Sunday, July 30, 2006

It was raining very heavily when I was out
DarDar was complaining that I was still playing XBox when he was all dressed up & smelling nice in his Issy Miyake cologne
Ok lorrrrrrrr
& then we both got wet despite having a big Giordano umbrella


Headed town to shop for Jack's birthday
Got him a tie
Very nice & cute!
& then back on my own shopping spree
Bought myself a Chip softtoy
Which I'll place it at DarDar's house to play with it with Isaac

Went to Holland Village to celebrate Jack's birthday with the same usual gang
A simple dinner & a night-out at Wala-Wala

Daniel looking a bit shocked at the back.Haha

Too bad Da Ge no longer frequents there
Thought could have meet him since my long MIA

The UnXpected was good
Heard of them from Da Ge before
My first time listening to them
But I wouldnt say she's the best yet
For I've not seen the others
Requested her to sing a birthday song
& she did
But somewhere in the middle
She started to mumble & mumble that all of us had no idea what she was talking about

But I guess everyone enjoyed the night

Happy birthday Jack

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I just got my photocard driving license!!
My picture so chio

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Donno why yesterday felt very melancholic at work
Maybe coz it's the 1st day of the Hungry Ghost Festival
Dread to do this & that
Wanted to go home badly

When I was on my way to DarDar's house
I felt so dull
& upon hearing some irritating #^!%%$#@*$!^$! during my journey
I grew duller
& frustrated

Hugged DarDar cried when I reached his house
=Also donno why I cried

But after the short weep
I felt better
& I cooked dinner for DarDar & his family
Sphagetti =)

Commented 'Not bad' worrrrrr
That's good
His aunt still asked me how to cook

When go home that time
Everyone's burning those hell money everywhere
Long time never see such scenes already
& I thought this traditional atmosphere has died off

When I reached my void deck
Entered lift A
The lift door couldnt close
& so DarDar & I jumped out of it before we got trapped inside
Then we waite for lift B
& the lift door again couldnt close!!
I immediately jumped out

I was trapped in the lift before when I was very young
& I sorta have lift phobia
Especially when it's closing
Somemore I keep having repeated nightmares since then


So DarDar & I climbed all the way up to 11th storey
Fit leh?

& when DarDar is on his way back
The bus broke down just 1 stop before his


Better be careful these 2 months

Monday, July 24, 2006



Sunday, July 23, 2006

Amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha
Hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah
Amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha
Hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah
Amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha
Hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah
Amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha
Hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah
Amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha
Hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah
Amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha
Hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah
Amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha
Hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah
Amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha
Hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah hallelujuah
Amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha amitabha

I hope my prayers work tomorrow

Friday, July 21, 2006

SparrowHawk II Exercise Activated
Please wear your mask while visiting Healthcare Institutes
Please stay at home if your temperature is >38deg
So I'll have got less work to do


Yah loh
Involved in the exercise loh
Tomorrow must come back to work
Early in the morning 730am
Make me cannot go for my Honda WestSiders meetup with my Brothers

But anyway
I'm going shopping with DarDar

Travel journalist!
Have to produce a Vlog & blog to go to 2nd round
Suddenly things are so exciting when work is very dull


Planning with DarDar how to got it film down properly
This will be my 1st extraordinary project

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I love my DarDar because...
He's the only one who can tolerate my temper
He's the only one who can take my super stupid mad jokes
He's the only one who goes everywhere I (want to) go
He's the only one who know what I want


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Yesterday I assisted Dr Chow in a mini surgry leh!
Long time never see blood
Abit scared initially
But ok lah
4 stitches on the head

I sound so sadistic hor?

I'm going crazy already
Due to work


Sunday, July 16, 2006

DarDar & I went to Big Sister's Island with the WildFilms
Saw a baby stingray, anemone shrimps, fishes, octopus, cuttlefish, blah blah blah
& DarDar is soooooooooooo clever that he can name the anemones or corals
He was amazed that there're indeed animals in Singapore waters
& he was shocked by Eunice*, which was foraging in front of him
Then when Ria asked DarDar to bring the stonefish back to the shore
DarDar dropped the stonefish on the sandy bottom coz it croaked
& I kept teasing him
Scared of the stone-fish (pun intended)
Made a 'Blair-witch' project footage of him even

I'm glad DarDar had fun

For more details, please read the latest entry of WildFilms blog (link on right column)

*Eunice is a marine worm

Saturday, July 15, 2006


I had my driving lesson today after a short shopping spree with DarDar
My instructor said my driving skills not bad
Only no confidence
When I panic
I forget everything


Just now on slope
I couldnt clutch control
& the whole car rolled backwards
Instructor scolded me
Then I practised again
Ok abit
& he taught me words by words


I must admit I myself had no confidence

Then just now
Big Boss Instructor gave me demon-like training
2nd gear in S & crank course
Fast steering
Rapid cornering
Other learners kept looking at me
Wondering why I drove so fast
Both my Big Boss Instructor & I kept laughing

