Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Stupid rain woke me up this morning
Bloody hell gotta rush to close window
But I couldnt fall asleep after I jumped back onto my bed
& so I woke Momo up to keep me companied
By blasting 'Crazy Frog' outside its cage
Momo came out & looked around in fear
I guess it was curious yet frightened
Coz it ran back to its house when I just moved slightly
Ok lah
Fed him with his favourite carrot biscuits for breakfast

Fairy God-Lao-er jio-ed me for lunch
& guess what I found on his car?
so cute so cute >_<
No lah
It's a poor starry cushion that I'd folded its arm backwards
*flutters eyelashes in innocence*

Had my lunch slowly at MacDonald
While fairy God-Lao-er went off with his Korean colleague to work
Soon after
I went for my badminton session with Kee, Ivan & Lionel
I wasnt wearing shoes loh!
I played bare-footed coz I didnt intend to play in the first place
But Kee pulled me play
Ok lohhh
Now my feet hurt =3

I'm now alone at home
Bro off for night tuition
Mum to Taichi
Dad to jogging
Momo sleeping
No dinner

Monday, August 29, 2005

Yesterday at work
I had fever suddenly
I found myself getting hotter & hotter as I sat at the counter
& I measured myself using the digital thermometer
37.4 deg cel?!?!?!?!
& I quickly gobbled 10ml of Dhamol 500mg
But this morning still got slight fever...
Haven subside fully

Thanks Fairy God-Lao-er for fetching me home last night & to modeling this morning!!!
Merci merci
He also gave me 4 tabs of Panaco for my fever
*boinks boinks*

Today is the official hair model show
Where we have to put on makeup
dress nice nice
& perform catwalk on stage
& I think I kua dio gui when I look into the mirror
Rose still said my makeup not prominent enough
& I was like
"WHAT?? I looked like I kana bashed at the eyes sia..."
She used Chanel cosmetic items on us lehhh
I repeat
not canal nor channel
It's the knn bloody expensive brand ok!!
I felt so wonderful
The most expensive cosmetic item in my room is a Shisedo mascara

The hair cannot make it sia in the holding room
Me & my partner were like
"Yikes, you mean our hair is done like this?"
But then we realised we were wrong
When we were up on stage
Michael & Claudia styled our hair
& we looked like this!

Me & my partner, Alicia
Me & Claudia, my hairstylist
Me & Ken acting seh

Rose said that my makeup effect & my hair stood out very nice
Very unexpected
& got one hairdresser walked up to me said
"I took many of your pics already leh!"
So honoured
Felt like superstar

Met Lisa there too
She helped me style my violet-blue hair the previous time

On top of everything
The staffs gave us some complimentary gifts
Sibei tan dio

It was a very nice experience
First time on stage doing catwalk
First time having loads of powder on face
First time using Chanel cosmetic
First time presenting myself in front of so many people
First time of first time!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Today is Mymy's (Mommy) birthday!!
But when I was up at 830am
She was already out for her Taichi

I had my hair modelling today
So excited
This time round is of a grand event
Coz it involves stage-show by German hair stylists & make-up artist

How my eyebag sucks in the early morning
Cant blame
Slept at near 3am

Gor came to fetch me & Pat to Liat tower
Where we met Ken, Michelle & Yanni too
At the studio
Only me & Ken got selected for the hair show

They 'kiap' my hair until so stylo sia!!!
Ke ai ma?
Then do the colouring
Ken sitting beside waited for an hour before his turn
Did the same thing as me
Only that he has the UFO above his head

After 2hours or so
With stomach grumbling for food
My hair is finally done!!

(Dont tell people I take pictures in toilet ok?)
Time for some fake Superstar shoots too
Dont make you all puke liao

Then the makeup artist came
& helped me do abit of touch-up
She said I too pretty no need to 'edit' alot
I am pretty cinderella mahhhhhh
You know one..

But hor
She helped me pluck eyebrow pluck until very pain

At 330pm
I am DONE!
Everyone said very chio very chio
Woohoo~ Happy happy~
Only needa return tomorrow for Part 2
The german stylist so low/no taste
Chose this fucking or-biang clothing & told me it's sexy
*grumbles grumbles*

I feel so good with short hair again!
On way home also cannot stop taking photos

Sky very chio today
Just as chio as me

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Qn: How to know if Momo is the next 'Steven Gerrard'?

