Sunday, November 28, 2010

It was awesome yesterday

Went to Macau to attend Solomon & Belinda's wedding ceremony

First time witnessing the event overseas in a different culture

After the ceremony
We went to Taipa
Snacks + lunch + The Venetian Macao

I'd always wanted to visit The Venetian Macao
Kinda disappoint me when I saw the dull exterior design
Once I stepped in
It gave me the 'Genting' feeling

It is sooooooooooooooo 'Genting' because of the interior decorations

Didnt impress me anymore after the visit
Nonetheless, we had fun taking photos & do a bit of shopping
& can you believe that I could almost buy the whole NaRaYa shop because the prices of the items are so much cheaper in Thailand? *jaw drops*

Shuttle bus services are perfect
Best of all it is free

So we took the advantage of it to travel to Sands
& took cab to the town area since it's of a shorter distance from there
Where we went to see the Ruínas de São Paulo & Fortaleza do Monte

It was first visit to Macau for some of our foreigner friends
So they were really enjoying it
Snacking, joking, laughing
The food we had was really really yummy

Macau had changed alot
Everywhere is building a casino
& guess what?
Even Banyan Trees is having a Galaxy Macau too!

I'm so gonna come back again with DarDar one day ;)

& thanks SWIMmers for this wonderful day

For more photos, please see here

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Say whhhhhhhaaaaaaaaatttttt?
Fuck off!! - Angry birds

So damn funny
You may probably know if you're an Angry Bird fan

I just submitted my manuscript of one of my thesis chapters for publication
Took me great pain because somewhere somehow didnt work well between me & boss
The draft was delayed for 4 months because it was sat on it
But it took 3 days to finish editing

It had delayed my whole planned schedule

Things are picking up again
& I hope it is going well

Experiments here are also expecting to appear great
Gray said they are beautiful
Yah, but those are trials
Wait till I get results from the actual samples
So I'm not getting my hopes too high since I'd screwed up the whole of step 4 (out of 10) yesterday

Kinda pessimistic
But, I will try

& to whoever gets me on
I will learn from angry birds. Ha!

Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm sorry I look unhappy
But I guess it's just me when I'm seriously engrossed doing my things which dont turn out as I expected

This experiment is seriously taking up too much time
Each step took about 8 to 12 hours
It's time wasted, somehow
& with so much time invested
Obviously I expect things to go perfect!

I met Gray at the stairs
Gray asked how it is
I said 'should be alright' nonchalantly
He told me 'Smile'
I replied 'yah ok I try'
He then said 'You should take happiness into your work now that you've come to this stage'
I kept quiet for a while
Nodded & replied 'yah Ok'

His words
Made sense to me

Whatever I do
I should take it easy
& yes, SMILE!

But I guess he may never know the stress behind my back
My boss is expecting results from me
It's been a month
I've yet reported to her anything about what I'm doing
& to make things worse
She might probably think that I'm slacking & keep playing!
Since she has a pretty 'creative' mind

Thanks Gray
It's really fate to have met you
You've always brighten me up
& give me encouragements in everything I do

I will do my best
& do proud to you & her

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I am still at SWIMS!
How amazing!
Running my experiment

I can imagine how hectic life will be when I'm back in Singapore
Having 2 long experiments to run

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I have no idea why I felt happy yesterday

Is it because I feel I am part of the SWIMmers & had built a tighter bond with fellow malacologist?
Or it it because my experiment is officially starting?

I guess both were the answers


Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh god...
Cant believe this is happening

After all the planned schedules
I have once again
Over & over again
Kana put aeroplane

I'm supposed to learn techniques from Dr R
But he hasnt been showing me the hands on
He kept asking his student to teach me

I felt paiseh coz his student is rushing his thesis for graduation
& now I'm his new burden

I hope once I understand how it goes
I should be able to do it on my own

Some happy moments
We celebrated SWIMS 20th anniversary on Tuesday
It was quite a fun occasion
Mingling with new students
Chatting with old friends

Glorious photos taken

I hope my Ecology lab is this fun too!
It's time for a revolution!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

DarDar had returned Singapore
It's gonna be me & pigpig for the rest of the year

Dr R isnt keeping his words
Getting really fearful & stressed that i wont have enough time to finish my work!!

This morning
I received a wonderful email
The event i've been anticipating for!

I'm so going to Russia
Go Russia go Russia!

Привет России!!!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

It had been a busy week since DarDar arrived HK
So, I have been struggling with time between school work & DarDar >_<

We went to Disneyland on Sunday
To celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary & experience Halloween

It was fun
We took approximately 300+ photos!!
So much that I've yet sit down to sort out the photos ;p

We also went to Stanley

I like the moment being with DarDar

DarDar had to fly back Singapore because his PR re-entry permit is gonna be expired tomorrow & his application was rejected
Stupid ICA
& I was really amazed how we could rush time to get everything go smoothly
Such as, booking air ticket, packing luggage, re-organising documents within 1 hour

But I hope this will not happen anymore!
& I wanna get back to DarDar's side asap

So much about dreaming to work overseas

I'm making DarDar to look for jobs out of Singapore so we can migrate & work together

Grant my wish, PLEASE!