Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Could someone please explain to me what is 'teamwork'?
Define, please

Afterall the workshops everyone is to attend upon joining
The word 'teamwork' is being drilled into everyone's mind
Making everyone die die also must remember
But when it comes to work
It never happens

Yesterday our company had an internal audit
We were so packed preparing everything for it
So we could be accreditated
I'd tried to retrieve everything I could for those staffs' whose documents were mostly missing
& I was also told that if I could not get them
Just file the email correspondence as an evidence to show that we did something
& was assured fine

Sadly & most unfortunately
Just eavesdropped from my colleagues
The auditors were very particular with such files
Mentioning that it was very unacceptable to have missing documents

Situation here is:
- I eavesdropped.
Why was there NO ONE willing to tell me what happened?

- I had already done the preparations weeks before the auditing starts and I still couldnt retrieve from the departments. I was also told that email correspondence as evidence of work done is sufficient. Furthermore, those documents were already missing when they were with the previous team.
Why the irritated look on everyone's face as I spoke to them as if it was my fault for causing the mess?

- I went over to listen the results but they moved off when I arrived
Is there anything to hide?

I tried to explain but I dont think there's a need anymore

Could someone just tell me, how can we work as a team?

Although we dont deal with things similar
Sharing information within the team does help
At least if one of our situations appears the same
We can learn from mistakes

5 of us in a team
4 deal with similar issues
1 deal different issues
4 always share things together
1 always got outcast
4 always know what is happening
1 always donno what is going on

I am the 1

I am so sick of such people
Open mouth close mouth say work as a team
But everything only they do

Sorry,where's teamwork?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I just realised that my birthday is reaching!

Usually every year around this time
I dread

'Damn, alone again'

My family hasnt been celebrating my birthday for 10 years
Coz my grandma died on my birthday
So my whole family - including my maternal side
Only celebrated either days before or day after

I was used to it anyway

But this year
I'm kinda looking forward it

DarDar said there's a surprise for me!

I kept asking him what what what
But he die die also dont wanna tell me


I'm hoping for something nice this year
I didnt recieve anything for my 18th & 21st birthday
So I think this time I can make advantage of everyone to get me something I really want

Here goes:

Birthday wishlist items (in random order)
1) a new camera with underwater casing, so I can go diving with it!

I still like Fujifilm.
As compared with other camera, I recieved alot of compliments saying my Fuji is very clear.
However, this F30 is only 6.3Megapixels, while my current's is 7 MegaPixel.
But hey, I got mine 5 years ago!

2) Food vouchers
I know my Insurance Advisors always give me vouchers for my birthday
& I'd greatly appreciate if it's F&B because I have nothing to buy from anywhere
Except food
That probably explain my size increase

3) Travel vouchers
Ooooooooooooo yes, anything that entitles me to go overseas
Anywhere is best if it includes diving package

4) Cash
Lack of it
Please kindly donate

5) Automobile
I wanna go vroom vroom!! Manual transmission please

I think that's it.
Dont really want alot

I hope this birthday is gonna be cool

**Postnote: Point 1 is true. The rest.... I anyhow put one. So meaning, I'm not so greedy afterall. hahahahaha
I did my hair on Thursday
& it's now purple & orange
Nice nice

Studio always style my hair until like this
& of coz I'll always make my hair look like this...

At the studio
Everyone was rushing to me as their models
coz my hair quality good wor
& then the main hair dresser came & looked at my hair
Found strands of white hair with black base
He was so amazed
Kept asking me how I do it

How I do it?
How do I know?
I dont even bother if it grows rainbow on it
& then everyone started to come to me
& helped search for more white hair with black base

I'm very happy with the final results
Esp when I like my hair purple


Went out with DarDar
DarDar also cut hair wor

The Xmas decoration in Orchard is still the same
Donno why I got so excited the day before
Telling DarDar that the deco is very nice
Now I come to think about it
It's just the same every year
I hate those golden yellow lightings
I think colorful lightings should look more livelier

Then we went to the toy fair at Takashimaya's event hall
& bought a pair of soft-toys
& took pictures around

I am so artistic!

Guess what?
Because both of us woke up late
We missed our lunch
& had lotsa snacks
& we decided to have steamboat for dinner at
Chong Qing Ma La Huo Guo
Food is not bad
The Ma La soup base was damn red
I see liao I don dare cook in it
So mainly my food tasted plain
If only they have satay soup base
Which is damn popular in Hong Kong
But damn heaty lo

Oh nevermind
I'm returning Hong Kong in 3 weeks time
DarDar is coming with me
I'll feed him until fat fat

Speaking of which
I think I look fat in my photos too
Am I?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Finally I'm having a break off from work
I'm gonna be busy with other things
Cant wait for my 2 weeks holidays in Dec

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What is this?

Say Hello to Skippy!

DarDar just bought Skippy
Our new baby

Cute hor?
But it's still very scared of us
We'll spend more time with Skippy

I'd brought Koko back home le
So Mummy is helping to look after
& Mummy is so funny
Kept asking
"How come white color? How come baby so big?"