Ans: Throw him a grape & see if it dribbles with its two front paws

I have a soccer superstar hamster!
Someone jio-ed me out on Friday's afternoon
I have been home everyday throughout the week
Die die also must go
& I immediately said 'Wo yao! Wo yao!' to all the agreements
Out town with Ivan, Kee & Tisha

Shopped for a while
Looked for Evelyn at work
Went to play pool & billard
I won 3 matches!!
But nothing much to haolian
Coz Tisha is still a newbie
& had dinner at S-11
Ordered stir-fried Kailan (my fave), sambal stingray, Chilli chicken, you tiao salad, roasted duck & Char siew
Full until cannot walk
Then time to meet the Westsiders
Batman picked me up at Somerset carpark

His bat mobile damn cute
First time sat in his car
Sibei zai!
Just as we were on our way
One Vios purposely smoked us & vroom vroom vroom-ed somemore
The Vios wanted to 'chiey' us last night
But like never see them approach us leh
Only see some Vios purposely turned into our carpark

I said
"Eh, the Vios purposely come here show us their power one isit? Go knock him ah"
Fairy God-Lao-er replied:"You think the carpark yours one ah? Cannot turn in?"
True hor

Took Gor's car during convoy to Selegie Kopitiam
Then halfway went to Raffles City fetch Pat
Gor donno where is Raffles City & I nearly wanted to explode
Gor:"Where is Raffles City?"
Me:"Huh? You donno?"
Gor:"Here at Marina isit?"
Me:"No lah!! You know where is Westin Hotel not?"
Me:"How can donno!! The most famoous hotel leh!!...Okok, Raffles Hotel?"
Gor:"Orhhh.. I know liao"
Me:"Liew...Now I know why you want me sit your car liao.."

Raffles hotel & Westin Hotel got difference loh
How come he knows where is Raffles Hotel & not Westin?

On our way
We saw 2 integras
A white & a black
The white one stopped directly in front of us
As the green light turned
It remained motionless but could hear the vroom sound
Then slowly picked up its speed
I said:"Eh...that integra got problem isit? Just like what Kindaichi said, the simi-clutch problem"
Then the integra dashed forward
I thought really got problem sia!! Gonna crash!
Then it turned at a sharp angle to the right


My heart throbbing for him leh!
I scare he dashed into sea become submarine
I asked Gor if we see such accident must report or not
Gor said:"If it really falls into the sea, we quickly go hold its spoiler, then pull it out. After that let it sink."


After we fetched Pat, we headed to Selegie Kopitiam
Then Dave said some newbie horlan-ed
So I followed Dave to fetch them
Haha... Not so bad la
Newbie horlan still acceptable

The people talked cock, drank beer

All happy happy
Vic drank until almost seh-seh liao
Wanna 'da' wheat grass drink
Then I ate chicken wings
& collected the TigerBeer bottle caps for lucky draw
But where did I put them huh?

At around 12am+
We left
I took Ken's car while Pat took Gor's
Gor said wanna follow Ken's car coz he donno way back
But I told him ask Pat be his GPS this time


No go home no needa direct liao
Can relax
So shiok


Friday, August 26, 2005

I was watching a documentary on National Geographic this afternoon
& It made me so damn high!

It is a nice island in Malaysia...
With schools of fishes
Butterfly fishes
Sea turtle
& my favorite bumpies!!!
(Pic taken by Gene in Dayang & probably of same species given its geography)

I was drooling in front of my 21" Akira TV
coz 29" Samsung bursted last week
But that is not the point
The thing is
It's in Malaysia
It has sea turtle
The water is so clear
Sand is so fine
Lotsa species were introduced in the documentary

Such a nice place in Malaysia
& I always thought Malaysia's dive sites are quite cheap
Given the fact that it only cost RM$500+ to dive at Pulau Redang
Sipadan is NOTHING!!!

But when I see this
I broke into pieces
$1000 plus?!?!?!?!

But hor
If I divide the cost to 5 nites,
it's only $280
Same as going Dayang leh!!
Onz la onz la!

Next year I jio ok?
Let's start saving money first...

