zhuzhu (softtoy) along
So I can hug 'DarDar' when I sleep

A last minute gym trip tomorrow
& I will see you guys on 9 Sept 2008

See ya

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I was possessed by Miss Forgetful

Rushed to sch this morning to give my report to Prof
Only to realise she's not around till noon
So I passed the stuffs to her secretary
Wasted trip
Took me 2 hours leh!

I then headed to Woodlands to collect my ordered contact lens
& met DarDar for lunch at Kuishinbo

I was shocked to see this on the dish
My fellow mollusc friend!
I dono what species though
Online search said it's genus Helix
But anyway
I scoped it out of the shell
& scrutinised it
Figuring where is it's eyes, organs, blah blah

DarDar rolled his eyes at me
& told me to just EAT IT!

I apologised as I chewed
Wonder why it's meant to be eaten...

I told DarDar I wanna keep the shell
& put aside on the table
We gobbled the food and left within 1 hour
While sitting at the sky garden to rest
I suddenly recalled & asked DarDar where's my shell
He said the waiter took it away

I put aside wanting to bring back
& I forgot bt it
& it's gone!!
Already told DarDar I wanna bring back
He said he never heard


Disappointed loh
I wanna find out what species is that mah....

So went shopping for a while
I saw this capsule vending machine
& I liked the design of the toy
So I put in $1 x 2 coins
& turned

Nothing came out
I pressed for coins refund
Nothing too
I called the distributor and told them what happened
She told me I will be getting my $2 back by cheque
But I asked if I can get the toy instead coz I really like it
Sigh... cannot =(
So I went back home

I wanted to make business card for myself
So I can give out to other professors whom I'll be meeting in Spain
& DarDar went to buy laminating stickers for my self-printed cards
We brought it together with us back to his Aunt's house
& I held it in my hand

I then fell asleep on the way

While printing the business cards
I asked DarDar if it's necessary to stick since the photo paper is waterproof
He said it's up to me
So I decided yes
Then as we wanted to go home
I asked DarDar where's the laminating stickers
He looked at me & said I was holding it

Was I?


Wah lao
Why I today so blur?
& why I cant remember anything within seconds but few hours later?

Luckily it's just a snail shell & 2 rolls of $5 worthed laminating stickers
& not bag of million dollar notes
Else I go crazy

Monday, August 25, 2008

2 days of heavy rain
Made me so nua over the weekend
& it's amazing to see that almost the whole Singapore was raining!
Photo credits to NEA

Glad it's over
Clear sky now
With some fluffy white clouds arounds


I was busy packing my stuffs for Spain trip next week
So many sets of clothings
Coz I'm gonna spend exactly 6 days in the hotel entirely
With all the seminars & workshop
& breakfast, lunch, coffee break & dinners taking place under the same roof

I've never spend my hours these long in the hotel before
Might be kinda boring
But I guess I wouldnt mind
Coz it is damn grand & lovely =D
It's located next to the rocky shore
No wonder I'm staying there...

I have 5 days of seminars & workshop
Meaning formal wear
& 2 special dinners out of the hotel to nearby towns
So also means nice dresses!

So excited

But I'm heading there with my Prof
& it kinda feels funny to sleep with her

So stressed also
I'm trying to finish up my research stuffs to her
& give it to her by today or tomorrow

Cannot drag le
Later she thinks I super duper lazy

Now I'm organising a dive trip to Tioman
So busy again!
But I dont care coz I haven been diving
& my mouth is itchy on my regulator

Make it a short R&R trip before all the journals, data & proposals come crushing down on me again

Friday, August 22, 2008

It was hazy in the morning
Didnt appear like it's gonna rain
Coz the sun was up & shining!

Cookie accompanied me for a while

Did my last data collection
and took as many photos as possible of my snails

A family just walked past my rock
& the son shouted
"Look, it's gonna rain!"

Was it?
How to have sun and rain at the same time?

& the big grey clouds seemed kinda far
Could it just be the haze?

