Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ever since Momo left me
I'm so lonely

I'm still very used to calling 'Bye Bye Momo' when I left the house
& 'Heyyyyyyyyyyy Momo!' when I returned home
& I have no mood to buy veggies coz I cant decide what to buy
I eat what Momo eats & Momo eats what I eat
I also dont have the mood to snack

Momo is not there

DarDar is against me bringing Koko home
& I don like Koko
Koko doesnt look at me in my eyes when I hold it
& it doesnt come out of its house when I call it


Momo Momo
I hope you're good

Thursday, October 26, 2006

In memories of Momo

1 Aug 03 to 26 Oct 06

I will miss you
We all do

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I just puked the whole stomach of dinner
There goes my $21 worth of food

Stupid stomach

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So fast going November liao
Then another month gone
December liao
& then it's my birthday


Grow old loh

I needa return HK in Dec
But my colleagues all rushing to apply leave in Dec
Both colleagues wanna take 2 weeks
2 colleagues = 1 month
How am I to take?!
Then somemore DarDar's family going HK also
Wanted to meet them there so we can go shopping together
But my cousin's wedding is in Jan 07
So now also donno wanna go back in Dec or Jan

If let say I'm going back in Jan
I wanna go for a short holiday
Celebrate my birthday mah
But go where leh?
Batam or Malacca?
Ok lah
If dont go overseas
I wanna have a mini gathering with my friends whom I haven seen for ages
But donno when also leh
On my bday? Xmas? or New Yr's Eve?

My god
Now wanna have fun also so mafan

Help me think leh

Monday, October 23, 2006

I am sick

Nausea + giddiness + extreme stomach squeeze
Given MC
Doc said could be gastro-viral infection


Today MC tomorrow Hari Raya
Later ppl think I chao keng
But cant help it
Later I die in office how?

I haven eat for the whole of yesterday
& this morning
I feel like eating waffle
But I feel so bloated

& I have alot of things haven do
Still gotta bathe Momo
Momo stinks
It had probably enjoyed itself at DarDar's house
coz got 2 other hamster friends with him

Suddenly keep hearing alot of couples getting married
Wedding era?
Just hope they dont come to DarDar & ask him do montage for them
coz I'll have to help DarDar out too!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The day finally came
& I tell you...
It is indeed tiring
I slept for 10hours

I'll let the pics do the talking...
Long time nv blog donno whatta say
But anyway
It's my 1st time attending wedding
DarDar's cousin's wedding

Woke up early in the morning
& wait for the groom to fetch his wife

After all the tea ceremony
We had buffet lunch
& then DarDar & I went to town to do some short shopping

Returned at 4pm to prepare for the wedding banquet

DarDar enjoyed the night with his friends
& down 6 glasses of Martell + beer
Face became damn red
& back home
He puked twice

You know ah
When the couple marched in
I almost teared
So touching
& felt so happy for them
With 400 ppl celebrating for them
It's really a lovely sight

Everyone is asking DarDar when is his turn
& he said 'Maybe next year lahh'


COngratulations to the newly wed

Thursday, October 19, 2006

DarDar told me that COE dropped
Swift Sports is selling at $44K


But no money

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm seriously very busy rushing deadline
Helping DarDar with his assigned task which deadline is this Friday
& I have to stay over his house every night to help him complete

My eyes now like panda

Oh well
Coz DarDar's cousin's wedding
& it's 1st time attending & helping out
Sounds fun!
But not so when I got to realise it's so


I told DarDar I don wanna get married coz it's so mafan
DarDar scolded me

Really mah....
Waste time waste money

I'm so sleepy now
& my Dad is going back HongKong tomorrow

Mummy is gonna be so lonely

I feel bad


Maybe I'll be bringing Mummy to Malacca in Dec

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sorry peeps
Have been very busy lately

I've a good weekend
& it's probably the besttttttttttt I ever had

Friday helped DarDar to do his cousin's wedding video preparation
& spent the whole night watching Taxi Un, Deux, Trois
C'est tres bien!
Le film est tres tres tres bon!
So good that I forgot my time to go home
& DarDar had to call home for me
& told my Dad I'm staying over

Went back home on Saturday morning
Headed to swim
Sun was good
Probably coz it was hidden behind the PSI:97 haze
Despite so
I managed to swim 22 laps!
I broke my record!
Now I realise nothing is really impossible

Met DarDar for late lunch after my swim at BPP
Bought Happy Meal
Coz I want the Cinnamoroll toy!
& I bumped into Chip, SeeWoon, Mike & his girlfriend

Headed to Isaac's birthday party at evening
I felt so good
Coz it's been real long for me to mix as a 'family'
Isaac enjoyed his night too
Such a cute lil baby

DarDar stayed over
& today, Sunday
Had Kenny Rogers for lunch
& then his sisters & cousins came along
Brought them go shopping too
Then buy this buy that
I bought a 3/4 Khaki draw-string pants, a pink casual dress & loads of local products
DarDar bought a pair of boardshorts for diving, 3 pairs of socks & a pirated DVD
I am happy!