*** Damn. Bali has mola-mola in Feb. Also $1k+
I'm feeling cold
I felt cold during my sleep too
I didnt on my fan
& I slept shivering

Is there an illness about low body temperature?

Still remembered Martin told me to keep myself warm before dives
So as to enable equalization underwater
Could these two be linked?
Unable to keep body temperature high & unable to equalize
Due to formation of mucus in sinus area


Wound on shin is finally healing
Itchy though
& the hardened part looks very tempting to be scratched

Last night had dinner with friends
It was a nice meal coz I had my fave Tom Yam Soup
In return, we were given $40 voucher
Haha... sounds like a good deal
So the nex time we go eat will be free!
Check expiry date of voucher please, brother

On way home
I think I noticed something
Standing in the middle of the road
A tall white figure on the left of the middle lane
Along Bukit Batok Road to Teck Whye
I thought it was just light reflection or something on the windscreen
But as the car moved along
The 'thing' was just beside my left
& behind
I was abit slow
& I only realised that when I reached home
I didnt ask the driver anything
Coz I dont wanna scare him bt the possible 3 extra people sitting at the back
But I told him about the haunted issues I experienced in my old house in Teck Whye

I could see sweat rolling down his forehead

Eh but really leh
The white figure
before midnight somemore
(I thought those thing appear after midnight right? Most powerful at 3am rite? Dio bo? Please say dio)
Wah knn
My hair all stand up liao

Do my fairy god-brothers have power to protect me from spirits?
Wave your magic wands quick!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005


*slaps backside*

Moral of story: One will still turn against each other one day no matter how close each other are
I went to buy roasted meat dried noodles for lunch down my block
Just felt like eating it
Coz I missed the breakfast that Ria bought for us last week
When I was there
All 5 male attendants kept looking at me...
I wondered if my denim shorts were too short
& Shucks
I on my 'tiko alert'
I placed my order & requested to return few minutes later
While I went to buy my popiah
But Popiah Auntie never opened =((
So I walked back
The 5 men kept smiling to each other
I felt abit...annoyed
The cashier took my money, looked at me & smiled at me
I smiled back
Then he asked
"Xiao jie, you had your lunch liao?"
His friends laughed
I laughed
Of coz haven lah! Ate liao still buy for fun?
His friend said:"You siao ah, asked this kinda question made people laugh, of coz haven eat lah!"
Cashier said:"Like that then can make her laugh mah!"
& turned to me said
"Xiao jie, you look prettier when you smile"
His friends beside all went "yah yah, really"


I didnt speak much
As cool as iceberg still, only with a short warm smile

Funny sia
First time encounter such incident
First time my appearance is appreciated by outsiders
First time my solemn look is brightened by a joke for that mere few seconds

I chatted with my Mum after she reached home from work
& I told her I wanna go Malaysia work
Her first reaction?
I just knew she'll react this way
But if it's my dad, he'll surely say
"GO! Go get experience! You cant forever stay SG one"
The difference in the thinking between female & male
Female - safety comes first
Male - money comes first
But... actually
Really lah
I saw a job opening in WWF-Malaysia, dealing with the conservation of marine turtles
Fit my scope of studies exactly leh!
Very hesitating...
'Graduate with a degree in environment science, preferrably with freshwater/coastal ecology'
That's mine mah!!!
But sadly
One of their requirements are
'Must be able to spoke & write both Melayu & English'
Knn lah
Aku tak tahu melayu lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Fated to be jobless

But I think sometimes they can go lenient with their requirements too right?

At work at night
Mala let me do the dispensing
Not very confident but I still managed it
Only 16 patients for the night
Got this old lady came in with her son & her grandson
Old lady speak Hokkien, I dont understand
Her son translated & spoke in English & Mandarin
Had hard time communicating but I was quite patient with it
Told her that she has to suck this lozenges
& she kept asking:"can eat or not?"
Then I said in Mandarin
"Ze ge yao han, bu ke yi yao" (this one must suck, cant bite)
Then the son asked:"What is 'han'?"
*bangs head*
I thought he knows english!!
Suck! Suck!! Suck!!!
She requested me to write the dosage of her medication in chinese
But sadly... I donno how to write
& her grandson took over
Xia suay!!
I cant remember how to write 'flu' in chinese!!
The old lady's son asked:"You donno how to write?"
I replied:"sorry, forgotten how to"
*bangs head*
But her grandson also donno how to write 'cough' & 'phlegm'
So we were even