My parking should be fine, I guess
Never knocked pole
I'm glad

I seriously donno why
I really could drive fast then slow

Family problem in Hong Kong
Financial debt
Wanted to help also donno how to help

I just wish I'm rich enough to save a person's life

Friday, July 14, 2006

I just got back from lunch
& the place I had lunch was ...erm... exotic??
This Berseh Food Centre sells turtle soup, shark's meat, etc
& I was pretty disgusted with the turtle soup
MY GOD!!!!
I still remember that time my aunt had it
Her pee & shit were all black
But she said that those were 'poison'
In chinese traditional mythological terms
Which actually helps to clear the toxic in the body


But still

Then my this colleague said she has phobia after taking once
Coz that turtle was staring at her while she was eating


Me & my another colleague had mutton soup with yam rice though
Not bad

Martin called me telling me to go Tioman this/next weekend
Only $200!!!
I want but I cant!
Got dating with Big Boss Instructor in his Honda 3G city leh

Wah laoooo
Tioman leh!
$200 leh!
Diving leh!!


Where got such a cheap lobang??!!

Martin very good hor?

Alot of office internal conflicts is arising
I better be extremely careful
It's such a dark world over here.....

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm so fucking busy today
& it's the first time I get pissed over work

Last week
An external source emailed Colleague A to ask for particular information
Which is from our section
SO Colleague A forwarded the email to me & asked me to do
I did according to the template
There isnt much information about it
Coz previous team never update system
& so the system-extracted data was useless
I didnt care much coz seriously those were what I've got
& so most of them were put 'N.A'
I replied to the external source directly

The person from this external source emailed me requesting me to put in more info
Which requires me to search their files
I spent 1.5hrs in the room digging the info they want
& then I sent back
& then Colleague A came to me
Said that the info I gave was still not what they want
& I said "But I followed whatever is in the template"
Colleague A:"Did you give the names?"
Me:"I didnt include...It's not needed..."
Colleague A:"What did the template consist? Can you show me?"
Me:"This... this.. this.. this.."
Colleague A:"Oh...this is weird.."
Me:"Didnt you open & view before you send it to me?"
Colleague A:"I did... but I forgot"

Just admit you didnt
What the fuck
Sounded like I did wrongly like that
I followed whatever is scripted
& she didnt even know what's in it before sending to me
Come & complain this & that

Cheebye lah

People at work is really funny
How it makes me laugh everyday
Ha Ha Ha

*Sacarsim intended*

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Donno why
The moment I look at 24th July on my calendar
I freeze abit & then tremble
My Traffic Police Driving Test
Die lahhhh

My DarDar told me to be more confident
But still scare leh
Er Ge told me Da Sao had passed her test already
So good
But think of myself
Although Big Boss Instructor said I hard to fail
After driving all the way from Bukit Batok to Office & back Bukit Batok
Also donno true or not
Scarli he spoke dream-language
Coz he always sleeps when I'm driving

So does that mean he is confident of my driving skills?


I must go pray pray soon

Just now had lunch at Bendemeer
I like the Nasi Lemak there
But just now while I was cutting the fried chicken wing apart
One crumb flew into my bra
So pokey

Office is doing this drill
Fever suvelliance everyday for 2 days
Given thermometer & mask
I asked where's the alcohol swab
The secretary looked at me & asked what's it for
My god!
Sterilize the germs after use lah!

I'm going swimming with DarDar later
I'm getting fat, damnit
Changing in front of the mirror everyday ensures constant monitoring of waistline
I'm such a nut
But donno if water will be freaking cold or not
Rainy & cloudy leh...

Feel like shitting
Just one of the excuses to temporarily escape work during office hours


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Getting real sick of work
Seeing all my piled-up stuffs can really make me puke
Plus I'm having my TP soon
Goddamn am I fucking bloody scared
Thought of joining my WestSiders brother for a meetup before the test
But Er Ge said I sure fail if I go
Coz all drive without obeying the rules




Sunday, July 09, 2006

I was soooo tired that I fell asleep on DarDar's bed this afternoon
Weather was so good
But was awaken by the loud thunder

Supposedly got clinic duty
But cancelled coz Dr Loh was caught up with some real urgent matter
& so I spent another few hours sleeping before dinner
But gone is my $40 pay for today

Had Sakae Sushi for dinner
Variety very little leh
Maybe coz we went there late
& I spent $30.84 to enjoy a 10% discount!
Only can use transaction cards for $30 & above
Sounded abit gian ben
But cant blame
Women's nature


DarDar just bought a new phone
Motorola L6 at $0
Now I got new phone to play with
It's black
& it looks pretty stylish
Very sleek

Tomorrow work again
So many things to follow up
& gotta rush data entries before the stupid system is down for its monthly maintenance

My DarDar just sneezed
So cute

I'm soooooooo tired
After my early morning driving
Clutch-control for 1 hour
My leg was already too tired for road practise

& I went to DarDar's house to sleep

Isaac woke me up
So cute

Then went out to town to get my bag

But very expensive leh
& then went to the Olympus showroom
But closed liao

So I went to activate my i-mode
Now I can send MMS liao

Then go to the bicycle shop at Tanjong Katong with DarDar
& down to Marine Parade for a short shopping trip

There're soooooooo many shops selling rash guards
Saw this O'Neil
Not bad
Same price as my Billabong
I'd prefer O'Neil coz it's NOT pink!