Spent like half a day there
After that
We walked back Singapore along the Causeway

Actually Malaysia & Singapore not very far leh
Took 20mins to reach
Same as the time I took to walk from Far East Plaza to Centrepoint

I have a happy weekend
& this week is gonna be as busy as current
Coz DarDar's cousin is getting married
& I'm helping out with the preparation

& it's my first time attending a wedding banquet
Helping out at a wedding banquet
& probably dressing the nicest of all times

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

TODAY quoted Mr Philip Yeo, Chairman of A*star saying this:
"Life Science undergraduates would only be qualified to wash test tubes"

I stunned for a second
& acknowledged his words

Sadly, but truthfully
I am not getting a science-related job ever since I graduated
Seeing how easily my friends could get a job related to their field
Somehow made me feel that I shouldnt be so unlucky

However, truth is, I am
Likewise for many other life science graduates out there

Maybe it doesnt affect Singapore only
My Hong Kong classmates arent doing what they hoped to do now
Aircraft attendants, insurance dealer, quality surveyor, customer service officers, etc
Name it, be it

My seniors were neither lucky too
Having a PhD qualification doing research,yes
But earning like a normal graduate does!


How much do they even pay for a normal graduate?
Market rates stated $1700 to $2700

$1700 is equivalent to a Diploma holder
Obviously those giam-siak companies would wanna get a Diploma holder with same field of studies than a graduate
Coz they need not pay more


Then please tell me
Why were there competition between qualifications when it is percieved that Diploma holders are more welcomed due to salary wise?
What are we studying for?
Why are there no chances at all?

I'd decided not to let my kids study so much
Look at Bill Gates
He dropped outta school and he's now a billionaire!
Who says that talents must come from education?
My DarDar is able to fix my wireless LAN connection at one go
After several failures helped by my friends, who did IT & engineering!

My DarDar did Multimedia Design

It doesnt need a paper qualification to state what you should be qualified for!

But it is true that when something is printed on black & white
It is a proof that you are able to achieve what you'd done

Ah darn

Gimme a wash-test-tube job can?
I can wash bowls & utensils
Thus, making me professionally trained to be a washer
I can even wash my hamster's cage
What is a test-tube anyway?

Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm pointing my finger in the sky
Damn you

Becoz of it
I'm sick
Feverish & running nose the whole of yesterday
Eye ball swollen

Went to work early to work on something
& then returned home

Had 2 days MC
Eye infection


Doc said my left eye had infected
& my right eye is infecting
I now look like a goddamn goldfish

I wonder how's work today
Probably got a lot more to catch up when I'm back

Stupid haze

Saturday, October 07, 2006

My god
Haze is reallllllllllllllll bad
I could smell the whole Singapore burning the very moment I stepped outta the office
& worse
I could not see what type of cars that's coming my way
Coz the haze blurred the lights & rays disperse all over

I had a very good sleep last night
My body totally took shape of my bed
& I think I didnt move an inch
Just that my nose kept twitching
Damn the haze
I closed my windows for the night
& my fan was blowing throughout till it got too cold
So I opened my windows
& suffocate myself with the smell

I'm still alive

While my bro was watching Sonic X on TV
PSI (particles suspension index) Reading: 128


PSI:128 reminded me of my secondary days
When the haze was so bad that I could not see where I was heading to
In fear of being knocked down by cars or bitten by snakes across grass field

The worst was, however, PSI: 236
I could still clearly remember that

Last year's haze wasnt that bad
Novemeber just passed with clear sky
This year haze came too early
The Sumatrans must be damn poor
Thus, the need to increase their shifting cultivations for survival

Tioman wasnt that beautiful as described & expected due to the thin haze
Within 30mins boat ride
Tioman was outta sight


Now I feel like diving

I'd gained so much weight for the past month that I feel like going for laxative

I wanna go some extreme sport


My brain is not working well

I'm speaking in broken sentences that doesnt link to a paragraph

I love my Momo

I shall go watch my TV & eat my Wasabi potato chips

I am fat

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Yesterday went to take part in this Dongli 88.3fm's music survey
Thanks Garett for getting me the lobang
Spent 1 hr to do the survey
& me & DarDar got free movie pass!
Valid for 1 year, any movie at Shaw cinemas!

Work is really very busy
Doing the stupid yearly routine
Tomorrow deadline
Hope nothing goes wrong
If not gotta redo

Oh oh
My dragonboat race photos are out!
Check it out!

Can spot me?

& our plate for winning FIRST!

We wanted to take a photo with the CEO
But think CEO forgot
& in the end
We took with CMB (Chairman, Medical Board)

DarDar's returning Malaysia this weekend
I shall have a good rest



Sunday, October 01, 2006

I went for my Dragonboat competition
& we got 1st in for the Plate Final!
Not bad

Way to go!

Can you see the leading boat?
That's our team!
I didnt row this time round coz I rowed in the earlier match that qualified us into the Plate Final

Now I shall try wake-boarding