No patient for the night for entire 2 hours
So sian
I even SMS-ed people ask if they sick or not
So can come clinic see doc & keep me accompanied
A kid with extreme high fever came in at 1155pm
5 mins before closing
The father apologised for delaying our closing time
No no, dont worry
The duty of doctor is to save lives
There's nothing to apologise about

I sounded like a nurse for that slight moment
Probably can take up part time nursing course

I forsee $150 in my salary this month
& I can go diving in October already!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Some people just had no conscience of what they are doing

Stop lying

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Just sent 2 job applications to NUS
Didnt realise I may have to do researches even after I graduated
Hopefully TMSI replies me

Thanx Kindaichi for helping me out with the resumes

I'm back on job hunt
Reluctantly though
Need money for my getaways
I must say...
It was the quietest date in my life ever

'The Maid' was scary
With all the sudden scenes of the ghost appearing
In conjunction with the facts of chinese cultures
I squeezed Dear's arm everytime I got freaked out
Think those hurt badly


Monday, August 22, 2005

Wound on shin not getting any better
Dr Chow gave me a cream of stronger strength to apply
Allergic reaction to corals

Not surprising
I had hives on my kneecaps & hands after I gently stroke them

Everything also feel like eating

Meeting Lewis Dear for 'The Maid' tonight at 10pm
Think will probably stay wide awake when I reach home
Too scary to sleep

Hiak hiak hiak

Sunday, August 21, 2005

I had a super long day yesterday
Running up & down
Taking care of the guests
& settling all the admin stuffs
But it ended all smoothly with the warmest touching scene..

I helped out as a backstage crew with Pat for her Mum's harmonica band concert
The backstage crew were all so busy running up & down
Communicating via the already-very-messy walkie conversation
Carry chairs & stuffs
Usher the guest
& when the actual concert started
It was very heart warming
Almost full house
& everyone was clapping
Nearly had tears in my eyes

After that went Paulaner with Gor & Pat
Kana pangseh-ed
So I watched Liverpool VS Sunderland match myself
Should be 2-0 right?!!!
Nabei who the fuck fouled?
Ate all the calamari rings
Sang along with 'Goofy Goober'


When Gor & Pat went toilet
I was all alone
2 lesbians turned to look at me
I looked at them
They still looking at me
I still looking at them
I gave them the 'kua smlj' look
They turned away
Then I watched TV
They turned to look again
No Tiger Beer bottle
Paulaner cup too chio
Cannot smash & threathen her by their necks

No lah
I where got so Ah lian...
You all know oneeeeeeeee

Then we left
Pat wanna go ECP
Then raining
Pat then wanna go Sentosa
Gor's car v-cool blocked Pat
3 ppl + 1 car only $6
Reached there
Rained again

Walked to Sand Bar see if got food
Suay, don haf
Sat there talk cock
I almost fell asleep
So Gor decided to send me home
Stupid Horlan king donno route
So I directed
But my mind already past closing time liao
Nearly horlan-ed

Supposedly turn right to PSA up Farrer Road
I told Gor to 'turn left'
Then Pat said turn right
But I thought I said 'turn right'?
My fault my fault

Reached home at 3am

Saturday, August 20, 2005

First time to Cosy Bay
Nice & romantic
Wish to go there with someone else

Thanx for all the laughters
Thanx BoonWee for fetching & bringing me to Pandan Reservoir
Thanx MauMau for sending me home
Thanx Gor for the surprise gift
Thank you thank you thank you


Friday, August 19, 2005

I feel so empty everytime when night falls
Someone isnt there anymore

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Forsuderm ointment - free
Nasonex spray - $25
Broken heart - priceless

Monday, August 15, 2005

The wound on my leg hurts!
I'm limping my way everytime I move
I wonder if the coral worms are growing inside
or worse
The coral parasites

& I'm seeking doctor's treatment for my sinus
Cant let equalising be a huge problem in my future dives

I'm so problematic
I'm back from my Open Water Dive!!!
I had a very enjoyable weekend despite several injuries
& I got to see my favourite fish!
Plus lots & lots of photos to upload

