Wednesday, November 03, 2010

It had been a busy week since DarDar arrived HK
So, I have been struggling with time between school work & DarDar >_<

We went to Disneyland on Sunday
To celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary & experience Halloween

It was fun
We took approximately 300+ photos!!
So much that I've yet sit down to sort out the photos ;p

We also went to Stanley

I like the moment being with DarDar

DarDar had to fly back Singapore because his PR re-entry permit is gonna be expired tomorrow & his application was rejected
Stupid ICA
& I was really amazed how we could rush time to get everything go smoothly
Such as, booking air ticket, packing luggage, re-organising documents within 1 hour

But I hope this will not happen anymore!
& I wanna get back to DarDar's side asap

So much about dreaming to work overseas

I'm making DarDar to look for jobs out of Singapore so we can migrate & work together

Grant my wish, PLEASE!

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