Friday, March 31, 2006

Fucking God It's Friday!!!

To everyone
Friday is the best day of the week
Because it is the start of a weekend holiday
But me?
Fuck it
I'm totally damn pissed

Work work work
& I shall just skip that
Then I finally contacted the idiot who had been holding my things for 2 months
& demanded him to return me my items
An uber eye sore
Didnt wanna look at him
Even my Handsome buay tahan him
Wanted to help me scold him upside down

While I was on my way to my driving lesson
I realised I left my wallet in the office
& my IC, ATM, money, key are in it
& tomorrow I'm going JB

During driving
Totally reckless
Never slow down at 'Give Way'
Never check left blind-spot (almost crashed cars)
Never turn back steering wheel at acute U-turn (day-dreaming)
But I'm glad today I only stalled once
Forgot change to gear 1 after stopping & then moving off
Cheebye Toyota Corolla horned me when I'm already moving upon green light
Big boss instructor laughed
Told me to play with him
I pia-ed until fuel almost none
Big Boss instructor told me drive slowly
Said that his Honda 3G city isnt racing car with racing clutch
Dont always throw clutch so fast & make the car jerk
& made him giddy


Wanted to go back office to collect my wallet
Coz I feel so uncomfortable going out without wallet
But Dad was against it
Started screaming at me
In the end
I also gave up that idea liao
Coz Er ge convinced & guaranted me that IC is not needed
& then realising what my Dad said might have been true
But I just buay song I'm being screamed at

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh whatever

My lovely Er Ge is back
Although he never buy me any souvenirs
I miss him sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

Thursday, March 30, 2006

ylneddus desserped os lla gnileef I ma yhw
gnissim smees gnihtemoS
gnileef siht ekil tnod I
em ot klat esaelp enoemos naC
tnatirri gnikcuf a I mA

os kniht I

ees I

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I hate Wednesday
Coz it's the day I always get headache
Consecutive nightshift till midnight
Accumulation of tiredness
Additional workload & stress
Continuous nerve pulsation
Contraction of brains


& my Momo is still waiting for its bath
It stinks worse than my toilet bowl!
But I still love to kiss him on his forehead
& it'll kiss me on my nose
>_< >_< >_<

Sadly though
I had another sad dream about Momo
This time
I dreamt it fell into the drain

Donno why recently dream about Momo
& I'm so afraid Momo wont respond to me one day
It's already 1 yr & 8 mths old....
I am scared

Traveling starts this weekend
Will be outta island thrice in both April & May
So excited

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Totally shagged
Rushed 4 tasks today
Had 2 meetings

Deadlines on Thursday
& stupid programme failed on me
Hindered my updating

Stupid Martin called me 'Aunty'
I hate people calling me that
Especially kids
But anyway
He just wanna confirm my Redang trip for next month
Although couldnt get anyone to go with me
& Jeffrey is stuck in Inner Mongolia doing donno-what
I guess this trip will be very fun nonetheless
At least water will be crystal clear

I cant wait for ADEX to come!
Although I heard from ex-visitors said it isnt that good
But but but
I wanna buy cheap dive gears
Chio hor?

I love the white one
Only $1 wor!!
But I confirm people surely will grab finish before I do so
If I cant get it
Can someone buy this for me as my Birthday gift???
>_< >_<
SG$326 only

Another friend of mine just got married
So envious
I so wanna shred all the outstanding documents right now!

How inconsiderate can those people be
Got incident reports must report to Ministy of Manpower within 1 month
How can they store until 1 year, which is apparently when I dug them out from pile of papers
& expect me to do it for them!?

Then I have to chase Business office for bills
& then pour everything to the insurance company
Who can accept the sudden input of workload?!?!?!
& who can back-track every god damn thing 1 year ago???


Had lunch with colleagues & director
Had Burger King
Director chatted with me
Asked if I do sports very often

I very heart pain though
Colleagues never return me money
One day spent $24 on food
Somemore on Burger King
If on Fish & Co or elsewhere still can loh...
What the hell man...
Nevermind la
Just treat it as a treat from me
Got new colleague come in also
Be it a welcome lunch =)))

But still
I really need to control my money usage
Dont wanna be one blind victim of the vicious poverty cycle

Night also work
So many people ask me why work so hard
No work no money mah
You feed my family ah?

Clinic is really pissing me off
What the fuck is that full-time staff doing in the day?
Never stock-take, never order medicine
Simi lanjiao also dont have
What the...
& today got this patient bought a big box of shampoo
No big plastic bag
& in the end
I had to give him a Cold Storage plastic bag
Pai-seh ok?!

Somemore today ask me cover extra hour coz colleague injured herself
So I asked who'll be working with me
& was answered that I'll be with another colleague
But when I reached there
I looked at the roster
I'm working from 7 to 12am
She's working from 7 to 11pm

Some people just dont understand English
Speak in Mandarin also cannot
*tranlated from Mandarin*
"Missy, I came yesterday.."
"Neo xxx xxxx"
"How to spell?"
"Errr..Neo right?"
"Yah..Neo xxx xxx"
"Can you write down for me?"
"Neo xxx xxx"
"I'm sorry, I'm busy with something now. Can you just write down the name for me?"
"Neo xxx xxx"

How the fuck do I know what name is that?
I dont have super memory when I have to face 30 patients per night
& you cant even spell the name for me!