I love both Skippy & Koko

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I told you right?
I went to Batam to try wakeboarding
With Melyssa, Adam, Roy, Cammie, Casey & Patrick

Since we're all beginners
We started off with the easiest one
Which is knee-boarding

The board was structured in a way that the person just had to kneel on the board
& be pulled by the cable as you glide along
I tried 3 times
& could never succed in completing a round
Coz I always fall at the 4th point
(There're 5 major turning points to pass thru)

1st time was almost alright
Until Melyssa fell in the water
& I donno how to siam
So I also fell

2nd time was coz I couldnt pass thru the buoy
So the handle slipped off my hands as it tugged forcefully
3rd time almost made it
But the Ang Moh in front of me fell
So again couldnt siam
Me fell too

All at the same spot
*sob sob*

I have a bloody blister on my palm which burst
& now it hurts

Adam damn li hai
He managed to stand on the board & wake-board
Donno fall into the water how many billion times
Until the fishes in the pond can recognise me liao
My ski-ing instructor

Still got roasted sweet corn eat worrrrrrr

It's quite tiring for the 1st few times
Coz you have to keep your arms pulling at certain angles so as to go round the corner
Cammie claimed her whole body ached sia

Oh anyway
I still think diving is much more fun
Everything needs their 1st try
& I just had mine
I did water ski!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Blocked nose

Cant wake for Saturday
Finally get to try out wakeboarding

I had this camera with 3m waterproof casing
Waited for like months no one buys
Then just 3 days before I go for my exciting activity
It was sold


Woo woo woo woo woo

So I think no photos loh...

I cant wait for next month to come
I'll be going Hong Kong
Celebrate Xmas over there
So happy that DarDar is going with me
It's gonna be romantic...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fever on
Fever off
Fever on
Fever off

What the hell

Popped 1 tab of Anarex
Now pop 2
I'm going to bed in 15mins time

DarDar came over for dinner
DarDar now go back home
I missed DarDar

DarDar no hug me when me sick
Bad boy

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm gonna be an year older in less than 1 month's time!

I'm thinking of joining dragonboat again

DarDar sure objects one
But i dont care!

I'm going to Batam this weekend
& how I hope this week FLIES!

Friday, November 10, 2006

It's been a long time that I walk alone
On the street
Among the busy traffic

It's been a long time since I last held an umbrella
Walking slowing in the rain
Wetting my shoes in the paddles of water

It's been a long time since I last heard the pattering of raindrops on the umbrella
Long time seeing people running frantically for shelther
Long time seeing streets so empty


How long have you been not back in the real world?
Struggling between piles of paperwork
How long have you ever feel that weekend is enough?
Draining all the work problems away

I tried not to sigh

I think I failed

It's been just long since I enjoy my world around

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Have you ever worked until you almost wanna puke?
& that being jerked in the bus caught in traffic jam adds on to the sensation?

Damn the bloody audit
Making everyone so stress
I tell you
December I die die also must go & relax
I call the shot

Last weekend I went to DarDar's house in Malaysia
Very big worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I whole day watched TV
I read comics
I sat on OSIM iDesire
I ate & ate & ate
Now very fat
Sob sob


I think my HK trip in December is to be cancelled
Coz no more air tic
I'm going Batam

Saturday, November 04, 2006

What have I told?
Fish will extinct 42 years later

I believe overfishing is taking place worldwide
Despite facts that fishing regulations had been revised every year for every nations
The latest alternative to replenish humans' need for fish was this deep sea Orange Roughy Hoplostethus atlanticus

When there's nothing at the surface,
at the pelagic,
We're digging the abyssal
We'll be digging the bottom

I wrote a letter to the Hong Kong Govt regarding their revision of fishing regulations in 2004
A damn bloody long letter that consists of 3 pages
Only to be acknowledged by a sentence
"Thank you for your considerable inputs."


& I wonder how fishing is now in HK

Fish is not the only vulnerable animals
Crusteaceans, mammals & you-name-it are vulnerable
Just that I wonder why not us, Human

Yah yah
Pollution is killing us
But who causes pollution?

The paper said:
"Scientific researches found out that fish consumption enhances brain cells for higher neurocellular activities, making one smarter but it had not make one smart enough to realise the real problem of overfishing."

Very true

I'm just so sad to say aquaculture is not gonna make things better
Although it can be an alternative source of fish, just like rearing poultry
Coz you need about 11kg of trash fishs to make marine feed to yield only 1kg of tunas
Why not eat these 11kg of trash fish?

AVA mentioned that they have an aquaculture farm in St John's Island
But I have never heard about them providing the fish back to mainland for fish supplies
Where are these fishes?

Release into the sea to increase a new gene pool?
Mixing exotic species to produce hybrid?
How about calling tuna-per?
When the tuna meet grouper....

Development & gradual materialism had obviously changed the lifestyle of everyone
Must we really eat high-quality fish?
Tunas? Salmons? Groupers?
All the breedings for these carnivorous fish will just add on the pressure

I still remembered my first time seeing a Marlin at Langkawi
My 1st time (& last time) tasting Swordfish at Fish & Co
My first time seeing dolphins at Tioman
The magnificant sight of school of barracuda, pomfret, damsels
My first time seeing a mistaken-as-manta-ray Eagle Ray
My first time seeing a pair of Dusky Grouper fighting for territory in front of me
My first time seeing Bumphead Parrotfish at Dayang
My first time encountering Batfish next to me

What am I going to do when there's no fishes?
Diving wont be fun anymore!
If I could dive in the a sea with no fish
Why should I not dive in the swimming pool?
Imagine all the ecology will just die!

No parrotfish to feed on the coral
Excreting to produce sand
No sandbed for benthic fishes
No hiding place for flatsoles
Predatory fishes prey more easily

These cascading effect will just expand
Ecology die
Foodchain die
In the end
Human die


Probably when human die
The animal kingdom will revive

I remember my secondary school physics teacher - Mr Chua Chye Hock said:
"The Earth is undergoing revolution of Big Bang. Millions of years later the Earth will return to square one & dinosaurs will reappeared."

I think it's about time...