Day 1
All Open Water Divers gathered at the dive shop to wait for our transportation
Pat & I at the dive shop. Hee.
So excited
We boarded the bus to Malaysia at 8pm
Reached Malaysia at around 9plus & had our dinner
The diving instructors

It took us 3hours to reach Mersing jetty
& 4 hours to reach Dayang by boat
That is approximately 5am when we touched land

The stars in the dark dark sky in early mornings are damnnnnnnnnnn beautiful
They appeared like white shining dots with blue rings surrounding
If only Lewis Dear was there

Dive 1 - Telok Teluran, Pulau Aur
Our first dive is at 945am
Woke up all excited
Only to see bad weather coming
Bloody grey clouds
But we still headed for our site nonetheless
My dive gears

Water was clear
& all of us were to descend one by one
I couldnt
I couldnt equalise my ears
& I left my buddy underwater while I was back on the boat
I was sooooooooooooo demoralised
I cried when Genecia hugged me
I thought..
My dream of going underwater was gonna shattered
Martin came to speak to me, told me to cheer up & tried during the next dive
So did Ziyao
But I still looked like shit
& I wasted one precious dive

I was so lousy

Dive 2 - Telok Jawa, Pulau Aur
Martin, the dive instructor, became my buddy
He asked me to descend first so he can help me with the equalising
I made it!!
Although my ears hurt bit at times
But I was able to go underwater!
The moment I was down
I saw my favourite fish - Bumphead parrotfish!!!!!!
I squeezed Martin's hand to show him
So happy
& then we swam forward

Someone from above pushed me down & I hit the corals
Ascended few minutes later to stop bleeding
& it hurt pretty badly in seawater
Martin congratulated me for being to descend finally

Dive 3 - Pulau Lang, Pulau Aur
The water's visibility wasnt that good
Probably coz it's low tide at that time
Saw many wrasses, chromis & damelfishes
Corals were badly destroyed

We surfaced & packed our gears
& returned to Pulau Dayang at evening
Cleaned up & had dinner
& we took loads of pictures
A group photo
Me & my ex-buddy. LOL. The abandoned one. =x
Us with Martin doing the 'Kawaii' pose...........

Had a good night
Coz the people were funny
& I was halfway fulfiling my mermaid dream already

Day 2
Dive 4 - Sebukang Bay, Pulau Aur
We woke up at 6am for our morning dive
The waves were damn choppy
We did our CESA & then went for leisure dives
A school of chromis swam in front of me
Territorial wrasses chasing away damelfishes
Parrotfishes foraging
Saw 3 species of nudibranches
A juvenile sweetlip that wriggles like floating seaweed
A stonefish camouflaging under a rock
A school of seabreams
Several groupers
Woooooooooooooooo~~ Marvellous!!!
Martin broke us a good news
He said we all had graduated!
Which means
I passed the course & gonna have my license soon!!

My dream was fulfilled

Dive 5 - Aur tip, Pulau Aur
We had our breakfast & took some photos before we proceed
& I look extremely happy
Me & Gene
Me & Martin

The water was so damn clear in the morning

Our last dive
This time
Martin said we couldnt hold hands
& I managed to dive on my own
Until I got caught by the current
Which brought me higher & higher to the surface
& not going forward
Martin then quickly rescued me
We were given bread to feed fishes
All the fishes came
But I couldnt see my bumphead parrotfish for one final time....
We did a safety stop
But I have no idea if I'm stationary or that everyone is moving around
We still made it anyway
I got stung by a jellyfish on my right leg near my wound though
Martin helped to remove it

We had to leave
On the boat
Mischevious Martin played prank on Lye
He put toothpaste on his face & inserted potato chips into his shorts. LOL!!!

We reached Mersing at 4pm
& plus another 3hours bus ride back to Singapore
Jam at second link
We took a group photo before we separated

It was a very very nice trip
Got to go underwater
Saw my bumphead parrotfish
Able to equalise my ears, which is the the best achievements I had
Made new friends
Saw beautiful stars
Bumpy & long boat ride to Mersing
Initial-D like bus ride back SG
*thumbs up*

Probably after getting my official license
I'll be conquering Pulau Tioman
Coz Ziyao told me he saw 15 bumpheads parrotfish swimming together!
& he asked me if I'm interested in the reef check at Dayang end of this month

For now
I declared myself a licensed mermaid!
But under probation