But some are better
However, not as good
"Hello, can I check when is Dr Loh working?"
"Tomorrow morning"
" longer at night?"
"Is Dr Loh right?"
"Errrr...You wanna see Dr Loh isit?"
"Yah.. but is it Dr Loh that I see?"
"Can you gimme your name?"
*long silence*
"How do you spell that?"
*another long silence*
"S-a...& then?"
*background voices spelling out name*
"I have my number, maybe easier"

How come own name donno how to spell?
My god my god!
No need you to decipher the strokes of chinese names very good liao
& best still
You dont have a chinese name coz you're a bangladesh!!!
*PUKES 1000cc of AB+ blood*

Tell me
Where do idiot NOT exist?
I wanna go there...

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Stupid Ivan always gives me 1001 excuses whenever he changes his mind about swimming last minutely
So I grabbed Abel to go with me

Sun is good
Scorching bright
I got tanned
Burnt, I supposed
Now my face feels like it's cracking
I just love this feeling

Stupid Toyota Vios wanna knock me down while crossing the road
Wait till I get my license
Driving my Orange Honda Civic
I purposely e-brake in front of you
See whether it's fun or not

Work later
I hate working on Sundays
Because it shortens my rest day
& extends my working days

Now I'm $1.2K poorer
Fed both my untouchable external saving account & family on 1:1 ratio
Still gotta feed myself for the entire month
Also for my dive trip next month

If monks can survive on veggies & flour for their life
So can I!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Wasting my time trying to pass a typical Saturday
I just cant leave those Echinolittorinds (caught in hand) alone on shores...

I wasted my day



Friday, March 24, 2006

Finally gotten my half-day leave after several pleds to the Director
Strict & political
Life is gonna be hard in the future

I spent 5 mins to grab a chance
At least I am glad I did
Even if I have to pay $50 for it
Which made me $10 for each minute

I was questioned with a simple question
I answered logically & systematically
However, I tripped at a point where I let the unprofessionalism slipped
I'm so ashamed of myself
When I questioned them with one simple question
They couldnt reply me directly & correctly

Hopfully I'm not viewed as an impressive snob for that additional 1 min

I wonder where my future lies
It seems like the needle in the compass rotating itself in distorted magnetism

Although I'm not colorblind
The world seems totally grey

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Last night

I cried

Why the hell did I cry?

I donno why

Er Ge told me dont cry

Across the large land mass from North

I didnt cry anymore

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I feel like blogging
Thus my second post
But I dont wanna blog about it
Too personal
But no one is free to talk to me

I start to think
I start to worry
I think I'll have to eat bread everyday

I shall start tomorrow

I am unhappy
I hope someone can just bring me out to enjoy breezes for a moment

I really miss Er Ge
I am unhappy

I am unhappy

I am unhappy

I am unhappy

I am unhappy

I am unhappy

I am unhappy

I am unhappy

I am unhappy

I am unhappy

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Very busy today
Had 3 meetings today
My god
Very tired

Met Jac to discuss something
2 hours
Then met Joe for a short while

Joe's selling his car
I like his car
So I asked
"Huh.. you really selling your car ah?"
"Yah..already sold the racing clutch & engine"
"You not heart pain meh?"
"No until sian. I'm changing to BMW"

Must sit sit once when he got it


Time to concuss

I'm happy
But unexplainable

Lazy to type also

I forsee April is gonna be a very good month for me
Coz I'll be traveling twice
& best of all
I am going HERE!
Where the water is blue
Sun is shining bright
Sand is fine & white


I just cant wait

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I had a dream
I dreamt that my parents left me a big house
On the top of this mountain
Connected to a winding road
I pushed open the door
It was empty
I sat at the wooden bench
& suddenly
A group of Indians/Africans walked in
They performed black magic
I was nearly possessed
I tried to escape
& I turned into a bird
I flew into the busy urban district to hide
& I reached a temple
I turned into a human
& then
I woke up


It's Sunday
I can feel it
My brother always watch Power Rangers on Sunday mornings
That childish show was one of my favourites when I was 12
My god
& they're still showing
From Dinosaur version to Shape version to donno-what version now
I just cant understand those characters in the Shape verison
Do I call them Star-shaped Power Ranger?
Or Circle Power Ranger?
I only remember my Yellow Sabretooth tiger Power Ranger

Realise I keep talking rubbish lately

April seems like a very busy month
Coz I have 3 activities going on over the weekends
Overseas stay-over + diving + photoshoot
Plus I heard Lizt is coming SG to visit me
& then we can go clubbing together

I suddenly sounds so lively when I talk about fun

I might be going fishing too!

So excited

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I am bored

Most of my friends today are un-jio-able
Ian is working
Christine is going Malaysia
Ivan is studying
Lionel is having exams
Zhiwei is sleeping


Seems like every Saturday I'll be rotting at home

I miss cheong-ing

I learnt parallel parking today
Not bad
But I stepped until leg very tired
& stalled several times
Big boss instructor said I am the Champion of Stalling today
Saw my old instructor
He saw me but he didnt say a thing to me
Neither did I wanna talk to him
What for?
I never buy 4D to talk about 4D loh!

Donno why today my driving sucks
Something must be wrong with me...

Er ge quick come back play with me

Friday, March 17, 2006

I am watching news

I am thinking

We are all gonna die soon

Have you save enough money for your choice of funeral?

