Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm sorry I look unhappy
But I guess it's just me when I'm seriously engrossed doing my things which dont turn out as I expected

This experiment is seriously taking up too much time
Each step took about 8 to 12 hours
It's time wasted, somehow
& with so much time invested
Obviously I expect things to go perfect!

I met Gray at the stairs
Gray asked how it is
I said 'should be alright' nonchalantly
He told me 'Smile'
I replied 'yah ok I try'
He then said 'You should take happiness into your work now that you've come to this stage'
I kept quiet for a while
Nodded & replied 'yah Ok'

His words
Made sense to me

Whatever I do
I should take it easy
& yes, SMILE!

But I guess he may never know the stress behind my back
My boss is expecting results from me
It's been a month
I've yet reported to her anything about what I'm doing
& to make things worse
She might probably think that I'm slacking & keep playing!
Since she has a pretty 'creative' mind

Thanks Gray
It's really fate to have met you
You've always brighten me up
& give me encouragements in everything I do

I will do my best
& do proud to you & her

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