Walked over to ECP for BBQ
While on our way to the BBQ pit
I saw a....giant cockroach!!
DarDar laughed at my 'stupidity'
Then I realised it's dead tree trunk


Andrew's back from Aussie!
Gotten roasted macademia nuts & a whole big bag of nouguats for my Mum
Drank few cups of Malibu's White Rum with Coconut
Not bad

It's a good one
DarDar mixed well with my friends
Had a cool soccer game
While I went to the beach & listened to the waves with Kenny

Now at DarDar's house watching Smallville Season 5
Legs very tired
Catching sleep soon

Good night

Saturday, July 08, 2006

yes yes
No time lah...

I'm going to a BBQ later
With my secondary school friends
& I have got pictures of Isaac

Updates tonite
I promise


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sorry for the lack of updates
Really very busy lately

I returned to work at night despite given MC
Coz no one informed me that someone had already covered me
Extra money earned

DarDar came over for dinner on Tues night
Busy serving guest

Had clinic shift again on Wednesday night
Cover people's shift
Likewise for Friday

& for weekend
Having driving lesson, BBQ, drivin lesson again & clinic shift



Work is piling very much at office
Donno got time to finish not

Life doesnt look good at work now
All my colleagues in my section are wanting to quit


I shall better get myself moving off soon too

Monday, July 03, 2006

Oh you know hor
Yesterday I watched that local movie
'PS...I Love You'
Watched until I cried leh!

DarDar said I crazy
I am sick again

I almost blacked out while I was out with DarDar & Lionel yesterday
I couldnt see a fucking thing
As the yellow luminous blotches kept arising at my retina
At an instance
Everything is so blank
I couldnt hear on my left ear too
DarDar grabbed me hard & rushed me to the clinic

I have my clinic duty at evening too
& Dr Wong expected me to work still
But upon seeing how weak I was
He told me go home & rest
Sucky thing is
My partner changed shift with another colleague
& I wasnt informed
From 5 to 9pm
Instead of pairing with me from 7 to 12am
I refused to work till midnight as I'm already this weak
& I complained to Dr Wong that I have no idea that I have to work alone for the remaining 3 hours

Idiotic people

& So
I'm on MC today
No day work
But probably back to night job

Have so many things to do back at office
It just keeps on piling
So many public relationships to deal with
Gotta talk to various people clarifying their doubts
But I feel satisfaction
When I managed to clear their doubts
& their smiles & 'Thank you' just lifted me slightly higher from the drowning work

Come to think about it
I must get back to exercise next week
Cant afford to be weak & sick anymore

Saturday, July 01, 2006


My first time entering circuit
I mounted kerb
& knocked poles


I wasnt familiar with the directions
I also forgot how to park
Kept thinking vertical is perdendicular parking
& I kept looking at the P icon as pasted on the rear window

Very sad

My clutch still not good when it comes to slow-moving

What should I say?
I can only drive fast

Demoralised la
I dont wanna go out today nor tomorrow liao

I shall eat & eat & eat all the tibits & junks I can find at home today
I bought 3 mangoes on Thursay
Which size is just as big as any person's shoe size 8!!
My colleagues asked:"Eh, you buy papaya ah?"


DarDar came to fetch me home
Coz I was whinning saying the mangoes were very heavy
He didnt believe
& when he took over from the 'auntie's hands
He exclaimed "SO HEAVY!"

Hiak hiak

Mom asked me why the mangoes so big
How I know sia
Then I brought Momo out to play with the mangoes
I think approximately 5 times Momo's size
I bet Momo has never seen such a big food in front of him before

I finally got to sleep for 10 hours
Other than waking up DarDar at 730am coz he has to return Malaysia
But DarDar continued to sleep till 9am
& I had to consistently wake him up at 10 mins intervals
After he left
I continued to sleep
& Mom's cooking good tonite!

I'm charging my new handphone
Starhub gave me for free one leh
Also donno why they gimme
Think they also know my handphone cannot make it liao
NEC donno-what-model
But got i-mode
DarDar said good wor
Outside selling at $508

Although it's not Samsung
It's still clam-shell
Then I can put my cinnamonroll doll phone cover still

Donno why I keep thinking of going diving after my Dayang trip
Probably it's the best dive trips ever with no equalization problem & good buoyancy

Driving later
Going circuit
I predict I sure crash cars
I didnt have much practises on parking!

My TP in 3 weeks time leh
Can my driver friends & brothers escort & guide me during my test?
Please cover up your 'Westsiders' decal first
Arbo very obvious