I want mine to be of cremation

Ash overboard in South Pacific Ocean

I am disgressing

Avian flu seems to have expand all over the world
First it was in China
Then HongKong
Then Indonesia
Then Vietnam
Then Cambodia
Then India
Then Malaysia
Then Eygpt
Then Israel
Then I donno where

So is Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)

I like to act chim
BSE is otherwise known as Mad cow disease


With all these diseases appearing in our secondary production
What should we eat in near future?
Plain veggie?
Aint gonna be any safer either
Metal contamination in water sources can affect growth of plants
Which in turn affect us if we consume
Bioaccumulation & bioconcentration
Lead, mercury can lead to fetal deformation
& in no time
Our descendents might have become freaky alienated retards

I cant imagine
To think I still want cute kids

What had actually happened?

I knew what happened to BSE
But I'm too lazy to type out
Search Google yourself ok?


I hate people who try to sabotage me

I have a deadline to meet today
But I wasnt able to do so coz someone said so

A task was given on 9 Mar
But I was only told to work on it on 16 Mar
Deadline is 17 Mar
Data collation was required
Tabulation was required
When done
I sent to someone to take a look
Hoping she can give the green light
& send back to the original sender immediately
Which was requested initially
But for long
She didnt reply to me
& so I asked her personally

"So is the statistics ok? Do you want me to send over or what?"
"'s still with the Director"
" do you want me to send or you send it over?"
"You cant just send over like that.. you have to show her..she hasnt take a look at it"
"Oh.. ok..."

Cant she understand English?
D-o y-o-u w-a-n-t m-e t-o s-e-n-d o-r y-o-u s-e-n-d i-t o-v-e-r?

*rolls eyes in disgust*

This stupid statistic survey is not as important as contract renewal
Why does she have to show to the Director?
It doesnt even bother her!
In the first place
This survey was NOT carbon-copied (CC) to her either
How the hell does she even know what was going on?

It's just like...
You're suddenly being dumped with a completed document, which no instructions what-so-ever
& expects you to know everything about it

Makes sense?


Basically this is so redundant
I dont see the point that she has to delay my deadline
& if I ever get complain about not being able to meet deadline
Which I've always been able to do so
It is all because of this someone

& this
She's being so smart by making use of me
If the outcome of the survey is good, she gets praised
If it's bad, I get the blame

What's more
Minor minor things to be done must go through me 1st before she can sign on it
Things as minuit as the chromosome in a sperm must also be so calculative
Why is that so?

She thinks I'm stupid

So everytime when she dumps back the pile of documents awaiting for her signature done by the temp staffs
All of us scolded her 'cheebye' softly

She doesnt sign unless her name is stamped on it

I dont think stamping her name will take an hour
Somemore it's just one piece of paper
Why drag for a day just coz it's not stamped?


Forget it


Pasar malam at my house here opened liao leh
Who wanna go with me?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I just realised
I'm 23 years old
However, so
I lied to everyone I'm only 22
Just coz my birthday hasnt passed


This is not the point

During dinner
My Mum asked if I knew something
I replied I didnt since no one told me anything about whatever the thing is that is gonna mention next
& Dad said that why does he have to tell me since I dont care at all
I threw the newspaper on the floor & said how the hell will I know if you never say?
Mum agreed with me & scolded Dad
So yes, please speak up

Grandaunt & granduncle fought
Grandaunt was badly injured
Grandaunt is 78 yrs old
Granduncle is 80+ yrs old

I was slightly surprised
But what is new?
They have not been in good terms since long
Since the time my granduncle had gotten himself a mistress
At age 70 plus

I started to think

I have a lot of good guy friends
But sadly they're just friends
So good so that most of my other friends thought I have a boyfriend
How I wish
But then again
It might not be a good idea

I think I have gamophobia

I have a friend who is getting married
Showing off her engraved diamond ring on her nameless finger
& telling me how big her future house is
I have several friends who just got married
Have lovely husband with cute kids
I have several friends who got married
Given birth
& separated
I have friends who had married long ago
Looks loving
But wanting to divorce
I have friends who loves their wife still
But divorced

I'm scared

My latest ex-bf & I used to talk about our marriage
How grand it shall be
Where we'll be having our honeymoon
How many kids to bear
What names to be given to our kids
& in the end
We broke up

I met a new guy
Started as nobody, gradually as friend
But it stopped suddenly for no reason
I donno why till now

& last night
Andrew & I were talking about marriage
Not between the two of us
But as a general topic
"Actually... I think I'll be a runaway bride when I'm to step into the aisle"
"Why? You dont wanna get married meh?"
"Not dont want... is dont dare"
"Lost faith in men"

I'm sorry but I did
Until someone can change my mindset

I'd seen enough of (my) failed relationships
I dont dare to risk whatever is ahead of me involving love
I'm very tired of being heart-broken

Seeing how my grandaunt & granduncle behave at this age
Further puzzles me

Marriage is just one weird pitstop in life

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I am angry
I am disappointed
I am unhappy

I shall drown myself at the swimming pool
Au revoir

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A new colleage arrived
Shook hands, smiled & sank myself in my pile of work
I dont have much work today
I pretended to be busy

Stupid fax machine spoilt on me
I have been waiting for my incoming fax for 5hours
Until I was so pissed off
& went round disturbing Abang across my table
Exclaiming "where the fuck is my fax?" for the entire day


I just dont understand people nowadays
Why do they have to CC emails to people unrelated to the topic?
Why do they like to ask me to do minuit stuffs when it can be done within a second?
Why do they like to find me when I'm not even in charge?
Why do they think I'm in charge when I'm really NOT in charge?
Why do they have to pass everything to me when they donno how to do?
Why do they have to read hard-copy storybooks with sharp edges on a crowded bus, scratching people's back throughout the journey?
Why do they have to play on their hand-held gameset when they dont even have hands to hold onto the railings on a moving bus?
Why do they have to squeeze through the occupied narrow alley to get off when the person standing next to the door is also getting off?