So I stood up & looked across


The rain was already in front of me lo
So I quickly packed my stuffs without hesitation
But it came so fast AGAIN
I was drenched


Seeked shelter at the kiosk

Waited for about half an hour
Headed back to the shore again
The sun was so strong that I got sunburnt
Just for that 1 hour

Total craziness

Went back to wash up
Grabbed my packed lunch
& went to the boardwalk to measure the tide level
I look better under the sun =)

Saw a lot of fishes =)
Probably the same school that I saw on Sunday

Strong wind blew
& I looked on my right
Grey clouds
I looked to my left
Grey sky
The waves were so strong that it splashed all over

I quickly called DarDar down to bring me my poncho & umbrella
This kinda weather .. DON PLAY PLAY!

Act cool on Sunny's bike


2pm marks the end of my outdoor research
The Nparks staffs whom I'd made friends with - Brenda, Jeremy & Sunny
Had been very friendly & kind
Looking after me while I'm in Ubin
My loyal canine friends - Max & Cookie
Bringing me much fun & joy
Keeping me companied while lonely on the rocks

Max was playing with the praying mantis until Cookie also kana
So funny

I'm gonna miss them
I'm gonna miss Ubin too
The friendly boatmans
The friendly coffershop aunty who always give me either discount or super large portion
My friendly chauffeur
Other friendly Nparks staffs

Jeremy & Sunny misses DarDar
Coz without me coming in often
They're missing a fishing kaki!

I'll be back for leisure
& for the durians, rambutan & fishes


Thursday, August 21, 2008

What a day
Got me so pissed that I almost wanna slap everyone who keeps bothering me

The morning sky was heavily covered with thick grey clouds
Especially over the area where Chek Jawa is
With much praying & hoping
No sight of rain was spotted
So I guess it was just another false alarm, as usual

While at Chek Jawa and wearing my bootie
I heard water pattered on leaves
"Maybe just wind.." I thought
& as I was putting the bootie onto my foot
It downpoured!!!

I was like... WHAT?!
Can you imagine how low I was?
Total -_-""""""""""""""""""

As I wait
The sun came out
& shining bright
But rain hadnt stopped!

Finally it did
So I headed down the shore with Max & Cookie

Ever seen half-white half-black sky before?

Just was I was working on my third transect
The sky over at Tanah Merah looks blur
Damn. Rain again
& just 3 seconds after I had that in my mind
The rain came & SPLASHED everything on me
I quickly grabbed everything & rushed to for shelter under the rare tree species
Poo Max & Cookie got wet with me too
& they were whining as they ran back

I was still packing my stuffs & wearing my raincoat
But when I had it on
I was already 60% wet
*rolls eyes*

Brenda came down to the boardwalk & waited for me with an umbrella
So kind of her

& just few minutes after I was at the kiosk
Drying up all the things
The sun was out again & shone with its brightest ray of light
While rain subsided gradually

I fat also dont like that make me walk up & down the shore ma!
Very mafan one ok!
Must carry the damn heavy stuffs down
Pack & unpack
Laid out transects down the slippery rocks
I needa risk my life too one leh

I damn pek chek
I kinda hesitated to go down initially coz I scare it will rain again
But in the end I headed down
Coz I left my precious MUJI pencil on the rock


So... continue with my last two transects
Back shore
Had lunch
& out to the boardwalk again

This time
I had my binoculars & cameras
Needa measure tide level of my transect line

Wah lao
The tide came in damn fast & strong
Splashed until all my markings disappeared
Kinda ti-gum where the transect distance is
Stayed till 2pm where the highest tide was
& went out to find DarDar
Who had been fishing very hardworkingly since 7am

I thought DarDar was fishing at the jetty
So I walked towards just to say Hi & Bye
But I didnt see him
& the boatman asked me to get on the boat
I quickly called DarDar where he was
& then ran off to find him
Abandoning the 11 passengers on boat
& couldnt go back Changi without the 12th person aka me
Boatman must be very angry with me
Luckily is not the friendly uncles I know
Else very bad

Stayed for 15mins
DarDar accompanied me to the jetty
He's staying overnight fishing with Sunny & Jeremy
Ok lo
So I abandoned him (or he abandoned me)
& the minute I board the boat
It rained again!

So much water for what?
I think I've too much encounter with water today
Water = money
Make me win 4D forever ok?

