Saturday, December 22, 2012

Few days ago
I had one of my proud moments
After 4.5 years of hardwork
I'm finally one step closer to my goal
My thesis finally returned after months of delay
& now I have to rush before a deadline just 1 month away
So I can have my convocation next year

That moment I received my theses
I was all so ready to work on it
Coz I know I am really close to the finishing line
I posted a photo of my letter
& commented that more work is to be done over the holidays
Friends were congratulating me
For making one step closer
I was thankful
Thankful for all the wishes, as well as my friends who encouraged me

A lot of flashbacks came into my mind
I saw how me & my friends worked hard
Played hard
Shared fun times
& told myself to appreciate friendship, no matter short or long

The next day
I received a call from a friend
She told me to be careful of what I post
Because my post & following comments made someone unhappy 
& I was condemned 
I was shocked
What have what I posted and my friends commented bother that someone?
Why poke into my private life and imply me of something i did not purposely do?

I was so sad
That I actually broke down during work
It was a happy & proud moment for me
Unfortunately only lasted for 1 day

I can understand why
I actually have sour grapes around me
who told twisted accounts behind my back
I then realised how naive I still am
Believing I have all the good friends who walk with me
But only to know
That the closest and most trusted friend screwed me & my 1-day happy moment

 I spoke to some other friends
Outside this community 
& they consoled me with their full heart
They felt for me and understand who I really am
They know I was innocent and appreciate me for being true all the time
and being me

They advised me to not look back
Move forward
Concentrate on my amendment
Prove them wrong about what they think about me
& that all of them will be supporting

With all my heart

I took that 1-day happiness as a learning lesson in life
That no matter how old you are, thinking you will no longer have friends in life
The closest and most trusted person you know can be your enemy

My true friend told me
What doesnt kill you  make you stronger
& yes
It sure did
This kinda thing works extremely well for me

I will fight on