I'm going on diet
Plus a healthy lifestyle
I'm eating lesser than ever, I realised
Only lunch
I tried to achieve healthy meal today
But I had KFC in the noon
*rolls eyes*
Ok ok
I shall start tomorrow
At least now I'd stopped burning my tobacco already
2 more stix in box
Those shall be my emergency revivers

I'm too tired to speak anything
I shall go play my UNderground 2
Now my orange Honda Civic very chio leh!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Horoscope said "Dont try to speed when driving"
So zhun?
But I'm still very proud of the fact that I outran another car at 80km/hr with a L plate

I was thrown all the tasks that the head doesnt know how to do
I was asked to go along to meetings with her so I can take notes for her
I am asked to go for training on her behalf so she can just warm her seat the whole day
What the fuck?

The 1st one is ridiculous
& I thought everyone must be IT savvy nowadays?
How to merge the lines on the right side of the page when they are lines that indicates changes under 'track changes' mode?!

I told my colleagues
They all laughed until pengz

I thank God for opening my eyes wide enough to know the existence of such stupidity

Abang was asked to do OT
I went off early
Went cycling with Roy
All the way to JEC

The road was soooooooooooooooooooooo dark
That I nearly missed the pavement
Somemore my brakes arent working
That was really a challenge

Felt like drinking coconut at the pasar malam next to JEC
Stupid Uncle wanna cheat me
"Come Xiao Jie, coconut mah? This one big.. $1.50"
"I want $1 one"

Uncle chopped open the coconut
"Oi, Uncle, I said I want $1 one"
"This one big"
"I said I want $1 one hor"
"Ok ok.. $1.20"
"Ok ok $1"

& so I tan dio one big coconut

Went to check out the ice hockey match for a while
& cycled back home
Took 1hr 30mins to & fro Bt Panjang & Jurong

3 pasar malams at my neighbourhood
Who wanna go with me?
Long time never go jalan already leh
Come come
I can help you bargain for big coconuts


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Woke up early to go for the hair show selection
It's a pretty big event
But I wasnt really enthusiastic about it
Neither is my Handsome

I think those people want models who can walk
& obviously both of us didnt get selected
since there were professional models present as well
So we left the studio
We were given free goodie bag for just going down for the selection!

Zhiwei said very 'tan dio'
Of coz!
Worthed $120 hair product leh!

Went to have breaky & a bit of studying (for Zhiwei) at Subway
I also tried help to accumulate the studying atmosphere & studied with him...
Hmmm...DNA...My most hatred subject

This stupid piece of bread dropped into my top
Which I had no idea how it got in
Until I felt something poking my nehneh

Went to buy a pair of heels for work
& headed to Jurong for a haircut

Long time never take photos already...

Jason, our hairstylist, did our hair
& while I was waiting for my turn
I was watching that Jacky Wu show on their mini-TV
& Ikept laughing & laughing
Damn, so paiseh

I requested for short hair cut
But Jason said long hair nicer
I insisted on short hair
& he hesitated to cut upon request
& got me another hair style
Not that bad afterall

& now
I've gotten my punk look

With my Mymy

I'm dyeing it purple by the way

So Er ge is going for his business trip tomorrow for 2.5weeks
No one to play with me
Bon Voyage!
& buy me souvenirs ok?

ok ok ok ok ok ok?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bumped into Huiru while on my way to driving
Likewise she's also learning driving
But she's learning in school
While I'm doing private

Taught by Big Boss instructor today

While driving
A female driver drove beside me
Instructor said
"She kept looking at you leh..."
"Huh...then how?"
"Play with her... drive faster"

I ji tao stunned
People L-plated wanna chiong chia
Never die before huh?!
But I really stepped hard on the accelerator
& outran her
at 80km/hr
Exceeded speed limit
"Wah...You really drive so fast. She kana smoked, don dare play with you already"


Headed to this abandoned carpark to practise clutch-in & out
& did gear changing from 3 to 2
& acute U-turn
Instructor told me to speed until the end
Quickly change to lower gear & U-turn
Very fun

But he said my steering very ugly
Not graceful at all
I also realised I wasnt turning my steering wheel the right position
Acute U-turn must turn very fast mah.....
But I slow
So I steered using one hand

"Where you learn that from?"
"Ken (aka Er ge) loh"
"Really ah...but then hor, you drive really very fierce leh"


I sped quite alot today
Especially the part when he told me to speed & then braked to change gear for U-turn
That part lagi shiok
Until he said go main road drive
At the traffic light
I exclaimed
"Eh! No fuel liao!"
He ji tao stunned
"Just now still got alot one right?"
"I never see leh..."
"Must be you la... Chiong & chiong. CHiong until my fuel empty"
"You strong bo?"