Bought a footlong Subway sandwich
Rushed home
Gobbled my food
Rushed to school

& yes
I'm in school now
Lesson starting at 630pm
& I'm feeling sleepy already

This classmate of mine is kinda irritating
Keep asking me to take notes for her coz she's too tired to attend lesson after her course
I worked at Ubin for 7 hours for the past 2 days since 530am not tired?
Always ask me take this do that for her
Already called & SMS me to take notes for her like 10 times today
Scare I never take for her
If so scare, go for class la!

Find journals also cant find
Always tell me she very busy
Only she busy?
I have 3 reports & 1 proposal in line!

Then also keep asking me if I'd read my journals or notes
I said I didnt have the time to even realise got new documents
She said 'So good la you..'

I'm losing out alot loh
If I'm not on track

I'm so sick to talk to her on the phone
Calling me darling, good pal
Save it

Later go home must immediate concuss
& I'm sleeping alone tonight

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stayed overnight at the MCC Ubin resort on Sunday
First time being there
Other than passing by there once during a cycling trip to pick durians last month

YongJun asked us along
& the chalet only cost $10 per night for PAssion card holders
So cheap right?
But then upon reaching there
Everything is be bought within the chalet premises
No outside food or bike or whatever
Kinda restricted though
& the amount adding up actually cost the same as the normal chalet price
Still ok la
If not for the promotion, I guess the amount to be paid will be much higher

We had to head to Punggol for the shuttle bus that brings us to Marina Country Club
& took a 30 mins ferry ride to MCC Ubin resort directly

Normal chalet rooms

The MCC staff wanna give this dog to us coz we were playing happily with it

This Jeremy ah..
Asked me buy Mee Pok for his lunch
So I had to carry a packet of noodles from Bukit Panjang to Ubin
& we also packed some left-over for him after we had our lunch at Ubin
Must cycle to Chek Jawa leh~
But luckily I headed to gym
So wasnt as tiring as previous trip

While on way to CJ
Finally caught the hornbill via shutter!

DarDar & YJ act cool at Chek Jawa

First time see such huge school of fishes!
Probably spawning

Back to resort in the evening
Coz YJ & his girl already punctured

Fierce monkeys on our way back
Max went round chasing them

Luckily we had a damn full lunch that we were still kinda full for dinner
The dishes were limited too
& fuckingly expensive
& I'm smart to have brought along 2 cup noodles too

Beautiful full moon

DarDar & I went fishing along the beach
Lotsa bites
But all catfishes
*rolls eyes*
But I guess my last catch was probably a crab
Coz I hooked a crab's leg up!
& I managed to fish on my own now!

Fished until 4am
Immediate concussion
& eyes cant open the next day

Left kinda early before 12
Coz already nothing to do

First time went chalet got nothing to do except spending too much money
Guess I wont wanna go again unless we can smuggle all the McDonald meals in

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Very disappointed
& very stupid

I'm looking for good money changers recently
So I can change around $500 of SGD to Euro before I'm off to Spain
& I'd came across rates such as 2.09, 2.10...
& I didnt change it coz I wanna look for even better rates

DarDar told me that the one at Wisma Atria offers good rate
& that his uncle always change there
So I brought $300 to change

I looked at the rate - 2.15
"Ok wor", I thought
300 x 2.15 gives high price right?
& I handed the money
Then after changing
I looked at the amount
I realised something isnt right
For the SGD300 I only recieve 145 Euro
I asked DarDar
"How come so little? Not x 2.15 meh?"

"No, it's divide"

What the fuck
I was totally stunned for several seconds
To change SGD to Euro is to divide!
The lower the rate, the more Euro I get!
So I'd stupidly changed for lesser money

"I thought you know?
" DarDar added

I donno!!
If I know I would already change at those whose rates offer 2.06!!
I was so disappointed that I gave him the sian 1/2 look
& he started to sound angry
& accused me for blaming him for not telling me it's division instead of multiplication
He stormed away

I was just so heart pain with the money & also angry that he left me like that
& made me totally clueless what I should do

There I lost 4 Euro
& probably could have lost DarDar (but I dont care coz he will find his way back home)

But hey
I'm always those sort of person who count money wisely
& if DarDar knows how Euro currency works
Why doesnt he count for me too?