"Help me push car lah"

So I returned to pump petrol
& after that he said
"Now you can chiong as much as you want"

I nearly crashed the divider
Coz I was looking at the rear mirror
& got this beautiful white Lancer with lotsa decals behind me
& I was admiring....
Never see in front & swayed to the right
Instructor quickly pulled my wheel back to the middle
& asked
"What were you doing?"
"See rear mirror"
"See only hor. Not read ok? See so long.."

Stupid cabbie SH3616 ate into my space while stopping at the red light
& he made me stop in the yellow box

Big boss instructor means big boss instructor
Very busy
Always on the phone while I was driving
So I just anyhow drive

"So when is your next lesson?"
"18..already booked.. but I book next next week in advance ok?"
"What time?"
"Hmmm.. what time you free? You teach I anytime also can"

"Huh! Cannot lah... so early..haven wake up...dangerous driving"
"But you now also like Formula difference leh"


After lesson
Er ge still sleeping
Not going IT fair with me
OK loh
Went home rot
Somemore today very hot
Wanted to go swimming though
But I hate pools in weekend
So damn crowded

Saw Huiru again
She also just finished learning

I think I learn more things from Big Boss Instructor
At least now I know how to judge the position of my car in the lane
& when to U-turn
How to lower gear at high speed
Blah blah
Damn that bloody always-talk-4D-&-fall-asleep instructor
Taught me how to drive like Ah-Pek

While stopping behind a car waiting for U-turn
"Dont turn your steering wheel before you even move off... "

"You very kiasu leh....only old man drives like this.."

*rolls eyes*

I'd complaint enough of him to Big Boss Instructor
He sure dio kan

"That time hor... he slept while I was driving. I damn dulan I crossed the hump at 40km/hr"
"..... This kinda thing you also dare tell me...Now I know why my cars spoil so easily..."

He said girls drive Mitsubishi Colt very nice
& I went
"YIKES! I like Honda Civic ESi"
& he went
"YIKES! Where got nice...want buy buy VTi"

Meeting Jack for dinner later
Now I shall play my Underground
& earn as much money to modify my Honda Civic!

I realised that I do dress up pretty nice every Friday
But it's only 2 Fridays
Cant make much comparison

Er ge came fetch me after work
Long time nv see Er ge
Very happy

Went Bugis meet Tom C to get back my Scubazoo DVD
& went for dinner with Er ge
Couldnt decide what to eat
& we headed to West Coast Mac for burgers

Er ge said he found it weird seeing me in office wear
& gave me his denim jacket to look abit more casual
Very big leh!
Though he claimed it's S
& he helped me fold the sleeves 3 folds

Imagine the scenario of a big brother helping a lil sis folding sleeves of an oversized jacket


I <3 my Er ge very much
Really treat me very well
Machiam real sister
But I donno how real brother will treat real sister like in the family
Since i dont have an elder brother
But I know he cares for me as a sis
So I must be guai guai
Must listen to him

Work today is ... fine
Nicholas' last day
Lotsa handover to take care
But surprisingly
I wasnt handled much
I was helping Abang & the temp staffs to do the backlock

Bloody photocopier machine spoilt 1 hr before knock-off
& we have 500 pieces of contracts to print
Abang & I panic
Bo bian gotta OT 30mins

I've gotten a new handphone!

Office gave one
Although is old design
It still looks quite alright
& hopefully I dont send wrong SMS to wrong people in the directory

My Kerokeroppi bedsheet cute hor?

Driving tomorrow
& I won 3 races in my Underground 2
Got money to modify my Honda Civic!
I scare I play too much Underground until my driving also very fierce
Ji tao fail me by Big Boss Instructor

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Reached office earliest
Next came Nicholas
Really had a very last minute preparation
Photocopier machine got problem

Went to the meeting room exactly at 8am
Manager was late
What the fuck....
Sat along with the professionals
Felt so...weird
But it was quite an insight

After that
Back to office
Ran here ran there asking other colleagues how to solve this solve that

Really hate the previous team
Everything all put together aside
Then dump to us
Also donno done already or not
Bloody bitches

Manager asked me go Division meeting again
But I 'escaped'
She couldnt find me coz I was in the toilet

Nic's last day tomorrow
Sure hong gan
Tio all the sai gang
& I pray the newcomer is real smart

Just gave Mum $500 for allowance
Filial bo?
That's half of my pay for Feb already
March will be doubled though
Hope can survive

Er ge's going Penang next week
Sob sob sob sob sob sob sob
I also wanna go
Oh anyway
Lionel already helped book Kukup chalet next month
Diving next month too

My matt black E360
It's new in Singapore
& is selling only in Russia & France!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I cant remember a thing
I only know I'm so fucking busy that I forgot to go home
That's a sign of forgetfulness

I wore this stupid skirt to work today
A skirt I hate so much I only wore once
& why the hell did I wear today??
The bottom diameter is narrow
& damnit do I have to walk gracefully
Climb stairs also got problem
Not to mention I cant even run to catch a bus!
Looked like a hen scurrying across the road

Had lunch together with the team
Excluding manager
at Pizza Hut
Nicholas' farewell lunch

Tomorrow has a very important meeting
720am must reach office do some last minute preparations
Joe's car is down

& yes
Stupid me forgot to print out the most important documents before I left office

Headed to Sim Lim for a short while
E360 has a new design!
Malt black material!
I WANT!!!!!
$395 though

I nearly set fire
My cig butt didnt fully extinguished
& it fell off my fingers
& rolled into the bin which has no ash-tray

Feet hurt
Damn high-heels

Needa sleep
But I'm still having my dinner
My grain of rice just dropped on the floor
Typinig one-handed
Skilful bo?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Let's see
What is that condominium that is gonna built next to the Bukit Timah Natural Reserve
& its big advertisement says 'Close to nature' or whatever?

I beg to differ

I wonder if EIA is done in SG
Coz the only EIA that I came across
Is the one on reclamation at Pulau Ular
Where the corals, marine life are taken into account
Before constructions take place
However still
I believe that the EIA process did not take place accordingly
Coz I dont think they include boat traffic controls to minimize impact on dolphins in the report
& the project has already started!

I can be wrong
Wait till I view the EIA report

Back to that condominium
It was proposed to be built next to the reserve
So as to market to everyone that we're going 'green'
All so natural!
See birds, see trees, listen to waterfall, climb rocks everyday
Do you know
Nature wont last after it's built?

Bukit Timah natural reserve harbours the remaining 15% of the local species
Approximately 250 species were conserved (if I remember correctly)
Bukit Timah Natural reserve was known to be Asia's best urban reserve to conserve this high density of species
Dr Corlette wrote a book about Singapore Ecology while he was teaching in NUS before he left for HKU

So firstly
During construction
The noise & the sound may have frightened the birds away
No mitigation was done to lessen the harm done to the birds
& when birds are disturbed from their habitats
They wont return
Given the fact that humans will be staying there
More disturbances will be produced

The development of concrete housing can cause patchy population
Although it is common in urban Singapore
The fact that Bukit Timah Natural Reserve is 'intact'
This will reduce their population size & genetic flow
Increase in inbreeding if they're being isolated from other population

Edge effect is greater
Where they're vulnerable to inadaptability

Anything good?
Obviously all these werent thought of before building
Before, we have toucans, paradise birds, starlings, pangolin, skink, etc probably
After, we have crows, crows & more crows
How natural!

My house coffeeshop here also got alot of crows leh!
I also living near 'reserve' mah!

Now I remember
It's called the Raintree
Nice name
Nice idea
Bad planning

When social benefits are less than environmental benefits
Constructions are not neccessary
Do we see the neccessity to live next to a reserve?
I stay next to ZhengHua park
But I dont even visit twice a year
Why waste that piece of land over concretes?
Concrete causes high temperature rise
Additional global warming!

i'm all so environmental once again
Luckily I still have my points to argue
I shall go for my environmental management course soon
I must fulfil my dreams
I must be a marine biologist!

Monday, March 06, 2006

I would like to touch on a very environmental issue
But that will bring me to go on talking & talking
& I'm sleepy
So nevermind
I shall postpone that to weekend

Wasted my morning attending this stupid briefing
After that went back office work
Everyone's so unusally quiet
Something is wrong

I looked at the pile of medical claims in front of me
Fucked up
How i wish I can jus burn them into ashes

The people in the building is starting to know my existence
Been calling me to request for this & that
& I'm happy I got to know a very handsome doctor
Tomorrow come find me worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Back to despising men
I really wonder what have men become now
Is answering a fucking YES or NO very difficult?
For the entire fucking month
I've been asking simple & basic YES or NO questions
But that irritant NEVER replies
What are you trying to do?
Just finish once & for all

I'm desperate
I just want my items back
It's the things I want
Not you
So please rest assure
I went insane today
Went cycling with Roy from house to Westmall
Sat down for a cup of Ice Mocha & a stick of nicotine
Rained half-way through

I miss the feeling the wind blowing into my face
Especially when I'm going downslope
Brake was spoilt
But I couldnt care
The faster, the cooler, the shiok-er

I'm glad to have Roy to accompany me to do sports

Went to work
Sally really didnt come
Dr Wong didnt read Sally's resignation letter
& I handled the counter all alone
35 patients
All by myself
I hate people who is first timer
& never tell me they're new
Making me search high & low for their cards
& I also hate people not telling me their full name
What's wrong with being called '___ Ah Kok'?

"Sir, I cant find your name Jonathan ____ in the system...Do you have a full name?"
"No..nevermind I register again"

*type type type*
Pop-up box: " Same account encountered: ____ Ah Kok Jonathan"


Those typing wasted me 5mins ok!
& I have other patients to handle
& I went 'Cheebye' when I saw that bloody pop-up box
Tell me
What is so damn wrong with being called AH KOK?!

I had a teacher called Mr Chee
& we loved him so much that we said 'Good Bye' to him after school everytime


Nothing wrong mah

Dr Lee-oh gave me a lift home
Sped at 70km/hr & overtook 2 cars
Damn zhai
My idol

Dropped me off at the busstop
& I ran home
I donno why I was running
But I didnt feel tired
I just felt so....
I donno how to explain
But hell
I'm insane

Sheryl messaged me asking if I'm going insane
How the hell does she know?
& she replied that we had telepathy

Sometimes insanity can cause sanity
Which I believe is what I'm looking for
I need some waking up

& I'm glad Er ge scolded me
I <3 my Er ge for his guidances

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I had a friend
Whom I'm very pissed off with now
He declines my call
He doesnt reply my SMSes
He immediately goes offline whenever I MSNed him
All I want from him is my jacket & CD that I'd left behind in his car
He stayed 15mins away from me
Is it very hard to make an appointment?
A short 10 seconds meet-&-take session is also impossible?
Cant settle ONCE & FOR ALL?