I luggi 4 Euro leh.....
It's not funny
It is alot to me!
Having people telling me eating a plate of pasta in Europe cost 30 Euros (i.e SGD60+)
How can I waste 4 Euro like that?
Maybe the 4 Euro can buy me a bottle of Perrier?

I feel very heart pain
I hope someone can donate 4 Euro back to me

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy holidays!

Indeed it was a good long holidays
Slacking at DarDar's JB house over the weekend
Ate all kinda good food which make me fat again
and went out with his Mum doing grocery shopping

DarDar organized an offshore fishing trip at Changi Water
& this was our first time out fishing in the sea
Just few seconds after DarDar cast his line
He got his very first catch
& it's a 2kg orange spotted grouper!
Gradually every angler onboard have their catches

Jeremy scoped this jellyfish from the water
In fact
We saw quite alot of jellyfish in the sea
The water quality might be unhealthy

At this particular spot
Michelle's rod bent and at the same time Sunny's rod bent
Everyone rushed to help Michelle while I donno whatta do
& looked helplessly at Sunny while requesting for help
Sunny's line kept pulling so damn fast & he has no strength to pull his line back
In the end
The fish unhooked itself & let free

Sunny sian 1/2 after the escape of the huge fish
Michelle with her and DarDar's 2kg groupersJust few seconds after the 'drama'
I saw something flew out of the water
It was a spotted eagle ray!!!!!!!!!!!!
but most of them missed it except for Jeremy
2 witnesses!
Others only heard an extremely loud splash

I was really damn high loh!
I never expect to see that elasmobranch in Singapore
Needless to specifically say it is an eagle ray!
& it was about 2m long wing span!!
I went Tioman, Dayang, Aur cant even spot rays
But I see it in Singapore!!
What the!!!

For the 10 hours on the boat
Everyone just keep bringing up grouper from the water
& it seems like it's the breeding season for Serranidae
Sunny finally got a huge catch after the dramatic incident
& he got the biggest catch of the day!

Me & Sunny's 3kg grouper
Catches at the end of the day

So happening sia
Each of us took 2 fishes home
DarDar spent 1.5hr to slaughter 3 medium groupers & 1 giant grouper
Dad even got his finger pricked by the giant grouper's tooth while he was pulling his gills and teeth out of the mouth
*rolls eyes*
Gun cheong want eat grouper till injured

We chopped off the head and saved it for fish curry next time round
Still figuring how to cook curry
Really testing my culinary skills man...
& the body was steamed the Hong Kong style

Yum yum!
Sumptuous dinner at 9pm
& it's been long we eat such 'high-class' fish =)

Friday, August 08, 2008

Yesterday went in JB with Michelle & DarDar
Michelle was complaining about her body aches
& so she decided to have a massage

We headed to one near DarDar's house
& they're having promotional offers for 1st timers
RM$48 only!

Michlle picked massage + sauna
While I picked the metabolic depressor + body firming + sauna (also RM$48)

My whole process was encountering extreme heat stress
The sauna was so hot till I was perspiring like hell
It almost drenched the magazine I was reading
Next I went for the body firming
The staff massaged my waist area
& then switched on this device that has a vaccum bell attached
& she was vaccuming my 'fats' from the sides to the lympha point at the tummy
Then she told me that my left side of the waist looks bulker
Maybe I always sleep on my left side....
& then after the procedures
she asked me feel if it had become firmer
& if I can see my body shape

I donno man
All I knew was pain from the suction
& whether got shape or not
All the 'fats' had moved to my tummy!!!

Then I went for the metabolic depressor
Waist was bundled tightly with slim wrap
& I was to sleep between 2 hot blankets wrapped with towel
& it works like another sauna!!!
But I felt it's much better
At least not so hot that can die of hot air suffocation

I lied there for 30mins & actually fell asleep
Crazy right?!
So hot also can sleep

At the end of the session
I told DarDar excitedly that I was glad I signed up for California Fitness
The torture to slim under extreme heat stress is not worthed!!
As if I haven have enough heat stress during my research at P. Ubin
Dont understand how people can pay thousands to torture themselves like that...
Join me at Chek Java lah~ I need volunteers!