Fucked up

I'm not intending to do anything more than just retrieving my items back
Why can it fucking drag & drag & drag until I can never get it?
He's always so fucking busy & thus I'm letting him to set his time
But I assume he's exploiting this chance to escape & avoid
Excuse being "I'm so fucking busy"

How immoral

My luck to know such idiot

I think I'd seen almost all types of men now

Such is the worst


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fucked up Saturday

I thought my driving lesson starts at 930am
& I dilly-dallied my way
Until instructor called
Wasted 20mins
I jumped into the seat & drove off immediately

Same route
All the way to somewhere in Bukit Batok
Learnt 3 point turn
Didnt know how to reverse
& donno how to control clutch
Stalled many many times

There were other students learning also
& when I was reversing
I didnt know it was a downslope
& the car rolled backwards
& the maroon Vios behind horned me
My instructor laughed saying the student scared

You try stand behind the car leaving just an inch in front of your cock see you scared or not?

I didnt laughed a thing
I just learnt the 3 point turn myself
Coz that cheebye instructor fell asleep AGAIN!
Ji tao dulan
I should have reverse hard & crash the car
Which I actually did
Coz I stepped wrongly on the accelerator instead of the brake
Luckily no car or people behind

Then instructor said my clutch control cannot make it
Said I always stall
& I replied
"You think I want one ah?"
& he told me drive on road AGAIN!
I admit I lousy
But shouldnt I be given more chances to practise & learn?
You think my Mum gave birth to me & I know how to drive already ah?
Told me to overtake the stopped car in front of me to get to the main road
But I didnt move
Coz I said got oncoming car at the opposite lane
He said just go

You passenger now cannot see you just shut the fuck up can?!

I can say I'm confident on the road
Just go along the lane
& notice traffic
& I'm off happily driving (aka speeding)
He then taught me how to U-turn
Then asked me try another time
But I couldnt hear him properly & turned into the junction
& he went
"Why you turn right? I told you U-turn"
Me: "Isit? Tia bo leh.."

I really didnt hear it
Then at this T-junction
Amber light changing
I didnt stop & turned left
He asked
"Yellow light, why never stop?"
"That time you told me to go one mah.."
He kept quiet

Then at another junction
Yellow light changing
I stopped
"Why you stop?"
"You just now said stop one mahhhhh"


Along this road
I ji tao bo chup
Gear 4 60km/hr all way
Intermittent braking & accelerating by myself
Not bad
So I can imagine my brake light was flashing like Xmas light at that moment

While stopping in front of the junction
He asked
"Why you stop?"
"Hello?! Yellow box leh!"
"Nowadays no one cares about yellow box...You like that stop the car behind nearly bumped us"
"Why yellow box cant stop? He bumps his dai-ji la. I already braked to signal. He stupid tailgate me nia wrong meh?"
"If he bumps into us, he pays"

He give you money still say me?
Why I cant stop behind yellow box?
My fucking Basic theory & Advanced Theory books said

Why is he teaching me like.... some screwed-mind ah pek?

I ji tao confused & dulan
I stepped hard on the accerelator
& I didnt notice a stupid van stopped in front of me
He stepped on his brake pedal
Asked me why I drive so fast
"You told me to change gear 3 one mah"

I am soooooooooooo fucking pek chek

While driving along a stretch of road full of humps
I crossed almost all slowly
Until this particular one
I drove across at 40km/hr
The whole car BONG-ED upon landing
I giggled
The instructor woke up, said
"Cross hump must be slow"


While giving way to major road
I checked mirrors & blindspot
& turned
He asked
"Forget to check blindspot again ah?"
"Got ah! You sleeping cant see lah!"


Supposedly turning into a small road
He didnt speak a word
So I assume he meant go straight
& when I passed by that road
He told me to turn left
"Too late liao lah..."
& I sped ahead

I drove until I sibei hot
& I pointed the air-con to me
He asked
"Hot ah? Gun cheong isit?"

I was so pissed off until fire broke out from behind my back!

Totally hell driving today
I'm sorry I'd caused inconvinences on road
I supposed this is why men hate female drivers

But this is not my fault

When lesson ended
I complaint to Big Boss instructor
& he helped me to change instructor
But I said I want him to teach me
& he agreed
"Special student request... OK lah!"

After that
I headed down Orchard to get back my refund & find Jaddine
Then go find Danny for a puff but not around
Passed by HMV
Simon Webb (One of the singers from BLUE) was having his autograph session
& then walked all the way down to Suntec to meet Ying

Aimless walking
Just the thing I like to do when I'm troubled

The career fair was abit disappointing
Think they should call it the 'Education Fair'
I found some info about postgraduate studies
University of Portsmouth sounds good
Across the sea is France
J'aime le France!

Met my handsome for a short drink
& headed home

I just love my handsome
Always there for me when I need a listening ear
Always there when I need a puff companion
Always there when I need anything

Am involved with some messy situation
To an outsider, not that messy
But to me, it's damn fucking messy
Messy enough to fuck my life up
I just hate it
& I'm starting to hate myself for being so


I need a direction
But I dont need a bible

Friday, March 03, 2006

I tried to make myself happy today
I wore skirt to work
Someone praised me look nice worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Today still ok la
But I think there's gonna have internal war soon
Life isnt gonna be better
With Nicholas leaving soon
He said he'll be passing down things for me to do
& yes
The very very important things
& Henna is getting me to come along for the CEO meeting
So that when Nicholas leaves
I'll be in charge

Why me?!
The secretary of the another department was chasing Nicholas for a contract
& Nic said
"Aiyah..dont care lah..I'm leaving already"
I was like...

I is sad

I hate to think about it
But it's already very fucking clear in the picture already
I'm being tekkan-ed

I'm gonna have a new handphone
& I dont have to pay a single cent for the metal & its usage!
Office gives one

I'm getting fat
Everyone's giving away free tea-snacks everyday
& it's bad to decline offer
Yesterday I had you-tiao
Today I had peanut pancake
*shrudders at the sight of snacks*

Dad disallowed me for my night cycling
Almost quarreled with him
He kept asking me why must cycle at night?
& I kept asking him why cant I always do something for the 1st time?
He kept quiet
I kept quiet
& went to play my Underground 2

Bathed Momo
Stupid Momo anyhow ran
& the stupid shower hose anyhow swayed
& I'm wet


But I'm still going out later, maybe
Tomorrow morning got driving
Heng I just practised my 'driving skills' on PS2
I shall not stall tomorrow

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I walked damn alot today
Very tired especially on heels
Went to Desker Road after work
Wanna go see how people sell backside
No lah
Abang wanna buy dinner for his girl from this Pakistini restuarant

Although this is my 3rd time visiting Little India
Today is a really cool sight
In the midst of nowhere
There're a lot of zinc attaped huts
Selling fruits, spices & flowers
That scene made me feel like... I'm really in India!
Too bad I didnt have my camera with me
Else, lotsa snaps

I want a new handphone with camera function!
Who is kind enough to buy one Samsung for me?
I can give you muack muack

Today at office
Damn funny
Colleagues were gossiping
& I very KPO go listen
Then 1st time got people wanna see me & asked me sign documents
Sibei big shot like that
& also office giving away free bottles of anti-oxidants

It's Friday tomorrow
I shall dress nice nice
Just in case someone wanna jio me out after work
But I'll be heading to the Career Fair at Suntec though
Wanna check out what overseas jobs are available
Or maybe what available Masters course are affordable
I must fulfil my dream of being a marine biologist

Next week seems very jialat
Monday - Briefing early in the morning
Tuesday - Meeting with CEO in the afternoon
Friday - Nic's last day

Work life is getting hectic
yet challenging
& I havent start using my stamp!

Someone pissed me off since yesterday
Tried very hard to tease me
Smses me, never reply
Sweet-talked to me, too bad I fell asleep
Called me using office phone, stupidly go answer
I'm still as stubborn as ever
Bo hiu + bo chap

So what?
Not happy?
Dont tease then

I just hate guys who're damn full of themselves
Nothing else but themselves
Only when they realise they're losing something/one
They'll then panic & treasure more than for the largest diamond in the world

This is what I called

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

First of March
First day of work offically
Everyone in the department were asking
"Cyn, what's the occasion today? Dress until so nice?"

= S

"My first day of work leh. Office wear mah"

& on my first day of official work
I recieved a bad news
Very bad
So bad that I was hiding at my cubicle the whole day

Nicholas resigned


When that happens
I'll be in charge of what he's doing
& currently he's doing what the previous batch stopped doing
& since I'll be taking over
Meaning I'll be doing what he's doing for the previous batch


That's a huge load to catch up!!!

I'll then have to deal with those VIP (very irritating people)
Have them chasing after me about their requests
Nic! Why did you resign after 1 month?!

Abang called him a slacker

I overheard the secretary of another department talking to Nic
"You can give everything for Cynthia to do ..."
Mai lai ah...
I pretended I heard nothing
& hid at one corner at my table


I forsee my future state

I seriously hate my colleagues at the clinic
Fucking DONT understand English
Must cakap melayu?

"Do you know the fax number for the clinic? I needa fax something to Dr Wong"
"I donno leh.."
"Later can help me ask Dr Wong for it?"

"Dr Wong now busy..."
"Dr Wong now attending to patients..."

"Here now alot of patients...very busy..."

I was so pissed off
Is 'later' a word so difficult that she cant understand?

I've decided
I shall quit my clinic soon
Not worthy to work there anymore
The senior staff is getting more & more xia lan

& I think I'm starting to go racist

Went swimming after work with Roy
What the hell
Toe cramp
Wasted my 20mins moaning & groaning
People thought I having orgasms while 'playing' with my toes in water sia

While on way home
Got this really ah-beng Ah Beng quarelling with his girlfriend over the phone
Never know Ah beng can be so understanding
Spoke so nicely & patiently while I heard his girl screaming over the phone
One of his sentences really impressed me
"So now you're telling me your true words. Nevermind, I can take it. It's not the 1st time anyway. Everytime we quarel I keep quiet, I let you do your way. This time, I dont wanna spoil your future path....."

When I wanna get down
I dont dare go 'Excuse me'
But heng he considerate
Siam one side

Not all Ah Bengs are really Ah Bengs

So fast Thursday liao
Hopefully can try night-cycling on Friday night