With this body slimming experience
I confirm + guarantee + stamp that I will promise myself to keep fit the healthy way
$60/mth is a wise investment afterall

Now my belly hurts like crazy
Kill me to go for body slimming even if I'm as fat as Lydia

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I'm not sure if I can do these....

I have...
workshop summary report to do
Data analysis
Getting equipments in ready for indoor labs
Part-time tutoring at school
Blah blah blah

So many things to do!

& trip to Spain is on 1st Sept
Needa pack few days before departure

So worried that I cant manage yet excited to step into Europe!
Damn Euro
So expensive
Confirm not much shopping one

Fingers cross
I hope for daily smooth procedures meanwhile
& at least some time to work out at California Fitness


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Luckily I'd finished this week's data collection
So I went for the hair show event today

My orange hair was dyed yesterday
Washed like 4 times within 4 hours
Lightened using ash colour, then bleach highlights & apply Iluminen colour

& today
half an hour before the event started
Kenneth wanted to remove the orange & colour it with green
Coz he said my skin tone looks better with ashy blonde
& so
My color is back to the original colour
*rolls eyes*

My hair was cut on stage
& I like it

DarDar came to visit me & support me on stage for the very first time!
So glad he came

Hairstylist Kenneth, Newstalgia models + Jesse
Yes, I was also a Newstalgia model few months back
With that 4-different-angles hairstyle
Same theme but different hairstylist


Went for lunch and headed down to California Fitness
They said someone nominated me & asked me go down to collect the 2-weeks complimentary trail membership wor
So ok lo
Go lo
If I dont go, surely call me go again one

The staffs were very friendly
& they introduced us around
Bringing us around the building to look at the available machines

We came to the 3rd floor
It is the weight-lifting section
Totally packed with macho guys
While the staff showed DarDar into the male toilet
I looked around
& realised that every MAN was looking at me


I felt abit pai-seh coz I've never kana looked by so many men before
Maybe today I look beautiful with my new hair
& then I spotted a guy who looks like Larry the lobster from SpongeBob Squarepants!
His shoulder is so broad with a super big chest
His waist is so small that made him so... FUNNY!!!

He saw me looking at him
& he quickly took 2 huge weights & started bumping his muscles in front of me
*rolls eyes again*

So typical lo!
It's like the male fiddler crab waving his claw to attract female
While this Homosapiens is pumping his muscles to attract me?!

I told DarDar about it
He just looked at me with flat-line eyes

So after the tour
We had a body mass check-up
& then briefing & stuffs
Recommended you how to improve your body status

After all these
They started to promote the membership
Coz I'd encountered this in the California Fitness Hong Kong before

So anyway
They kept saying got National Day promotion ah
Discounted prices & stuffs
& I told them we have issues with the fees
& then they asked me what's my monthly budget
I quoted them $50/ month

While the staffs went to approach his senior staffs
DarDar said I'm asking too much of it
But hey
If you can bargain, why not?
Anyway I also trying my luck
If can means can, else just grab the 2 weeks free & go loh~
But when I mentioned $50
That guy showed no facial expression!

& so the senior staffs came
He offered us the flexible student package
& in the end
We signed up for $68/month

Ok lah
$68 still affordable
Moreover it's California Fitness
& it's not the rusty machines under void decks
Now that DarDar also joined with me
We can go exercise together! =D
Motivation to keep fit

I was surprised that the fitness consultant said that I'm almost underweight
I was like... WHAT?
I have a float around my waist!
So he recommended us do this do that to balance out the 'abnormal' areas

Ah well
Fat-burning starts next week
This week already packed with activities

Hope I can slim down like I was before

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


So there I was
Working under the tree for 4 months
Only to realise that the tree is a rare species!

The flower petals actually fell on me like purple snow
& I thought these are 'blue'berries
Timid fiddler crab

These pictures are meant last week
No time to update la~

My research starts on Sunday
& this time
Mum went with me to CJ

It's her first time to P. Ubin
So I was a part-time tour guide for the morning

Max is so cool

Got sun!!

These few days Cookie has been accompanying me during my research
Until after 2 hours it got kinda neglected
& he left me

Just another 3 more days in Ubin before I finish my outdoor research for this year
Abit sad to leave the island now
Coz got so many wonderful memories & made so many friends!

I guess I will be staying overnight next week pretty often as a farewell trip